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Learn how creating chains of dotted-eighth syncopations can revolutionize your rhythm playing history of the Fender Musicmaster, Duo-Sonic and Mustang 50% off a year of guitar, bass or ukulele lessons with Fender Play until January 18 has expanded its solar system of acoustics with the Venus Blue Moon
.@TaylorGuitars has recruited over 50 artists – including Zac Brown, @jason_mraz and @KTTunstall – for an uplifting… Tripps has teamed up with Reverb for a super-limited 10-unit run of hand-built Fuzz Face pedals has announced the @JBONAMASSA “Bonnie” Strat Pickup Set and Loaded Pickguard gives Soundgarden’s Fell on Black Days a delay-drenched acoustic makeover in this haunting new cover has launched an all-new SE Custom 24-08, fresh SE Series colors and new Core Series pickups for 2021 has introduced the Grand J-16E 12-string, two ziricote acoustics and the DJR-10E StreetMaster for 20… 2021: the biggest guitar, amp and pedal releases so far and @mjlettieri have joined forces for the versatile new Fiore signature guitar Eddie Van Halen tribute concert will definitely happen, Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony have said and @JohnMayer have unveiled the ultra-limited, luxuriously finished Lunar Ice Silver Sky York Dolls guitarist and punk icon Sylvain Sylvain has died at the age of 69 acoustic bass guitars 2021: Unplug and play with our pick of 7 top acoustic basses bold, original and unheralded stylist, John Cipollina's playing anticipated the future of rock two basses from @SandbergGuitars both stake their claim for mid-priced market supremacy up the heat on their new album, Skeletons, @brothersosborne explain how it's all about getting lost in the… Wes Borland and Bill Kelliher join The Kings of Quarantine for a virtual cover of Jane's Addiction's Mountain…
General Motors' new Hummer EV will play electric guitar riffs as you drive owner Josh Scott is selling the first-ever Klon Centaur for $500,000 Sarah Longfield take the @UAudio Luna Challenge Metallica-shredding TikTok star Zaria has signed with Sully Guitars Van Halen says his father cried the first time he played him “Distance” Bogert, bassist for Vanilla Fudge, Cactus and Beck, Bogert & Appice, has died at the age of 76 @tydollasign pay tribute to Kurt Cobain with a faithful take on Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit affordable Mariposa model headlines @SterlingbyMM's 2021 lineup guitar tricks you can learn from Rory Gallagher Fender recreated Eddie Van Halen's Frankenstein so accurately that he mistook it for the original best 12-string guitars 2021: our pick of 12-string acoustic and electric guitars the Holeyboard 123 pedalboard be the hol(e)y grail of pedalboards? has added 2 bass guitars to its Pro-Mod San Dimas line for 2021's Ana Perrote once underwent clinical trials to fund a Fender guitar amp
Jackson has added high-spec new bass models to its Pro Series and X Series for 2021 has packed a huge array of amp tones into its pocket-sized Mustang Micro celebrated Jimmy Page's birthday with a crushing all-looped cover of Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song is paying homage to Dimebag Darrell with a reissue of the Dime Razorback Rust has launched the ultra-affordable ID:Core V3 series – promising huge amp tones from a versatile fea… is celebrating its 75th Anniversary in style with luxurious new Strat, Tele, P-Bass and Jazz Bass models “People think I use a chorus pedal because of the sounds I recorded with the Cars. That’s actuall… has officially announced @KirkHammett's new 30th Anniversary Signature KH-3 Spider has teamed up with @davidgilmour for new signature D-35 and 12-string acoustics has unveiled a mind-boggling array of new Pro Series, X Series and affordable JS Series guitars for 2021 has shared a surprise sneak peek at his new @Epiphone Signature Les Pauls is hoping to bring a little light to the world with his meditative new album, Still on the best (and worst) guitars he's bought over the years guitar gear essentials and guitar accessories for electric, acoustic and bass is now 100% owned by its employees
