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@birmingheathen I mean, through the literary device of irony, to emphasize that he shouldn't have been cast in "The Prom". @mattjohnjanis A clear disjuncture between the stated and implied is called irony. @NBrancolini Um, William Rufus King should be nail polish fingers or a rainbow or somethin' @Athryn @brettachapman Any recs?Reed's making a nice offer, let's take him up on it and do what we can to repay him for the effort. We've all had…'s great to be on Under 30 lists! But when I was 30, I wasn't even writing for money yet; I was an attorney. So t…
Retweeted by Guy BranumIt’s popular to portray Native Americans as perpetual victims who are defined by bad things that happen to them. I…
Retweeted by Guy Branum @MattRogersTho @JohnMCochran My mom complains about eating in restaurants with a tooth-clamp thing and I keep wanti… @JohnMCochran @MattRogersTho Vanuatu is a horror. It's really survivor at its worst: people systematically removing…
@MattRogersTho @JohnMCochran I love Caramoan AND South Pacific. I'm sure she's a lot, but Sophie is my favorite winner.We really don't NEED gay performers because it's SO MUCH FUNNIER when straight people do it, you know, because you… @TylerDinucci AOC gave it a face. Bernie's a coot. AOC made it feel like a movement. @TylerDinucci Socialism talk?James Corden truly is our greatest gay musical theater performer.The essays in @guybranum book “My Life As a Goddess” start deliciously frivolous and become gradually earnest. Like…
Retweeted by Guy BranumNORTH DAKOTA hits COVID milestone: 1 out of every 800 residents dead
Retweeted by Guy Branum @RachelShukert No, Rachel, you cannot want to succeed in the world that exists. You have to wait for everything to…’m concerned @AlisonLeiby’s bodega tweet will have irreparably torn this nation asunder by that time. @ziwe @Forbes Congrats! @rebeccafp better than you'd think. the gender politics seem silly until you realize it's a sexy fantasy for moms. @TroyWalkeresq @elizaskinner @TheOrvedahl QuirkleFirst seasons of “Who’s The Boss” and “Silver Spoons” @XoshaRockstar I just watched on youtube and started crying. @XoshaRockstar Thank you for letting us be here for you with this. Please let me know when Charlotte tells Big "NO" so I can start crying.It only counts as a movie if it's from the cînémà region of France otherwise it's just sparkling content.
Retweeted by Guy Branum @AllieGoertz @ziwe Cook Islands is one of the key, foundational texts of our culture. Also, Cirie should be our next President. @ziwe Interview me to work on your show again, we have things to talk about. @davemizzoni I 100% believe that just based on having a very Italian last name you would be better at cooking than Antoni. @cschleichsrun @louisvirtel Truly the highlight of my week. Very dishy! @joshgondelman I hate roostersMillenial Amy March on traveling during pandemic
Retweeted by Guy Branum @ItsTheBrandi @louisvirtel @cschleichsrun The problem is none of you are Jewish enough to really relish that Gwynne… @cschleichsrun @louisvirtel That was really good! @ItsTheBrandi @louisvirtel @cschleichsrun I clearly dropped the ball here.That I didn’t learn this through @louisvirtel or @cschleichsrun reveals huge flaws in my social network. @JacobKaplan17 Wow @JacobKaplan17 Kid, there’s gonna come a day when you regret this one.14 year-old in a play acting out experiences he’s clearly never had
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Let me explain Josh Hawley to you: he’s an Ivy League plutocrat who’s counting on racial and cultural resentment to…
Retweeted by Guy Branum"Now THAT is drag honey!" - the Gods watching Achilles' chariot with Hector's body attached.
Retweeted by Guy Branum @gfgibb So glad your wholesome content is over.I still can’t believe how many people are against covid contact tracing due to “privacy issues” but are perfectly f…
Retweeted by Guy Branum @zinoman She is, and I cannot emphasize this enough, bad at lip syncing.Mark my words: One of these TikTokers who lyp-sync stand-ups will get more famous than the most famous comic, then…
Retweeted by Guy Branumre-up
Retweeted by Guy Branum @_verticalray_ @lizadye @SSION Santa Monica too3 Jimmy’s on late night at the same time is kind of upholding white supremacy (counting James)
Retweeted by Guy BranumThe number of times I’ve experienced condescension & alienation in elite academic/cultural settings on account of w…
Retweeted by Guy Branum @supermattachine No one teaches you that not all prose books are novels until college. Another path could be taking… @chaedria When Designing Women came on Hulu, I realized how unusual and cool it was to have everyone on a show have… @chaedria This one KILLS me. The attempts at non-coastal TV making are either exoticizing (Fargo) or painfully inac… @daniel_m_lavery We never remember she has an OscarHello, I am telling you to watch the saved by the bell reboot.
