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sukuna & tojis defence attorney

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super glue his hair down before doing that too a casual listener is real thing y'all. i hope y'all understand that
Retweeted by 🦇 @woosexuals sammme 😭this is the type of shit u show to bts and they all disperse across the room cackling their asses offthe longer i stare at this the funnier it gets @tojihobi oh my goddd yeah please ill hang it up on my wall beside my other bits and bobs, thats so sweet ill look forward to it <3 @tojihobi I luv ur artopen this thread to know what is happening in india rn /srs
Retweeted by 🦇 @zhxnqlis dude whose finger yuuji ate and is now residing in him @zhxnqlis yes ;) @zhxnqlis megumi and sukuna (insane was referring to sukuna tho) @zhxnqlis omg wait that means u met bae then 😞😞😞 hes insane @zhxnqlis hehe @zhxnqlis SHRIEKS I LOVE THAT EP AND THE NEXT EP @zhxnqlis KEEP WATCHING @tdchwe my god those who are protesting for #DaunteWright please wear the proper protection gear as shown !
Retweeted by 🦇every time i see gojo and dilf in the same sentence i physically cringethe ending is deserved, racist hag i am a Black nonbinary trans woman and am raising funds to make it easier to move based on recent events of tran…
Retweeted by 🦇tw // rape , murder
Retweeted by 🦇don’t donate or sign petitions from change . org, it doesn’t do anything and turns out that they keep the money tha…
Retweeted by 🦇tw // police brutality #DaunteWright, a 20 year old father of a two year old, was killed by police in Brooklyn Ce…
Retweeted by 🦇tw/ police brutality pls don’t stay silent on this or wait until you see other people/celebrities talking about th…
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Retweeted by 🦇 @gyrhoes idk they just said a big nana account posted my tweets and their irl found them and sent it to them 😭 @TOJlSBITCH omg heyyy @ha0_ha3 gnitei didnt realise my nana tweets went viral on instagram, oomf just told me my tweets are what got their irl into nana 😦
@preblondedaang no @pinkiesoobin it is so unnecessary, what tf is mla, apa and chicago why cant there just be one standardised way @preblondedaang UR MINE TOO
Retweeted by 🦇 @tojihobi gojo has never meant shit to me TOJI SWEETIE IM ALL URS @preblondedaang WORLD STOP NEW PICS OF BFF JUST DROPPED (REAL) @preblondedaang SCRRRREAAAAAAMMMMMMSSSSSS @zhluq yes but also looking at my essays rn I cbawhy the fuck is there so many different citation formats, the fuck is the need for all of those? im going insane @chrollohs trying to revive it 💀 @chrollohs i dont know i muted it and am waiting for a chance to slip in 🚶‍♂️“if you wanna switch, go ahead and switch.”
Retweeted by 🦇my tiktok fyp is just babies and cats at this pointlet’s talk about the blatant racism against south asians. non south asians rt.
Retweeted by 🦇 @oikawuas time to gatekeep nana plz @chrollohs yeah yeahme: @chiIdebi you’re right megumi is pretty and he basically is the spitting image of toji minus the urchin hair and le… @chiIdebi my poor meow meow 💔 @chiIdebi i’m so scared they’re going to make him ugly @datejagger spring clean 🧹im losing followers over this LMFAOOFJSKDwhite ppl dni @69childe haaaai @nanasproxy hachi ur GAY @mitskiwap tbh sometimes he does look a lil clapped @chrollohs is this becoming a trend now what ive always hated how dark my upper lip is im so confused- @mitskiwap NOOOOOif I dont have at least one tattoo and three more piercings by the end of this year I am going to be so disappointed in myself @gyrhoes just be supermodel height u can body it @obqnai oh I’m aware it’s his worm it’s just the edit is making me laugh bc wtf 😭 @obqnai NOW WHAT IS THIS @fushgruo head in hands @fushgruo LMAOOOXJDJDJDJD @outrosza HIS FACE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @femaIehyseria i do not have a clue i just saw it on pinterest 😫 @ruesjuuIes i do not share my placements w any of them 💔furfur
Retweeted by 🦇 @mitskiwap the wormthe fact that this is the song gege assigned to sukuna lmfaoo @tojihobi 😫 if i was rich my closet would be impeccable i need gojos moneywant i cud erase jjk from my memory and rewatch it from scratch to experience the serotonin it first gave me againfirst 4 @sighalexi this made my ego just 📈 @sanriofficiaI hes literally perfectooooo u wanna be mine so bad 🌀🌀🌀🌀 @TXT_members CUTIEmy bsf rly gave me a guided tour thru central london of all the cafes shes cried in @BTS_twt DUDE @BTS_twt I WANT TO SEE U TOOCan people share this plz:
Retweeted by 🦇 @hlvnga coughs @mastaniosaki most of the time my dreams are like that and then someone i like comes to save me tbh in surprised i… @mastaniosaki he was aristocracy and i was some commoner he just enjoyed spending time w and it was us at different… had a dream... about gojo
@nightsgravity LMFAOJDJDJD SORRY IM SURE NOTHING WILL HAPPEN @nightsgravity this reminds me of hush @zngtao U HAVENT? I think I have grown immune to it because I got exposed to that stuff quite young but if you’re w… @zngtao @piercedskulls u cried im cacklignfnfj @zngtao @piercedskulls U CRIED?!?!?! @zngtao @piercedskulls HUSH IS SO GOOD ITS NOT SCARY @zngtao @piercedskulls they are FUNif u follow me on spotify and see me listening to knives and pens at 12 am, mind ur business @mastaniosaki honestly im mostly split between dat and suknva @jaegerjjk oh its so cute @mastaniosaki ive had it saved for agesss its my backup accs @ rn @jaegerjjk anyway now imma just picture sukuna in his domain scrolling thru tiktok in his spare time when hes bored