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Desert Storm vet/USS Tripoli. MILITANTLY PRO WHITE. I HATE Obama, Democraps, liberals, Muslims, foreigners, fags & HILLARY. ❤ 2nd Amend FULL BLOODED PATRIOT.

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@moreno_antonia Well, well....didn't expect to hear from you til hockey season came back around; )Good morning friends, and Patriots!
Retweeted by J.C. Vaughn/USN vet @brent_bjohn556 HUAH brother!!Forget about selling for a sec, are you OK with how they part babies up like a car in a junk yard? #WatchTheVideo
Retweeted by J.C. Vaughn/USN vet @Grungelady @DaneWatch @VickiMcKenna Thanks....I'm here all week.Farrakhan: We Must Rise Up and Kill Whites Who Kill Us; Stalk Them and Kill Them He wants 10,000 to attack #tcot
Retweeted by J.C. Vaughn/USN vet @TehachapiHomes Step right up....the Whites have mountains of ammo. @DaneWatch @VickiMcKenna What do you expect from backwoods, sister-fucking Democrats? I'm impressed they can even spell.
Sorry Muslims: for you EVER thinking I gave a FUCK about your stinking religion. I think I'll go shit on a Quran now. #GET OUT OF MY COUNTRYFOLLOWERS OF ISLAM: HERE'S YOUR WELCOME TO MY COUNTRY.....GO FUCK YOURSELF. FUCK ALLAH, FUCK C.A.I.R, FUCK SHARIA. Let somebody else clean up your mess... Obama: "I've made it clear, Iran will not get a weapon on my watch" (which ends in 18 months)
Retweeted by J.C. Vaughn/USN vet#BanBullFighting 😿💔 #NoAlMaltratoAnimal La TORTURA NO es ARTE ni CULTURA Soy ESPAÑOL y esa SALVAJADA NO es mi FIESTA
Retweeted by J.C. Vaughn/USN vet @Thug_Violence @gulfwarvet11 another puke that's now gonna b supported
Retweeted by J.C. Vaughn/USN vetMy American wife cutting Muslim targets apart at 100 yards. Remember this picture you stinking fucking rag heads. whining Muslim wants me reported for spreading hatred towards Muslims. BLOW ME RAGHEAD...I DO HATE YOUR KIND. GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY @SheilaMusaji Sure......go cry to CAIR.Obama trusts the jackasses in #Iran with nukes but not US MARINES with guns!! #tcot #RedNationRising
Retweeted by J.C. Vaughn/USN vet @PatVPeters I think Donald Trump will be a president for the American people
Retweeted by J.C. Vaughn/USN vetBlacks who attack whites: I won't just kill you...I'll also kill your punk-assed ghetto, hood rat, Section 8 posse that's with you. #ALL DIEJust saw a tweet from some liberal California surfer doucebag that says conservatism isn't for Alphas. Really Captain Herbal Life? #DUMBASS @Writeonright @Salon Bad call....... @drpepper BRING BACK LIL' SWEET. @ozarklady76 @JewhadiTM Or ripped apart by lions......well, the ones that haven't been killed by asshole dentists @JewhadiTM Absolutely unbelievable.Wisconsin Man Rapes 82-Year-Old Woman In Street As She Screams ‘God Help Me,’ Then Waits 3 Hours For Police To Arrive
Retweeted by J.C. Vaughn/USN vet @kimchat23 This is another shining example of why blacks are regarded as the dumbest race on planet earth. #INSTANT JUSTICE @volpappaw Did you honestly expect this idiotic twat to say something dazzling, or intelligent?Manhunt intensifies as cop killer suspect ID'd in fatal traffic stop.
Retweeted by J.C. Vaughn/USN vet @Patriotic_Me @CANARYorg @PatDollard With big damned guns..... @ChrisCoon4 They're going to sit back and let the American Patriots handle it.Why isn't the FBI kicking in his door?Farrakhan: We Must Rise Up and Kill Those Who Kill Us; Stalk Them & Kill Them
Retweeted by J.C. Vaughn/USN vetHow is it a crime to defile a dead body but okay to defile a dead baby and sell his/her parts?
Retweeted by J.C. Vaughn/USN vetIts flooding time patriots.Demand Sec.of the Navy Ray Mabus drop charges against HERO Lt.Timothy White re Chattanooga
Retweeted by J.C. Vaughn/USN vetSomeone should kill this damn mofo.
Retweeted by J.C. Vaughn/USN vet @LadySandersfarm @hollyammon Count me in....... @leeleemunster This sorry-assed queer shouldn't have had a FIRST season. It's a pathetic abomination against decent humanity. @kanetheshadow There is a YouTube video of the speech. @kanetheshadow Louis Farrakhan is the self appointed leader of the Black Nation of Islam out of Chicago. He is a political agitator.
