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@tsukubanw U AF @tv7va_i @tv7va_i @ShopCrunchyroll @ReZero_En OMG THX U @ShopCrunchyroll @ReZero_En I KNOW YOU GOT ME @tv7va_i @tv7va_i @tv7va_i @liImorg holy shit @yaomies i dont think there is a character i hate more than her @liImorg dub @liImorg wat u get神威
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Retweeted by ^_−☆ @may_wedda bro this actually looks like fun, whenever i play its just niggas camping on rooftops and hiding in buildings @LazasBautista my condolences学パロ
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Retweeted by ^_−☆ @ECCO2X u eat steak. u racist. i don’t make the rules up @VinnyCantFight @oFabz oh dub @oFabz idk what that is but gl 👍🏽 @tewuko gm @oFabz wyd @34567hellonoob hapy birfday 🥳 @oFabz gmmy best friend!! ⭐️ #hxh
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@longneckedbeck please get helpme and who🎀
Retweeted by ^_−☆ @yosbrk @Mbn4A81 @evolutiol @Mbn4A81 @ECCO2X @ECCO2X weathering with you and your name soundtrack too good @hexbby @hexbby @longneckedbeck i was bored @hexbby my cat @longneckedbeck how do u know @ECCO2X @resolute ? @ECCO2X how far did u get @ECCO2X LOL @evolutiol white#レム
Retweeted by ^_−☆i got green (could barely find any lol) @daveonater wtf do u want us to do @hexbby sorry❤️
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Retweeted by ^_−☆osu players when a 3 digit sets 10 new top scores on the same day
Retweeted by ^_−☆niggas watch "Isekai Love Harem Rental Girlfriend" and be like why cant i find a gf
Retweeted by ^_−☆ @Weashircles @_Nalian tru @_Nalian @optiuh good original tweet @guxieoven reading. hbu @guxieoven gm @hexbby watch two eps of something and get bored. sticking to reading @tv7va_i uploading this to the osugame subreddit @diamnnd @KnownAsLit i promise u its nothing bad. the ending of that movie had me fucked up @diamnnd @KnownAsLit add i want to eat your pancreas to that list @diamnnd the scene where hodaka and hina r falling through the sky and it matches up perfectly with the music >>>>> goosebumps everytime @diamnnd @_Nalian readingライダー
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