Retweeted by Guy BranumThe best nepotism girl is tracy reiner as betty spaghetti in a league of their own
Retweeted by Guy Branum"What's RUTH's story? What's RUTH about?" - 12yo Glen, watching BOSOM BUDDIES, because Holland Taylor is and was a big gay dog whistle.
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Few things make me as happy as when people I hate fight.“We can’t get shit like this anymore because no one has any goddamn discipline” - me to Allan while we watch “An Am…
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Before you reply to someone’s silly tweet, ask yourself, “Am I being no fun?”
Retweeted by Guy Branum @awards_watch @ADuralde Yeah, he makes a really specific tone seem perfect and effortless in SBTB. @jamesebradford @drewmorgcomedy Drew is astoundingly hot and funny but we don't need to tell him that because we do… @JustinTrudeau @ItsTheBrandi Trudeau's French speechwriters are better joke writers than his anglophone ones. @akilahgreen I've been receiving a man in Kentucky's plumbing fixture invoices for six years. It really tells you a lot about your name.If you get bored during lockdown, pick a random friend and text them “I know what you’ve been saying behind my back”
Retweeted by Guy Branum @drewmorgcomedy @fiibshDIAMOND DREW MORGAN IS TRUMP'S LAST CHANCE - 💎Drew Morgan is the ELECTION LAW expert who can…
Retweeted by Guy Branum @ChrisGorbos That is a good crust recipe. @MichelleButeau That jumpsuit is a revelation.Books printed, cover of a magazine, healthy kids, can still touch my toes. So many things to be thankful for y’all.…
Retweeted by Guy Branum @ADuralde yes, It's a Tracey Wigfield show. It's SO funny, it's SO nice. It's a fun deconstruction of every show wh… @caradenopal My bad. @caradenopal I don’t understand this reference and it feels like an attack. @bigchaunc64 What do you mean not hating I’m saying he looks good in jeansMario Lopez wears jeans at a Tony Danza in 1986 level. @JoshSeybert It's so funny.Saved By The Bell is so good. That is what you should watch this weekend.I just watched home alone again... I’ve come to the conclusion I would love to blow Joe Pesci... this might be a pe…
Retweeted by Guy BranumWhen you try to lasagna but you really Monday.
Retweeted by Guy BranumThis year is a bottle episode.
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Does anyone watch “Mildred Pierce” and take Veda’s side?
Retweeted by Guy Branum @SarahThyre The cast and crew of “Mommy Dearest” @bethanyrutter Are you guys having some reverse-colonial Black Friday? @MagickalMissa @rosalindchao FairI muted the TV for about half of the scene where Laura Linney doesn't have sex with the hot guy.Laura Linney's love interest has four lines. @DanaSchwartzzz @IanKarmel I so value the heavy wetness of challah, and I don't know if that'd be heavenly in this… @guybranum @IanKarmel Guy.... it starts with homemade challah
Retweeted by Guy Branum @DanaSchwartzzz @IanKarmel What kinda profile are we talking here? I grew up cornbread-stuffing American so don't r… @DanaSchwartzzz @IanKarmel Stop right fucking there. @cameronjawesome @SAMGREIS Luda and I did a film together. Never forget. @DanaSchwartzzz @IanKarmel Dana, I'm going to need full documentation on this Challah stuffing. Charts, diagrams, V… @OSheaComputer Kevin, when can we take out "Statistically, Yes" for pitches? My January is clear. @lizzwinstead Liz, I was thinking about you today. You're an Icon and a Light, and a Power and a Spirit. Your inspi… @morninggloria Ok, yes, that hasn't happened yet and it WILL make me cry more. @TheJJChandler @TooSmalley Thank you, JerryIs the British Author Colin Firth plays in "Love, Actually" now a noted twitter anti-trans activist? I need a sequel.This movie seriously doesn't even really care that Laura Linney exists. Why is she in it. She has no closure. Would…, Actually's greatest moment is Hugh Grant issuing a thoroughly anti-American rant which every American found rousing. @larryowenslive @rachelpegram Of course (hand-offs at Rockwell, Los Angeles's only cabaret venue) @MrsFridayNext @SarahGrynpas Not at all. it's maybe the smartest romcom I've ever seen.