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Elyse Hahne @Hahne_Elyse Grapevine, TX

Social Emotional Life skills T, Emerging Leader ‘19, light bulb seeker, encourager, connector, #gratefuledu mod, & believer of learning something new daily.

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Research shows that teachers' relationships with their administrators serve as one of the most influential reasons…
Retweeted by Elyse Hahne @Maire_from_NJ My family is not off of work even though I am sitting in a good PD. @KimAman_abe 100% agree. @ErmaLuis1 I love your response. @appalachiansch1 No worriesA4 We can reach out to our PLN and beyond through tools for connections. @Skype, @GoogleHangout, and more. #BuildHOPEEduA3 To strengthen relationships with administration, be visible in what you do and invite them in. Having a partners… High schoolers who went to the elementary, grandparents, civic leaders are go tos to invite in. #BuildHOPEeduWhile there's no #altedchat tonight, I can't wait to chat with you next week when we dive into supporting the socia… @Sansone39 @ilovechalkdust @caselorg 100% agree. Social stories aren't just for sped though. So many students benefit from them. #vbselchatA3 If we want our students to talk and converse, we must be willing to create a culture of safety so that they feel… @ilovechalkdust @caselorg Role playing is huge too. #vbselchatA2 If we want students to handle conflict, we have to teach them explicitly how and model many opportunities. #vbselchatA1 Providing structure and protocol for what is happening next for students is highly effective as well as using visuals. #VBSELchatGood evening everyone. Elyse from Texas. I teach K-5 social emotional life skills. Excited to chat #vbselchatA4 Twitter has been my lifeline Professionally. I get so much encouragement and professional growth from it. Lookin… @crod11218 Thank you! It was a rough week.A2 PBL and genius hour help learners be problem solvers and questioners of the world around them. #BookCampPDA1 Empathy allows our students to take note of what others feel. This allows them to connect to one another. Our st… @Rdene915 Great to see you Rachelle. #bookcamppdGood evening everyone. Elyse In Texas. I didn’t do anything exciting but I did rest and cleaned out several piles t… @AmandaNew4 Thank you so much for joining us. #gratefuledu @ErmaLuis1 Love this. @BK3DSci So glad you joined us. Have a wonderful week. #gratefuledu @mjjohnson1216 Aw, thank you.Thank you so much to everyone who joined in tonight. Join #gratefuledu on March 1 as we dive into seeing the good o… @AmandaNew4 Positive referrals rock! They work well at my campus. #gratefuledu @AmandaNew4 I love how you mentioned it fills your bucket too. I feel the same way. #gratefuleduQuestion 4: What is one way you will celebrate the good around you this week? #gratefuledu @AmandaNew4 Oh my goodness. This gives me chills. I am so glad he’s okay. #gratefuleduA3 I am all about twitter shoutouts and handwritten notes. Something that is meaningful and sincere. #gratefuleduQuestion 3: Gratitude encompasses so many things. Share out your favorite way to celebrate the good around you with… @Hahne_Elyse A1) #gratefuledu Amazing place to call home away from home. The people I call my #village -…
Retweeted by Elyse Hahne @ErmaLuis1 Love this. #gratefuledu @BK3DSci That’s wonderful. #gratefuleduA2 My classroom salvaged the week with valentines kindness and celebrations on Th/F. They really brought a smile to… @PreK33 I totally hear ya. Lots of awesome celebrations though. #gratefuledu @BK3DSci @USNavy This awesome! Please tell him congratulations. What an accomplishment. #gratefuleduQuestion 2: What is something you have highlighted and celebrated for someone else in your area this past week?… @dmvelliaris So are mine too! #gratefuledu @PreK33 This is too cool! #gratefuledu @PaulONeill1972 Love this, Paul. #gratefuledu @mjjohnson1216 That is so cool. #gratefuledu @RhodesBeland Oh no. Please feel better soon. Everything seems to be so ramped right now. @mjjohnson1216 Love birthday celebrations. #gratefuleduQuestion 1: Celebrations happen often. What is something you have celebrated this past month or two? #gratefuledu @ErmaLuis1 Hi Erma! Great to see you! #gratefuledu @mjjohnson1216 Thank you Meredith! I am too. #gratefuledu @PreK33 Hello Kris! Great to see you. #gratefuleduHi everyone! I’m Elyse and I am a K-5 Life skills Teacher. I am grateful to be moving on past pneumonia and the flu… to #gratefuledu. Let’s start with introductions.
