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can’t get diamond back // @k2miko

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@Saulsrevenge meow @kanatouu than kshi hello
Retweeted by hunnyu @1xefiy SEX @kumifps do u see my pjspjs @minaweeb @Dark3stVal we @kumifps 2nd best sstreamer other than mehey im gonna start streaming again soon so go follow ok? ok.
Retweeted by hunnyu @1kotaaa @1EDEN_ @devourfuture lfg @1kotaaa @1EDEN_ @devourfuture dv kota and dv hunnyu soon??? @1EDEN_ @reboundszn @sAv1oRVAL @chlofps i love eden @iffeeval YES @iffeeval she was AMAZINGran into a preschool teacher in valorant and this is how it went : @ThyHighway @1EDEN_ @devourfuture ur not 1EDEN_ @ThyHighway @1EDEN_ @devourfuture he’s 1EDEN_ @1xefiy @Saulsrevenge @devourfuture not up in ranked but places @1xefiy @Saulsrevenge @devourfuture this my moment jordan @Saulsrevenge @devourfuture stop teasing me @wlyrrr @devourfuture @Saulsrevenge bless @Saulsrevenge WHEN ME WHEN ME @hannahcult take me home @hannahcult take me home @m2sty 🤝 @m2sty opposition gender is amazing @snndown LMFOAOOOOOOOAcinnamoroll 🤍
Retweeted by hunnyu @seshiriaa_ cece ur so pretty @atheryth i want it @atheryth it’s ok @vootmoot sex @505misa oh ok @atheryth get ur hands off me @1xefiy @wlyrrr lost little puppy @wlyrrr @1xefiy if only he knewselfie thread i’ll start @1xefiy dms @Nueg_ oh shit @ItsChordify YAY @cloudyerin_ sorry @zekeiVAL @miseuii ik. @cloudyerin_cloudy eron on tik tok 😇🥺 cloudy rrin on twitter 🥸🥸 @miseuii i warmup in your peak @miseuii well you’re just bad so @wlyrrr @1xefiy @iffeeval i’m just spittin today @1kotaaa @aft6r haven’t done my taxes i’m too turnt up @1xefiy @iffeeval liek it’s annoying not seeing them together already @aftrrX @okazyey same @aftrrX @okazyey no cap @okazyey @aftrrX @aftrrX wys abt this @iffeeval just edate already @iffeeval bro we get it you like him @okazyey @aftrrX and you have no friends @aftrrX @okazyey atleast i’m top 3 in something @aftrrX @okazyey what rank am i @k2miko tenz!!!who is should be labeled as the best valorant player and why? @1kotaaa oops @wlyrrr or less shakydoes having good handwriting effect aim @1xefiy so true @elixerpump @wlyrrr @prettypiscesgf @akusenasu @yuemmii @noxufps @fishszns soft block @wlyrrr @elixerpump @prettypiscesgf @akusenasu @yuemmii @noxufps @fishszns yeah LMFAO @wlyrrr @elixerpump @prettypiscesgf @akusenasu @yuemmii @noxufps @fishszns she sb’d me LOOLjett card goes hard it comes to drip, i am unmatched
Retweeted by hunnyu @k2miko @wlyrrr @kiwiramune why do you just pop in @kiwiramune @kiwiramune the only math you can dort for good luck
Retweeted by hunnyui goto school, nap, go home and play valorant for 8 hours everyday @1kotaaa @baileebboat om goodness💅 @baileebboat 😂 @akusenasu @vinniehacker @baileebboat lets run it sis💅 @itzybun LOL @fishszns @itzybun fish bro @1xefiy @Yumifps np babei hate school @Yumifps @1xefiy @milkyua_ i’m going to block you @jellyfish_val media abuser @yangieaa u need some bitches @atheryth i’m stealing the dog @atheryth but i want the dog @atheryth are u the mom @atheryth blokd @atheryth i want BOTH @atheryth i want @ihyharu watch me @annettaaval from now on i will have an all good mental @annettaaval does it actually LOOL @annettaaval jk @annettaaval start getting kills when we play bro @wlyrrr @kanatouu LMFAO @wlyrrr @kanatouu i didn’t even do anything bruh @181RAYS nooo