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J❄️HN @H4N4W4LT San Francisco, CA

Designer, writer, trouble maker. I’m from the east coast; I will fight you. Design Systems @StitchFix. Half the founding team at @queerdesignclub. He/Him 🌈

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@apixelpusher I’m a natural problem thinker. @shafi Sometimes, even music in noise cancelling headphones is too distracting though. And I'm such a busy-body if… to the office, realized everything I need to do is of the QA and feedback variety, and turned right back around… @ianmnoone This was adoption day. He set the tone from day one @boop He should start his own Only Fans to pay for his subscriptions.*claps* @theebillyporter @LilNasX and @orvillepeck said gay space cowboy rights 🌈🔥
Retweeted by J❄️HN @CamCron @monovalent It Guff Guff a koala? fiancé's contact still has "OKCupid" as the company field.
Retweeted by J❄️HN @skinnylatte @lachlanjc Although traffic’s already pretty sparse as people prepare for it.😭😭😭 biked home from work. Closing Market to cars downtown is one of the smartest things SF has done recently. Now… gig-worker app that cannot make the business model work while paying $15/hour (after expenses!), basic benefits…
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@scottreuwho Do we have to go back to rescue the other survivors from the island?Google Slides continues to suck in a way that I find totally baffling.INSIDE OF YOUR SOUL THERE ARE TWO COWBOYS ONE OF THEM IS GAY THE OTHER IS GAY YOU, ARE GAY
Retweeted by J❄️HN @kamilumin new campaign is Mr. Peanut roasting in Limbo until his shell is properly put to rest. @Tender_oni is one of the reasons I believe Warren is more than capable of winning against Trump.
October Faction was good. Please watch it so it gets a second season.sobbing at this lil girl at target. dad tries to get her a dress and she just YELLS “no i’m GAY i CAN’T” and her da…
Retweeted by J❄️HNI want a Sunday kind of Guff. self-regulation works seems to rhyme with the recent revelations on fake Airbnb listings. markets don’t work at scale without regula…
Retweeted by J❄️HNjodie whittaker says she believes the UK is 100% aliens
Retweeted by J❄️HNWe just finished Sex Ed season 2, and I am WRECKED.2020 is all about becoming 20% dumber and 20% hotter
Retweeted by J❄️HNThis is kind of gross to me.
I'm homophobic now.
Retweeted by J❄️HNWhen sex workers try to do that meme
Retweeted by J❄️HNOf all the planning I need to do for the wedding, I’ve put the most thought into the cosmetic procedures I’ll need… @brianespinosa @seldo Maybe I’ll start subtweeting when we start having solid plans. @tedhendershot Do you tho? @seldo No, we can’t afford a bigger tent.Lol
Retweeted by J❄️HNI’m all for a bigger tent if the people invited in don’t expect us to change the catering or music for them.Ridin with Biden has to be the saddest bless this mess old white people having a lark hashtag I’ve ever seen.You know what song I’m surprised to bot find a moody hipster cover of? The Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Heads will roll.” It’s so good, so topical. @francois_bach I think this largely depend on what you think of as gamifying and how you implement it. I know the r… I like my toast warm bread and my coffee caffeinated dairy, and I’m not ashamed. @justawren @binesiikwens She’s also super talented. Her pieces are my favorite tattoosPhotoshop: I'm gonna train you, for decades, to use the Shift key to scale proportionally. And then, out of nowher…
Retweeted by J❄️HNTombstone goals @binesiikwens My artist has a section on cultural appropriation on her site. It’s great. @MinaMarkham Still better than their like b*rnie tweets but…Today, Twitter’s likes and follows recommeded tweets put not one but two erect penises, one of which was j***ing on… what the fuck i thought we had a pact
Retweeted by J❄️HNI can’t get past the idea of putting your feet on someone’s white suit, and I know if I did this galaxy brain illus… @mccreath A little more than that, but honestly, worth the 3 extra days away.How did a 2-day work week almost kill me? Science still doesn’t know.