@WIMSJ @CorlessJones @naft82 Or safely out of the country.... @gulfwarvet11 @CorlessJones @naft82 he'll B hiding in a locked hideaway with armed guards.
Retweeted by J.C. Vaughn/USN vet @craigmiller383 Ignorance is bliss...and what's worse, the blacks are being sold out by their own. @kanetheshadow Who is who?My first dipshit liberal of the day. Blocked. He had zero followers...ZERO. How is it possible to be that big a loser!? #LIBERALS...FUCK OFF @gulfwarvet11 hey we can always hope. His arrogance may make him think he has to lead them. But you're probably right he will be hiding.
Retweeted by J.C. Vaughn/USN vetA trained shooter with an AR-15 can engage and dispatch between 15 and 20 hostiles per 30 round mag. Ready when you are, Louis Fukko-cant. @gulfwarvet11 make sure he's the first to go.
Retweeted by J.C. Vaughn/USN vet @naft82 Come don't really believe that gutless orangutan will lead his black army into the jaws of heavily armed Whites, do you? @tacticalpeaks What is the red? Are those just some kind of floor plate? Easy recognition of special ammo?CNN: Beloved batboy remembered by team & family What an unbelievable tragedy.
Retweeted by J.C. Vaughn/USN vetMT @bcwilliams92: STAY STRAPPED AMERICA. #WakeUpAmerica #2A #COSProject #PJNET
Retweeted by J.C. Vaughn/USN vet @SheliJ @HelpersofAllah Go get 'em!!!!10-10-2015 is the day Farrakhan is telling blacks to "mobilize against whites." That'll be a great day to bust out that shiny new AR-15!!!!! @ConstitutionCop Until whites start gunning them down by the dozens. THAT BLACK POWER BULLSHIT DOESN'T SCARE US, AND WE HAVE BIGGER GUNS.Barry's boy Louis #Farrakhan is now calling for blacks to stalk and kill whites... Well isn't that lovely #tcot #WakeUpAmerica
Retweeted by J.C. Vaughn/USN vet @JewhadiTM Let's hope so......there's a lot to sort out before the election.If Obama had a son....... Planned Parenthood would have chopped it up and sold it for parts.Refreshing to see late night television is still pretty bad. Talk shows, crummy sitcoms, reality trash, or awful movie sequels. @TheIvanVolter @bi_politics Absolutely disgusting. Obama is probably pitching to him. @gatewaypundit @THETXEMBASSY Too bad nobody harvested his. @Cami_Benelli He seems genuine. Far more than any other the others (this is simply my personal opinion)Guess which one is getting more attention for being killed by someone by being at crime scene illegally. #tcot #pjnet
Retweeted by J.C. Vaughn/USN vet @TheIvanVolter @bi_politics Awww, fat boy finally got a taste of the real world. I LOVE IT. #BLOW IT OUT YOUR FAT ASS CHRISTIE @Cami_Benelli Seems like an awful lot of Americans are liking what he has to say. @Cami_Benelli Trump will take care of the White House. We need to lock down the rest: Farrahkan may just give Whites the green light.
@Cami_Benelli And right after the blacks get shut down, time to sweep the Muslim trash out of America. Mosques burned down, the whole deal. @Cami_Benelli It will be total slaughter. If you watched the Baltimore've seen the extent of their tactical ability.I use these mags religiously, and have never experienced a misfeed, or jam. When it counts, trust polymers. @Cami_Benelli It will be isolated incidents of random violence, perhaps them burning their own areas, which is typical. But that'll be it.
Retweeted by J.C. Vaughn/USN vetTHIS IS NOTHING MORE THAN A CALL FOR BLACKS TO BEGIN ASSAULTING WHITES. THE STREETS WILL BE COVERED WITH NEGRO BODIES @amentilone @Mescalero71 The sad part is, the sheep he's pressing into battle, are too ignorant to see they're going to be the only losers. @Cami_Benelli I'll be here....I'm always here. Be well. @Cami_Benelli Some would disagree, however I am unconcerned with the opinions of the willfully blind. @Cami_Benelli You're solid. I'm glad to know you. @Cami_Benelli I used to embrace that ideal. I've grown apathetic as I've aged. Not every life is significant. Not every life is valuable.This gutless scumbag is trying to organize a 10,000 man Negro army for an assault on Whites. The date is 10-10-2015 @Cami_Benelli A 2 year blackout would allow nature to rid itself of surplus populace. Most liberals would die the instant Starbucks closed. @breakingnewslh @Cami_Benelli @Kajubitch It'll be the bottom of the evolutionary ladder. View it as natural selection. @Cami_Benelli Of course......after the killing was over. It's easy to be a badass when there's no fight. @Cami_Benelli Absolute truth. When the shit hits the fan, watch how quickly the liberal scum flip-flop, and suddenly become "patriots." @Cami_Benelli @T_rexou812 That thing makes one hell of a mess.