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@SimpNever yeah felt so unreal dude @SimpNever haha all good just being at the game felt so unreal and watch a club i’ve supported since i remember m… @SimpNever Dont care really :) Only care about winning, dont care how.1 year ago today Still feels like yesterday The goosebumps I had when i went over all my videos from the game tod…
@RunTheFUTMarket You are crazy Nicholas
I could talk about this all day but there is also a reason behind the fact they aren’t focusing on Career mode, pro… to mention, the content team has done extremely well recently with designs and promo team selections...there is… is the reason why the game is not being changed much Why change things that work? Many reason behind this bu…
@Holy123Spirit Everything here is open and fully operating
@Tmoney41_ They are defo fishing. Depends if there comes a biteAlso one thing...EA hates criticsm. So if you are a content creator and want to get into GC program or something… @Jan79012 He may try to look like he has big info idk but from recent months these leaks have been accurate which i… do i say this...last few years leaks have popped up from Employees and EA have found them in the end. I don’t… imagine the employees giving leaks are on their way through the door soon... EA don’t want this for sure and it…
@Piquelme20 Not to mention my all time favorite boots. T90 Torres Red&White @Piquelme20 Dude, Torres was a god to me. The day he left, I nearly burned his shirt... Now im just glad we got…
Looks like a cat to me @ndowjwnxkqknd @iNKScottyy Alot of things need to go right to achieve it thats true. @ndowjwnxkqknd @iNKScottyy Yeah but late on Sunday night, easier than ever imo @iNKScottyy Not worth my time @lfcfutman @iNKScottyy True but time wise not worth it... @iNKScottyy Lol scared? i couldve gone Elite easily lolGood morning! Needed coins so played WL... Ended 14-2 not worth going further🥴
I need coins😂 Im broke
Yeah exactly, just because I woke up 2 hours after and didn’t open them the minute they dropped I get “screwed” whi… @iGoldenBear Sorry but this is unacceptable. Gotta hand you that Red. Hours... I'm waiting for my Player Picks and waiting 4 days for the reward is enough...Get your shit together in… @prats_42 @EAFIFADirect Yeah could be the case. However, with such a global game like FIFA, things should be taken care of asap. @liamt67 @EAFIFADirect nah dont do it @aksh_lcfc @EAFIFADirect Nah they are gonna take more than a day to compensate...What is taking them so long? Those who hadn’t redeemed the picks why havent they coded them again and dropped them… @EAFIFADirect Any ETA for rewards? @CJ27__ @EAFIFADirect I'm pretty sure they will compensate everyone who opened their Red Picks G2 or above. @CJ27__ @EAFIFADirect They didn't code the picks to be guaranteed. That was for everyone. Those who got Laliga for… @CJ27__ @EAFIFADirect Coding this thing is simple. they just forgot to code G2 as guarantee. Takes couple minutes @EAFIFADirect Yeah then don’t take days to fix it please. It’s simple to give those who hadn’t redeemed it asap. Co…
What did you get in the LaLiga pack? I got Santi... W or L? @MrBDK_YT like 150 or so @BrissaBrian Bundesliga @MrBDK_YT Aguero by far the best. LaLiga ones have not given me much luck tbh. Diego Carlos best one lolIm almost broke - like literally close to 0 The amount of coins i’ve spent on upgrade packs is 🤯 IDK what to do n…
@iGoldenBear Aiiii @iGoldenBear @GammaLabs @GFuelEnergy Where is Guava?
@narcoinsfc 🥴😂 @narcoinsfc We all know he is “crazy” but if you look at what he says most of the things are the cold hard truth.…
@Blahbla99071871 Wow!! @FUTcontentStef 😂Companion OP Out of 150 Upgrade packs 2x Wan Bissaka 2x Henderson (GK) 2x Alisson 1x Henderson (CM) TOTS PL Guarante… @RubenHuijgen Came up against gio in draft. Mental @rnattF We hopeI’m fully unassigned just to be ripped off by EA Apprently we are most likley not seeing the famous Premium PL Pla…
FIFA Rewind vid is FINALLY live. Spent about a month downloading & putting all of it together, so hope you guys l…
Retweeted by Gummi @narcoinsfc I need 10 mil for upgrade packs. thx.Premier Legaue Upgrade pack is 30K now So you are paying around 2.7K for each player 21K if you recycle At this… @UniqueRiggers not worth it anymore. we wait for thursday
40 packs of PL Upgrade Only good pull TOTS TAA. L. Cost me 700k... TOTS is about spending coins on whats fun so 0 regretsAfter thoughtful thinking... These upgrade SBCs are not bad value... Grind them and enjoy the game! me these upgrade pulls @FUTWIZ What happened to the 24hr thing? these are 3 days...oh no they are 3-4K now...Premier League Rares are close to 2k... @time2001 @EAFIFADirect @mufc_assassin @EAFIFADirect Thats what I thinkEA can you once be transparent. Are these upgrade packs for real the ones you mentioned in the news post? If so,… @mufc_assassin not 11 prem. for the 25k packEA clearly insisted the popular Premium Upgrade SBC...which refers to the 25K one. This is not the SBC they are t… @mufc_assassin Exchange 11 rares for 4 rares?This is not the famous upgrade pack. That comes in Thursday!
This weekend league was my last WL of FIFA 20. This is a total mood killer mixed with stress and it’s just impossi… @KrasiFIFA A shithousery. @MattFUTTrading Wonderful sight! GGs!🔥 @UniqueRiggers Yeah dont really get this tbh @TheIceMan_ no idea @Bedoid does towards the conclusion mean towards the end?Premium League Upgrade SBCs, available for 24 hours towards the conclusion of each League does this mean we get t… @kgain_k can also f you up big time @xBillYolo Oh you are one of those people. @William20604213 If you start to play on Sunday afternoon you will get so many bad players and rank up super quick.… @tradingnoob77 Yeah messaging people isn’t a good idea. Only triggers you more. @TheFUTmoaner Amen. @MrBDK6 Like 12-5 (worst start of WL since early Nov).Good morning WL is a total shithousery now...never ever experienced as toxic style of gameplay... I go 2-0 down,…
@ric_rsp Something I cant get. I tend to spot these marketing tricks real quick as I study them a lot but what this… these for real a lightning round must be some sort of a marketing strategy. Still dont get it @aksh_lcfc Pure luck. He then opened 1000 more and got nothing.Last night's lightning rounds expired within 2 minutes... Premier League TOTS is equivalent to TOTY and they must…
Jeeeez gang trying to reveal players but people can't get the answers right 😂😂 @Janmertens13 Nah if they keep the same reqs they are only requiring Rare Golds.if you want to get prepared for Upgrade SBCs. Do it during Lightning rounds... The 24 hour window next week is gonna be a mess🤦‍♂️ @CarltonX They would quarantine for 14 days.I know its probably never gonna happen but it’s an idea Gary Neville came up with and in all honesty a great idea i… what i’ve seen happen in the UK I just don’t see the Prem starting soon. It’s too spread out and the risk is… @SBC_Tipster Been so good for me...hardly get 82s
@charlie82975581 We take the exams home...and things are little different.Good morning! Not much happening in FIFA today like most days recently. Maybe the community TOTS drops today -…
EFL Guarantee is a must do... 83 rated squad for a TOTS needed in the next guarantee TOTS pack! @JoshMichalski I've opened like 25, gotten few 86s, 1 TOTS, loads of 83-84-85. Good value