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thanks @gum_mp3
Retweeted by 💽anyone who listened to my new song rainforest should read and share this
Retweeted by 💽wtf Neurogenesis going crazy up 2 moody tay k I get it now @YVESTHETRNDSTTR I can hear this part in my head just by looking at the time stampgm
Retweeted by 💽They are old and the original iCarly audience is old now too pack it up*loud booing* @dazegxd1k Niggas goated for this @dltzk Real @whogotps5 CryingSo true...someone gets itsomebody wrote a whole lil thing about Zordland that’s pretty cool man good albumwhat a nice song @unkoshersalt W @unkoshersalt Nothin crazy, free for twitch subs $5 for tickets otherwiseim the busiest broke nigga evernew skateboard designs merch 4 events this month and a virtual private party at the end… @pollen196 @imovuIating @thankyoujahseh @icntgetabreak whewww @fuckcarlette Nah if I do Sony or whoever will definitely send me a case and desist LMAOO @icntgetabreak Yeah I’m not a big fan of modding stuff that is originally built to last + has good documentation. S… @icntgetabreak I only want OEM parts Ima puristWait I lied it was only $15 but it FEELS like $40there’s no way this is worth $40 $40 for a fucking tonearm rest for my 40 year old turntable like an idiot @disctr4k They gone cancel me for extorting the kids smh @disctr4k nah ur good u get a pass for being a minor 😭😭😭 @GammaRayZay Wym by losing access? Like deauthorization? Did you copy the .exe into the program folder before opening it? Or are you on Macboys only care about one thing and it’s Ortofon Concorde turntable cartridges @courvaseirjahm Nah I feel u I was down terrible when I had to get my car repairedeverybody who sent me birthday money going 2 heaven cuz I’m definitely buying turntable cartridges as we speak @msinsrs Real af @YVESTHETRNDSTTR 😭 @YVESTHETRNDSTTR How I’m buy turntable needles with that!! @YVESTHETRNDSTTR How Ima spend that 🤔every time I press the sync button I die a little insidemixing digital so boring I can’t wait to get good at vinyl I’m never turning backsend me money for turntable upgrades $gummp3 @heytherecade Yup @unkoshersalt @BallsackOW Yes since mine is on the 31st this is my entire month @777henge to be fair it’s a good songbirthday month everybody owe me $20STOP DOING COMPUTER SCIENCE
Retweeted by 💽nvm not having fun just gonna drink now @blustrpzz @calebsdreaming Ableton Session view and midi clip launchingdrinking a strong cocktail recording a deep house mix that’s it. this is it. I’m washed and oldfinna record a mix I thinkI’m tryna get the vaccy man the streets need me I’m basically a social workerThey said I’m so unemployed I can’t even apply for the vaccine 😭😭😭who got the vaccy method ⁉️Ima just lie and say I’m still a teacher what they gone do @YVESTHETRNDSTTR Thanks kiddo @SLATE49 I’m bout to start barking2 days w no weed I’m in the crib agonizing just wallowing in boredomThis so fye learned to break dance I guess 🤷🏿‍♂️ DISCORD : #screenshotsaturday #FGC
Retweeted by 💽 @blustrpzz Hmm idk much about that I’ve only heard that FL has shitty mp3 exporting @YVESTHETRNDSTTR U see it kiddo @AlternateGlock Chaoticimagine how awful shrek would be if he had an italian accent
Retweeted by 💽 @blustrpzz FL is just more accessible I think. Easy to pirate and it’s way cheaper to buy outright so it’s more pop… so people see my work and I can pay my phone bill
Retweeted by 💽 @blustrpzz Neither is better or worse overall but they have different strengths and different work flowsmanga timeI am going to learn so much jazzfiending for my Yamaha reface CP they supposed to restock in march so hopefully I get mine soonNiggas got me in the crib playing a HARPwhoever invented MIDI input is a fucking genius I can play any instrument in the world as long as I have a software… @pixiedeath8 It’s ok just wait until u turn 25 pal50+ years of that and then you dielife after 21 is just sitting in the crib trying to figure out how blues melodies in minor scales work @shoppinginjail It’s the best literally the only thing I needMy moms was setting the alarm shit scared me lowkey @zelda12000 Yeah try a few then pick one to get good atRhodes for u modeling to the new ⁦@gum_mp3⁩ -y’all simply couldn’t understand
Retweeted by 💽N a n a . o b j 📀 memory card errors 🆘⚙️
Retweeted by 💽 @shoppinginjail so goodHere's my fanmade rebrand of C.C. Lemon, an excellent soft drink!
Retweeted by 💽If nobody else got me I know Fred P at KMA60 got me I'm playing tekken nowwhat is the purpose what does it all mean @h0gwarf I got 3
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@dazegxd1k @carssere I think mine is being an archery instructor @Electro520 Exactlytook a nap and woke up in chalk zone @shawtythapimp but only if people habitually archive things, so much is left to the omnipotence of cloud storage and streaming platforms @MobCat99 Nope I never had to do that with ableton. Unless I did it ages ago and just forgot @pixiedeath8 realwatching the boomer cartoon @777henge nah ion need nothing obnoxious and attention drawing just something small and funnywhen I die they better have a gorilla glass screen displaying a GIF of me embedded into the tombstonethis so fye omg that I generated this animation with technology on the "My Heritage" website: As alwa…
Retweeted by 💽 @tropicsyogurt It’s cool Ima just download one part at a time as I complete seasons it’s just annoyingly large