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Hugo, World Fantasy, and American Book Award-winning author of novels and comics. Godmother of the dutch baby boom. Using this recipe:

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@Sarah_White_77 dutch baby! @Annaleen WOW I haven't heard 'grody' since the days of Bush Senior...Gorgeous. Well done. @kelly_knox Feels like home @Deensey Beautiful. @jpedrech The controls are very intuitive--in some ways I like it better than playing on PC. But of course the smal… @kwanzer I'm afraid of getting sucked in and never coming out again 😬 Skyrim has a built-in time threshold by virtu… @SpoonfulofBrody @agentfitz777 hi! @agentfitz777 Yes! (Where uhhh do I find my friend code)Playing through Skyrim on Switch because why not. @ValentinoLucaZ @cplocfb @Cleveland_PL RT'd! Hope you have an excellent discussion.Ohio folks! This is happening tomorrow: @Annaleen like toooootally! @glauber Thank you so much! Glad you're enjoying the book. x
2020 @chrysopoetics Yes, that's me! Thanks for this!Maintaining our democracy is of the highest importance during this critical period. This #CensusDay, you can help…
Retweeted by G. Willow Wilson @maggiekb1 I'm one bonnet away from becoming Ma @JAMALIGLE Yessss join us @leahmoore Kind of, except these are sweet, not savory. More like popovers.Holy mackerel. (But good job staying home, everybody) Congrats on the new addition to your family. @SimonBowland @_matlopes_ Do it. Matheus is a fantastic name.Happy Birthday to Toshiro Mifune! Everyone loves Samurai Mifune, but some of his best roles were modern day. His ro…
Retweeted by G. Willow WilsonTHIS FRIDAY, APRIL 4th, it begins right here on @twitter
Retweeted by G. Willow WilsonNeed something new to read? A lot of first issues are free or reduced right now on digital platforms! piece on COVID-19 & homelessness does a good job of underlining what we've been very good at ignoring for a lo…
Retweeted by G. Willow Wilsonsúper ❤️ @GWillowWilson I think delayed is a misleading term. By hajj cancelled it will mean most people will not be allowed…
Retweeted by G. Willow Wilson @faisal_aziz_a The use of the word ‘delayed’ in English is throwing people, I think. Delayed suggests it’s will sti… @ashmeer Yes, delayed until arafa the following year, not delayed until some arbitrary month the same year.D.C. Bookstore Uses Food Delivery App for Books
Retweeted by G. Willow WilsonHere is a question for religious scholars, though--can Hajj really be 'delayed?' Is Hajj still Hajj if it does not… have to hand it to Saudi Arabia on this one (words I do not often say)--they took this outbreak seriously from th… Hajj canceled this year?🚨In a new piece, I explore the growing debates about: - whether the new coronavirus is "airborne" - whether it's s…
Retweeted by G. Willow Wilson @Hagedose68 WOW, looks delicious! Congrats on your pan.I bought a cast iron pan just so I could make one of @GWillowWilson’s Dutch Babies – worth it! 😍
Retweeted by G. Willow Wilson @farahhid You did nothing wrong--they begin to collapse shortly after you take them out of the oven, especially if… @ArtofNickRobles projects up to 240,000 coronavirus deaths in U.S., even with mitigation efforts
Retweeted by G. Willow Wilson @nidhiart WELL DONE! @bagmanman Oh man, I missed the boat on this one @LaurenKolligs Perseverance wins the day @RedShirtComics It's basically a cross between a pancake and a soufflé. I think the appeal is that it's incredibly… @dirtydancing2HN hahahaI'd like to thank the Academy, my mom and dad, my husband and kids--who have been so patient with me as I worked on… @MagsVisaggs We need more people with goatees and eye patches if this is the case @yokochowmein 😍Gorgeous. @MagsVisaggs He dumped her, thank God. I couldn't rest until I knew he had. @alamanecer Your threads are the only good thing left on the internet 😂
@gildedspine Wow. It's like some kind of creepy panopticon in the guise of remote education. I'm so sorry you have to put up with this!!I don't have any books in this, but the Tachyon Bundle is a great deal. For $1 you get half a dozen SFF books. A bi…
Retweeted by G. Willow Wilson @waraqamusa @kecia_ali Truly a gift. Watching my grandparents go through excruciating, prolonged, medicalized decli… @waraqamusa @kecia_ali Very, very sorry to hear this. A terrible event to deal with even under normal circumstances… wonderful friend who is a pediatric ER physician here in Seattle wrote this poignant essay. Do read it. april fools stuff is an auto block from me tomorrow
Retweeted by G. Willow WilsonWe have just unveiled our virtual home for SFWA's 2020 Nebula Conference Online! Learn about our programming tracks…
Retweeted by G. Willow WilsonA herd of goats has taken over a Welsh town.
Retweeted by G. Willow Wilson @aishacs 100% @bookswpictures Well done!YUM @fugglescluster YUM. Was it tasty? @AngelusofDeath Wow there is a lot going on in this pictureThis is interesting for people (like me) who know almost nothing about data analysis+presentation: put a link to Florence Fabricant's dutch baby recipe (from the NYT cooking section) in my profile, since so many people have been asking. @Nadia_Shammas_ @ConroyForReal The NYT one is good, but you don't have to use nutmeg--you can use vanilla, cardamom… @PammieJR The diner that first popularized them back in the 1950's no longer exists. Now they're universal, and eve… @MrHippyCow Good luck!
Retweeted by G. Willow Wilson @Lightwo18382675 @potomacripper Gonna die historic on the starchy road @WellReadNeck Well done. Bravo.Dutch, Dutch Baby. #DutchBaby #TwitterBandwagon @GWillowWilson
Retweeted by G. Willow Wilson @MightyHallzy think of it like French fries. :D @ConroyForReal The dutch baby boom is the only good thing to come out of this apocalypse @maijasauna Yes! Apparently it is derived from a German recipe, and was originally called a 'deutsche' baby. (But t… since I found out that 'dutch babies' are actually a Seattle invention, I feel ultra-patriotic whenever I make… @potomacripper I've enjoyed being the Immorten Joe of apocalypse desserts @jontsuei That looks *delicious.* @NotLasers Sending love to you and Tea. x @petiteserpent Yum!dutch babies all day long @TheComicBurrito @DarkHorseComics @cjwardart @karenpberger So glad you're enjoying the book! And yes, Christian is… @sethfischer What an awful, awful thing to have to deal with, especially from far away. I'm so sorry.Boston friends, please read: @petiteserpent I am very proud. @ZareenJaffery I am so so sorry. This is a terrible blow at the best of times, and these are the worst of times. I… fam, If you could take a few moments to read surah Fatiha at 1 pm PT/ 4 pm EST and make duas for Zareen’s f…
Retweeted by G. Willow Wilson @CHKnyght A dutch baby! Basically cross between a pancake and a soufflé. @KejeraL I’ve had a few turn out like that; you probably added too much flourDutch baby challenge accepted and enjoyed. 😊
Retweeted by G. Willow Wilson @charliejane You are so lovely ❤️ @mariond_d It seems to be! Some people post gorgeous photos of things they've cooked...This is why I can never be Instagram-famousMy food photography skills leave a lot to be desiredOops I Did it again #dutchbaby by @GWillowWilson and then seemingly half my Twitter feed, I made a dutch baby pancake for breakfast.
Retweeted by G. Willow WilsonIs *anybody* sleeping anymore? I just got 2 emails from editors at 11pm west coast/2am east coast. Which was fine w…