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Guy Lodge @GuyLodge London, England

Freelance film critic: Variety, The Observer, The Guardian, more. Beneath this glassy surface, a world of gliding monsters.

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@Glenn__Kenny The Godzilla Must Be Crazy @jessicakiang But where will they go when we all descend on the Croisette for the festival that will definitely tak… @ben1283 Oh god, are people really going, "Yay for snitches, yay for cops"?A nation of curtain-twitchers, living for these times.
@CasparSalmon Haven't you denied yourself enough in life, babePlanted some violas, basil, jasmine and an apple tree -- because what else is there to do at the moment but watch t… news about an "indefinite hiatus" for the essential @FilmComment magazine, which has given me so much educati…
God, he finally did it the only way he was ever going to do it: by sheer default. @CasparSalmon Weirdly I'm eating so much less than usual! I think cooking so many dinners is reducing my snacking impulse.A formal request to news reporters to stop using "tsunami" as a metaphor with regard to the rise in coronavirus cas… telling my gran over the phone that Boris has corona virus
Retweeted by Guy LodgeThis is going to be a fantastic year for Britain.
Retweeted by Guy Lodge @CasparSalmon Perfect. @alisonwillmore I fear this, which is why I'm holding out: no pasta for two weeks. @_jarking A souvenir of The Souvenir. @rickburin Love and thoughts to you, Rick. Lovely picture - the resemblance is strong.Quick message to all those making bread at the moment. Keep the water you’ve cooked potatoes or pasta in. It will h…
Retweeted by Guy LodgeDuring these difficult times, some young filmmakers might think it's a good idea to make a short set during a quara…
Retweeted by Guy Lodge @Glenn__Kenny It's always fun to look up a name you don't remember, find out you muted them, delve back a bit to fi…
@JensterGeek @Moof @_ElizabethMay @quixoticgeek What we've learned from this thread is that LOTS of people don't, a… @JensterGeek @Moof @_ElizabethMay @quixoticgeek And yet hard butter doesn't fit that neatly into a measuring spoon, and so on. @tracygee_ That goes two ways! Just pointing out that the scale saves on tools and washing up ;) @JensterGeek @Moof @_ElizabethMay @quixoticgeek Nobody's disputing that you get along fine, nor ignorant of the fac… @aliarikan Oh no, now you can't take part in the Doctor Strange watch party @CodcoFan Sorry, there was no way of telling your joke apart from the many earnestly identical such comments in the thread! @Sorrelish Same. @tracygee_ You can put your bowl on the scale and pour the flour directly in to the correct weight, which is truly no less convenient. @ben1283 Yeah, it's crazy that her solo career just... stopped? It's not like she had a flop album or anything. Wha… @ben1283 It's not the season, but her heartfelt rendition of 'Where Are You, Christmas?' from The Grinch feels appr… @robbiereviews Excellent thirst material at a vital time, thank you @Hendyhendel Well, quite. I can sort of understand cup measurements with flour, which is at least a fine, kinda-pou… @kateyrich of Americans in that thread incredulous that we have *scales* in our kitchens and fearing for our counter spac… tweet @JensterGeek @Moof @_ElizabethMay @quixoticgeek Our butter is also marked for cutting, in grams. @_ElizabethMay Only through this thread did I learn that Americans have *separate* cups for liquids and solids. And… @CodcoFan @_ElizabethMay @KellyELipp Most digital scales are flat and the size of a book - they take up very little… the end of May, many self-employed Brits will have gone bankrupt! There was no eight-week delay or eligibility c…
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@KirkCruz Fingers crossed for all of you.One difficult game to play in these times is to look at the random shuffle of celebrity names trending on Twitter a… @CasparSalmon Do you think Glenda is just so very proud of him every fucking day?A rare beam of good news. @TomiLaffly @selfstyledsiren If the postal service was working, I'd send you some! My Turkish supermarket still has it. @jessicakiang 10/10Good thing flour is so easy to come by in shops right now. @ben1283 Yeah, I can't afford to Dorff my entire wardrobe, but I'll start small. @alexvtunzelmann This is absolutely why it's most crucial for people to know! Madness that we're having to guess. H… @ben1283 I'm thinking of biting the bullet and finally becoming a Ron Dorff gay when all this is over: the short te… @akstanwyck We ordered Risk on Amazon last week! A good way to pass a whole afternoon in quarantine. @ben1283 As someone rebuilding my collection, this gives me such envy-joy! Fab. @FilmGamerOne Happily single, but "one of those married critics" did make me laugh -- I sort of know what you mean.
