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@TSM_Myth Jesus man.I’m forever blowing bubbles...Seth’s opinion on a potential CDL bubble.
Retweeted by Hector Rodriguez @shiz__gg Exactly the stupidity that's gotten us here. How is someone being killed "Politics" murder is murder.
@ACHES goodAnyone else’s “mentions” tab broken? @G0DNIZ So not spending, investing. @G0DNIZ Stocks or StockX? @JakeSucky This whole time I thought it was YOUR channel.This one is a listen and chill kinda podcast, lots to learn from sure, but the funny stories make it an easy listen… @amiller @NRGgg system continues to fail us. There was no #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor today 💔
Retweeted by Hector Rodriguez @Rub3nmw3 @Mixwell Duh @Fire40 He wasn’t there to compete tho, he was there for content, ain’t NO BODY who was in the league this year tak… drops the infamous 10 year old @SHAQ diss on Big Diesel's agent as the DUO talk contracts, sponsors and all…
Retweeted by Hector Rodriguez @DashySZN Good night yaherrrrdGoood Morning! @msepso @ChloeFlower @UN @RiseNowUS 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽Humble brag, my brilliant better half @ChloeFlower has been asked to perform and speak at the Second Annual @UN Ge…
Retweeted by Hector Rodriguez @amiller @NRGgg @Huntsmen @SFShock ^^ JK!!!!!!! @amiller @NRGgg @Huntsmen @SFShock Half a day.
@freytagb Keep us posted. Godspeed. @Fwiz @jud3 She's over the top bro. @scump You haven't watched @Succession_HBO yet. @jud3 SMHThe Human Highlight Reel
Retweeted by Hector Rodriguez @JNorm747 @hitchariide Don’t ever take anything he says seriously. He’s trolling.You can experience Neo Tokyo in 4k for yourself at select theaters on November 24th! to le…
Retweeted by Hector Rodriguez @ACHES @_FiiLii_ @JKap415 haha @ACHES @_FiiLii_ @JKap415 No i literally meant that no one who is pro should EVER have fun. lol.Your move Call of Duty... Give me ranked so I can once again flex on these little ass kids. Full thoughts here:… @Nadeshot Just making sure you saw this.
@Gunless I'm not in the tourney, why you attacking.4 TOURNAMENTS. 1 GREAT CAUSE. 10/1 $5k MW2 4v4 Throwback 10/7 $5k Ghosts 4v4 Throwback 10/21 $10k Warzone 2v2 D…
Retweeted by Hector Rodriguez @Nadeshot 👋🏼👋🏼I grew up here.
Retweeted by Hector RodriguezHBD Rick Mahorn! NBA Champion WNBA Champion (coach) BIG3 Champion (coach)
Retweeted by Hector Rodriguez @benspoont 6 something.I woke up missing my AK74u. We in for a good year. @amiller @Ron That looks mad good. @Rated Happy Bday young gunner.
