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yesterday a viral tweet went around about Shirley Chisholm being the first black presidential candidate. Charlene M…
Retweeted by Shahd Khidir - Had You at SalaamIngredients that help with hyperpigmentation (thread) - Arbutin - Kojic Acid - Vitamin C - Niacinamide - Alpha & B…
Retweeted by Shahd Khidir - Had You at SalaamAnd thus, I’m in a position of power! So take that!I can’t wait to tattletale on all you britches to my therapist tomorrow. And she’s definitely taking my side not be…
@REXOM_666 You know what lmfaooo you 100% right and this reminds me I need to make an appointment with the optometrist 😭😭😭😭I keep leaving the house without my books. Last week I spent 2 hours at the hair salon doing nothing while getting… @Eimanonly Eman Ana bahebeeik shadeed 😹😹😹😹 @Eimanonly LmfaooooooThis is the only acceptable answer 😹😹😹 saw this and remembered 😹😹😹😹 mom insisted in 2013 I need to be saved as a Muslim girl so I had to take weekend 101 classes with the sheikhs w…[W]ear [A] [P]mask
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Retweeted by Shahd Khidir - Had You at Salaam6 years ago today RIP Mike Brown! We won't forget!
Retweeted by Shahd Khidir - Had You at Salaam @AunteeRik Absolutely
My cousins and sister all have a weekly Islamic lesson and the only real lesson they get weekly is that I’m the worst Muslim amongst themShould I buy a new condo or a new body??? I can only afford one
@theskinpriest Is that Hawaiian tropic approved!!!!Everytime I fix my sleep I just wonder why? Like what exactly am I doing during the day?Just logged in my food on my @fitbit for the first time since March and now I feel bad seeing my food diary. I’m su… mean, my mom, she not wrong. But still @hadyouatsalaam in the Analees! Wear these beauties with everything from tailored suits to cropped trousers.…
Retweeted by Shahd Khidir - Had You at SalaamMy mom went her dr’s and ran into the nutritionist who asked her how I’m doing and ma’s like, “she got really fat,… ewooo, it’s me!
@wdnas95 @_iw77_ Ya habibi you’re always so so kind to me💖 I really appreciate youMy sister asked me if I was a vegetable what would I be? And I said spinach! It’s really good for you. You can cook… @itsgenae @celaiwest1 @MateoTheDragonn @MakeupForWOC Oh wow!!!!قبل سنه اتشاكلت مع الاكس و نزلت كلمات زاد الشجون - محمد الامين "مافى عيشه بلاك بتبقى" مع صوره رد لي واحد قال لي اهو… Eid Al-Adha my @Waterpik saved my life.Megan Thee Stallion does it all: "I was late for an awards show last year because I had to finish a final. I’m fi…
Retweeted by Shahd Khidir - Had You at SalaamMust be hard to carry a show on your back without a proper storyline
Retweeted by Shahd Khidir - Had You at SalaamI haven’t been brushing my teeth at night lately bc I stay eating til the LAST MINUTE b4 going to sleep. When I tri… @celaiwest1 @MateoTheDragonn @MakeupForWOC @cerave But it’s only spf 30. Do they have an spf 50?
تقريبا ماشين بي مبداء "اختلاف الراي لا يفسد للود قضيه" بس قليل جدا بي نسبت ١٪ بس برضو ماشين بيو 😹😹😹😹😹😹بس العيد دا قضيت احلا تلاته ايام مع اهلي القراب شديد. اربع عائلات مختلفه من بعض بس برضو اهل و مترابطين و اتبسطنا جد…عندي راي كبير في العرس و الزواج و الاسره النوويه و الاعراس الكبيره و مراسم العرس و في نظري كلها ضياع زمن و ماديات ف… @a_ajyad @BINTALNILE Because it’s true wallahi @BINTALNILE This is impossible I’m the most tranquil person ever.I keep getting bullied at home by @BINTALNILE and her mother and her mother’s mother. And I just sit there like “ok… @wdnas95 You’re very very sweet 😘 thank you so much 💕
Retweeted by Shahd Khidir - Had You at SalaamAminé has some of the best visuals. his visual game >>>>>
Retweeted by Shahd Khidir - Had You at SalaamAnuel AA talks money
Retweeted by Shahd Khidir - Had You at SalaamI mean, I have a very basic knowledge of web design/development (re: MySpace/Tumblr/ H.S. html classes) but yeah.Why is that? If I can do everything in house and streamline that through Google why the h*ll would I outsource to a…’ve been with Google Domains and G Suite for 4 hours today and yesterday for 2 hours. It was so tedious but at lea… @MulaTaqwa Thank you love 💖It's ya girl
A thread about some #EastAfrica-n journalists who are imprisoned for their work and are vulnerable to #COVID19 behi…
Retweeted by Shahd Khidir - Had You at SalaamSoon as I woke up today I promised myself a nap 😴!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Shahd Khidir - Had You at SalaamAny Black content creators wanna join a group chat?
