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OpTic HECZ @H3CZ Frisco, TX

"The only bridge I've ever burned along this legacy I dance is the one that linked the cities of prosperity and chance."

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@FaZeApex Nah, you a legend, we doing this live when it goes back to normal. @FaZeApex Pffft... am I flying there tomorrow or?? Haha. the way the hoodie I’m wearing is currently available for you to pick up! moment ever in any podcast I’ve ever been a part of, literally in tears. @H3CZ new docuseries is a fire idea, wp
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @AlexPeric3 I’m pretty sure Tinder still counts as social media
Retweeted by OpTic HECZWOW, thanks to all you OG fans, @Di3seL_ @hutchinson and I thank you for the support on the #OMOO Drop, No notice,… @Nadeshot, how'd the rest of the #CDL2021 call with @H3CZ go? 😏
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @esportsawards Its a 2 parter. 1: I talk about it. 2: @OhhRogerr adds music, then fits a puzzle of other stories together. @OctaneSam Gracias Samuel
The team crushed episode #1! 💚 @eMattCraig @joseforobledo
Retweeted by OpTic HECZIts the first time this channel is being used in almost a year so we have to turn the crank on it a bit to jumpstart the YT algo!!THIS IS SO FIRE!!!! I watched the first 5 mins this morning and then stopped. I needed to watch this live with ever… of new #OldMenOfOpTic merch just dropped! Check everything out at the link below 👇👇👇
Retweeted by OpTic HECZFire merch has been acquired! @Di3seL_ @H3CZ @hutchinson @Fwiz
Retweeted by OpTic HECZNo warning #OMOO Drop! morning! @DashySZN
@thatsbadassmn @OpTicCHI @OpTic @scump @FormaL @BoZe @hitchariide @Di3seL_ @OpTic_BigTymeR @MLGACE 😍Wait a second... Holy sit.
Retweeted by OpTic HECZI’m cashing out this season!! Let’s go @DashySZN !!’m going to unlist some videos from the OpTic channel, talked to @Muddawg about it ahead in case they wanted some,…⭐️⭐️ The Golden Ticket Event is LIVE ⭐️⭐️ 1 Month 5 #MavixMob members 5 Prizes Each prize was customized by our…
Retweeted by OpTic HECZBirthday tomorrow; time to give back again to @GamersOutreach! Last year we raised $3500 to provide a single gaming…
Retweeted by OpTic HECZWe'll just leave this here... 😂
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @hitchariide I want to play.#H4F
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @x2Pac_ThuGLorD @SnDFish @hutchinson @Di3seL_ @blakeir 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @hitchariide Is it good? @Symfuhny #OpTic
want to stay up to date with all things NRG? sign up for our weekly #NRGFam newsletter 🔥 📝:…
Retweeted by OpTic HECZFrom childhood stories, to talks about retirement & everything in between as Episode 9 of the @OpTic Podcast is now…
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @EsmeraldaIP Its just a fancier episode of House Swap. @ChefHecz @CODLeague @Nadeshot @RohnJobinson @amiller How about a game of Basketball instead? Andy's got handles an… am slowly dying on the inside
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @Acidpoison_12 Why you crying?Single cup anyone? cc @jud3
@CoreyDunn By the tree with the leaves!!About to talk @CODLeague with @NAMELESS @hastr0 and @JamesCrowder on stream. Have a feeling I'm about to laugh a lot.Filming the #OpTicPodcast shortly, to be featured in this weeks episode. @ZooMaa You'll be missed brotha, health = wealth.Happy 21st to the Young Prince, @DylanEnvoy. #OpTic
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @WestHam @FortniteGame #COYIGet your sweat on… We’re dropping in to @FortniteGame this Sunday! ⚒️
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @OpTicTUMORS NO. @JoeDeLuca @JKap415 I'm gonna watch this tonight.Tomorrow 4:30 pst
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@hutchinson @PaladinAmber @umlaut_a I thought this was a StarTrek commercial.
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @hutchinson @PaladinAmber @umlaut_a I thought this was a StarTrek commercial. Coldest. @hutchinson You’re welcome. @bisping Let’s get it champ. Lmk. It’s time.
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @bisping Let’s get it champ. Lmk. It’s time. @Kuavo Good name.
@Resohlute HAHAHA, I definitely do. I’ll fix next time. Thanks. @hutchinson The M4 will always be OP, no matter how many times it gets nerfed. @RedCardinal_14 @jud3 @MorseDesigns *OpTicAlmost there...
@TmarTn This was Doordasher (not doordash). @jud3 IM SOOO MAD!!! lolIM FUMING!!!!!!!!! Haven't eaten since Noon. ordered my food at 6p it’s now 9p, I just got 2 veggie Bowls. I ordered 3 tacos and Chips. @throwwback @EsportsEng @HECZQUARTERS got it. @Prodigy2touchu no, you! @throwwback @EsportsEng @HECZQUARTERS - Get order number @Perplxed @Methodz @ACHES IT DOES! @Whea7s @Methodz THANK YOU!!!! @JoeyNubzy @Methodz THANK YOU! @Methodz They're all playing for second, so who cares.
@ImSpeedyGonzale Good to see. thanks for sharing."Didn't [Fortnite] allocate $100M to esports and it never got deployed?" - @H3CZ It definitely got deployed. Thi…
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @ErnestLe @metaview Wait, I know you aren’t trying to give me a hoodie instead of a board seat. @ErnestLe @metaview Oh... thanks for the invite. @Di3seL_ 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽I came back to Twitch in July after Mixer shut down. COVID was ramping up and I had no idea how things were going t…
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @chetsingh Attaboy Chet. You animal beast thug goat.Holy Frick!!! What a win for the new look @NRGgg Valorant squad! Future is so bright for this crew after taking dow…
Retweeted by OpTic HECZIn need of a new @OpTic background? @AARONCREATE has you covered with this 4K minimal wallpaper! 4K Download:…
Retweeted by OpTic HECZHoly hell that Ice Box. Let's go @NRGgg Valorant. This series is nuts.
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @shaneshadaia @Xaryu Look at my profile pic, I need to stop doing that before I worry about a little Splenda and milk in my coffee. @Xaryu @ChinnyChoob @JakeSucky 40 @JakeSucky Cheers🤣 is how you start a Friday. THANK YOU @EsportsEng 😘 @Grazen 🤣🤣Gooooood morning to everyone except those who drink their coffee black... lmao, ever heard of milk? @oof_nickyp @g0ds lol, this, but I do have playlists, just not public... How do I make them public? @g0ds uh... i dont have one. @TheMondo117 OpTic*
@IdhFredrik @DavySys @TomD1abloNewman @markhornerlol @Rob_Morg_Black @robwiztv @VerheyenStevy @cozje @qwertYYYfps @cambmoore @HECZQUARTERS @hutchinson I own every size. @CarlosR @TheRealGreasyTV *** OpTic. And yeah, I’ve accidentally been putting the address to the HECZQUARTERS in my YouTube desc for 3 years.
One of ya'll needs to hear this. message to the worst one on the team...
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