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@AngelaParziale Gl everybody :)I will give $300 to someone who retweets this. Ends when I hit 50K followers. Must be following me... obv 😏 It's s…
Retweeted by GuizoXIX // ArdbegXV @CoordsPokemon @IceColdMystic Yes, i do not understand @IceColdMystic @nyankosensei252 @Shinytracker 😱😱 @AuraGuardians2 @OzRlate1 Dsp @ThruMeSheShines @Dine5hPal Congrats!! @gainford @PokemonGoApp @AurorasMagical @BrianeShawn @crispogozIn celebration, of the upcoming release of ✨Heracross✨. I will be giving 2 lucky winners, £30 each. ✅ - Follow M…
Retweeted by GuizoXIX // ArdbegXV @ThruMeSheShines Ho, then take care, and i am sure that you will be able another time to do it🤗 I send you lot happ… @ThruMeSheShines We will! Stay safe and enjoy :)🙏🤗 @Shinytracker @ThruMeSheShines @AurorasMagical @CoordsPokemon @IceColdMystic @LanReno @snxdpx @StardustPokmnGO Congrats to the winners!🤗🤗 @CoordsPokemon @Code002_yuu @AbhiPrinc3 @Raghav9026 @BHwaang Amazing!! Congrats Skitty!!✨#unown✨ #shinycheck 🍀 #pokemonGo 44.799206,20.457121
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@CoordsPokemon @Skittyz2 Ho no.. :(#Unown U 38.983353,-76.945534
Retweeted by GuizoXIX // ArdbegXV#Unown✨"U" 44.945509,-93.128373 #ShinyCheck #Raro @OzRlate1 @Shinytracker @AuraGuardians2
Retweeted by GuizoXIX // ArdbegXV @AurorasMagical @wernericeman @johnmcmahon2020 Good luck!🍀🍀 @Ritesh30870949 @crispogoz @AurorasMagical @BrianeShawnI happy to announce a 2x shiny unwon U giveaway 😍😍 Rule's:- like❤️ Retweet 🙌 Follow me ☺️…
Retweeted by GuizoXIX // ArdbegXV @CoordsPokemon @AlvinKwok20 @AshDrusting62 @Kabowd0914 @StardustPokmnGO Congrats!!🤗🤗🍀
@EXRaidLeader 1 month of 10x XP spinning new pokestop?!?!😱😱😱😱😍😍😍 @Shinytracker Dsp @Pikahunter3 CongratsLoyal ❤️, Time to let me update August 2021. I'll split into some part. Hope you can follow. So let dive in! Rememb…
Retweeted by GuizoXIX // ArdbegXV52.339165,5.606915 ✨
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Retweeted by GuizoXIX // ArdbegXV52.243973,20.904894 ✨
Retweeted by GuizoXIX // ArdbegXV @CoordsPokemon @StardustPokmnGO Thank you Skitty and stardust to gift us all like this! So generous of you!!🙏🤗🍀
@CoordsPokemon 😱😱😱 Congrats skitty!! You deserve it🍀🤗 @nui103kp_kp @PGM_VR @ShinytrackerWho got level one cranidos or shieldon for trade? Talk to me 😜
Retweeted by GuizoXIX // ArdbegXV @Reclaimer_9 Done @christierickRN Haha de rien :) bientot c est sur!!🍀🍀🍀 @CoordsPokemon @YasithDanushka @IceColdMystic @StardustPokmnGO Congrats!!!🤗 @christierickRN Shiiinyyyy viiiibes!!🍀🍀🍀🍀
@AurorasMagical @nyankosensei252 No way!😱 Congrats Aurora!🤗 @CoordsPokemon @NeverLoseTrust @EXRaidLeader @StardustPokmnGO Congrats🤗 @nui103kp_kp @PGM_VR Finaaally!!😍😍😍 Thank you 😘 you had entered the bday giveaway please check to see that you are following me & @StardustPokmnGO and that you…
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I’ve never used any software that goes against your TOS, I’ve used my iPhone and a Facebook group of locals that I…
Retweeted by GuizoXIX // ArdbegXV @Pikahunter3 @OzRlate1𝓑𝓲𝓻𝓽𝓱𝓭𝓪𝔂🎂 🎉 𝓖𝓲𝓿𝓮𝓪𝔀𝓪𝔂 From: 7/23-7/31/2021 𝙋𝙧𝙞𝙯𝙚: ✳️ 20 prizes of 1600 Pokécoins 𝙍𝙪𝙡𝙚𝙨: 💖Like 💞Retweet 👍Follow me…
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@miss__mimikyu 🙋‍♂️
@AuraGuardians2 It will be release?!😍😍😍Can you help me retweeting this please? My For trade/Looking for list. I’m looking for the Go Fest 2017 Lugia given…
Retweeted by GuizoXIX // ArdbegXV @Hoss18 OMG!!!! Thank you!!!!😱😱😍😍😍😘😘,-46.791882 #100iv #ShinyCheck #Raro
Retweeted by GuizoXIX // ArdbegXV @Hoss18 @Shinytracker @nyankosensei252 @nyankosensei252 Yes confirm by @Hoss18 @nyankosensei252 Can you, pleeease, make a shiny hunt of sawk and throh?🤗😁🙏😘 @MystiqueLoba Can it still be shiny?🤞 @Shinytracker Happy to help you 🤗 and thank you for the shiny :) @Shinytracker -41.3240,174.8173 @Shinytracker Are you available?🤗
