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@roktraktor @morgyface Sorry again, we know this is frustrating and we will make sure your comments are recorded - Jo @danjonw33 Hi Dan, sorry for the short formation. This is due to maintenance requirements. - Celia @beccax10 Really sorry again for the problems you've had. We know it's frustrating to be delayed, particularly two… @Shadowcatuk Hi Ritsu. This service is expected to run as scheduled - Brad @Tommyblx Hi Tom. What is your journey please? - Jake @roktraktor Sorry about this. This is a peak service after the timetable change - Brad @beccax10 Hi Becca, really sorry for the delays. Where are you travelling from please? - Celia @TerryH_W6 Hi there. I am so sorry for the cancellations this morning - Jake @SallyLou485162 Hi Sally! Yes, this can affect services from Stroud - they may become delayed near Didcot. Apologies for this! - Jake @Jamieturner76 No this should not last into the afternoon - Brad @roktraktor Hi Dan, which fare is this please? - Celia @hodge2020 Just use the screenshot of the confirmation as your proof and 00000 as your ticket number :) - Jake @BeccaJMarriott Really sorry about this. Please email all details, including taxi receipt to a… @hodge2020 Hello there. Did you book online at all? You can claim with your reference number or booking confirmation email - Jake @meloney_a Hi Melanie. Details can be seen on this link. Journey times have been updated on our website - Brad @JoshuaKeyes15 Thanks Joshua! If you pop back in at roughly 08:30, we might be able to quickly look! - Jake @TractorGirl66 Lovely photos, Heather! - Jake @_lxlyevie I do appreciate it is frustrating. I am sorry for this morning's delays from Pewsey - Jake @gor_b Hi there. This service is cancelled due to congestion. I am sorry about this. - Jake @Jamieturner76 Hello there. Sorry for the cancellations this morning. Please take the service with the connection t… @snelldms Hello there. The 06:48 left Cheltenham at 07:01 - Jake @convoluted26 Hello there. Please take a service to Didcot Parkway, changing there for Oxford - or the next available service - Jake @BeccaJMarriott Hi Rebecca. Really sorry to hear about this issue. I appreciate that this is very frustrating. Can… @JoshuaKeyes15 Hi Joshua! I'd love to check for you, but we're a little busy right now with service disruption, sorry! - Jake @EllipsisComm Hello there. Services are running, but some will be diverted due to the issues near Didcot. Can you s… @atomicvindaloo Thanks for letting us know. - Jake @ArtsEdAnny Hi Annabel. Yes this service is scheduled to run - Brad @DaynaZiegner I can see a service for 07:44 - Jake @luvstobake68 Hi Carolyn. We do not run trains on this route - Brad @_lxlyevie Hi Lily, sorry about this. Have you spoken to station staff? - Brad @miles_holden Thanks for the extra info. I can see a service is expected for 07:51 - Jake @ekin_philippa Morning Philippa, sorry for the delays. This is still under investigation. - Celia @y4x1t @networkrail Hi there. Sorry about the delay. This train has been delayed by damage to the overhead electric wires - Brad @atomicvindaloo Hi Kevin, sorry to see this. Which service is this please? I will report this to our cleaning team. - Celia @DoffsClaire Hello there. This service is roughly 13mins late. I am sorry about this - Jake @DaynaZiegner Hi Dayna. Sorry about this. This was due to congestion - Brad @tomingrem Hi Tom. Sorry about this. With a split ticket you will have to travel via Newbury - Brad @jayman6666 Hi Jay, how can I help? - Brad @CarolineWarrey Ah, I see. Thanks for this. You'll need to take a service to Worcester Shrub Hill, to pick up a Lon… @MattJonesDesign Hi Matt, sorry about the cancellation. This train has been cancelled because of a shortage of train crew - Brad @larahopkins99 Hi Lara. Which train is she due to travel on please? - Brad @A_Smith90 Hi Adam. Anything handed in will be recorded on If you register it here, the te… @Kathryn_EB Yes, please. For example, the 08:35 has a 19min connection at Didcot, departing there at for Oxford at… @johnharris1969 There has been a delay with the trains leaving the depot this morning, which has resulted in the congestion - Brad @johnharris1969 Hi John. Sorry about this. This train has been cancelled because of congestion - Brad @CarolineWarrey Can you confirm which ticket you have for me please? - Brad @Kathryn_EB Hi there! I’m sorry for the cancelled services today. Please take services to Didcot Parkway, changing there for Oxford - Jake @donlesac Network Rail are fixing the issue - Brad @gsp981 Thanks for clarifying. I am afraid this service was cancelled due to congestion this morning. I appreciate… @vholden1 Please get the next train to Exeter St Davids and then on to Paddington. If you have a single, return or… @miles_holden Hi Miles. I’m sorry about this. What was the destination of the 06:22, and which station are you at, please? - Jake @rorymichaell Hi there, this service is scheduled to run - Brad @CarolineWarrey Hi Caroline. Sorry about this. Where are you travelling to please? - Brad @vholden1 Hi there. Really sorry about this. The reason for this is currently under investigation - Brad @gsp981 Hi Gary. Which service are you referring to please? - Brad @donlesac Hi there. This train has been cancelled because of damage to the overhead electric wires - Brad @toni_b_ Hi there. Really sorry about this. The reason for this is currently under investigation - Brad @peteharris30 Hi Peter. Sorry about this. I appreciate that this is frustrating. The reason for this is under investigation - Brad @SuziTheNose Hi Suzi. At present trains from Oxford to Reading are only effected up until 09:06. This may change th… @Kimindex Good morning. The bus service will leave from Hayle station.