Shoutout to the Family that really slayed #EidAlAdha @imancipated1 @BINTALNILE @hadyouatsalaam @distractedura 3 day…
Retweeted by Shahd Khidir - Had You at SalaamEid day three! #EidMubarak
This was a poor decision but now I got the itis and Fajjr is 10mins away and iont think I will make it 😞😞😞 ughhhhhCancel rent. What’s not clicking?
Retweeted by Shahd Khidir - Had You at SalaamIt’s 2:36PM and iont neva eat Adha meat, do I need a frozen pizza?????????? Yes or yes????this is what i expect every morning from my husband
Retweeted by Shahd Khidir - Had You at Salaam @its_mafaz Thank you sooo much 🥺💖 @SHVHD9 @elafadam5 ? @pmonoc @reinan_koubani Thank you darling 💖 @SOoly_sam Thank you my love💖💖💖💖 eid Mubarak to you! @Samandollar Thank you so are you 💖 @Woodie_zack Thank you babe @OMGitsSawsan Thank you sooo much babe @imti_AlRiyami Same to you beautiful @REXOM_666 Rexomiiiiiiiiiiiii 💖 eid Mubarak @majnon_rassmi Thank you, lol but I kindly decline 🌺 @Mazin_ci @majnon_rassmi ما تتكلم في الأشكال عشان ما في صالحك يا قطط انت @MWillian22 @majnon_rassmi ويعني؟I say this once a week but on god idk how to use this app (I AM embarrassed)Eid day two! 🌼🌸🌺 #EidMubarak @distractedura @BINTALNILE Influencer’s club baby
Eid Mubarak 🤎 #EidAlAdha2020Mubarak #EidMubarak SIKE!
It is with great regret that The Ministry of Shahd at Had You at Salaam and the Council of Cute and Bad B*tches ann…
Most of the world is off limits for Americans
Retweeted by Shahd Khidir - Had You at SalaamCalling ya shorty emotional really not it, that’s gaslighting.
Retweeted by Shahd Khidir - Had You at SalaamI am an extremely light sleeper and usually my sleep is restless. Wearing a blindfold helps very much because I am…’ve been sleeping with my @fitbit for around two weeks and it really is helpful to see myself patterns at night. B… even care about Eid like that. It’s mostly out of filial piety at this point. So technically it doesn’t even m… also, Eid is tomorrow. And I don’t have The Outfit. But the other outfit I was thinking of just wearing and gett… how Dro fixed his teeth for S2. That was wack also. And I still wish that Kelli had more time on screen. Kelli… think it’s a good show. But I don’t like it. I also really like the diversity of the friends circle, and people t… love how it touches on so many important topics that we need to discuss in the black community. And how it’s like… started watching @insecurehbo to connect with my teen cousin whom I’m at least ten years older than. I don’t like…
NO, I got lipo money to give my grandma a fashion show of my potential Eid looks to help me pick out my eid outfit.Revoking someone’s access to you is the biggest flex.
Retweeted by Shahd Khidir - Had You at SalaamI have a joke about feminism but actually it's not funny.
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When it is finally safe to travel I’m going to Italy to visit a friend. I woke up and saw a picture of her on Insta… Shaun King is launching ANOTHER Something Something Justice Something. And it’s the MOST IMPORTANT WORK OF HIS…
Retweeted by Shahd Khidir - Had You at SalaamMy latest for the FT: anonymity is helping #MeToo reach communities beyond the mainstream and empowering women from…
Retweeted by Shahd Khidir - Had You at SalaamSome 120 said to be killed or wounded in attack in Sudan's Darfur region - U.N.
Retweeted by Shahd Khidir - Had You at SalaamReminder: the protests have continued, but they're not being covered because....they're not dramatic confrontations?
Retweeted by Shahd Khidir - Had You at SalaamMy mom been calling me sha3ar shytan all quarentine @YourFavTwink_ Oh I meant your comment lolOne time in Sudan I went to a random wedding and suddenly they started beating the sh*t out of each other and yo I… @YourFavTwink_ Wait what does this mean??I have an Instagram joke but it doesn’t have an influencer yet.