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@vhackerglow thank you hun I appreciate it!! I love you lots mwah💕 @Riley42124278 I love u b!& thank u so so much @wavesssss_ tysm love!!❤️hi guys I don’t think imma be very active till next week bc I wanna enjoy my time while I’m in America :). I hope y… @immzypriv I’ll literally kiss u @jmscupid As u mf should @whosmichela Me 24/7bye!
Retweeted by hails🧚🏻‍♂️ @chasingroronoa I’ll cry rn ur too kind❤️ @chasingroronoa ur very pretty @Riley42124278 I’d kiss u @emotionaIhighs mineeeei lowkey don’t like this but yeah! 5”2 Shoe size: 6 Zodiac sign: Aquarius Tattoos: 1 Piercings: 6 on ears, nose and belly button Fav drink: w… TOLD ME TO POST ALL SO HERE YA GO
Retweeted by hails🧚🏻‍♂️ @CRUELBASSETT AW I SEE ME WTF ILY @jmscupid OFC
amor e ódio por essas fotos, sei lá
Retweeted by hails🧚🏻‍♂️ @vinniehacker boy what da hell @allyebel OOPSIES @katie_missimerr ILY @kkathhyy_ ILY HUN @theresastlouis IMMA TRY BB @SHINlGAMIEYES TRYING FR @teenyyy__ KKWOAOQOQPO @jmscupid we tryna grind frfr @vhackerglow HELP WE DONT TALK ABT IT @glittereggo SHH @grace_schug GAHHHH @calwmshood IM TRYIN FR @yslarii HELP @avgnate I’m tryin @Riley42124278 BUT I DID @avgnate OMG @Riley42124278 LAPOAOAOQOOOQOQOQI’m keeping this up for like 5 mins💀 @toxicthoughts69 Cuties!!!I can not wait to spend the summer in America, fuck Canada fr @chasingroronoa That looks SO GOOD @immzypriv I HAVE MY PHONE ON DND 24/7 SO I ACC SAW NOTHING😭 @immzypriv STOP IT ILYSM BB @immzypriv UR SO FLAWLESS OMFGGOSISIS @CLOVERANGXL Okok @zzoooeee_ No. @jmscupid nah bc ur so fucking fine @navstfu memememememe
@zzoooeee_ moi @zoezoezoe__ Very interesting! @chefhomiekwon aww thanks kwon @chefhomiekwon okie @immzypriv @thatwhoresage @glittereggo SAYS U GORGEOUS @simpforspongey AHHH THANK U LUV❤️ @ballsvlg All u bb @jules_slvt HEYYYY @steezysausage UR TOO SWEET @Unofficialgoof 😩❤️ @yassalves__ PLS ILY @keishanaelvie OFCOFC @alyaasucks pls kiss me @vinniespoison BET @nwtvegas I TRY @o0ga_b0ga69 yes! @yassalves__ ILY FR @katie_missimerr So gorgeous bb @glittereggo @immzy_ I love @katie_missimerr I LOVE YOU PRETTY❤️❤️ @hackerswrld i miss u!!❤️ @sweetsaltysavge does he work in the food court or is just always there?? @sweetsaltysavge AS U SHOULD @navstfu i love u nav ur too sweet for this world:(<3 you deserve only the best. @sleepingsyrens weirdos @hackerswrld me<3 @syIv1a ONG THIS MEANS SM COMING FROM YOU THANK U GORGEOUS <333 @Riley42124278 SO MUXH LOVE FOR U❤️ @vhackerglow U MAKE MY HEART MELT KAI XO<3 @kkathhyy_ only for u😩 @yslarii GAH ILYSM BB @museinmendes AHHHH❤️❤️ @breena_rr BRE MY BABY ILYSM @jmscupid OFC ALWAYS @jmscupid Hello have u seen urself bb?!?! @isabellasks I’m in love with u🙃🙃 @afkings ur so beautiful my love
@sleepingsyrens Sounds like a great plan tbh! @sleepingsyrens There no more fire tweets left @sleepingsyrens Me 24/7 @jackmanswh0re woooho @betzylopeezzz YES FOR FREE @Unofficialgoof BAHAHAH @deIilqh SO ABSOLUTELY PERFECT @jackmanswh0re Sobbing @glittereggo BITCH U FAMOUS @thisaintilaria I’m not ok. @zzoooeee_ NO I MISS U @jmscupid BABES U R SO HOT @jmscupid UM HOLY SHIT @Iovealilmore You’re so beautiful it’s unreal. @glittereggo SANDRA??????