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@ForeverVicki Concerned but not paranoid...hand washing and being careful as possible. Hopefully aggressive contain… @katiesroyallove @NetflixANZ Hey Katie-it might be a while before it lands on Netflix as it’s still showing season…
@Lilibetqueen7 It would be lovely, but I doubt it. She gets far to sick in her first trimester, and I believe HG ca…
@katiesroyallove @tracinnasv Will report back😂😂❤️ @katiesroyallove Ohhh...thanks for the recommendation. Haven’t seen it but I was just searching for something to watch😊 📺 @druries86 @WissonKrystyna @Murky__Meg I don’t think anybody wins or loses in this situation, it’s all very sad. @WissonKrystyna @Murky__Meg That’s the puzzling thing about all of this. They knew the system. The BRF is the defin… @WissonKrystyna @Murky__Meg I think they really believe or believed they could “revolutionize “ the monarchy and be… @WissonKrystyna @Murky__Meg Yes, it’s an angle that should have been considered before all the trademarking began.…
@Kellie_Martin One if my favorite story arcs on one of my favorite shows! @CACuriousThing1 @Murky__Meg’s not as simple as many are trying to make it.⁦@SkatingLesson⁩ ⁦@JonathanBeyer81⁩ Got a good laugh out of this one..but sums up the situation nicely😂😂😂😂 @Staceyalexisly1 @JanetWinslow11 It appears to be a small box-something someone probably gave her on the receiving… @PhoebeDinsmore_ @JanetWinslow11 The were invited, very much so. It was their grand debut as a couple just 2 days after the wedding. @WissonKrystyna @prince_scarf Not entirely..”they will find exhaustive guidance from the Lord Chamberlain's Office… @chrisshipitv As long as they are not stripped of their titles, The Sussex Fondation would work too. @Murky__Meg I’m an American and I get it-btw did you see the piece written in the DM about use of ‘royal’ and profi…
@katiesroyallove Ohhhh...I’d have to pass on the snake, but then people think I’m crazy because I love parrots, so..I kinda get it! @katiesroyallove @larissabona I don’t know Katie..I just don’t know🙄 @katiesroyallove Yeah...and it only gotten word since the Senate aquitted him. He now believes he’s untouchable...h… @katiesroyallove The poster of those signs may have meant it sarcastically, however many of his supporters truly be… @Imjustagirrrl1 @Murky__Meg Wow if he applied for a green card and the BRF did know-that could be a bit of and inte… @Murky__Meg I have ?? About citizenship and immigration issues. They can’t live in Canada f/t as neither are citize…
⁦@katiesroyallove⁩ If you ever find yourself near Boston, take a small ride to Concord (totally charming NE town).…
@LAAAA @FOXSports Nola didn’t have much of a coat until about a year...then all of a sudden it came in. I’ve never… @LAAAA @FOXSports I love when they grow the mutton chops it’s so cute! But I have to say they shed so much..I don’t… @LAAAA @FOXSports I love this sweet. I have a thing for spaniels too. Had a Brittany at one point to, som… @LAAAA @FOXSports I had a cocker that looked exactly like current dog is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.… #WKCDogShow
Retweeted by Guin Sobral📸: Penélope Cruz attends the 92nd Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood and Highland on February 09, 2020 in Hollywood…
Retweeted by Guin Sobral @katiesroyallove Like I said..a lot of 90’s trends😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 although Penelope Cruz in Chanel is stunning @katiesroyallove A lot of 90’s trends on the red carpet... @LAAAA @TeamUSA @USWNT @alikrieger @ChristenPress @LindseyHoran 😂😂😂😂😂😂 @katiesroyallove This is the dress @superscuba83 @VanessaGillieo I commented this on another site but there was a time when Harry and William would d… @katiesroyallove Have you seen Renee Zellweger? Straight up copy of a Diana gown. The one shoulder white with a lon… @katiesroyallove Have to agree...Laura Dern’s is ok..but just ok
@LAAAA @cnni Same here, so enjoyed it. Laughing is a good thing about now😃😂 @LAAAA @cnni I’m glad I’m not alone..I try to watch the Aussie Open, but I wind up forgetting. Wimbledon is the one… @LAAAA @cnni I just think I saw it..but I’m having a hard time, will add it to the movie list. Sure… @LAAAA @cnni Yes...the 4C’s timing has my sleep schedule off😂😂. I really need to go to bed early tonight..but the Oscars, so...🥺🤣 @LAAAA @cnni Sorry for the slow response..I dozed off. Have a good Sunday. @LAAAA @cnni That’s exactly it...we were all aghast at first, but with each passing incident you become numb to it.… @LAAAA @cnni Equally mind boggling are the enablers around him, including the Senate that let him get away with it.… @LAAAA @cnni The fact that he doesn’t see how he got played by North Korea is mind boggling. Being President is so… @Murky__Meg What I find most interesting is Harry now talking about Diana, for year he and William disowned staff/f… @kwanette Exactly! @AslanKatsuki Got it..gonna give it a try. I’m not sure why they won’t show it on Gold. @kwanette I tweeted at NBC multiple times begging them to never have Paul Alaster commentate again..not that they’l… @AslanKatsuki So I need the VPN for the YouTube ISU Stream!? @kwanette Someone found a Russian stream of this last event with no commentary. Good Lord I wish I had known about… @AslanKatsuki Do you know if there is a way to see the gala..of course NBC isn’t showing it. @kwanette Do you know if there is any way to watch the gala. I don’t see it on the schedule. @Grant_Hochstein @jasonbskates I screamed so loud when his scores came up that scared my dog. So happy for him! @Thomas_comma_S @rockerskating I tweeted just that at least we get to see the medal ceremonies for this on… @rockerskating We all feel the same! @kwanette @jasonbskates The candle worked! I scared my dog I screamed so loud when the score came up! @skatefan78 OMG!!! JASON!!!!! I’m so happy for him! @kwanette @jasonbskates Lighting a candle now.... @skatefan78 My exact thought..time to light a candle. Would so like to see him medal here. @KostoWarrior Why did @NBCSports think we needed a commentator for this event after a season of none on… @skatefan78 I never thought I’d say this..but I’d rather Tara and Johnny at this point. This guy is beyond awful!