Hey all, if you're jealous of how much I enjoy designing at @stitchfix, good news: you can join me! We're hiring se… @furioursus you have to understand is he has very good skin he’s had to do nothing to achieve.Smh @seldo making the world think he doesn’t have a partner to educate him about skincare. I try all the time! do not want to join the discourse, but I will say this: Bernie BroganI like new River Tam.
@mulegirl No no, $300 billion of hypothetical other people's money. @mulegirl Lol what kind of squarespace fuckery is that.Would it be weird to buy Guff an office chair so he can sit next to us when we work from home? Not being able to really upsets him.Guff is so pissed he can’t also sit at the desk. of my birthday get-away today is my Monday but also Thursday, and that's the worst combination of days. @radhikamorabia @rustandstardus But I’m definitely not cool @radhikamorabia @rustandstardus I live in the bay and smash keyboards as a living. My relationship with astrology i… @radhikamorabia @rustandstardus Hi I’m sorry. I’m going to follow you, but if it’s any better, I saw this tweet first.This is Shiela. Her eyebrows say, “I can’t believe I haven’t been adopted yet,” and, Sheila, same girl.… @rg01126170 iOSIs anyone else seeing “[so and so] replied to [this guy]” suggested tweets where you don’t follow EITHER party? @kenjimallon 😇 🐾 ✨ Looks very wholesome @dancharvey @hondanhon Thanks so much! Looks like great company to be in. I’ll have to check out everyone else in the list.
@RMH40 Racist sex pest is not a good comms strategy. @studiowade I will pay you extra to put something a nail could hook onto on the back.Found @seldo’s birdsona, I wonder what mine is. @studiowade Shut up. And take. My money.Dunno “why trench coat flashing but appropriative” sounds ok to some peop…well, I do, but it’s still gross. @Rood4Piedmont I might, although living in the Mission, it’s probably about the same amount of time lost to just wa… grader came home with this homework tonight. Our family does not fit into these boxes, and I bet that’s true fo…
Retweeted by J❄️HNYou shouldn’t be able to earn a perfect score on an LGBTQ+ workplace equality index if you choose to work with peop…
Retweeted by J❄️HNLast year @Ogilvy received national attention for working with @CBP, who illegally separate families at the border…
Retweeted by J❄️HNI’ve fallen down a deep hole of political alignment chart memes and I’m not sure I’m ever getting out. @lukeisamazing also, there is always a drill tweet
Retweeted by J❄️HNSomeone pointed out the video of Buttigieg bombing is from an RNC account. I maintain Buttigieg is a super boring c… @PstafarianPrice I DO commute by bike and public transportation exclusively. Is my bike going to get me into the club?So I lost my license about a week ago. You have to go in person to get a replacement. And there are just, like, no…
@bardwellta Just think of the challenges this is going to turn into. @seldo @saysjessbess You honestly could have ended this tweet after the first two words.Fuck yeeeeah @conniechiiiwa Happy birthday! 32 was a pretty great year for me. @liatrisbian This is great. Why not reach out to the designer and see if a credit is enough for them? If not, sure,… thou like to live religiously?
Retweeted by J❄️HN @LarkinStreet Thank YOU for all you do.This. I like this.
Retweeted by J❄️HNIf you prefer not to see the algorithm tweets, replies and likes from strangers on your main Twitter feed, muting t…
Retweeted by J❄️HN @MinaMarkham Omg, if this works I owe you can claim the law of surprise.I use this a lot and wish I could also turn off “likes” and “follows [insufferable account]” tweets for people too. is inexcusable. If Bernie wins the nomination, we all need to work our asses off to help him win. If someone e…
Retweeted by J❄️HN @jdmar3 b🐽🐽mer won’t let me pick this Spice Girls cover for our first dance. think At Last is a little too “I would have voted for Obama a third time if I could have,” though.