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john warren hanawalt @H4N4W4LT San Francisco, CA

Designer, writer, trouble maker. Principal product designer @ Stitch Fix. Half the founding team at @queerdesignclub. Opinions are mine…and terrible. He/Him 🌈

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@seldo Horny for ANSWERS. @PalindromeBart In a couple days when the tegaderm comes off @outstandy Is that not what the ‘X’ gender marker stands for?T4TTOOS.
Me on zoom: Uh-huh, yes. The deliverable. Yes. By the deadline. Uh-huh. Business metric. Me in my head: Tattoo da… trolley problem at Facebook.
Retweeted by john warren hanawalt @annaecook Plus the standard guns, tobacco, and anything adjacent to the works-with-ICE panopticon. So like a really long list. @annaecook My list is really long but boils down into 3 (overlapping) categories: - “Reinvented” an existing regul… actually seems like a totally normal amount of caution. @EvilChick Everyone will have to find out soon!My tattoo artist won’t tattoo trump supporters and has a section on her site about cultural appropriation. She’s the best.My tattoo artist can work again you all. Tomorrow is going to be a wonderful, painful day. @AfiaTheLegend @venikunche @stitchfix Hey welcome! Don’t know if we’ll end up working together ever, but I’ll see y…
This is the only way the "sale" of TikTok should be reported. President Trump seized a company on pretext of securi…
Retweeted by john warren hanawaltNow that the #GetMitchorDieTrying fund has cleared $20million 🥳, let’s fill up the tank of the good people…
Retweeted by john warren hanawaltWithout downloading new pics, mentally where are you? of the president physically prevent people from voting. What would you call it in another country?
Retweeted by john warren hanawaltHave I every shown you all my collection of bulldog-shaped door stoppers?
Trying a horrible experiment... Which will the Twitter algorithm pick: Mitch McConnell or Barack Obama?
Retweeted by john warren hanawaltwrite the code change the world! 💀
Retweeted by john warren hanawaltThis is a written thirst trapDoing an art for a body modification.In which a Twitter thread about racist algorithms in Zoom uncovers the same racist algorithm in Twitter: /via…
Retweeted by john warren hanawaltYeah, here’s what we’re not going to do: any of that. go low? Dig a tunnel. Trenches. Submarine this bitch. Get! A! Grip!
Retweeted by john warren hanawaltriot BEFORE
Retweeted by john warren hanawaltWe should actually do this.
Retweeted by john warren hanawaltHere’s the thing with lib gays begging you to vote to save their marriage: If Republicans continue to roll this co… I would gladly play something for my social Slacks if it wasn’t priced as an enterprise product exclusively.’s my fluffy friends fund splits your donation to close senate races. It’s not every single one of them; it’s not perfect. But here…
Retweeted by john warren hanawaltWe’ll see you outside your office soon, @SpeakerPelosi.McConnell rejects RBG’s dying wish on the night of her passing.
Retweeted by john warren hanawaltWhen this person is granted asylum they would like to work in product design, but obviously cannot afford a bootcam… @GiantBritishPup Thanks very much for these resourcesIf they try to fill her seat, grind the country to a halt.
