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Photographer with a passion for nature, wildlife, travel, and politics 🇨🇦🇿🇦. Trump is a global problem. #Resist #BidenHarris2020 #TheRhinoCrash #Nikon 🌊

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Jason Miller is as good at campaigning as he is at paying child support.Only 11 days to go. Please convince everyone you know to vote for Joe. #BidenHarris2020
@TomCroteau1966 @small1ldy1 😂 @duchess5844 Have you seen Scarface?Trump’s concession speech is going to be like the final scene from Scarface. @Out5p0ken #TrumpCrimeFamily @roper_93 I’d actually love to know how many world leaders he’s spoken to in 2020. I suspect only a handful will ev… @Helenhs Pretty much. @Lincoln1710 I’ve been wondering that for the last couple of years.In that moment, Trump isn’t sure if he’s being offered some cocaine, or getting called out for snorting it. @idesignecourses @HMAvengeance It would be awesome if his dealer released a tell-all book in the next week or so.I don’t know if there’s enough cocaine on the planet to get DonJr through the next 11 days. #CocaineDon @gtconway3d @lorenza71319 I would love it if someone put up a wind farm just off the coast of Mar-A-Lago. @tonyposnanski I assume the margin of error is 0.5%?Trump is happy that 525 children will not be reunited with their families. He should be locked in a cage for the rest of his miserable life. @ida_skibenes The bar has been lowered so far over the past four years. @Out5p0ken @DonaldJTrumpJr When he gets arrested and has to go cold turkey, it’s not going to be pretty.Do you think @DonaldJTrumpJr realizes that drug addiction treatment won’t be covered if his dear old dad is re-elected? #CocaineDonThe finish line is in sight. Don’t let up. Only 11 days to go. Please convince everyone you know to vote for Joe.… @Acyn DonJr’s fear is palpable. He knows his life of privilege is about to come to an abrupt end.If you never want to see Donald Trump on a debate stage ever again, please vote. #BidenHarrisLandslide2020Biden won. Pass it on. #BidenWon
@RutherfordRocks #DonJrsCocaineTweets @RutherfordRocks DonJr’s fear is palpable. @richones1 @qigonguy Very well said 👏 @mollybenedum Looking at his history, I think someone has to be on the payroll. @mikalu_michael The turtle tucketh too much? @mollybenedum You don’t think he’s paying for the occasional tuck?Who’s tucking in Trump’s shirt these days? We all know it’s definitely not Melania. @davematt88 @blueheartedly Thinks or hopes? @CajPaLa Ivanka36C @Eiggam5955 Jr should lay off the nose candy a bit. @tonyposnanski @lynd2356 He’ll be screaming every time he’s muted. It’s going to be yet another train wreck for him. @B52Malmet @__ListenUp__ Junior will end up in prison eventually.Donald Trump is the world’s biggest baby. @ProjectLincoln President Sippy Cup @tonyposnanski @Barbie892 That we know of 😉 @ProjectLincoln 😂 @B52Malmet The son needs to go to jail. @k_kellykelly We’re going with Rudy on this one.Tucker Carlson’s name makes a whole lot more sense now. @TheRickWilson @ve10ve Or drugs. @valerina122 @FDLives 😂 🏆 @MeidasTouch Don’t mock Mitch. Everyone decomposes a bit after their 130th birthday.That time my mom caught me lying on my bed tucking in my shirt was so embarrassing. @ellinidata 😂Fun fact: Rudy is a cousin tucker. @clairecmc Does Rudy wear those clown pants to make shirt tucking easier? @MattEMac It definitely wasn’t the first time Rudy tucked in his shirt.I bet Rudy’s laptop has lots of shirt tucking material on it.
Does Trump have any friends who aren’t pedophiles? @mmpadellan The FBI should take a look at Rudy’s laptop.He thought she was 15. Perhaps the FBI should take a look at Rudy’s laptop. with a Russian spy. Rudy with an underage girl. Why hasn’t @RudyGiuliani been arrested yet? @pbump Rudy was caught playing with his Giuliani’s?If it only took Lesley Stahl 45 minutes to break @realDonaldTrump, how long do you think it took Putin? @donwinslow Such a great movie.If Trump’s got a secret bank account in China, how much do want to bet he’s got secret bank accounts in Russia and… @Stilltggirl @realDonaldTrump I think on Sunday.Since @realDonaldTrump had a temper tantrum and stormed off after 45 minutes during his 60 Minutes interview, I gue…
@DenaCass1 @kaitlancollins @angelakissesu @abdallahcnn @realDonaldTrump I know why 60 Minutes would book him, but w… @kaitlancollins @angelakissesu @abdallahcnn Who keeps booking @realDonaldTrump for these interviews? He’s a train s… @OhOEvie If Rick’s hit the liquor cabinet, there’s not going to be anything left for the rest of us. @MrsPeachyK1 It’s going to be a long day. Proper pacing will be essential. @DogginTrump Can we bet on this stuff in Vegas? @TheRickWilson Very well said. @Hadassah_Michal Bubbly will definitely be in the mix. @RosemaryDEM Or perhaps everything? 😉What drink pairs best with presidential humiliation? Time to start planning my menu. @PaulaPa04761511 Dragging Tiffany out of a nightclub to campaign for Donald just oozes fear and desperation.Have you noticed how the only people really out there campaigning for Trump are his family members? They all know t… you ever wanted to be a part of history? Here’s your chance. Get out there and vote. Only 14 days left to brin… tip: Don’t masturbate during zoom meetings. @RBReich What is this sleep thing that you speak of?
Rudy Giuliani worked with a Russian spy to manufacture evidence against a political opponent in order to interfere… @ohshari7 @sarahcpr Phew. Just wanted to make sure. I honestly couldn’t do your job. Or perhaps I should say that I… @Jess_asli It’s unbelievable that your numbers are still that high this far into the pandemic. Do stay safe. @PalmerReport @anjohne09 .@RudyGiuliani needs to be thrown in prison. @ohshari7 @sarahcpr I was in no way going after flight attendants. I hope you didn’t take it that way. It must be a… @Jess_asli All good thanks. The pandemic has been strange. Our numbers rose dramatically to 15k cases a day, and th… @Jess_asli Thank you Jess 😊 @tonyposnanski I travelled to Florida once. It was the weirdest week of my life.Dr. Fauci is a hero. @sarahcpr She seems nice. @acnewsitics Wow! @kirstiealley has really nailed the Steve Bannon unmade bed look. @sarahcpr @RexChapman You forgot the cocaine.I’m starting to think that Hunter and Hillary aren’t going to win this election. @JasonMillerinDC Where are your child support payments?What fresh hell awaits us today? @ProjectLincoln Lying in bed whining about algorithms is totally normal. 🙄 @lisastark351 Baby goats in pajamas @Thinknotfearnot There will definitely be a used diaper hidden somewhere in the Oval Office.When Trump loses, I just know he’s going to start peeing on the carpets. @thekjohnston 😂 @donwinslow @EricTrump @IvankaTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr Has anyone looked into whether or not they actually passed thos… hasn’t @RudyGiuliani been arrested?
@thekjohnston How many people got tear gassed for this church photo op? @AuthorKimberley My pleasure! If they are going to target him, they’ve got lots of material to work with.