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.draw @misterveeare @stickermule Love shrimp on the grill.
@BoZe🗣🗣🗣 “Bitch no it ain’t” - @OpTic_BigTymeR 🤣🤣🤣’s gotta be the shoes @scump someone’s barefoot at the Studio, just know it’s because of @scump…. Sorry @hitchariide it’s tradition now."I just wanna win for OpTic... I've done it once & trying to do it again." - @DashySZN
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @MadCat @eGoTheIcoN @Trumpfy That was drippy af for those days. You better be aware that there hasn't been a single… @G0Dx0NE @HECZQUARTERS @heczweedco Yes. @CouRageJD GOOD JOB Jackie, you keep killing it me brodda. @Kuai27 You won’t regret it. @OpTicMaNiaC Aristotle?
Feliz Sapo Verde Compadre @Castro1021, no pos… @hutchinson Who’s eating their shorts?I love podcasting, I’d do a daily podcast if I could, just love chattin and booooshitn. @eGoTheIcoN @Trumpfy For the record, you looked older than me when you hit puberty. I just got them fire genes. @H3CZ @Trumpfy the throw throw throwback lmaooo I diddnt know hecz was ever that young wtf
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Who’s ready?
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @heczweedco 🤚🏽 @NoMeLlamoFerny @BenSimmons25 A dope ass down jacket, it was -02 in Chicago.Happy Bday @BenSimmons25 @MentaL Happy Bday young brotha. @jph51377628 @HECZQUARTERSIt’s about to get real 👀
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @BuxHunting New Era begins.👀
Which @H3CZ was your favorite from The Process? 😂 Ice in your veins, kayaking, cheerleading, etc.
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @cory_wise @GameFuel @ModeloUSA Happy Bday my brotha.It was only right one be made with our beloved mascot Allen 👽 feel free to save and share! @OpTic
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @metrasworld @Fragmxnts I do love a little bit of me.Who'd interrupt more? Left HECZ or Right H3CZ? via: @Fragmxnts @ozenrique Lol, was trying to millenial @jmrLuna @AevPaul @OpTic 🙏🏽 @AevPaul @OpTic GG brother Paul. @ParisLegion
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ#OpTic is what I mean… here’s the problem."What time is it? 1, 2, 3, LAN time." 🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by OpTic HECZThanks for watching 💚 📸@joseforobledo
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @RiesseJordan @OpTic @OhhRogerr No.The Process, LIVE in 5.
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ. @OpTic game day. @hutchinson @KiLLa_Sloss Been drinking it since I was 4. @Fwiz @golfgamingclub @sydsogood @bonelesswings I never believed when you were saying you were better than Matt yet here we are.The Process | Tomorrow, 12p CT
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@T11VIP @XSET It’s not work when you love it. @CapturedCross Surely that’s not true. I had a Mexico flag during MW3 @zervace Doubt it, I want to know why tho still.Can anyone tell me the “legal side” as to why Mexico is excluded? @KiLLa_Sloss TecateHitch has never seen True Detective S1.
@MyTurtleDied_ Chilli cheese dog no onions @hitchariide @OpTicMaNiaC I fuck with this idea. @RachelXGin Un orgullo.Catching up with @OpTicMaNiaC. 💚
Retweeted by OpTic HECZWho am I seeing there? you at Champs. Tickets are LIVE.
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ🤣🤣🤣 Today’s Vlog: @scump Salamander man, you’re Nuckin Futs dude.We meet again. being this chill. @Fwiz 📸- @jud3
Summer gaming hit different as a kid. No more homework or bedtimes to worry about. Getting lost in a game without w…
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @gcambigg @DashySZN @hitchariide 🤣 @OpTic Catch up with @TheEavesdrop as @H3CZ talks CDL, content & much more with @OctaneSam.
Retweeted by OpTic HECZThat new video @H3CZ and @DashySZN did today with the sneakers 👟 shopping was dope asf can’t wait to see more 💯🏁
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @hitchariide @aPureGangster ??????I love Warzone. Sadly, Warzone is filled with hackers. I love Apex Legends. Sadly, half my ranked lobbies at Diamo…
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SMH, @Nadeshot run some rounds with my boys man. @RealMattScharff out here ready! @blakecissel @hutchinson @Vxdur_ congrats man! I’ll be reaching out to get your info through @HECZQUARTERS! Enjoy. @JessBrohard FR @SmokeyPotts FOAM Runners are such a weird looking shoe, yuk. But they’re the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn, yum. @NoeFlores8 @ManuMadrigall @MYMALK4PON3 Oooooooooooh se la mamo con esa ouch.
Happy Bday to the Godfather of Gaming in Mexico mi compadre el @MYMALK4PON3 @TravisLClarkson @rjd2 should hook it up with the permission to use this song again.
@Nadeshot Can't wait for my F&F box to be here. thanks man. @Di3seL_ @hutchinson Duos in 45 mins. see ya there pooooos. @hutchinson Oh, let me guess, OMOO is now cancelled... ok. @Grazen @OwenCary3 @ItsWayzy Also, have never had the pleasure of visiting Toronto so I cannot wait to have the opportunity. @Grazen @OwenCary3 @ItsWayzy I think the GreenWall in Toronto would still be bigger. @TheOriginalEpy @INTELCallofDuty @TheRealPdGaming @OctaneSam no shameLive on the channel Thanks @OctaneSam for hopping on the eavesdrop. @JoePokrzywa 🤣
Live update from the HQZ thought I had it all figured out.... then this. @Mooseman95 He was way in there. @ItsLoyaI Let them have fun.Imagine if Declan scores ⚒️ @JoePokrzywa $100It’s coming home 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 @ScottyTidwell Point proven. @ZooMaa @Methodz Duuuuuuuuuude.Thank you so much for this beautiful gift @H3CZ! It compliments our living area well. 🎨
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