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@ctrrlz @Rayzahs @cocoimao ez. @crystaltft wdym @Rayzahs @cocoimao lose to gold, mvp in ascendant. @77Joeyy @xingVAL @emahwie @kimmoily i was gonna keep running but they wouldn’t let meinsane 5k by @h2nnyu
Retweeted by dv hunnyunew book @ssav1or @OhhCaps this is valid @ssav1or i’d say with the ranks rn, ascendant 3+ @ssav1or bro tried to sneak in diamond @kiminx ni hao @woaruh u look like @Jollztv @kiminx do it @0Ktinaa ice cream… @cocoimao yea @soojais my goat hbd @cocoimao ihy @cocoimao chloe @cocoimaoit makes no sense shes too good SHIT @suhniiee @nh1d0 IM SORRRYR @nh1d0 @suhniiee bro @breadlover420 @suhniiee sory @suhniiee @breadlover420 she dropped 5 kiolls it was notw me @suhniiee sorry meatballjust hopped on @suhniiee acc lost one and hopped off AMAa short video about us, why you should join, and how you can join matcha cat aimers <3
Retweeted by dv hunnyu @nh1d0 nh1d0 @suhniiee YO MY BAD MY BAD SORRY @suhniiee meatball. @suhniiee @Enny_XP dont make me charge less sunny @Enny_XP @suhniiee deal @AmateurFPS idkselling @suhniiee valorant acc info lmk @Saulsrevenge dude it just appeared idk @Sachimus @matchacataimers REAL @Enny_XP @d00mlee U ARE DIFFERENT @Enny_XP @d00mlee why the fuck r u putting this on TL ???????
joined @matchacataimers @killhouse_ andrew gaming was my peak tbhdni: @zefiyy
Retweeted by dv hunnyuHD: @srxrachaa ITS A REAL THINGwalking round with no hands on main now @joseybunni i love u @zefiyy i’m livelive at twitch dot tv / hunnyu @Nighty10k yes @Nighty10k this color is nice on u @yungkiara0 @swaatikk @bittybtw i don’t want either we good @wack_y nah i won’t lie i’ve been doing SO SHIT recently idk what to do @marmarpits what is thisi love filling in valorant it’s so fun and i enjoy filling @RainAims @yungkiara0 she meant first one ever @luvm1ku it’s so good i can drop it if we play it’s literally head tap gun @wlyrrr @1hruki gaia has been rlly good @wlyrrr @1hruki i just brought it back @kumifps nah i think u just suck tbh @wlyrrr @1hruki nah u guys haven’t unlocked enough xp on ur acc’s yet to use its hidden aim assist feature @wlyrrr bro i swear it got sum aim assist encoded into itfriendly reminder to use the forsaken vandal that shit does not miss @blue64 average silver aimer opinion @RainAims @yungkiara0 @yungkiara0 personally me i would just NOT take this @yungkiara0 @RainAims can’t sit here and watch this happen @dmnspwn dirty bug eyed what @dmnspwn i fucked your mom so hard i reverted Pangea bro @RainAims i agree @dmnspwn do something for society @yungkiara0 FUCK @cocoimao gl boss @dmnspwn u need a job @cocoimao UR PLAT? @cocoimao gold gang gang @bvbymoo YES @cocoimao HOLY UR SO WRONG CHLOE @kumifps UR SO WRONG FOR THISwhich looks better 1 or 2 a nice lil clip in scrims today
Retweeted by dv hunnyu @xxelitism win @777acid_ reali fucking hate it when you @xxelitism finally @fishszns @harmoneeyang rizzszns
@smkcat1 maggie diffi made another thing
Retweeted by dv hunnyu @seshiriaa_ GenG Seshiria just sounds perfectplease stop telling people how to play ranked when they're doing bad it doesn't helptwitch. tv/xingval ranked
Retweeted by dv hunnyuhey
Retweeted by dv hunnyu @cocoimao nothing @cocoimao chloe @yungkiara0 mybe @emahwie @kimmoily SHE WONT LEAVE ME ALONE MAN @kimmoily why on here @kimmoily frick u let me go @kimmoily no i will be ending it @kimmoily let’s see who wins this bet buddy