@ThruMeSheShines We will pray for your Mum and your family! I hope that she will return home with you fast!🙏 @vicky23rockz @CoordsPokemon I think no @Shinytracker Yes i am ;) I already did my special trade so send me coord in tomorrow🤗 @Shinytracker It's ok you can give me any shiny you want ;) @Shinytracker What extra shiny do you have from the go fest?🤗 @CoordsPokemon @poketition @9000Pikachus @the_blazngidiot @OzRlate1 @IceColdMystic @Shinytracker @Conservativ_Cat @Shinytracker hey, i have ypur shiny deino lvl 1 for you :)Confirm!! 🦖
Retweeted by GuizoXIX // ArdbegXV @AuraGuardians2 When?🤗My missing shiny ✨ update list If anyone have chances for trade let me know RT please @StardustPokmnGO
Retweeted by GuizoXIX // ArdbegXVOffering either of these for ✨Unown F DM me. RT please guys x
Retweeted by GuizoXIX // ArdbegXV34.001339,-118.470291 #100iv #ShinyCheck #MAX
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@osielcasst @CoordsPokemon @BrandyShemal2 @Shinytracker @DOCmewtwo @IceColdMystic @SadikPokmnGO @Shankha_Deep17,-44.309570 Nice little area
Retweeted by GuizoXIX // ArdbegXV @osielcasst @iaml3g3nd1738 @Shinytracker Seriously?! Ciooool @nyankosensei252 @Preetam0071 @Baer0by @BHwaang @HHintekhab @metaphys12 @Budhi_0709 @centerinmypoket @poolace70 @Shinytracker Can it still be shiny?Last chance at possibly the cutest shiny with a hat everrr -14.24849,-170.66195 @OzRlate1 @Conservativ_Cat
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@OzRlate1 Where can i raid a ho oh? @Tyranitar_Rocks Yes...
@CoordsPokemon @Shinytracker I know, i keep it for him if he wants:)OMG, i camp that one @Shinytracker @CoordsPokemon 🤞 @CoordsPokemon Not a race haha :) just to thank you :) i worked hard to thank you💪 @CoordsPokemon Thanks to you Skitty... a huge huge thanks🙏🤗😘 @GaganGulati333 Congrats Gagan!! @CoordsPokemon Awesome!! Congrats skitty🤗 was worth the price of the ticket.
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@Skittyz2 @gainford @pogopokemongol1 @DanielScott1986 @chrynio13 @SupremePsyduck @Deepu783 @TFcukery @CoordsPokemon @guptabharat0901 @ThruMeSheShines @arkaph @Jakerstrike777 @RIS03012003 @playgrndndrgrnd @BPost111 @CoordsPokemon @ThruMeSheShines 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 @StardustPokmnGO @NeverLoseTrust @dhruvj59994795 @Anantha67431199 @Thelitone4 @SiddhantVijayS8 @TFcukery @ychico2 @galihhh @AuraGuardians2 Again ?^^I would have a busy schedule for the Go Fest. If someone is looking to buy pokecoins can DM me today 🙂 20$ - 3600…
Retweeted by GuizoXIX // ArdbegXV @CoordsPokemon @StardustPokmnGO I am sure you will find the best way to select winners ;) Thanks for all the work d…
@Reclaimer_9 @BetaTest787 @jhaatlyf @yenniferramos21 @mikey_nair @Khidr12710982 @shreyaskasbekar @Manashpb @ThruMeSheShines Thank you for your vibes!! 🤗 My turn ton send you lucky vibes and lot of hapiness😘🙏 @zettodot @BPost222 @pogohubofficial @nui103kp_kp @nyankosensei252 Lucky you :) Congrats!! 2300 check and still nothing :( @ThruMeSheShines Take care and stay strong! I will pray for you and your family!🙏 @AurorasMagical @Skittyz2 You are too Aurora and Skitty !🤗😘 merci beaucoup! :) @AurorasMagical 🤗 so kind of you.. thank you Aurora! Ca me touche beaucoup!😊
@miss__mimikyu @AurorasMagical Because i love pogo community and i will really enjoy it @miss__mimikyu @AurorasMagical🎁Giveaway time!!🎁 5x #PokemonGOFest2021 Tickets 🎟 How to enter: 💖Like & Retweet 💖Comment why you want a ticket…
Retweeted by GuizoXIX // ArdbegXV @CoordsPokemon I always loved your work and happiness for this community... do not doubt because of very few people… thanks to @GaganGulati333 for his coin service!! Always helpfull and very trustworthy!! If you need cheap c…