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Guy Lodge @GuyLodge London, England

Freelance film critic: Variety, The Observer, The Guardian, more. Beneath this glassy surface, a world of gliding monsters.

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@jessicakiang Did Terry & June also spend hours in the bathroom scraping at their fingers with acetone and a dinner knife? @cormacwobrien Yeah, I don't think the film will be affected at all, and didn't say otherwise!If you're looking to make a quiet Tuesday night at home instantly more chaotic and challenging, accidentally punctu… busy not to find time to contribute to this growing body of work.
Retweeted by Guy Lodge @tomandlorenzo No idea why autocorrect capitalised "gowns", but I'll allow it -- they do look like very all-caps gowns. @ericbialas Of course there could. I don't think it would look a lot like this, though. @tomandlorenzo If you want to make a miniseries about a psycho killer nurse in fabulous midcentury GOWNS, played by… @HopeRehak @ajoshjacobs It's not a reboot, but yes.Call me crazy, but I think ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST would have been a somewhat lesser film if its antagonist… @life_horizontal His stuff never wants for good actors.Ooooooooooof. camerawork on that Trump/Swan interview didn't have to go so hard.So tube stations are sticking with their "hold the handrail at all times" announcement, huhLove to see the local McDonald's jam-packed with people eating out to help out, really warms the heartHorrific. @CasparSalmon Very happy with this. @CasparSalmon It's amusing enough to me that this knowledge isn't reflexive for you, but this insanely circuitous w… @yourturnheather Not required, maybe. But...Just one of the worst fucking people in history. Racist, fascist, wannabe dictator, yes—and also just a relentlessl…
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A friend Sent me this,Well I Think she’s a friend
Retweeted by Guy Lodge @tomandlorenzo A resounding yea. @swimmingfishes Yeah, a real triumph for the casting director there.It's nice that Paul Mescal's older brother lent him a suit for the BAFTAs. @ScottFeinberg Michelle Williams, for one more month. @CasparSalmon Really enjoying the straight people completely overlooking your joke. @alexvtunzelmann Black tie weddings are naff enough (even though I love wearing a tux). A WHITE tie wedding is a whole other level. @CasparSalmon A rare moment where she actually captured public sentiment — who wouldn't sacrifice Sarah Vine for the greater good? @HannaFlint Yeah, it's a crock. @ben1283 Yes, I'm not sure this is quite the great leveller they think (or claim to think) it is.For what it's worth, I don't think Ellen would be a big fan of PROXIMA. @DanGreen1986 And letters — it's the new "Best wishes" @naijaprince21 It does feel very pointed! Maybe his ex is a big fan. @mellyfratelli That would be because they are correct, sorry.Also, an exciting first glimpse of the anti-masker lobby infiltrating film review comments. Good times ahead.Just found this comment on my PROXIMA review, and he asks an excellent question, but I'd go further: why is there F… discourse convinces us that all conflict is abuse, that being personally aggrieved is trauma and that if we…
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I don't either, but that's because you're Sarah Vine. @CasparSalmon Yep, she was SO clearly on a whole different plane from her co-stars. @alicelowe I can imagine. Trying to think where I first saw him now. @alicelowe A solid system!Please wear Masks. I wear gloves 2
Retweeted by Guy Lodge @rilaws Yep.“man in his 50s” is a funny way to spell “former minister and sitting tory mp”
Retweeted by Guy LodgeMan in his 50s arrest on suspicion of rape in London
Retweeted by Guy LodgeFlorence Pugh in The Falling was a very easy call. to meet a friend this afternoon, and he must have briefly thought I was in a very whimsical mood. @nowolvesplease I mean, we've all had an "Oh, I didn't realise they were still alive" moment, but it takes a weird… @nowolvesplease The very naming of it infuriates me. @SARussellwords Don't even. It's the stupidest of all internet Things.The "Mandela effect" is an entirely dumb theory for very incurious people to make the world around them seem a litt…, no is a Friday night at the cinema movie. High grade trash. In an ideal world (and it must be said the world…
Retweeted by Guy LodgeStreaming: enjoy Sundance London from your sofa @GuyLodge
Retweeted by Guy Lodge @kpfallon It's very good.No, it's just you being wrong about something, guys
I don't ever want to refer to a politician by their first name only. Unless it's Cher.Thanks for the kind words @GuyLodge! We can’t wait to share White Girl at Sundance London, among such great company…
Retweeted by Guy LodgeWeird choice of film to celebrate it, but OK @katerbland @russfischer It wasn't, until Beyoncé brought it into the mainstream. @BillMccuddy In the UK, sorry. @jessicakiang @CarloChatrian Aw, you babe. @MickBrooks666 Don't go if you're nervous: the film itself is not emotionally relaxing! But as soon as you can see… you feel safe taking a masked, distanced cinema trip this week, I advise treating yourself to Alice Winocour's r… @CasparSalmon I just love the absolute breakneck bouncing between things he's wholly right about, things that are w… @TheoBosanquet @CasparSalmon When he's right, he's right.THE BURIAL OF KOJO is off-the-charts good, and it's on Netflix. Don't hesitate. @mtgilchrist Grace Randolph @glenndunks Michael Jackson really followed in its tradition, but he just couldn't quite break through to the mains… it comes to music, I'd have to say I really like the early stuff, before Beyoncé made it mainstream. @chrisvfeil Not the main thing here, I realise, but what is up with the ampersandsLove to string words together
Retweeted by Guy LodgeThis is sure to be good. I love living in the content era.
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@domwakeford Happy birthday! Your thirties will be good to you, I think. @joshrothkopf Incredible. @DavidCRooney1 @joshrothkopf I've been heartened by how much love I've seen for SHOOT THE MOON on Twitter today. I agree it's his best. @awarmann @Variety Ah, fantastic! So glad to see your byline here. @ben1283 What the fuck?!Sunday's issue: @TimAdamsWrites interviews @hassan_akkad about his job as a cleaner on a Covid-19 ward + The bes…
Retweeted by Guy LodgeWhat a subtweet. to Alan Parker, who never made the same film twice, wasn't afraid to try stuff and occasionally miss, and w… @olly_richards The best weather. @christinalefou @empiremagazine Yes, Christina! @cengch Watermelon, feta cheese, olives, thinly sliced red onion, fresh mint and/or parsley, dressed in lime juice,… @james_sherwood_ It's being retired.So glad not to be burdened by mournful nostalgia for the [checks notes] Argos catalogue. @cengch Welcome! I can't promise all my tweets will be so rewarding, but I do my best. @CasparSalmon If she likes this, she'd love Folklore @AmeliaJoyofLife I agree. @BurnStephan Proxima is a much better film. @ben1283 And she chose well. @nathanielr On reading this list, my first thought was, "Wait, what did Jacki Weaver get her third nomination for?"Until yesterday, it was THE HUNT. Now it's UNHINGED. Clearly I have no interest in saving myself. @trim_obey Thank you! My thoughts exactly.Why risk your health going to the gym when you could just do Zsa Zsa Gabor's workout video
Retweeted by Guy LodgeI went to a cinema yesterday! To see and review UNHINGED! Maybe I was just so weepingly happy to be there, but I ha… @alexvtunzelmann "I can't imagine being outnumbered," says the guy who already lives with two women.Excellent typo in this story
Retweeted by Guy Lodge @CasparSalmon The long-awaited sequel to
Oh god, PLEASE let this be the one that gets her the Oscar, just to have Eddie Redmayne or whoever say, "And the Os… dinner.