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yo @gxmblr Phoenix

Graduating into a recession, but living like a king dont follow me expecting tweets ☆ spoilers lol ☆ ganyu fan acc ☆

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@bIuezenith ratio @Roburtee y @resolute yea ill send u them later @bloop1i @Notnouraa ;[ @bloop1i @Notnouraa me"? @resolute its kinda hard but u should be fine if u use atc links @resolute there was a target pickup drop like 2 hours ago and theres possibly a walmart one at 2-3 pmYo wasup gang @Notnouraa U literally live in a made up country @NomiProductions @matafecio2 @TheFunny_mp4 🧬 @b90 ratioWhat
Retweeted by yo @bIuezenith @vnxy @causality04 Lol aint u the dude who spent 80 bucks on that then lost it the next day喵٩(˃̶͈̀௰˂̶͈́)و
Retweeted by yo @bIuezenith @vnxy wat
@yakioff Few days ago on ps direct @yakioff Nah like is that what u were asking? @bigtaIkk $800🤡 @bigtaIkk Nah @yakioff When do they restock again? @yakioff It sold out like an hour agoShoutout Best Buy @bondagefa1ry Hi @yakioff On what @yakioff ? @PaintClown_ Lol buy for $2.3k @seht4q I’ll try that next time @seht4q im gannakill myself @b90 ty @SonKilMoon np @seht4q ok send on venmo👨‍🦳 @seht4q my 2.1k ebay payout hitting ur bank soon lmk when u get it @grownpapa @Wario64 @resolute 25 minutes i ran 20 spoofers so i had multiple chances of having a good wait time @seht4q yes @vnxy @droppedbabys Yikes kid those are mine you will never be able to afford those sneakers @vnxy what @vnxy ran 20 spoofers and my best time wsa 30 minuets @vnxy Lol fr i read tyhe whole thread she posted yesterdayjust time traveled 10 minutes nbm i think i got this i make it @seht4q same @grownpapa @Wario64 @resolute sam @grownpapa @Wario64 @resolute 🙏 @Wario64 @resolute @slatorslime some random @bigtaIkk Today is the 3 Years Anniversary of Chapter 1 Season 3 🤍 @debo1ne 678ihkl @slatorslime chillin @Roburtee nghj @slatorslime HaiYo @vnxy thpse r <OME @vnxy um no @reaverknife @bIuezenith Reaverknuife @reaverknife @bIuezenith Lolit’s genuinely so interesting to me mainly because bo1
Retweeted by yo @droppedbabys Lckwuieb @droppedbabys Bro youre whiteniggas be debating anime characters power scales on twiter like its gonna do something go stand on a scale and see… @bIuezenith Aiusdg @seht4q 🥲 @vnxy @i__am__aka thought it was PKs site but it’s not pk is co not cc @vnxy @i__am__aka reps site @i__am__aka @vnxy @i__am__aka LOL @heymynameskay SheeshOwa owa @PaintClown_ Ur poor @PaintClown_ Paris dunk @dracubina Hai @resolute @SOLELINKS Please try again in few minutes.. we will keep adding inventory. @SOLELINKS @resolute @SoleRetriever @GameStop @resolute @resolute @Ground its not even confirmed so idk @resolute @ground BE READY FOR HIGH CHANCE TARGET RESTOCK TOMORROW AM 6:00 - 8:00 AM EST #ps5-24 #ps5-24 HAVE…
@SoleRetriever Lol @_miyamoto__ Oomf strugglin in bronze @_gamblr @bigtaIkk ayo r u the dude with the cat? @_gamblr @bigtaIkk me?🏪 @vnxy MINGO @vnxy mangus @vnxy manhog @vnxy sheesh @vnxy What @srnabrgr ❌🤡👀😅🤌🏿📮🥺👎🏿✅😂🤫💦😆🖕🏿🍲👍🙁🙏🏿🤔🌞😄🙌🏿⁉️🧢📌📝📎‼️😹🚷 @resolute target ps5 restock for in store pickup 5-7 am cst either tomorrow or wednsday and huge amazon restock som… @KnightFN_ @CrypticNoHoes @reaIlysexy @Wis_Alt @shivisdumb @jizzle @_miyamoto__ @Chriiztopha @Grahamalott @_gamblr @aIfredocheese @bIuezenith @_miyamoto__ @BlastXFrenzy Why am i taged
@resolute shits random best buy th easiest place to cop @bIuezenith nopeNO minutes left and not sold out yet hmm maybe i could make itwill i get through