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Guy Lodge @GuyLodge London, England

Freelance film critic: Variety, The Observer, The Guardian, more. Beneath this glassy surface, a world of gliding monsters.

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@rickburin @ed_potton Vindicated! A heroic combination. (PS. Hot mango pickle works just as well.)Even if it’s just in her fantasies, I give Barack Obama a lot of credit for having no part of this. @JustinCChang Oh, you.Seems legit @Dorianlynskey Yes, I confused a lot of people with this last year. @BohemiaStable @jessicakiang @mattzollerseitz @christinalefou Brutal. @jessicakiang @mattzollerseitz @christinalefou Death and onions, life’s two certainties.Seeing as it’s officially Back in the News™, here’s something I wrote a little while ago on why Katy Perry’s Firewo…
Retweeted by Guy Lodge @jessicakiang @mattzollerseitz @christinalefou My mom’s maiden name, Grootenboer, even translates as “big farmer”.… @mattzollerseitz @jessicakiang @christinalefou One of my great-grandfathers quite literally was a farmer of Rotterd… this point, Britain’s political class believes “woke” means “more or less down with equal human rights, within r… is embarrassing. like to imagine that all the moody young people staring into the middle distance in the promotional stills for Br…
Retweeted by Guy Lodge @CasparSalmon People are hard up, employment is fragile, families are heavily burdened. Not getting on with it to s… impressed at how many gays were involved in coordinating the musical entertainment for Joe Biden’s inaugur… @CasparSalmon I don’t think people are having trouble finding their rage. The question is what to do with it.As uses of ‘Firework’ go, this is stirring enough, but falls some way short of Marion Cotillard conducting imaginar… a weird thing to say.
@thethirdhan Tough one, but I’d go with East of Eden. (So sorry to hear about your diagnosis, hope you’re resting up!)God, imagine actually wanting to be President of the United States, though.I’m assuming Fiona Apple was asked to sing Shameika at the inauguration and merely declinedMissed opportunity to have JLo singing Stars and Stripes Forever vs. Waiting for Tonight here.What’s the better song?The BBC commentator just described Garth Brooks’ performance as “Amazing Grace, karaoke-style”. Did she mean a cappella?Maybe not after the moment of silence, that would be tacky.Really hoping Biden ends this speech by quoting America’s vocalist laureate: “Now America, let’s get loud.”A flicker of hope there that she was going to fully segue into Let's Get Loud, launching an extensive JLo medley, b… try, JLo, but you’re no Renee Zellweger. if it were a rite of passage for all British female pop stars that they had to earnestly sing God Save the… a really gross movie. Is this a concession to conservatives? when Oprah said that seeing Obama and Trump meeting after the latter’s election gave her hope for the futu…, if there is one single thing that can be said for Trump, it’s that he is exactly who he was supposed to be. @CasparSalmon That's fantastic, way better than "daddy", embrace it. @jessicakiang The Builder of Bordeaux is a very satisfying outcome.Bought the filthiest horseradish I could find. am a huge, huge fan of art. This is proper art. It speaks truth to power. It punches up. It’s beautiful. (For tho…
Retweeted by Guy LodgeHas @pritipatel forgotten she is the Home Secretary?
Retweeted by Guy Lodge @dan_lepard This Meera Sodha winner. @KevinFoley Depends on the outcome of their considerationWow, powerful stuff read the words “James Corden”, “One Day More” and “Trump”, yet somehow still wasn’t quite prepared. @CasparSalmon Fair @CasparSalmon Why are your kids such big Joe Wicks stans @CasparSalmon Grizabella shuffles up to the guy in the Viking headdress. Autumn leaves shuffle by her feet as she m…"How the Jellicle Cats would respond to the Capitol riot" (a thread) @chronicknitting Oh, so do I.
It’s not that it’s surprising how much banning Trump from Twitter has disempowered him, muted him, shrunk his prese… @zzzzaaaacccchhh Thank you for surfacing this @GirlInterrupter But make it fashion. @maxthegirl Don’t the heels make the pants a real bitch to launder and iron? I realise this is not a question she ever has to consider. @CasparSalmon Oh, you sweet summer child, any number of them.This little metric-to-imperial toggle on Nigella’s site (which extends to translating terms like spring onion/scall… @alissamarie I did! @jessicakiang (Said the actress to the bishop, etc.) @jessicakiang I’m not saying I wouldn’t like to see Joaquin Phoenix’s Wonka.I mean, the book gave him an origin story: he went travelling to central Africa and enslaved a tribe of pygmies to… there, I don't think he means to dismiss conservatism and racism so hastily. @aliarikan Wow, he found an even worse way to start one of those threads than “Listen up”.Oh come on he is doing this on purpose now
Retweeted by Guy Lodge @xandyeugh Famous on the internet, though, which is all we have to go on at the moment.Just looked up to see two foxes romping through my garden in broad daylight, and after 16 years in London, that sig… @goulcher Looks good though! @CasparSalmon You worked for a business, you mean.Maybe two weeks ago my Twitter feed was full of “maybe we should all leave Ben Affleck alone for the sake of his me… @Tom_Shone Also, he was nominated last year after a 19-year gap, which was surely the bigger “story” as these things go. @matthew_lucas The curse of being the frontrunner. I remember when The Artist got the same tag. @FionaLondonarts Not sure. It was scheduled for February, but has obviously been delayed. @Evan_Rook @FionaLondonarts If you’re in the US, yes.
@BillMccuddy I don’t know about more “important”. But it was a huge hit. @dashiellsilva No, that’s Melissa Leo a skylight in the bathroom seemed like a great idea until the neighbour’s cat started staring down at me while I’m having a bath.The older you are, the likelier it is that your “five years ago” photo challenge is just your profile pic. @QuinlanDegen And what did they say? @mrpfitz I wouldn't know. @Robertdoc1984 Possibly, but I'm not convinced that would have translated to major box office.?, at least Age Gap Twitter is happy @CasparSalmon It's right that Raab is getting trounced here, but it only shows up the absurdity of his previous victories. @AEC_PA I mean, at least they weren't wrong. @jessicakiang Infuriating. Like the time another teacher told me there was no such word as "hurriedly".To this day, I wonder how she pronounces “canal”. @faceyouhate No doubt she thought exactly the same of me, especially when I stood my ground. @CasparSalmon I politely pushed back on that one, but we eventually agreed to disagree.About once a week, I think of the sweet, earnest student English teacher I had at high school, who stopped me mid-a… @Bluezeph Focus did try to push it in comedy. (Quite reasonably, I think.) @BohemiaStable @nathanielr I think a scenario where she prevails but the film doesn’t — like Rosamund Pike in Gone… @nathanielr Really impossible to say right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if PYW winds up with a clutch of top nominations, or with zilch. @kalinadesign1 Indeed! Sometimes a passionate following is enough. @ref513 Yeah, I'm talking about if it had been a normal year. @_iKonoclast I think it's getting plenty of chatter, in large part *because* of that. @Gf44445 No.GET OUT — another Sundance premiere outside the Academy's usual wheelhouse — managed the long haul, of course, but… @kalinadesign1 Plenty of good and bold movies get nowhere in awards season!I wonder if PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN would be getting this much awards-season chatter if it had been released, as plan… @robbiereviews It helps when your audio doesn't inexplicably drop just as the BAFTA Q&A you're hosting begins, leav… @Andr6wMale It clashes terribly with his wrist tattoo.