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Elyse Hahne @Hahne_Elyse Grapevine, TX

Social Emotional Life skills T, Emerging Leader ‘19, light bulb watcher, encourager, connector, #gratefuledu mod, & believer of learning something new daily.

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@GESCErvin She was sooo cute! @ges_pta the carnival was amazing! Thank you for your hard work! #gesshineon @lisakayroberts He was priceless!
Carnival slide fun #gesshineon @appalachiansch1 Woo hoo!! CongratsA6 Don’t forget to just read. Our students connect to social emotional read alouds and the characters. #TxCharacterDayA4 Show gratitude in the words you speak and the actions you take every day. #TxCharacterDayA3 We put the human back in education and realize that we must meet social emotional needs throughout the day and n… I truly believe caring embodies so many aspects of what we want our students to do. #TxCharacterDayA1 Our campus has family values that we recite and practice daily. Setting goals Taking risks Accepting differenc… Thank you for your commitment to being a School of Character. What are the core values in your character build…
Retweeted by Elyse Hahne @BarbaraGruener Awe, thank you! I couldn’t miss #txcharacterdayGood evening everyone. Elyse In Texas. Social emotional life skills T & I’d color the world with quotes to empower… & graphing numbers is so sweet! #gesshineon
ADHD mirror traits.
Retweeted by Elyse HahneFourth grade honors our veterans with fields of Poppies. Thanks to all for their service 🇺🇸@GESMauldin @GESBailey
Retweeted by Elyse HahneHave you heard? We're celebrating #TxCharacterDay all day long and capping it off with a one-time chat tonight at 6…
Retweeted by Elyse HahneFoodie Friday mashup with ghost cookies and lots of smiles. #gesshineon #gratefuledu this Sunday at 6CST/7EST to cultivate gratitude and thankfulness around us. 4 questions, 30min to… @JaclynT10 You are not alone. I had to just stop and put my feet up tonight. It’s okay.Join #PD4uandme this Saturday morning and share your grateful heart with us 🧡🍂 @teresagross625 @specialtechie
Retweeted by Elyse Hahne"Nine times out of 10, the story behind the misbehavior won't make you angry, it will break your heart." - Annette…
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A sneak peek at Q2 (TY @houstonkraft)for tomorrow night's #TXCharacterDay chat; join us at 6:30 pm CST to share wha…
Retweeted by Elyse HahneAn amazing presentation and supports for students with anxiety! @Filibuster3 @MrsBarnett_Tchr My students choose songs on YouTube and love dancing to them. #spedtechchatA4 Listening to holiday music. Whether it’s instrumental or for kids, it lightens the mood. #spedtechchat @Filibuster3 Very true! I write out and still have similar demands and activities every day. #spedtechchatA3 We love making ornaments. Swirled paint & gingerbread. #spedtechchatA2 I have sensory seekers, avoiders, & a mix between. Knowing your students matters. We do headphones, books, and s… @KristinOropeza Happy to chat. I was tagged so I’m trying to stay awake. #SpedtechchatA1 I’m all about thematic and highlighting every student’s favorites. To see magic unfold in front of their eyes is… everyone. Elyse In Texas. Social emotional life skills T. I’m a sucker for snickerdoodle scents from afar. #SpEdTechChatWeekly Challenge! Fall in LOVE with YOUR Journey Find a quiet place and make a list of 10 things you love about yo…
Retweeted by Elyse HahneA4 You lean on others and extend grace to yourself. You’re one person who can try to do it all but can’t all the ti…'s keep #WorldKindnessDay going as we build HOPE & GRATITUDE. Join me & my co-host @raspberryberet3 with guest…
Retweeted by Elyse HahneA4 We can take the time to ask them how they’re doing, what we can help with, and care! #txedA3 I look around me. Who is in front of me every day has my heart & they make me laugh. It’s so worth the struggles… When the weight of the world seems too great, we must take a step & remember our why in education, our purpose,… Teaching allows us to see so many facets in our day. There’s a lot of pulling and we have to notice when it’s to… @teachchoice It really is.A1 I am extremely blessed to have a close circle of friends, family, and our dogs outside of school who bring me jo… @PrincipalOgg Always wonderful to chat! #txed @teachchoice Hi Misty!A1 I am thankful for the JOY my students bring every morning to my soul. #txedHey y’all. Elyse In Grapevine, Texas. Social emotional life skills T. #txed @MelissaRathmann Hi friend!Good evening all. Elyse in Texas. My favorite part of the day is the JOY my students greet me with first thing in t…
Working harder than your students doesn't do them any good. Forget the mentality that WE have all the answers for s…