In a little over 30min, join #gratefuledu to celebrate the heart of gratitude. See you soon. know... it is entirely possible to encourage fellow educators without tearing another group of educators down i…
Retweeted by Elyse Hahne @tamaraletter I loved your #Sundayseven this week!
A4 Own your voice; you can do amazing things. Be bold, be brave, be you! #leadlapA3 Meaningful conversations rock; mine was Friday. Having people in our corner to support our students matters. #leadlap @TraciBrowder 💜A2 I am passionate about having solid relationships with students to support them every day! We face struggles together. #leadlap @burgessdave Thank you so much, Dave. #leadlapA1 One superpower I practice with everyday is gratitude for the work others do and acknowledging that. #LeadLAPGood morning everyone. Elyse In Texas Jumping In. #LeadLAP @laurabeess 100% agree! I had this same convo with a student yesterday. #crazyplnJoin #gratefuledu on Sunday, 2/16, to celebrate the heart of gratitude. I can’t wait to chat with you. One Common surprise is that our students truly crave mindfulness. They need to be told it’s okay to have differe… Combine Art to express mindfulness. My students eat up art and this gives them an outlet. #crazypln As mindfulness is a skill that everyone needs, we do different breathing exercises, talk about our feelings, and… @laurabeess Thank you so much, Laura. #crazyplnA1 Mindfulness in my classroom and personal life looks like acknowledging that is hard and taking time to decompres… @Kbahri5 Thank you so much. Good morning #crazyplnGood morning everyone. Elyse In Texas Jumping In. #CrazyPLNThe smile says it all. It was a fabulous Friday! #gesshineon
@GESMsFortune has a very special place in our hearts. #gesshineon @champforkids @Shapiro_WTHS @ChristineBemis2 @bbray27 @StaffPodcast @PHausEDU @mikefauteux @iluveducating @GESMsFortune Oh my heart! @MissFLee1 Congratulations!!
After an unexpected illness and having to take 3.5 days off of school, I was greeted with cards and love today. P… @ChrisQuinn64 @StantonAlana @support_a_teach @teacherasleader @TIAscience @HalLRoberts @TAYLOR_does_IT loves the new Sensory Path. Thank you GCISD Special Education Department! What a great resource for all!…
Retweeted by Elyse Hahne @CarolinePresle1 @GESCErvin Priceless!
@ChouinardJahant Thank you! It’s slow progress but I’m trying.
#gratefuledu will not be held tonight due to personal illness. I look forward to chatting with you all next week on…
Got this sweet note on my car today. Love how our administration sees us and makes us feel valued! #gesshineon
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Third place for @GESStars in state Bowling! #gesshineon @GCISD_SO guy has been cheering on everyone today. His smile is contagious! @SLExDstars @GCISD_SO bowling for @GCISD_SO. #teambce #gesshineon “rocks”3 ways. It’s a slow process to change Earth’s surface. @GESAlexander #gesshineon
Retweeted by Elyse HahneA little sand and talk to start our morning. #gesshineon @Virginia_Stout Sensory paths don’t have to be fancy like ours. We had a path set up with duct tape last year and i…
Second grade loves our new sensory path. #gesshineon"There are many ways our emotions can be externalized. Little ones also need to express what they feel in some way.…
Retweeted by Elyse HahneThird grade is rocking math! #gesshineon @GESCStill love visits from @GESCErvin ❤️#gesshineon Trauma invested practices work with consistency. Truly being invested takes effort and work. It’s not a one day thing. #pln365A3 When done correctly, trauma invested practices are highly effective and do work with fidelity and consistency. #pln365 @Super2ndsMrsJ @champforkids Yes she does. :)A2 There’s all sorts of different trauma models. It’s not just a say it and do it method. It takes years to become trauma informed #pln365A1 Trauma informed practices #pln365 @champforkids Take time to find the right one. It matters. @Super2ndsMrsJ Yes! I’ve recently started going more and while it’s hard—it was time.A4 My amazing learning liaison @GESCErvin started a walking club this week. It was something to do at the end of th…