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OpTic HECZ @H3CZ Frisco, TX

The only bridge I've ever burned along this legacy I dance is the one that linked the cities of prosperity and chance. Aesop Rock

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Goooood Morning!
Our recap of Major II & more.
Retweeted by OpTic HECZHow it started 🐾 How it’s going 🖤 #HeczandHenry Thank you for making this 🖤🐾@Kc4Shore65
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @ShadyG Respect. @hutchinson @Nadeshot @TheIceAP @MiDNiTEMN I didn’t mind it. Yah it was short, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. @MiDNiTEMN I’m waiting at least 2 more years. And trust me, I get the super itch to start.Politic’n the hell
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @Pamaj A clear conscience.been hitting the gym lately... finally built up the courage to show off my results so far plz be nice
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @H3CZ
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@Pamaj @hutchinson See Gif you replied to.Forever OpTic. @Pamaj @hutchinson can't wait for LAN.
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @Pamaj @hutchinson You use STEADY AIM and Played Sniper Lobbies, Hutch and I lol to this day. @Pamaj @hutchinson Admitting it finally huh, I tell you you’re a stinky poo, you tell me to shoot straight @hutchinson Gross. If you stink around me, it is my duty to let you know you smell. If you’re forcing me to smell y… Pfizer and Moderna bitches gonna talk a lotta shit today. Ignore them. You are better than them.
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @ABC @hutchinson @JoeCookk Your duck face is soft. @Di3seL_ @Nilkski_ The Vero Paletas👏🏽👏🏽 @iamalbear @UNDEFEATEDinc Ultraboosts are my favorite shoe to “wear” ever, most comfy I’ve ever worn. @YouGotTamd That’s my cousin @aharone9SPR excited for this design made by @AARONCREATE for The @OpTic Pet line we will be launching in a few weeks 🐾💚🖤 Wh…
Retweeted by OpTic HECZThe kiss to the hoop dunk 🔥🔥🔥 @MYMALK4PON3 @SkyshockGG Alk4Kush! Se olle come “el cu cuy”. @CouRageJD You know it’s family ties. @JakeSucky @Walshy
@H3CZ Legendary
Retweeted by OpTic HECZThis year I will be launching a cannabis brand in California and a Hemp Brand Nationally. Needless to say, my time…
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @Stepleton6 Eyebrow GOALS!A challenge only few can complete...
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @SirScoots Next time we record a podcast: we’ll do it in a legal state. @OctaneSam It won’t be, this is separate from my Esports businesses. But I like the way you think. @I_AM_WILDCAT ☎️This year I will be launching a cannabis brand in California and a Hemp Brand Nationally. Needless to say, my time… @DexertoIntel @Arcitys Alec you a cold mfer mannnnn. @TorontoUltra Grats!! 👏🏽👏🏽Let’s get it Jordon!!! Open Challengers #2 Champions. 🏆 GG's @JordonGeneral and co! #BrickByBrick
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @AccuracyLA @Loony Been saying it. It needs to go back to 3 day weekends. Action packed.
Nothing but love for the Rokkr org, but here are my thoughts... @JordonGeneral 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 @FormaL 🤣 @DylanEnvoy We will see that for the rest of our lives I think, such a shitty, unbelievably ass thing for us, but f…’ll be a @ROKKR vs @ATLFaZe final. Watch the story unfold..., The Ultra Flat-Black @Krylon from the 90’s and most of the 2000’s. Cotton Candy mmmmmm @KEEMSTAR Sorry to bring you into it.I’m bored what can I say.Ok, let me give it one final go... UMG 2014 (have to look for the vlog footage cuz I know I captured it) Soft is:… hate that I can’t watch the matches. I’m moving back to Chicago. boys did the business out there today! Huge win, massive 3 points, let’s keep it moving forward 👊🏾 #COYI
Retweeted by OpTic HECZBeans for Breakfast has always been the Wave, shout out to all Cultures across the globe who make “the magical frui… I’ll finish recording Step 4/50 on @CouRageJD’s art piece. He’s episode one of a new Art Series coming to the… con chorizo for Brekky, all signs point to yes.This isn’t banter either, this is me looking at two people who don’t have a relationship with neither Scump or the…’all remember Elevate or TK? Me either, until today of c where I saw that I still followed the CEO’s of those in… @ItsJordyTV Everyday is the same day to me, I’m like a farmer, “Cows don’t know it’s the weekend”. @Boss76656550 Exactly the pic I wanted to send you when you gave advice. @Boss76656550 @OpTicCHI @Methodz You seen my belly, would you take advice from me on how to lift weights my man? Th…’s @Staaandy @Attach @Priestahh and of c @AccuracyLA, Lamar that was your moment my man GG.Gracias a todos Los Fans Hispanohablantes, mala posición, mala suerte, lo que sea... Mejoraremos a la proxima. Eso… @TylerTheGreate3 @portilloshotdog @CityOfFriscoTx Toasted on open fire patnah. @ReactiveXCod @JustBucIt @FtbllSznIsOvr Winningest call of duty team of all time. We care about winning, but we als… @JKap415 @garyvee A truly Magical time with titan like characters in every city in an internet-less era. @garyvee @NimaTamangWow Ahahahhahha. Facts. @garyvee YOU remember that I was a Chicago Suburb teenager in the 90’s when GOD walked on the court. @garyvee GG’s mun. Can’t wait to see you live soon, be well old friend, also, lmk when you’re trying to get crossed. @PacmanJT @killakellerflow Yah, this ain’t it, Pac is good people, I’ve known him since COD2 (on which I was better…, great, GREAT comfort food. Thank you @portilloshotdog delivery. It would be even better if you’d let me buy…
Millions of years ago, those stars aligned. I’m gutted for my boys. GG’s Rokkr.Lined up some solid guests for the Depression Pals podcast. Can’t wait to hear their stories and hopefully remind s…
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @BoZe - J Edgar Hoover.So excited to show you the first bandana design for the @OpTic Dog line 🐾 💚🖤 #GreenWall #GreenPaw Will start pre…
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ#OpTic2001, Cincinnati Ohio.Man I miss the #ScribbleJam days.. Mr Dibbs in the bg getting hype. Such a good battle. #WonitwithaMullet’m dying. Saw it coming a mile away. @zervace @MadCat For me? Or for him? Im in bed by 10p and wake up at 5,6 usually. @oreeeo @FormaL @OhhRogerr Tu sabes compa. @MadCat Amen.Earl Simmons was a poet. 🕊🙏🏿 DMX “The Industry” on Def Poetry Jam.
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @NCJamz @FormaL What? You paused me mid sentence after a blink? Sheeeeeesh is right tho, look at that hair. @PacmanJT Unless it’s a brick in the GreenWall. @NAMELESS I’m gonna be YOU! @Maven @KIRNEILL @CODLeague Dude. Same. @NAMELESS @BoZe @NAMELESS I’m cryinggggg @the_rican787 Ballerino in all senses of the word.Ok, nvm... lmaooooo this is my new profile pic, exactly how @scump would look trying to guard me. @Pamaj Thanks.#NewProfilePic who got crossed? @Nadeshot knows first hand. @hutchinson Ever.Guarding me may be hazardous for your ankles! you know Dogs have over 95 million more scent receptors than humans! Their sense of smell is what makes them…
Retweeted by OpTic HECZ @aBeZy @AevPaul can you buy his building please.