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@Puppymom91 Well said, both families have so much to give in their unique ways..this pick a side mentality and tear… @katiesroyallove And you should send this to Jack and Eugenie❤️ @katiesroyallove I wish I had that kind of talent..these would make lovely illustrations for a children’s book..maybe with a royal theme?!😊 @katiesroyallove Katie, are these your illustrations? I’m in love with them!
@theroyalhobby are going to so enjoy it!
@theroyalhobby Same here! @gin_sol @kemccarthy1 @xeni @RepAdamSchiff Totally disagree. Anybody that witnessed Watergate is very much paying… @Gorneaux @xeni This is my exact memory too. I do remember Nixon’s resignation speech...and then of course there wa…
@duchesskatemid (Big Sigh)..So the ridiculous commentary has already started and they aren’t even on the tour yet 🙄🙄
@isaguor Not a bad look alike...but the dress could be a bit more accurate.
Public Health England, in partnership with the NHS, have launched #EveryMindMatters to help people take simple step…
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@Laura__Royal He reminds me so much of William at that age..he was always wary of the photographers, but absolutely…
@Royal_Realness @katiesroyallove I think we all want to defend Meghan, she’s been treated horribly by many sources,… @Royal_Realness @katiesroyallove No, I don’t judge Meghan off your posts nor do I think they reflect who she is. I… @katiesroyallove @Royal_Realness So I’m finding out-No amount of reason works.. @Divyanshi020469 @Royal_Realness I happen to be a fan of both Duchesses-but I think the criticism of what Kate wore… @Royal_Realness I didn’t say TTC was private-and in the example you gave, sweetie, Kate’s in white and Sophie is in light pink @Royal_Realness Again, Christmas Day Service, not a public event. @Royal_Realness TTC 2011 Kate is in white Sophie is in light pink. Sandringham 2018 Christmas Day Service is privat… @Royal_Realness Ascot 2019-blue seemed to be the coordinated theme the first few days for senior royals, on day 4 it switched to pink @ @Royal_Realness Same, a private choice for a private event...none of the christenings were public. The Cambridge’s… @Royal_Realness A private choice for a private the Sussex’s wanted it. @Royal_Realness Um, yes...IRL it was light yellow so not the same color as Meghan’s dress. And by coordinated it me… @Royal_Realness For major events like that, color of royal family participants cloths are most certainly coordinate… @Royal_Realness It’s just they way it photographed in this picture, in bright sunlight. Look at the pictures inside… @Royal_Realness It was actually a very light yellow to cream color..look at her hat the flowers under the brim are… @fanofprincephil Let’s hope it’s not going to take another tragedy for some of this to calm down. @fanofprincephil I’ve often wondered what that era would have looked like with SM. The whole Diana and Fergie thing… @fanofprincephil I’m most intrigued by the phone it from the early 2000’s or more recent. The tabloids… @fanofprincephil I have to also gives his story a shorter news cycle as the William and Kate trip will take be top of royal news.
@katiesroyallove @RoyalReporter I think both boys slightly different ways, they have both very much grown into their roles. @Royal_Realness Yes he was. Another person gone way to soon.
@DjDomino7 Totally in your defense, management should have thought thru their order short hand a bit better...
@Pranjali2204 I vaguely remember this pic..they were all so close for a long time..(and yes not a dis at Meghan at… @loveforcambridg Congrats!!! @palaceprincess Same here...upside is that lead to learning a lot of British history. I still miss her tho...❤️🌹 @PEOPLEroyals Well...this photo was inevitable as soon as the Angola trip was scheduled. Not a dis at Harry at all,… @CambridgeOverw1 Seriously, people will fight over anything these days...just be happy for Beatrice❤️. ( And is jus… @Ale_Campos_GUA @World_Royalty I love the picture and all this copying stuff is ridiculous..but is it just me or i…
@theroyalhobby @Pranjali2204 @katiesroyallove @hrhkatenmeg Diana visited Pakistan a number of times. The man she wa… @theroyalhobby @katiesroyallove Yes originally in Pakistan and then later in London to a film premiere with a very young William and Harry. @Pranjali2204 @theroyalhobby @katiesroyallove @hrhkatenmeg Not sure if you saw these or not, I may have only sent t… @katiesroyallove Yes...with Meghan’s brown eyes (I think) @katiesroyallove I would love to see her wear it too, but I’m wondering if she may borrow from the Queen as her sis… @katiesroyallove @katiesroyallove Ok-just one more..she’s at a premiere in London in this picture, but think of how beautiful someth… @katiesroyallove She made several trips to Pakistan...and her wardrobe was so detailed and different, the gowns esp… @katiesroyallove And the rear view of the first gown picture..pretty sure this is Catherine Walker too @katiesroyallove One more...worn to and evening reception. Both gowns are Catherine Walker @katiesroyallove 2 more for you..the pink gown is very famous, she wore it in Pakistan and it as later one of the g… @katiesroyallove @theroyalhobby @Pranjali2204 @hrhkatenmeg And here was her sari inspired gown for an evening recep… @katiesroyallove @theroyalhobby @Pranjali2204 @hrhkatenmeg Maybe she will take some inspiration from Diana’s trips
@susanbenham1 @o_geve @blkgrlspaint I can’t believe she hasn’t left..and yes the only explanation is they are troll…
@FutureHeirs Congrats!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
@fortheroyals Apparently the dress code for the wedding was “dazzling”..and the bride didn’t care about color. Why… @katiesroyallove Oh Good! I really liked his character..glad I’ll be seeing him😊 @katiesroyallove Without giving anything away, does Tom come back from the states? The was a rumor for a long time… @katiesroyallove I’m really looking forward to it..that was one of my favorite shows..and it looks like the royal f… @katiesroyallove I’ve found if they are sincere and it’s not a scam..they will give you info and their contact numb… @katiesroyallove I get lots of people ringing my door bell..if it’s to support the local school or environmental or… @katiesroyallove Seriously, people will complain about anything. I thought Meghan looked gorgeous..and she was not… @katiesroyallove On my to see list this week!