.@chickenfootjoe is releasing his own sci-fi-themed comic book, Crystal Planet has decked out its super-affordable Electromatic and Streamliner guitars with all-new pickups and fini… @Rich_Castellano use the XSonic Airstep to control all his studio gear from one central location is looking to reinvigorate classic tube amp tones with its new '68 Custom Vibro Champ and Pro Reverb has unveiled its first FSC-certified, plastic-free acoustic, the 00L Earth Guitar the creation of a new Custom Shop replica of the guitar, Fender discovered that @MikeMcCreadyPJ's fabled ’59… has taken its American Ultra range to the next level with the new Luxe Strat and Tele models has announced eye-popping, high-spec Squier Contemporary Stratocasters, Telecasters and Jaguars for 2021 and @ChrissieHynde Telecasters – and a Ben Gibbard Mustang – headline Fender's 2021 signature model l… the launch of the Noventa Series, @Fender is going big on P-90 pickups Schmidt walks us through the Surf Guitar Book, a deep dive into the scene's tones, techniques and greatest p… compact MIDI controller for Ableton is designed especially for guitarists on his unusually busy downtime, @_DeepPurple's smoking new album and his dedication to the art of the…, @dgrissom4 and @mjlettieri have joined the lineup for @prsguitars' 2021 Virtual Launch Party is set to be honored at the 2021 She Rocks Awards his newly announced Cory and The Wongnotes variety show, funk guitar god @corywong turns talk show host
.@GretschUSA has debuted show-stopping new Players Edition and limited-edition models, plus a Chris Cornell-inspire… Mirror @marty_friedman and surprisingly traditional @mishaperiphery models headline @JacksonGuitars' 2021 si… has unveiled its mouth-watering new USA Eclipse FR Jawbreaker is continuing its quest to "push the limits of conventional electric guitars" with the new,… has unveiled its 2021 lineup is unleashing metal mayhem with its new made-in-Japan MJ Series Rhoads, Dinky and Soloist models is honoring Eddie Van Halen's legacy with its new 2021 guitar lineup has revealed his new 20-string Mountain Dew Meme Guitar – and yes, it's fully functional and Jazzmaster collide with @Fender's new off-the-wall Strat Jazz Deluxe Anthony has said that he never had a chance to reconcile with Eddie Van Halen
.@timothybschmit looks back at his favorite sessions, and being asked to join the Eagles in 1977, just as they hit… blast from the past from Fender may or may not bring out that late-'80s shred instructor vibe in your playing the secrets behind Pete Anderson's tone on Dwight Yoakam's Guitars, Cadillacs has partnered with @JoeySturgisTone and producer Jens Bogren for a signature Toneforge plugin
.@CoreyTaylorRock, Dave Navarro, Chris Chaney and @taylorhawkins are joining forces as Ground Control for a huge Da… @TPROfficial team up with Tom Morello for the grungy And So It Went @stinemusic demo three versatile models from @FurchGuitars' extensive acoustic range has teamed a pair of P-90s with a humbucker in the new "first of its kind" Six Gun HPP Music has acquired Ovation Guitars has launched his own pickup company, Blackfire Pickups has announced a multi-year partnership with @genesimmons on a custom line of G² guitars and basses and @serjtankian have unveiled a riotous cover of Gang of Four’s Natural’s Not In It is now selling Behringer pedals for $19 each as part of a new “super partnership” has resurrected the late-’80s Boxer Stratocaster HH for 2021
.@evanescence's @JenMajura and @Troy__McLawhorn wax lyrical on the high-octane gear, influences and themes behind t… reflects on his first solo album since 2005 and tells us why it's a record of upbeat energy Van Halen goes deep on his approach to tone, technique and guitar design in this classic 1993 Guitarist inter… Rose had Slash pick out a guitar for Dave Grohl as a thank you for lending the singer his onstage “throne” some "outside" color to your pentatonic licks with this cool chromatic concept Earth guitarist Jon Schaffer was photographed storming the US Capitol building during the pro-Trump riot King has joined forces with Orange to auction off a signed Terror Stamp pedal for charity USA has acquired Aguilar Amplification has introduced the all-new SR600 series with exclusive Nordstrand pickups of scale and small of body, this Junior makes few concessions to the modern player – but it's a lot of fun the secret to "backward" crosspicking from @mollytuttle