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GOAT console.
Probably my Favorite Mike Tyson video ever. 😂 #shorts @OpTic Today we rate Modern Warfare maps from S-Tier, to BACK OUT IMMEDIATELY. Let us know if you agree with our fi…
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @Pr3TV @Di3seL_ @hutchinson Pr3view, @Di3seL_ @hutchinson Start without the star of the show, the captain of the team, the stoic IGL, el Gallo Negro… Eavesdrop Podcast w/ @Retals is now live!’t usually do this but OpTic @eMattCraig has made something incredible. A dual PC and dual monitor setup all tha…
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @KimJungGiUS No words. rest in peace.Rest in Peace Mr. @KimJungGiUS 🕊️ One of my Favorite Artists. @KallmeZim @MikeDavisMMA @OpTic Shout out my brotha @JoeLauzon
Those @scump and @FormaL 50 bombs back during the MLG days hit different...
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @MoshuaByrd Of c @Dave_Fraser_ Same, Same, Same. @MadnessHalo @ChicaLive @stockx 😂😂😂😂👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 @ChicaLive this just popped up in my alerts. @stockx 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 @Dk8245228026 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @BobMorrisJr Learning to make your own flies would be amazing.
If you could allocate 2 hours of uninterrupted work (on a daily basis) into a passion/craft you aren’t currently w… @renee @AvaGG @hutchinson @Fwiz @JakeSucky @Di3seL_ What a loser. We get it, you take the game super serious during… @LostDrifter_ 🙏🏽hey melee players! get pounded at Lost Tech City? want to try again? hungover and ready to make a spontaneous dec…
Retweeted by OpTic HECZGoooooor Morning. Hope everyone had a nice weekend.
HAPPY BDAY CHAMP @TriPPPeY !!! @stunna You fish?
@Jawamo Saw it this morning on insta. Shameful.Shameful. Controversy in Pro fishing tournament as multiple-time winners caught stuffing lead weights and other fish…
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @barish24 @hutchinson I wore that @Timberland Tshirt once and got destroyed in a “painting accident”, still think of it.Happy Bday @JordonGeneral!
first tournament with the squad this weekend #GreenWall 😈
Retweeted by OpTic HECZFIFA SHOWMATCH⚽️ | THE OFF-SEASON @Castro1021 vs. @RandolphUK LIVE in Arlington, TX, October 15th. All for a goo…
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @Aplfisher @hutchinson 😂😂 @hitchariide @tirionsburner @Killrhunter @hutchinson @barish24 @OpTic Ooooooooooooh @barish24 @OpTic @hitchariide @hutchinson
@Dexerto So fucking sick.Lando Norris is set to wear a Halo inspired helmet for F1 this weekend
Retweeted by OpTic HECZThere's something special about Orlando 🏆 @FormaL #TBT
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @MATellem Been there. Keep track of it on your iPhone notes and the second it flares write down what you ate for br… just dropped my phone LITERALLY DIRECTLY on knuckle of my big toe! A PERFECT SHOT. Today is gonna be a good day. @ImperialHal @Knoqd DM if you need a @PinePark care package and you can come up with your own think they’ll ever make a mole character? someone who can dig holes through the map?
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@DeezeFi Dallas visit for the Eavesdrop!hard to believe it has been over 6 months since we vibed @H3CZ 🤯 this podcast changed my perspective on what the h…
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@MatthewJWelty That was good. @MatthewJWelty 🤣🤣🤣Nike’s FlyEase tech is changing the world for a lot of people. But it’s not really the brand’s technology. I got th…
Retweeted by OpTic HECZSo the weatherman just gonna OD on us like that? 😭
Retweeted by OpTic HECZEp 12. Let's go ! @ErickKhan_ @PinePark
Retweeted by OpTic HECZWe're teaming up with @Twitch & @cxmmunity for an HBCU esports tournament with a $500K prize pool, bragging rights,…
Retweeted by OpTic HECZShout out @MTNDEWGaming for this initiative. More representation in esports >>> #MTNDewRealChange #MTNDEWPartner A GOOD CAUSE! Come hang out either in person or on line! return to Black Ops 2. LIVE Charity Event | The Off-Season October 15-16th Esports Stadium Arlington Arlington…
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @ComplexSneakers @hitchariide @SkittleCakez @eMattCraig
WELCOME TO OpTic gentlemen! to OpTic 🚙⚽ @Retals @AyyJayyRL @MaJicBear Coach: @RAWGREGRL #OpTicRocketLeague
Retweeted by OpTic HECZNever mind. I found the address.SOMEONE SENT ME A GRAFFITI BLACKBOOK, I met this person at a Pine Park meet-up, it was never shipped out, it is goo…
@Lucid_TW @FormaL @TriPPPeY @aPureGangster @Lunchbox You're fkn glitch man. @TriPPPeY GG, you were an animal out there! So tippable. @aPureGangster Grats my man! LETS FKN GO!
