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We are Great Western Railway, here to help 24/7. To buy tickets visit us at

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@booneymaboon Hello, yes you can. :) - Celia @train_fan_28 Hi, which services are you looking to travel on please? - Celia @kerry9876 I will record your feedback on this Kerry. - Celia @mattblack_ninja Hi Matt, sorry you're finding it hard to connect to the WiFi. Our WiFi Helpdesk can help get you o… @NinaMor88881769 If your train services were delayed making you arrive at your destination 15 minutes or more later… @sibrydaf Hi Sharon, really glad staff could make this easy for you. I will be sure to pass on your thanks. 😊 - Celia @kerry9876 Hi Kerry, a discreet report can be made to the BTP by text on 61016. Have you spoken to station staff at all? - Celia @swanseagds There will be a connecting train service to Swansea. :) - Celia @NinaMor88881769 Hi Nina, sorry for the delays. Which services were you on please? - Celia @TimBarnsley1 HI Tim, really sorry about this. It should be with you soon. - Celia @AnnekeScott Please can you DM me your booking reference number? :) And I will be happy to explain. - Celia @swanseagds We have a bus replacement service between Bristol Parkway and Bridgend. The bus will be located at the… @AnnekeScott Hi Anneke, how can I help? - Celia @eleanorlfcrabb Hi Eleanor, Reading ticket office is scheduled to open at 0515. - Celia @Petrosn4 Hi Peter, to raise a staff complaint for investigation please email Celia @JamesDa92790321 Sorry, it seems this will only be for the week commencing the 28th October and are roughly every h… @bere_ashley Glad to hear you had a great journey Ash. 😊🚂- Celia @halljames77 Hi James, really lovely to hear this. I will be sure to pass on your thanks to Amir. Have a lovely week 😊- Celia @LazarusTheatre Just spoke to the lovely train manager on board, she should be through shortly to make an announcement. :) - Celia @LazarusTheatre Hello, sorry about this. I will try and contact the train manager now. :) - Celia @rqsnhdag Hi Richard, I am sorry for the delay. You can claim compensation here Celia @katiemiller2580 I am sorry about this, this will be down to health and safety. - Celia @dianajwilliams Hi Diana, really sorry about this. Please can you try using this link to purchase your tickets?… @MattHyatt15 That's brilliant, thank you! :) - Celia @MattHyatt15 Thank you, which service was this please? Where did you start your journey? :) - Celia @MattHyatt15 Hi Matt, I am sorry for the delays. I will be sure to pass on your praise. :) - Celia @rhij0ness I am sorry about this. Which part of your journey was delayed please? - Celia @swanseagds Hi Geoff, which service are you looking to take please? - Celia @Danielraii Railcards are a National rail product. Please contact them here @nationalrailenq. - Celia @rhij0ness Hi, really sorry for the delays. Which service was this please? - Celia @HarberStephen Hi Stephen, sorry about this. This service is scheduled to have a trolley on board, which will make… @TradeUnionFairy Thank you, please can you send me a DM. - Celia @Danielraii Hi Daniel, you will need a valid Railcard while travelling. - Celia @solliveien Hi Ben, sorry for the lack of seat reservations on board. If you have a seat reservation and are unable… @katiemiller2580 Thank you, I will record this now. - Celia @TradeUnionFairy Hi Natalie, very sorry to hear this. Which service are you on board please? - Celia @HarberStephen Hi Stehpen, this will all depend on which service you are taking. :) - Celia @katiemiller2580 Hi Katie, which replacement service was this please? I will record your feedback on the lack of signage. - Celia @PhoenyxZypher @tfwrail This is due to planned engineering works. You will need to speak to your ticket provider regarding this. - Celia @PhoenyxZypher @tfwrail Hi Tyler, we have a rail replacement service in place today from Bristol Parkway to Cardiff… @LeonLivermore Hi Leon, really sorry about this. Have you been able to speak to staff on board? - Celia @DavidMayers1501 Hi David, Please call our Web Support Team on 03457 000 125 (option 2, and option 2)- Celia @cornwallchar Would you be able to DM me please Charlotte? :) - Celia @Graeme5051 Hi Graeme, the last service to Liskeard to Looe today was at 1402. Celia @cornwallchar Hi Charlotte, sorry to hear this. Which service are you on board please? - Celia @vickylouisewil1 Hi Victoria, sorry for the lack of seat reservations on board. If you have a seat reservation and… @chloerphillips Hi Chloe, this service is scheduled to have a trolley on board. It will makes its way through the t… @becca_x94 Hi Becca, really glad to hear staff at Bristol Parkway could be on top form during these rail replacemen… @souchy_boyy It is now scheduled to arrive at 1624. - Celia @souchy_boyy Hi Ryan, really sorry for the delays. This is due to a fault with the signalling