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@gratissaus @yitakufan see image @gratissaus @yitakufan im angel of darkness
aileen! music! @soundslikesaka have fun dont die @RohaanOfficial to me it doesnt sound as clean and has more pumping @RohaanOfficial pro l2 is what i tend to use, i used to use ozone 7 maximizer as well @RohaanOfficial one or two limiters and sometimes an eq @pisspainting @KaraDTM lfg @KaraDTM u being british?a joke where i continue to lower my testosterone level @whitenoisebass happy for u c:
@gratissaus gn @voltra i hope im not going to spend all of the $3-4k i saved up on an exorcism @voltra im afraid of the demons in my closetsharing this again because it hasnt gotten a lot of traction. I woke up in a pool of blood from my mouth, so its re…
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@RX6800 ANÄIKmfw no data so i cant use the washing machines @jedwill1999 a fuckjng diminished eighthim not knocking on anyone who still has fun making/djing dnb and supporting the scene, its just not for me right now @duumu what about freestyle rap momentngl same, & its kinda why i moved further away from drum and bass a few months ago also my new gimmickmy not so new obsession is when a song breaks down into just drums and maybe a couple other small elements @Lunamatic_ yeah i figured @alias_hallow @Lunamatic_ or i could do one myself for my next release @alias_hallow @Lunamatic_ i can get noah to do a G on top of my synopsis background LOLbtw new song is sick.@Lunamatic_ why
@ThysMusic didnt bring it to bristol with me and it hasnt been mailed over yeti really miss having my midi keyboard @gratissaus turquoise lavender black orangenew breakbeat techno jam i wrote today all about subdivisions gyrofield - tea (clip)
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@sc_codeUM 🐱 @sc_codeUM glad i helpedthank you to everyone who bought my music & had production lessons with me for getting me this @theupbeats 😻Ghost (@gyrofield flip) 🤤
Retweeted by kiana (1312) from @theupbeats thank u so much for the shoutout @gratissaus peenis cakebig thank 🥺 @gratissaus take care
2020 a ddj-400 lets gooo????? @Buunshin hiiii ;3 @lKEA_canada lovely one @deadsunproject electricGIANT STEPS ON THE BEACH! (The fan favorite entry from Funny Rave 4! #YTPMV)
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@i_oofficial rest in peace @nvctve 2-3ahh, very smart, a reference to gay sex @feelingseasick1 to the polls
@phononmusic abostletelyinspired by the work of @phononmusic but i wrote this in a night and it really doesn't compare to his work, imonew breakbeat techno jam i wrote today all about subdivisions gyrofield - tea (clip) @nvctve @forest_biz michiganalso: linkin park, three days grace, breaking benjamin, evanescence, 2 door cinema club, joji but those r obvious onesim basic @feelingseasick1 i have quite the presence @feelingseasick1 no bikes
@KaraDTM kara-samaim going to be honest im dealing with a lot rn i just need rest and many hugs and any indication at all that things will get better @libavoider but not in a "i actually did this kinda way" just i did that in my songs @libavoider i feel targeted @daityamgmt rest well p daitya
hes currently being a fish many white trans girls i know just want full assimilation. the extent of their politics is "my life s…
Retweeted by kiana (1312) from @whitenoisebass hiiif @phononmusic plays my music in a set i will die 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @soundbyelozi @paarkdtc @max_makes_music @dorianconcept thank u!what's up ya'll !! i spent some time and revamped my gems playlist with tons of nu heat that's been inspiring me la…
Retweeted by kiana (1312) from @marsupialpuddng @tubpisser i almost want to commission you for cover art for my album @marsupialpuddng @tubpisser amazing art stylei'm a queer disabled artist, i make art for lost souls and tender hearts, and i've been in financial crisis for the…
Retweeted by kiana (1312) fromstupid bi energy is backgirls,,,, & also boys 🥺😭 @RX6800 white noise with texture @Buunshin the fuck is rocket power @deadsunproject "flourish" is a good one
@im_enby im glad your fans still like my music @poIyfawn assafter months and countless hours of working on this song, 4 different project files and over 800 tracks, the time h…
Retweeted by kiana (1312) from @58DUST if i want to make dubstep i will figure it out myselfno shane from rocket powered sound i dont want to make my music more professional @xavimakesmusic prepare to be disappointedwrote a 7 track ep in 4 days? @adridoesthings the crumbs on the shirt are unacceptable but the bite is okay @deadsunproject lfg!!!
@papakhanmusic congrats!! happy for u 2
Retweeted by kiana (1312) from @om_neb habppy birthday @alias_hallow meowmirror @im_enby c: @caobroboy i dont think that's the best idea esp when its put on every song. @koarsestuff i want him @caobroboy mixing chain? @caobroboy im not on ableton but no i dont use bus-style compression very often @caobroboy ah, i just mix at an appropriate volume, but i did try to maximize loudness and aggression in that mix w…