@CasparSalmon I mean, as a stew, it sounds lovely. @davidlfear You're smart, kind, a terrific writer and have one of the best names in the business. @jessicakiang @TomiLaffly @JustinCChang If you can somehow get here by Thursday, you're welcome. @CasparSalmon Whack some chili on it, babe, you can salvage some dignity. @TomiLaffly @JustinCChang Sleeping room in my house might get a bit tight, but everyone will be fed. @rickburin Spaghetti, minced beef, tinned tomatoes, onions, carrots, celery, wine, nutmeg @TomiLaffly Please do! You can join @JustinCChang. @CasparSalmon A rare Caspar emoji usage, and a perfect one @GuyOHarrison THANK YOU @GuyOHarrison Share your wisdom, o great one @PamHutch Literally what else are we supposed to do? Write? @editlondon Perfect. @itsmikelike Superb work. @KristyPuchko Doesn't matter! Banana bread is supposed to be dense and wet anyway: I'm sure it's delicious. (It mig… @editlondon Thanks! It's a very easy but time-consuming dish, so perfect to make when you're stuck at home. @TomiLaffly Thank you! It was very hard not to just stick my face in it, but I'm proud of my restraint. Tomorrow: b… @ChrisPJGodfrey oof, but also, 10/10Why yes, I did batch-bake an aubergine parmigiana and divvy it up for the freezer, quarantine has indeed made me a… @NicZachary On the plus side, the stupidest ones are generally encountered online. @CasparSalmon Also, Hair & Makeup's recent run of form -- VICE, DARKEST HOUR, SUICIDE SQUAD -- is actively homophobic. @CasparSalmon Yeah, Best Actress would be the gayest, but terminally lost points for picking Grace Kelly over Judy Garland in 1954.Disney+ launches in the UK today, so here's my review from last year of their LADY AND THE TRAMP remake. It isn't v… @JonathanDean_ I guess he'll find out! @EricDSnider In my defence -- come to think of it, maybe this isn't in my defence at all -- he was very good-looking. @_n_w_m_ Hot. @shaldore Exactly! Quite helpful, actually.Whenever you're feeling down on yourself, take heart in knowing that there's at least someone out there who's much,… someone on Tinder that no, I wasn't up for a pint at the moment, and got, "I can't believe you're falling for… @CasparSalmon If you're only going to win one Oscar, make it the gayest one. @CasparSalmon If this lethally dull film made you gay, I concede it's not all bad. @CasparSalmon Nope, not just you: I hate them. Over-ear headphones only for me.Contracting coronavirus to own the libs @MrBrianHolmes We're all self-pitying right now: isn't that one thing we can bond over, guys?A fun game of chance to play in dark times: "Is this Telegraph headline from a column by Allison Pearson or Celia W… @CasparSalmon Could be a fun brand swerve for you, don't rule it out @Tweet_Dec Great glasses!"It's time to rank the Marvel Cinematic Universe films" @MarkHarrisNYC Nigella has you covered. (This makes an obscene amount, so adjust accordingly. That said, who doesn'…
@rickburin I miss mine so muchQuarantine, day 8 or 63 or 7000 or something. @emilyjmc Thanks. I'm mostly using local grocers — Turkish and Polish more common in my area than Asian — but even they're short. @tomandlorenzo They look like they're made from ice cream paddles. Yay, obviously. @alboreto Yep, very scarce! @prairie_oysters Don't know if I've been through ten, but I can recommend Lidl, Aldi, Cirio and Napolina, and recom… @rosso_neri They're very good, as are Lidl's Freshona ones. The cheapest brands in big supermarkets? Less so.Something you learn quickly when shopping from limited stock: there are some watery-ass canned tomatoes out there.… hope you aren't all trying to bake your own toilet paper