@benspoont Im “here” right now! Lol @PopeyesChicken LmaoIt’s the "closed on Sundays" for me
Retweeted by Hector RodriguezHappy Bday to the little bro @Xplosive “These lights do things to people” @JordonGeneral @PopeyesChicken @Huntsmen Damn okaaaaaaaayMr. HaveYouBad aka the sponsored @PopeyesChicken X @Huntsmen champion in action. Doing it all in the game night tou…
Retweeted by Hector Rodriguez @hutchinson @NoahJ456 Stop fighting it man. Stop.Lmaoooo I’m so down
Retweeted by Hector Rodriguez @blakeir @Nadeshot
@hitchariide @CouRageJD @ACHES @JKap415 Also, I’m trying to find the Wutang song “Drake” and I can’t find it. @hitchariide @CouRageJD @ACHES @JKap415 Both of you really know how to hurt me. And this really started out as a tr… @scumps_pretzels @JKap415 @CouRageJD @ACHES i got money on the fact neither one of you beat me in bball. @CouRageJD @ACHES @JKap415 LMAOOOOOO.... I now see why @hitchariide tweets the way he does. its mad fun. @ACHES @JKap415 YES. @scump Doesn't count if you dont tag them, so now, if anything, you're getting a deduct. Ha. @scumps_pretzels @JKap415 typing words dont make you right. @JKap415 yes @JKap415 You are a pro player. Content creators, I get it. YOU? You're in the top 1%, give me your aim if you're… f did I just watch. @formal > @H3M1FIR3 @I_AM_WILDCAT Duh, its so sweet and girthy. @overwatchleague @SFShock Great video.The returning champions. Their rightful throne. The @SFShock are determined to forge a dynasty in the #OWL2020 Gran…
Retweeted by Hector Rodriguez @Killuaa98 @eMattCraig I didn’t, and working for me isn’t for the average. Let me guess, you have 10 participation… @FishinWithFlair, it’s time to team up again. #goOGanEsports @I_AM_WILDCAT LMAO 😂 @GH0STNiTE
Retweeted by Hector Rodriguez @GH0STNiTE @I_AM_WILDCAT Also, stop telling people to move to TN, the “N” in TN is for no, while the X in TX = Xcellent idea, genius if move.I grew up here @I_AM_WILDCAT Aah, my b man, my incredible hand eye coordination and superior Gun skill disallows me from playing l… RULE: You can’t ask Activision for a proper RANKED PLAYLIST if you’re also anti-SBMM. I’m so confused... anyone? @Crimsix I taught you well ese.
Retweeted by Hector Rodriguez @Crimsix I taught you well ese. @hutchinson What’s wrong with the one on the right? Nvm... he’s the hutch of the trio. Here’s me and @Di3seL_ ACTI… @oreeeo @hutchinson No hutch, pets understand the complexity of the moving of the faults and can identify whether it’s a te…'s two types of people... @Di3seL_ #laearthquake #earthquake
Retweeted by Hector RodriguezThis is my friend @hutchinson, he's not bright, but he's handsome. @Killuaa98 @eMattCraig I am. What’s it to you?Rest In Peace, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. "Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in…
Retweeted by Hector RodriguezMatty was a bit nervous at first, so I had to drive the convo a bit more than usual, can’t say I’m not proud of the…
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@johnmemes okkkkkaaaaaaaay @MLozada @scumpToday pushed me just over $1,000,000 in gross sales between my brands. You have no idea how much this means to me,…
Retweeted by Hector RodriguezCOLD WAR NUCLEAR
Retweeted by Hector RodriguezAfter playing this Alpha for 1 hour its very clear to me that... THIS IS MY YEAR.You're gonna enjoy this one. Our first episode of Huntsmen Jeopardy, hosted by @H3CZ Trebek! New video, LIVE on YT.
Retweeted by Hector Rodriguez @eMattCraig @DexertoMike @Dexerto @hutchinsonCOLD WAR ALPHA TODAY! Tag the squad you're running with all weekend👀👀👀 Lets see some clips😎
Retweeted by Hector Rodriguez2 hours until the OMOO reunion, 1 month + apart hurts, hopefully @fwiz can join @Di3seL_ @hutchinson and I for frie… @Tony_Flame’m begging you to make this the new standard going forward in betas/alphas.
Retweeted by Hector Rodriguez @MikeDrop66 @DexertoMike @eMattCraig it most certainly WAS true. Crazy that you didn’t know.Matty was a bit nervous at first, so I had to drive the convo a bit more than usual, can’t say I’m not proud of the… notion that you should never work for free is bullshit. Sometimes it's exactly what you need to do. The untold…
Retweeted by Hector Rodriguez @MrAdamAp @DexertoMike @eMattCraig @hutchinson
My man was already on his way up on that jumper as the ball hits his hands.👀 Duncan Robinson’s quick release! 12 PTS (4/5 3PT) in the 1st quarter.
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