Retweeted by Elyse Hahne @gstew2 YES!A7 I give every person the time of day, believe in their ability, and love to see them succeed. #CultureEDA6 Self care used to be on the back burner. Now I have it set on my calendar and don’t move it. From disconnecting… Every day is an opportunity to serve, lead with a positive mindset, and listen fully. Model community through fe… @SteveWatts_ It happens often. Gradual release must be a process our students go through.A3 At first, we must check our own bias and realize we need to shift our mindset & practices to reach those we may… Collaboration is fueled through inquiry. Let kids play and inquire new skills while participating in coding. #codebreakerA3 Looking big picture: coding is more than just bots and direction. It’s problem solving, collaboration, hard work… Listening for a voice to be heard & valued, having the ability to choose instead of being told, & having a sense… Encourage Collaboration and exploration. It doesn’t have to be a bot to engage students. Use unplugged activitie… The phrase “we’ve always done it this way” is a huge hindrance in education. The ability to be authentic can als… Honestly, I have them explore at first. It’s an open concept. #codebreaker @teresagross625 The feels like was 9* this morning. 28* now. #codebreaker @josephpmarquis For Texas, it’s cold.Elyse checking in from a cold Texas. #codebreakerHi everyone. Elyse In Texas & I teach K-5 Social Emotional Life Skills. Excited to chat #cultureedA3 One of my high school teachers told me I had a heart for caring for others. Still holds true every day. #pln365A2 The words I heard when I was struggling broke me as a student by one teacher. Just because I didn’t do well didn… Every single student has a piece of my heart & I will fight for the services and supports they need every day. #PLN365A4 Yes! Does it have a ways to go? Yes too! Stem, steam, design schools, and more have opportunity to create. #stucentclass #teachmindful @ChouinardJahant Glad to been able to join in. #teachmindful #stucentclassA3 When one doesn’t have self confidence the ability to be expressive in creativity is dampened. #stucentclass #teachmindfulA2 I consider myself creative with graphics. I’m not an artist but can be purposeful. #stucentclass #teachmindful
@renathunderhawk Oh my goodness. Sending good thoughts and prayers.“If you keep your focus on serving students, then you are on the right path.” @gcouros
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A8 Common language and expectations while remembering we are working with humans and always have something to learn… By being real! Model, model, model, stop & practice when things go array, and extend grace. #WATeachLeadA4 My campus utilizes conscious discipline. We practice different breathing techniques, share breathing techniques,… @larkscience Yes! Anything to take out the words verbally. #wateachleadA3 I use hand gestures (like a thumb up or down) and visuals. All students can benefit from visuals. It’s not alway… Positive Self talk is huge for our students. “I can do hard things” “I can try x” goes a long way! #WATeachLeadA2 Even the littlest elementary students have big aspirations. Asking them what they want to do when they grow up a… everyone! Elyse checking in from TX. One of my favorite SEL people is @BarbaraGruener. Not only is she inspirati… Hard to say, but if you follow @ChristineBemis2 you’ll see one everyday. I have no idea where she finds but the…
Retweeted by Elyse HahneDon’t let others steal your shine!! Be you no matter what!!
Retweeted by Elyse HahneBonus question! There are so many favorite quotes. Here’s a few #teachpos @kjlcole I joined late too. Glad I wasn’t the only one. 😄A3 Connections with staff cultivate the culture and community with the school. We’re apart of something greater & w… @LindaEdwardsi Hi Linda! @Shapiro_WTHS Hi Craig! Just landed so I thought I would jump in.A1 We can be human and extend grace to one another. We can ask how their day is, we can listen, and we can be treat…
Seven keys to tackling teacher tension #ascdcel Social and Emotional Learning via @edutopia #JoyfulLeaders #SEL
Retweeted by Elyse Hahne @MatthewXJoseph @ManuelScott @PrincipalKafele @basil_marin @conniehamilton @mssackstein @KyleHamstra @alinadavis @ManuelScott is speaking the truth!!! People in your life will either be wings to carry you higher or weights teari…
Retweeted by Elyse Hahne“Show love and gratitude EVERYDAY to your fellow educators around you.” @ManuelScott I am so blessed to work daily…
Retweeted by Elyse HahneWhat's the alternative to PBIS? Building a real, authentic community. Please read Troublemakers by Carla Shalaby. P…
Retweeted by Elyse HahneEveryone has a wing holding you up or a weight holding you back. Cut the weights & cling to the wings. Cling to the… @kwildehealey @ManuelScott I totally understand. You are amazing! The wounds we have don't define us but are apart… @ManuelScott reminds us that our eyes are the windows to our souls. What we go through and experience matters. They… @ChrisQuinn64 @LeanoraBenton3 @Maire_from_NJ @ElemCoach @ASMILEwithAnna @StantonAlana @melanie_korach ladies definitely Practice what you preach! @mssackstein @conniehamilton thank you! @ASCDconf
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