Retweeted by OpTic HECZTHEY'VE DONE IT - @OPTIC ARE YOUR $350,000 #HCSORLANDO22 CHAMPIONS! 🏆 @FormaL @TriPPPeY @Lucid_TW
Retweeted by OpTic HECZOrlando Major CHAMPS!! #GREENWALL
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @FormaL So FKN HAPPY for you man. Proud and Happy.Feels so good to tweet this. HCS Orlando CHAMPIONS with my boys!!! Couldn’t be more proud of how far we’ve come and…
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @Teeqo @OpTic GG’s my brotha. @OpTic @H3CZ Huge congrats to you all!!! Well deserved 🤝🏆
Retweeted by OpTic HECZCongrats to my boys @Lunchbox @Lucid_TW @aPureGangster @TriPPPeY and to my brother @FormaL So so so Tipable! Con…🏆💚
Retweeted by OpTic HECZWOOOOOOOOOW! The #GreenWall is LOUD in Orl.¡GRAN FINAL DE HCS ORLANDO! 🔥 En directo en español:
Retweeted by OpTic HECZGRAND FINALS! #GreenWall Orlando // Grand Finals NEXT:
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ1 away from Grand Finals #OpTicHalo @aharone9 @Di3seL_ @Mae @hutchinson @ImKvon Can’t see the diffLatest episode of The Richard Lewis Show features the Valorant player many think is the best right now, @yay from…
Retweeted by OpTic HECZChampionship Sunday.
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ#WhenDoesOpTicPlay | HALO OpTic ⚔️ FaZe 11:00AM PT 1:00PM CT 2:00PM ET 7:00PM BST 8:00PM CET 4:00AM AEST RT! | #HCS | #GreenWall
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@OpTic @alexandravbotez HAPPY BDAY!!! 🎉 @OpTicMaNiaC advance to Winners Semis at Orlando 🔥
Retweeted by OpTic HECZGGs to OXG we won our first round of winner’s 3-0. One more match later tonight!
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @jL_GODx Biskante smacks. @Castro1021 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽#OpTicHalo is BACK on Mainstage for their first Playoff match against OXG at HCS Orlando, starting next See y'all…
Retweeted by OpTic HECZVlog is live, 27 MINUTE MONSTER EXPERIENCE! Leading up to the @Rangers Park @OpTic Night!…
@CarlosR I'm really sad to hear this my man. @Knoqd Sooooo fire.FORMAL!!!NerdWallet came in clutch, helping me make smarter decisions on credit cards that reward me for upcoming event trav… Playoff Bundle x SCUF GIVEAWAY RT/Like & reply #GreenWall for your chance to win an OpTic SCUF AND our…
Retweeted by OpTic HECZNY CASEY NEISTAT >Here's a clip from tomorrow's vlog "THE FIRST PITCH", just finished editing it, it is 27 minutes long, but here's a…
IDK if you knew this BUT... The vlog is live! @nephtali3098 @Dexerto @scump This was before the game; crowd was lit when it started. Keep it positive my man. Or keep it inside.Got blessed today by @H3CZ and @hitchariide.. man I was at a loss for words. I’ve had dreams of this day. 💚😭
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Green Label Fall Collection 🍂 Available Friday.
Retweeted by OpTic HECZBig Red, Middle Red, Little Red!