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@itemLabel was the soundtrack to me losing my virginity it was sick
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Checked my youtube history and turns out I did NOT dream this @jedwill1999 Gatekeeping good imo tbh and tbhBlack people are gonna keep being murdered by police, he is gonna keep yelling reform and giving them money, protes…
Retweeted by gupiYou did not vote out racism. You voted in quiet racism that you can go back to ignoring.
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Retweeted by gupi @LilNasX Stimmicegonna need my oscar for this one
Retweeted by gupiBREAKING: Jason Derulo has just FALLEN down the stairs at the Presidential Inauguration of Joseph R. Biden Jr!!!!
Retweeted by gupi @ErinJennyHawk @socoolandnormal @yungskrrt Everyone calm down I was making fun of his oldness I've never ever heard… @socoolandnormal @yungskrrt I think he's just an old breaking man? That's what I was getting at. I've never heard t… @gonads900*d bless america
Retweeted by gupiPresident RoganDoes anyone think global warming is a good thing? I love Lady Gaga. I think she's a really interesting artist.
Retweeted by gupi @videocrasy Nope sorry hahahahahaThe america songs are so dumb, I was gonna say we need some new ones but we literally don't lmao @combatyoyo_ I would give anything to have the fbi see my hellish apartmentAyo! Bada-bing bada-boom ay! I'm christaphur columbos here ayy I likeada pizza and shoulda killed myself ayyyy! u wake up on january 23rd and search for ur favorite corporate-made pseudo-genre playlist 😱
Retweeted by gupian illustration of how extreme income inequality has become:
Retweeted by gupiCBD psychosis, revisiting silento's hit single watch whip and nae nae @chaselhilton Where I now currently resideDGAAFDH$&@#%%]{}
Retweeted by gupiIf you want more album previews, there is ANOTHER song out already on here 😳 a tragic unfolding of events, one of the project files AND exports for a song on my album has gone completely ro…
@itisthatkid Let's both procrastinate our song and do that <3 MOBILE📳📳by that kid ft terror jr prod by Me🤭
Retweeted by gupiI started gta5 because my encinitas mom did not allow me to play it as a teenEveryone who I'm working with: I still want to, I've just been having a lazy gupi momentBOOST MOBILE FEAT. @terrorjrmusic WRITTEN BY THAT KID & TERROR JR PROD BY @underscoresplus VISUAL BY…
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Retweeted by gupiWhy can't it be like THIS 😩😖
@PetalSupply So cool, may I add that this is so sick in florida feels like I'm an npc in gta online @glaiv3 I hate hyperpop so much
these impacted me deeply as a child
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I hate feelings now and cum gasoline @quadspawning Like... Yeah tbhAdding nic cage fnaf movie to the reality desensitization list we fucking suck 😂.
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SRS by the legend @chaseicon (prod. by me) OUT RN !!!!!!! ✂️💜✂️💜✂️💜✂️
Retweeted by gupi @immrylee Fav food house lyric 🙌Going back to shows is going to be crazy because there is so much I am going to need to cram into sets to catch up hahahaSo exited to play this in the club and unleash extreme sexy swag aura, what the fuck are you talking about ?
Retweeted by gupithink about how many people know they're gay because of me
Retweeted by gupiGoing ham with the modplug trap but also jungle type beat this morning
Retweeted by gupisince in lockdown I have gained 20 pounds, my fashion sense is becoming that of adam sandler's, and I'm so happy
Retweeted by gupiremembering the time when i found an ancient Nokia phone and the first thing it said when i booted it up was "HORNY…
Retweeted by gupi @spacecandymusic @beanboy____ Just learned how filters work recently and yeah it's crazy and I still barley understand lmao @zanedonnan Australia is apparently like clean from covid rn holy shit oh noooo hahaha @whytwokaleb @Aurora_Halo It doesn't even sound real hahahahaMe having to dm an edm dj like he is a high school bully @umru_ Wait there's an impact dylan always uses that I've stolen now too lmao, were technically allowed nowThe fact I hadn't listened to virtual riot, and now in my head he is the manic covid denier who won't stop harassin… thinking about how weirdly ominous this is to me
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DJ Danny - On A Mountain Video Premiere 4PM GMT / 8AM PT: Club Harlecore janitor…
Retweeted by gupiOnly a single but it is still timeOk time to weed harlecore smoking weed listening to harlecore @vitacocoa Me absolutely just Gaming this yearMy partner just asked if they won the "gupi fuck-a-fan contest" and I promptly broke up with them
Retweeted by gupi @harrisonwyrick I believe it
Retweeted by gupiMe wondering how anyone can have enough free time to care about what I'm doing, while I watch hour long commentarie…
Retweeted by gupi🎶the rum tum tugger is a curious cat🎶 @Padlock_music I have no recycling in my apartment so my entire trunk is a recycling plant waiting to go here
@pooldad This was literally what my lessons were @GRRLmusic I just started playing the new(er) one and it is very cool and fun to come back to in a new lightwhats the word of the day .... ? 🤔... Askelobefitz 🤓
Retweeted by gupiIf I took the difficult person test, I know that I would NOT be a difficult person. Since I know this then I do not have to take the testoh my fucking god
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@squarewav Fine, I will just, GO too hooters 🙄🙄🙄Thinking about hooters uber eats @NKarpovich19 😲😎😃😄😀😁😆😂🤣🤪My name is Jeremey Johnson. I was arrested Aug. 15 at a protest for allegedly striking an officer with a skateboard…
Retweeted by gupi @catboyxcx69 There's a UC Berkeley for smart peopleBefore considering Berklee just know they want as much money from you as they can possibly receive and also have no… said we are going to remove two classes from your final credit-cramming semester and not tell you @yungskrrt From what I've seen: I feel like it loses value pretty pretty shortly after people start to find out abo… @twoheadedgrrl The a24 boys @wacktweets21
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Thinking about when shadow canonically kills a pleading dr eggmandigital hoarder
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Having to tell your kids that "poggers is cancelled"The pure unhinged adrenaline I would get playing wii sports resort @fraxiommusic Wait shit