system. - Celia @screensaver17 HI Chris, really sorry about this. Sometimes the formation of the service can change. Please speak t… @georgiefjohnson @thetrainline Hi Georgie, really sorry about this. There is a bus replacement service from Bridgen… @megoswell Hi Meg, they are scheduled to depart at the front of Bristol Parkway Station. Please speak to staff at t… @LizziePea86 Hi Lizzie, coaches G and J are scheduled to be unreserved. - Celia @collineskitchen An advance fare is for a specific service you must travel on at a reduced fare. :) - Celia @collineskitchen Hello, glad to hear you're enjoying travelling in first class. :) Is this an Advance fare you've purchased? - Celia @SarahJ_Berry @thetrainline Hi Sarah, there is a rail replacement service from Newport to Bristol Parkway for onwar… @jumpingjehovahs No problem! - Jake @CharlieImrie Thank you, this should have been resolved for you. :) - Celia @jumpingjehovahs Some are stopping services, some are fast. Ask the assistants in the car park for the next fastest… @ThomasIsherwoo2 Cool shot! - Jake @jumpingjehovahs Hello there. Have a safe trip! I can confirm there are buses from Cardiff Central (departing the c… @CharlieImrie Hi Charlie, please can you confirm if you had collected these tickets? - Celia @RichardHCNourse Hi Richard, really sorry for the crowding on board. Which service is this please? - Celia @AndrewO96406062 We do not charge any extra to reserve seats. Those who have reserved seats and were not able to si… @AndrewO96406062 Hello there. I am sorry for the busy service. Did you reserve a seat at all? - Jake @_JoshBillings Hi Josh. I am sorry for the busy service. I am not aware of any shorter trains leaving London at the… @JanetMumcu I'm pleased he's on the move. We will do al we can to ensure everybody is on the move - Jake @maryistevens Luggage should not be stored in the cycle areas, anyhow - unless it has been the decision of the trai… @David_Gillan131 You should receive a response within the next four weeks - Jake @JanetMumcu I appreciate it is frustrating. I am sorry - Jake @jamesbrandrith Hello there. If you have a single, return or weekly ticket and arrive at your destination 15 minute… @maryistevens Hello there. This should not have happened. I am sorry. From December 15, cycles will be reserved to… @David_Gillan131 Hello there. In your return email did you receive a reference number? - Jake @JoolsRiv Hi there. Replacement road transport will operate in lieu of this service, and will stick as close to the… @DanielJamesFin3 Aw, yes!! - Jake @CatScutt Oh amazing! I am pleased! - Jake @leesbullen ensure that as many people benefit from the timetable change as possible. Consultations have taken plac… @leesbullen Hello there. I apologise for the delayed response. Gloucester and Cheltenham are both benefitting from… @angels1five Hi there. This route is planned for this service. I am sorry for the lack of refreshments onboard today- Jake @gillgarrattcbt I am very pleased they were able to help you. I am sorry the service was not what you expected today - Jake @speirce Hello there. I am sorry for this. I'll raise this with our control team right away - Jake @louisa_a12 I am afraid the next service is at 17:00 - I am sorry. If you have a single, return or weekly ticket an… @CrossCountryUK @DaveAlkan Thanks for tagging us too! This is great to read. I'll pass this to the station manager! - Jake @Jackocollard This is so lovely to read, Jack! I'll be sure to pass your kind words back to Steve and their manager! - Jake @harberlisalfc Apologies for this. Please send all of details to us by email - Jake @harberlisalfc Drop us an email at - Jake @harberlisalfc Hi there. These improvement works have been planned for some time, and advertised at… @AdamBryant_1 @SW_Help Hello. Only for single and return tickets on our Touch card - Jake @clairemnash Hello there, Claire. I am sorry for the lack of catering onboard today. I appreciate it is frustrating… @centtrains @WestMidRailway @myswiftcard Oh, I don't know 👀 - Jake @centtrains @WestMidRailway @myswiftcard Will it bear GWR green though? 🤔 - Jake @EssexHebridean Excellent :) WIll await your message - Jake @EssexHebridean Drop us a DM with photos of your tickets, by the way! We'll arrange for a voucher for the cost diff… @Bristol_People @WestofEnglandCA Hello there. Pilning currently has two trains on a Saturday, and this will be the… @WassonAnna Hello there. Anna. I am truly sorry that this was your experience. You should have been booked by our s… @kabond001 I am truly sorry for this - Jake @jessthomas195 Ah, yes. The London trains via Bristol will no longer operate, but faster London trains from Exeter… @gillgarrattcbt Hello there. We will be making this service 10 coaches shortly, and a Customer Host will be onboard with a trolley - Jake @Charlotteoleary Hello there. Some trains are late, but there are no known issues with the line - Jake