@katiesroyallove 😂😂 It doesn’t seem like that long ago but I guess it was! @danielle_priest @Billie1050 @Royal_Realness The ring is a family heirloom. It was their mother’s engagement ring,… @o_geve @blkgrlspaint I don’t see what’s left to home, change your cell number and block him everywher…
@katiesroyallove @loveforcambridg Love Friends!..And how cool is this phone case? I’m so tempted...❤️😊 Palace staff say the lost monkey was busy eating scones and working around the palace, but they promised…
Retweeted by Guin Sobral⁦@katiesroyallove⁩ THIS..totally under reported and such a positive step to address cyber bullying with kids. @danielle_priest @Billie1050 @Royal_Realness The ring’s a family heirloom with both sentimental and historic signif… @danielle_priest @Billie1050 @Royal_Realness Harry and William have both said they have childhood memories of holdi…
@brenbrenchie @larissabona I would think Kate is disturbed by it too.For the record I’m a fan of both… @larissabona I don’t understand either..I wonder if they think The Sussex’s IG acct is pure marketing and are not t… @Spicenee I’m betting yes he did. @blkgrlspaint The next scene better be her packing her stuff and getting on the first flight to the US, before they…
@duchesskatemid You are not alone!
@radgirlbook Hi there-I just saw your response..and that’s exactly what I gave as the gift..all Dr. Seuss. Thanks for the suggestions❤️ @katiesroyallove I have to agree..loved it, and very appropriate for occasion❤️ 🌸 @larissabona I think it’s just the height difference..and that’s where her hand landed..IF there is a 4th child I w…⁦@katiesroyallove⁩ Article about Smythson folder Kate used to hold today’s speech. Scroll to pictures to see close…
@katiesroyallove @afterglowvinyI WelI now can imagine that😱😱😱. But in defense of fellow Americans when buying kiwi… @afterglowvinyI @katiesroyallove today I learned something, because I was one of those people...thanks😊 @katiesroyallove @thatssokeshaun If you ever find yourself here you should see it-it’s actually a bit small but so… @katiesroyallove @thatssokeshaun I love her dress too-and never knew the story behind it! Yes, they married here, a… @katiesroyallove @thatssokeshaun I frequently drive by the church they married at in Newport RI-it’s so pretty. An… @thatssokeshaun Wow, never knew any of this. Thank you for sharing her story @Brittain_Ben @yaahc_ @ManishEarth @Sunjay03 @eevee I can do both at once eyes open, or isolate each ear, but to is… @NeolithicSheep, never realized realized everyone can’t do that! @davidcicilline YES!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @kwanette Same RI has come into the cone of the possible storm track..please let it make a hard right and go out to sea! @katiesroyallove Feel the same..just lose the ruffle at the collar and it’s perfect...but I bet hot for an August wedding @TheSimsFreePlay Ok..the grand prize of the restaurant is a beautiful design...but we already have a restaurant in… @Royal_Realness Please don’t @ me. I didn’t make the rules. They are centuries old. I know the Princess title thing… @Royal_Realness Had the Queen not conferred a title to her upon marriage she would be know as Princess Harry of Wal… @Royal_Realness I’m prefacing this by saying I like Meghan, a lot. However her actual title is Her Royal Highness,…
@kwanette Hope so..even tropical force winds can do a lot of damage. Guess this is the downside of living near the… @kwanette Ugg...hurricane season..hope it misses you and takes a hard turn out to sea
@Pranjali2204 I’ve stopped trying to understand...did you catch some of last week’s nonsense over Kate’s engagement… @katiesroyallove My thoughts are always with the boys on this day..William is now older than his mother was at her… @katiesroyallove I still can’t believe it been 22 years..and in a few days yet another book is to be published abou…
@kwanette I’m glad I’m not the only one that’s held on to all their VHS tapes of so many skating events..I bet if I…