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Super-simple ecommerce for creators and artists, so they can do more of what they love: 🎨🎥📝 $300,000,000 and counting!

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@vponamariov We're working on fixing this. You can still copy the URL from the product edit page ->share tab -> cop…
It's here! from any stage can join!! Just joined this & looking forward to learn & create more. Check it out if you've always wanted to rele…
Retweeted by GumroadWe'll be discussing more about the Product Challenge in the Q&A session tomorrow at 10.30 AM PDT hosted by @shl and…🆕 We are thrilled to announce the #14DayProduct Challenge Create and launch your product in 14 Days. Challenge st… exciting is dropping today. Hint: 1️⃣ 4️⃣ 📅 🛠️........ Any guesses?Your work matters.
@b0rk @ckorhonen Working on it as we speak! @apetechda Stuff will never be good enough. The important part is to get started!Why haven't you started creating yet?🔗 Links: 👩 Flo’s Gumroad Profile: Her bundle of Procreate brushes:… now, Flo’s primary focus is creating content for her YouTube channel and community. Her goal is to reach on… Flo’s words: “I want to encourage people to continue drawing and to not give up, because when I was younger, I a… asked Flo about her average day. “There’s no rhythm, it’s total chaos,” she said with a laugh. Her creative ca…’s first Gumroad product was a set of brushes designed for Procreate on iPad Pro. When Flo started selling the…“I was looking at other Instagrammers and other successful artists. I saw them selling their stuff and I said, ‘Hey… months after Flo’s Instagram exploded, she started a YouTube channel to share her drawing process. “I did it al… doubled down on the winning format and continues to use it to this day. “Looking back,” Flo said, “I hadn't t… she put it, “I struggled to reach 8,000 followers, then a post went viral and I was in the tens of thousands. Th… long after, Flo resurrected her idle IG account and began to use it as a creative outlet for her drawings — a m… left her desk job to work creatively full time. In 2017, while photographing a wedding, Flo and her boyfriend… do that, she bought a DSLR camera and a new career path emerged: guided by their mutual interest in photography,…“I always wanted a creative career,” she told us, “but I never thought I'd be able to make a living from creativity… is until life intervened. Rather than pursue art full time, Flo studied psychology at the Open University of A…’s interest in drawing stretches back to childhood. At age 20, she discovered artist @bobbychiu and was mesmer…💡 Creator Spotlight featuring @Floortjesart Since discovering Gumroad two years ago, Floortje Visser has made si…
@walkingriver We've seen it happen!💯 * 💯 @CashFlow_OG Could you elaborate on what this means?🆕 The Gumroad API now supports issuing full and partial refunds! @DjGigahurtz Hey! Could you please forward your message to - our team will assist you as soon as possible.SKATEBOARD TRICKS by @boxbrown🔊 Event Alert: Our CEO @shl and Head of Community @RandallKanna will be hosting a Creators Q&A session on 22nd Octo… obstacle. The hard part. The frustration. The insecurities. That is the creative process.
How to become a more creative person? Be fearlessly authentic.Being creative over a long period is all about balance. You don't always need to be getting stuff done. Sometimes…
Dream it. Believe it. Create it.Just crossed ¼ of a million sales on Gumroad from 2 products in 10mo. Ads: $12,949 Gumroad fees…
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@nelsongchicasg And we love our creators!Creator Spotlight: @Floortjesart Success on Gumroad✨ Introducing GumHub: The easiest way to sell access to your GitHub repos, powered by @gumroad & @vercel First 10…
Retweeted by GumroadMake time for your art, it’s important.
Want your product page to get 1% better every day? Here is a full workweek's worth of pro tips for little level-up… last thing you copied is the title of your next Gumroad product. Go 👇🏽6 letters that can change your life: C R E A T E @MakeThisButter @shl Hey, Yes, profile pictures on Gumroad can be edited. You can go to Profile -> Profile Picture…🚨MILESTONE🚨 . 100K On @gumroad In 86 Days🔥 . This Isn’t Suppose To Happen To People Like Me (Bi-Polar II) (Addict)…
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Another benefit of self-publishing on a platform like @Gumroad: Realtime stats. Fellow authors going through publ…
Retweeted by GumroadTransform criticism into creativity.You were born to create.
Do something creative every day.
Things that are completely free: - Selling - Writing - Recording - Trusting yourself - Educating yourself - Learni… is something I'm taking care of at Gumroad: If there's anything else you'd like to se…
Retweeted by GumroadSTUFF THAT MATTERS by @boxbrown it all in. Create it all out.
Pro Tip: Do good work, then put it where people can see it.Creative Process: I came. I saw. I created.
Side projects and hobbies are important. Gumroad started as one!It's World Mental Health Day today. Take the break if you are exhausted. Take time off if you are feeling burned o…
Where were you when that first Gumroad money notification hit?Bet on yourself!As a creator, you get to create your own destiny. That's pretty cool.
If you can consume, you can create. If you can think, you can tweet. If you can read, you can write. If you can… reminder that you can create one thing today that could change your life forever.Everyone can create.Use your ideas to push the world forward.How to create more content as a creator: • Document your journey • Teach others what you know
How it started How it’s going a creator, allow yourself to make mistakes. They are just stepping stones!Go on, get creative.
If you're just getting started... Don't worry about your whole career. Worry about making $1.🆕 We'll now show the first image within a post automatically. Like so:’s your creative ritual?Goals: Create more
🆕 Creators: You can now select multiple products, versions, and tiers, when targeting a post or filtering your cust…'re looking an Android engineer and a couple customer support folks who want to work @gumroad! - 20+ hours a wee…
Retweeted by GumroadCUSTOM PLAN B @PositLabs Hey! Could you please forward your message to - our team will assist you as soon as possible.🔗 Links: 👨 Jesse’s Gumroad Profile: His popular Gumroad products on strength and flexibil…“I just hope I can keep doing what I do. There’s a saying, ‘The destination is the journey.’ I don't need a regular… keeping an eye on the basic health of his business, Jesse gets to spend his focus on fulfilling pursuits. “T…“What I like about Gumroad is how easy it is to use and how little I need to know and learn to use it properly. It’… time, Jesse has built a robust content business: Growing his audience with free offerings on his website, and… of all stripes can learn from Jesse’s approach to his online business: “I try to provide people with top… he put it: “If you want to be the best at something, you have to invest a lot of time and effort. I have to prio… was already an internationally-known personality — he just needed a platform that stretched further than the… it wasn’t until Jesse moved from Sweden to Okinawa, Japan, the birthplace of Karate, when he started to do inst…“‘Karate Nerds’ are like-minded,” Jesse said. “We love to learn as much as possible about this weird martial art fr… grew up practicing Karate at his family’s martial arts center in Sweden. Before he started using Gumroad, Je…💡 Creator Spotlight featuring @KARATEbyJesse Jesse Enkamp has made six figures in Gumroad sales several times over… one can create like you. That's your superpower.
Rest is important. Creativity needs fuel.
Done — @MKBHD Edition confirmed. →
Retweeted by GumroadBeing a creator is tough, but so are creARTive.
@rob__race Yes! You win. DM us.🆕 Creators: When you export your CSV, each purchase will include if it was made via a card or PayPal.Creator Spotlight: @KARATEbyJesse's Success on Gumroad Opinion: Creators are pretty cool.