@RebeccaGossedg7 Good evening. Best advice I can give is check the website tomorrow morning to be sure. @A_Smith90 Good evening. Where were you sat on the train? @rorymichaell Good evening. Presently the overhead wires are still damaged. Some diesel trains are in operation and… @honeybee4 Good evening. The 6:33am should be running tomorrow however it would be advisable to check the website p… @bean_cup Hi there, sorry to hear this. You can appeal this decision through your online account. - Michaela @rorymichaell Hi Rory, that train is expected to run. -Andy @paulafeery Hi Paula, the data for this will come from @chilternrailway as it is their train and they submit it to… @tecchiegirl The 06:35 will be running, those are general times but may not match exactly. -Andy @jonjaques67 Hi Jon, it will affect service tomorrow we will get that updated as soon as we can. The damage was cau… @tecchiegirl Hi Val, the XX:06 trains from Didcot will run, the South Wales trains calling Didcot will run as well… @adamninetyeight Hi Adam, it will be similar to today. Are you travelling from Bristol to London? -Andy @MarkJacot Hi there Mark, sorry to hear this. Anything handed in will be recorded on If yo… @catherine_max Thanks, can you DM me your email or booking reference please? - Michaela @catherine_max Hi Catherine, have you downloaded the GWR app? -Andy⚠️ Travel advice for tomorrow 18 February following damage to overhead electric wires between #DidcotParkway and… @ChystayaYoung Hi there Peter, sorry to hear this. I'll make sure your feedback is recorded - Michaela @iamatoner @LNER Hi there, sorry to hear that. Can you DM me a picture of your tickets please? - Michaela @djohnsonxyz You should be still able to search for the fare on the machine even if it doesn't appear - Michaela @djohnsonxyz Sorry to hear that. This isn't something that we are aware of, when were you looking to travel please? - Michaela @alexclifforddx Unfortunately I'm not sure why this has happened I'm afraid. - Michaela @alexclifforddx Unfortunately not as the claim is still processing, you wouldn't be able to appeal this in the pending state - Michaela @djohnsonxyz Thank you and I do apologise for this. This service is delayed but it is currently still under investigation - Michaela @getcakedpinhook If the train was still en route we could try to get on-board staff to look for it but now the abov… @alexclifforddx Hi there Alex, sorry to hear this. Please call our Delay Repay team on 03457 000 125 (Option 4, Opt… @englionesses Hi there Chloe, this service is currently running 5 minutes behind schedule. - Michaela @cfmurphy3star Hi Charlie, sorry to hear this. We will get you moving as soon as we can. -Andy @djohnsonxyz Hi there Daniel, sorry to hear this. Can you confirm which service this was please? - Michaela @aerosmithred Hi there Sarah, a refund can be requested via our online form If you have any… @getcakedpinhook Hi there, sorry to hear that. Anything handed in will be recorded on If y… @dolphindiver Thank you, I will share your comments with them and their manager. -Andy @despiertaviaja_ Hello, can you DM the booking reference please? -Andy @andyecfc Hi Andy, there won't be additional trains but we are adding more carriages. -Andy @jonesgaga1 @DUALIPA No problem, enjoy! :) - Michaela @jonesgaga1 At a guess they would be on sale in around two months time - Michaela @andyecfc Hi Andy, which Monday night? What's the exact journey? -Andy @dolphindiver Hello, glad to hear my colleague could help :) What was the departure time from Cheltenham? -Andy @jonesgaga1 Hi there, these tickets will go on sale, although we're working with Network Rail to finalise the timet… @cameronjaneCM All being well with final legal and regulatory approvals we expect to start running services on the same day. - Michaela @jess_barrett Hi there Jessica, sorry to hear about the crowding on-board and the late running service this evening… @HudsonTristan This service is scheduled to depart at 20:17, running 7 minutes late - Michaela