@thsevenseas @team_pdd 😂😂😂 @NBCSportsGold @NBCSports Please ask @paul_alster to STOP talking over all the performances at 4 C’s. It’s distract… @SkatingLesson Ok Dave or @JonathanBeyer81 on the 4C’s This and That I need a proper British accent and a bit of a… @1mytmike @JonathanBeyer81 @SkatingLesson He gets less chatty as the events go on, but still it’s still not great.… @Cappers54 @SkatingLesson Thank You-been trying to figure that out for a few days. @Cappers54 @SkatingLesson Does anyone know who the British commentator is on NBC Gold?
@skatefan78 Yeah....I figured he was from the BBC, but I’m not sure how much he knows about skating, the running co… @skatefan78 Who is the commentator for NBC Gold??
@katiesroyallove I’m thinking she may not have worn it as the LA event was a BAFA think...but still, I so… @katiesroyallove She looked beautiful, but I was so hoping for the Lavender McQueen gown she wore in LA...hope we s… @granddamekate I was hoping for the lavender McQueen how she wore in LA..but she still looked beautiful!
@katiesroyallove Awww...this is so sweet!! Thank you doing this. And I have to think for many years to come that li…
@katiesroyallove Please do Charlotte on Christmas Day..the little boy that gave her the roses. This is so cute!
@WissonKrystyna @blissfultobeme And she understands why they are asked not to close car’s very much a se…
This woman is my hero. Thank you for your honesty, and I'm honored you chose a song of mine as you share your beaut…
Retweeted by Guin Sobral @KLBSt8ofSk8 @SaraBareilles @GraceEGold Yes she glad to see Gracie on ice at nationals again. @SaraBareilles This👇🏻 @GraceEGold did you VERY proud tonight❤️
@dpbrown1953 I feel a “dress auction” coming on. Remind me again, who also did that?
@katiesroyallove 😂😂😂 Perfect!!! @FoodFashFit @DustyReign @katiesroyallove Yeah, she is one if the lucky ones that can pull off all shades of yellow. @FoodFashFit @DustyReign @katiesroyallove It is similar stone size and setting...Kate seems to like citrine, she ha… @DustyReign @katiesroyallove Yeah, that’s my understanding as well, although I don’t see any photos of it pre 2008,… @DustyReign @katiesroyallove Here’s the link to the Express article. @DustyReign @katiesroyallove No, it’s about the citrine ring she has been seen wearing, but we were having a hard t… @Murky__Meg @superscuba83 I think Splash News is the group many “celebs” call to set up shots and then a percentage… @katiesroyallove That’s what I thought too...I suppose William could have given it to her but 2002 was a bit early…⁦@katiesroyallove⁩ Original Express article @katiesroyallove I sent it to your email..maybe it will open that way. Yes it is the citrine ring.I sent it to your email...maybe it will open that way. @katiesroyallove Yes, that’s the one..let me see if I can resend the article.⁦@katiesroyallove⁩ A little more info on the “mystery ring” Kate has been seen wearing lately. I don’t remember see…
@palaceprincess Sophie is one of the most, under rated royals. I have always liked her, but she gets so much less p… @ChokingRegret @TLC YES!
@Nancy_LBE @Murky__Meg Thanks! I’ll go rewatch the interview.
@Murky__Meg I don’t remember...was there a prenup?? @katiesroyallove *keeping the door open @katiesroyallove Yeah, that’s my interpretation too. There also seems to be a very deliberate distinction between l… @EdwardTHardy @RoyalFamily It appears there may be a distinction between losing the HRH designation and not using i…