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@SlickTV_ Contest me in weeping woods and we got a deal 🤣🤣🤣 @ItsAPooleParty_ @Alcatraztic Keep dreaming @skaihss its the song name dumbass @habibti_999 Ily, I hope whoever sleeps on you remembers these tweets, because they fucked up. @habibti_999 @HitBox_Hiros @ValorCentral @GameChangersVal @GCreporter My biggest vouch Ofc 🙏I am officially LFT -tournament exp in GC T2/T3 -immo 3 352 RR peak -highly motivated & disciplined -open schedule…
Retweeted by aKAnyone with a brain should pick her up and take this opportunity, I saw the potential in her and told her to immedi…
@TSM_ProdigyAces im keeping your brother in my prayers, may allah help you guys <3My Lil bro is missing. If yall can rt for me it would be appreciated. Last seen in Sacramento 🙏
Retweeted by aK @ctrrlz I want my 25 back @adinross Haanzer @DevinMM30 Undertaker theme song is just legendary @portman7387 Why are the odds so bad for a stolen base… it should be wayyyy more imo @habibti_999 @AMEsocials 🤜🫡 @Shini440 Lets get a few games in before you leave brotha 🖤
@vinny_cenz Alright bet @vinny_cenz okay, I'm trusting you. the secret lab one just looks like a flat bread and has no lower back support,… @AltHudyy Link? @99revize where is the back support;.... looks like a flat piece of wood.. @notzaruh There’s just no way it’s that good for $700. It just doesn’t look like it has support at all @jawsho Ok good someone told me it’s SOOOO good 😂😂 @habibti_999 @RealStrongLegs Ily @AndrewOnyx_ Ima meditate and go to sleep onyx. Goodnight buddy @AndrewOnyx_ Sigh :/ @slayZon_ Oh no bro. Ily stay safe 😂😂 @whxsvinny Not for me sadly @cryptXVAL literally me 9-18 win, 19-8 lose. @Kehnys_ That was skill @Glorinsz @habibti_999 I told her she can do it. She’s fucking amazing in every aspect. Love it for her. 🥺 @slayZon_ Learning from me I guess? 🙄🥶 can't tell if they with me or they plottin on me 🤬
Retweeted by aKDAY 2 DOWN!!! MADE TOP 16! - WE QUALIFIEDDD FOR #VCTGameChangers TOMORROW!!! :D
Retweeted by aK @habibti_999 good job, I'm very very proud of you. you've come a long way.If you stress a lot or have bad anxiety, trust me meditate for a few minutes and deep breathing. It literally worke… @AMEsocials @SlayaVAL @Hitbox_NA @ValorCentral okeyyyy🇨🇦 Happy Canada Day! 🇨🇦 To celebrate let's give you all another opportunity to enter our $50 #Giveaway! 🎉🎊 Simply…
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@habibti_999 im her duo guys, im immortal too @K3YL0GGING @habibti_999 Wish I could say I was. @habibti_999 NICE bb, tmr is ur day!!
@Reetlol Ur an NPC @favsfn Roblox eh @Rallied Whatchu know about some beef shawarma with some of that sweet sauce and fries 😫 @ShamsCharania @TheAthletic @Stadium LMFAOOO @Hebrew__Hammers View looks so sickThese are kids who shouldn’t be going through something like this, the donations help orphans in Syria and Palestin… @_deeptruthh @Naydas209 How have u been Diego. Long timeI miss my old energy like damn i was so happy before.
Retweeted by aKBefore I delete everything off of my computer I’m going to be making a video full of clips from 7 months up until n…
@felonystat But do u hit a Bugatti?!!! @GeorgasEvan @habibti_999 @EclipseVin @x0Starlight Is that ascend 2 talking to me? @EclipseVin now u and i can duo and we ditch these two? @x0Starlight @habibti_999 @cwaudiia i have 1 match played in an official on sova. over a year ago lmao @cwaudiia 700k views 😂 @_mahid_ LMFAOOOO he’s a menace fuck with Andrew tate heavy, there are some comments that I don’t agree with, but he’s overall the top G! 😂 @branted707 @zacklombardo It’s not good. @TrippyN2L Back to bed we go @ItsGamerDoc Knew he was cheating
100% cheating , spectated him pre aiming walls dropping 40 kills and shit 😂 @ConcertsByRap @TBEDylan When it rains it poursgod sent me an angel fr fr, grateful ♾ <3 @Justinovah Requested @habibti_999 Oh ok sorry.Need an active clan high level only to join lmk @habibti_999 HELLO @Jonaaa6_VAL Use them as motivation to keep you going, you’re not lonely you got a ton of people that care for you… @Jonaaa6_VAL It’s okay to feel down sometimes Jon, sometimes stress and anxiety may get the best of us, the people… @NahsieTV Embiid typa stats @skaihss ?
@MaIawi ? I play ranked for fun with my girl and I’m still better than all of them @habibti_999 ❤️ beautiful soul. @habibti_999 Ya nice shots babe! @fvckstar What did I just read… @ChellGod7 Anything but the gambling degen mode. Everything else FIRE @GeorgasEvan @Avalanche 2 of those loses were in OT im pretty sure @Avalanche @GeorgasEvan They had an insane run this year for sure
Alway thankful for who I have, and what I have. Stay blessed. 🫡❤️ @ProfessorSoop @ctrrlz Stop being a pussy and do something instead of tweeting. @ctrrlz @ProfessorSoop 😂😂😂 @lolmoola It’s true tho, I’ve been through some shit as a kid in Syria,so grateful for having what I have nowIf this isn’t the realist shit @slothsuu lmaooooooooo @habibti_999 my baby so good
@reprive_ Good job buddy @x0Starlight @EclipseVin But, I’m a bitch? @habibti_999 :( u did ur best @habibti_999 Good luck baby you got this ❤️
@jawgemo Happy birthday brudda @ProfessorSoop Good luck bro, no more depressing shit. @CoachJoe__ @Rawkus Not that my vouch means shit, but he’s a grinder^ @CoachJoe__ @Rawkus Vouch @ProfessorSoop Valorant has a new season rn, new map coming, get in the lab practice grind, fuck all that depressing shit. @ProfessorSoop Yeah I’m so fucking annoyed going to bed rn but that doesn’t mean shit, get our ur feelings and get some rest. Grind tmr @ProfessorSoop Stop saying shit like this, it’s okay just put ur head down and grind @habibti_999 @neemamahmoodi Aw thanks baby 🥺❤️ @Ban_Val Some people have like 10 wins just from people ffing
@Scottie_FPS Simple, thanks for the tip. Will do @lolmoola @Cented7 I mean yeah I guess, but he’s a Canadian so prolly shouldn’t fuck around with the law there and…