@theoriginalecs @AgnieszkaBratek The way he tweets a screen cap of his LinkedIn as a response to criticism makes me… @ahbeca @laura_mipsum_ @AsylumConnect Thank you. They're in touch with the LGBT Asylum Project. I will make sure th… have no idea how someone who is seeking asylum is supposed to… eat or do anything that requires money… or what so… challenge is money. Housing is solvable in the near-term. @joshsusser @seldo Thanks. Let me check to make sure they haven't already been in touch, and if not, I will take you up on that.Does anyone know about resources for LGBTQ+ asylum seekers in the Bay Area? Someone in my network is still early in… is as far as I got into the @fishbowlapp sign up before uninstalling it. Trash
Retweeted by john warren hanawaltEMPLOYEES: "But rather than qutting, isn't it better to stay and change things from the inside?" EMPLOYERS: "We're…
Retweeted by john warren hanawaltZuckerberg is taking steps to limit internal communication about political issues so if you work at Facebook and ha…
Retweeted by john warren hanawalt @theleoji @NathanBLawrence That’s a WAS. That’s a WAS.Ok, well now I know what the inverse of queering design is. is like all of my teens. got a kitchen aid blender because I was tired of lumpy protein shakes and why haven’t I been drinking smoothies all these years. @beingbrina @rightsxtech Oh this is excellent, and I think something she’d be very interested in hearing aboutPerks of dating @seldo: – Cooks and drives – Doesn’t judge your screen time – Content @peiitforward @design__justice Probably not, but I’ll make sure she does!With something other than a suit, this could kind of be a look tho. @hondanhon @codeforamerica @18F Yeah I plugged SF and Oakland digital services. I think civic design will be where… @jillanerishah @DesignGigs4Good Oh excellent suggestion. @hondanhon @codeforamerica I suggested she look at @18F (holler at me if any of y’all would be open to talking to h…, and I quote, “just doesn’t want to work for Facebook.” Won’t you help spare her that fate? 😉I've been mentoring a new graduate who’s interested in product, passionate about social justice, and disheartened b…
.@seldo: excuse me I need to huff the dog some more. Me: do you mean hug the dog? Him: I said what I said. @figmadesign @iamharaldur Is anyone ever really ready for @iamharaldur?So post-COVID....Barbados has successfully implemented a remote working scheme, decriminalised cannabis, legalised…
Retweeted by john warren hanawaltToday, I am thinking about how unpleasant it will be to be around other people regularly when that’s finally possib…, to my professional anxieties: @studiowade @ countrypeckerI’ve known about Orville Peck and I still. Would. No hesitation. don't have the energy to comment on all of today's tech news but as a blanket statement let me say: everybody pre…
Retweeted by john warren hanawalt @outstandy I’m not sure the asymmetrical undercut translates across coasts.
@thisisehsan @DevonFrohne @JoyCozby @figmadesign Initial investigation is not promising. Right now it copies and pa… @fuselagetown You going by Tory is unthinkable to me on many levelsImagine thinking imperialism is good in this, the year 2020 of our secular lord, Chris Evans’s camera roll. @talia Ok thank you. Just checking.I’m not particularly confident in my grasp on world politics, but having a Trinidadian fiancé and future in-laws in… @stewartsc Tories: the EU has no business telling us to run our country. Also Tories: @beckybrooker I know every country has its own flavor of white bullshit, but royalists are a special breed. @MelissaObleada I, too, have a “one for you, one for me” policy.for the past six months i've been secretly participating in the Do Not Get Arrested Challenge 2020…
Retweeted by john warren hanawalt @seldo I’m also not sure we need both a Michigan and an Ohio. @seldo Do we really need so much Arizona?Jesus Christ, what is wrong with the Fratellini family? @peetahbooty That’s the 130th percent yeah? @CamCron @shayes287 Not all boyfriends are meant to be boyfriend photographers.Twitter’s reporting menu for election and civic events is like a tell-all book they’ve written about themselves. T…, at least when Trump flat out lies himself, they put it behind a notice you have to read and engage with before you can read.I’m not sure I could think of a more ineffectual approach to this problem: • Leaving the media up • Putting an unob… Biden is better than literal genocide but we had so many choices who were better than better than genocide. could have had, like, 10 other nominees. @theleoji Every day together is adorable agony.🥰 Soul Mates 🥰, just now: I’m going to quote tweet this, but it might be too deep a read for public consumption.Laurie: I’m running to the store, don’t flee the country while I’m away. Me, calling back: I wouldn’t know how to.…
Hey Figmaniacs, have you gone through the process of splitting up one massive shared @figmadesign library into mult…’s genuine kindness and generosity are two of the things I love most about him. So I invite you to help celeb… @knz_whalen Oh super thanksFeel free to plagiarize me. physicians are rolling their own client intake and crm software; and however capable they may be, they’re proba… need designers to see this and think about where you’re using the information people give you…more. American has never endorsed a presidential candidate in our 175-year history—until now. The 2020 elect…
Retweeted by john warren hanawaltAnd I don’t think any of you would say this, but let’s skip, “if I was worried the social app I use to maintain hum…