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Rock n Roll. Good Times. Dive Bars. Tacos. Nachos. Miller Lite. Cowboys, Rangers, Mavs and Longhorns!

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Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary #ocho
@Lucd48Www I’ve done it. 25 years ago. And I’m ready to do it again! @HouseOfTakes Which one?It’s hilarious to me that people think this video is worthy of jokes. If you know about playing the position you wo…
Retweeted by Amy B✂Like being locked in a wire cage ? Does that count ???
Retweeted by Amy B✂
I love that my nephew messaged me not his mom that he’s had 3shots of tequila and 16 beers. And asked what to do. Auntie knows best. @SovietDogFight @SkinWade @SovietDogFight @SkinWade Go to bed. Or go park you car somewhere wlse. @SkinWade Done @bigseantos Uh. @SkinWade doesn’t work there anymore. 💁🏼‍♀️ @Roe1053 @CeezJones @1053SS @Texas_William @Texas_William @Roe1053 @CeezJones @1053SS @Texas_William Yes @clarencehilljr I agree. I’m sick of seeing third down every time we get a first and second. @thedudeknows Well I was trying to. But you just ruined that for me. Thanks. 👍🏼 @thedudeknows Except he was so much better than that. But that’s all anyone will remember @thedudeknows I saw the play. And game. That’s why I made that comment. @thedudeknows Right. And of course back up qb hold for field goals. Even when he’s no longer then back up an. 😫😫😫 @thedudeknows Got it. That’s what I was wondering. @thedudeknows I feel if they hVe a bad kicker, why not have the punter kick field goals. ?! 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ @2BDix They aren’t trained to. I can. But modern day they are trained one way or the other.Omg. Yessss this is my every day. 🤣🤣 question but I don’t know the answer... why can’t a punter and kicker position be one player?
2019 @the_silverfox1 @hammerpants99 It’s so good. I got the idea from this tiny burger place in Granbury. They serve it that way on a bun and it’s so good.Had some leftover queso and no chips. So I tossed a burger patty in the oven, baked it, smothered that queso on top. Yummmmmyyyyy! @the_silverfox1 What’s up w all the blue eye shadow?
DeMarcus Lawrence won’t be giving us any bulletin board material for awhile. Why? He told me his mom told him to qu…
Retweeted by Amy B✂It’s 7:46 pm. What makes you think I want to look at pics of your hair that you just “ bent over the toilet and hac…
Dallas will spend $60 million for tornado repairs, debris removal
Retweeted by Amy B✂Third grader gives birthday money to teacher, citing low pay:
Retweeted by Amy B✂Help us locate critical missing Larry Asbury - 82 years old.
Retweeted by Amy B✂A New Study Confirms That No Single ‘Gay Gene’ Controls Sexual Preference
Retweeted by Amy B✂This is everything! Heroes inbound @DFWAirport from Brooke @USArmy medical center, with @AmericanAir Tonight,…
Retweeted by Amy B✂Pay for her airfare and @kelsey_charles will have this taken care of in no time.
Retweeted by Amy B✂ @DCBlueStar She must deal w his ass acting like that often.shoutout to all the Christians lovingly dusting off their nativity scenes who think a pregnant migrant woman belongs in a cage
Retweeted by Amy B✂I’m not trying to go nowhere and be a starter on a team I want to contribute because I know I will be able too... I…
Retweeted by Amy B✂
Yessssss next to me just said he had never been to @CrackerBarrel So I had to tell him about Brad‘a wife.the group text is lit tonight. my friends get me.
Retweeted by Amy B✂I don’t think @SuzyKolber has aged in 15 years. She looks amazing.I’m giving thanks to the black cat. 💁🏼‍♀️🐱🐱🐱 the Third Quarter #Cowboys come out in the third quarter...
Retweeted by Amy B✂ @MacEngelProf His kicks are like a bowling ball. Gotta have room for that curve.And the #DallasCowboys move the ball back 50 yards to let Brett Maher try a 93 yd field goal. He's more comfortable at that range. #DALvsNYG
Retweeted by Amy B✂Now he’s “stealing a couple of plates”. 🙄🙄We needed that! @FivePointsVids Is that not his name? #onlywayiveeverhearditsaid #bennskin @BenRogers @SkinWadeIt’s way funnier when you say his name “Golden Taint”
Retweeted by Amy B✂Guy behind me at the bar keeps asking if he can “steal a beer” or steal some chips”. Dude. Quit it. Just order l… cat has been the most entertaining part of this game.The Black cat has the longest run from scrimmage this year for the Giants
Retweeted by Amy B✂This is epic
I fucking hate grocery store check out screens asking me if I want to donate $20 to end child hunger or whatever. Y…
Retweeted by Amy B✂Meet the cookies from Will Call Deep Ellum that grasped @TaylorinDallas' imagination and wouldn't let go until she…
Retweeted by Amy B✂ @ochocinco As in, the ends are yellow, the roots are platinum. @ochocinco Her ends of her hair don’t match the roots.
@StuYeWest1 Boring afMe: omg. I’m finally comfortable. Hopefully now I can go back to sleep. My brain: I wonder if astronauts buckle t… y’all!
@ynakhooda Yup Economy is great. 👌🏼👌🏼 woman missing in Fort Worth could need help
Retweeted by Amy B✂ @bigbenwertz Typical. @JD_2_ @TonyReali And he’s super fucking hot.Producer on @jackryanamazon #mickeyfisher @1053SS @rjchoppy @fishsports @Spags52
Get ready for #DALvsNYG as @BryanBroaddus breaks down what he'll be watching:
Retweeted by Amy B✂Oh weed gods, please say yes! started therapy on my arm this week. I’ve gone 3x and can already tell a difference! I’m so thrilled! @bobbyroe68 🤷🏼‍♀️ @enews I see this going far. @bobbyroe68 Always alone @TomiLahren @AOC Intelligent and accomplished women frighten @TomiLahren the most. 👻
Retweeted by Amy B✂Name a better route runner in the NFL. #DallasCowboys
Retweeted by Amy B✂ @HookEm_JeffH Didn’t last long. I’m fully awake. Had a 3 1/2 hour nap I guess. 🤦🏼‍♀️Lincoln reminding the kids to "STAY OFF THE LAWN!" 😂 #Halloween #dogsincostumes #bullylove
Retweeted by Amy B✂My little man’s Halloween costume. @tylerthecreator
Retweeted by Amy B✂ @Mr4thAndLong That’s all we ever had in my house when I was a kid. So I thought I hated mayo. Til I had real mayo. 🤦🏼‍♀️ @TCUWhiteTrash What that? 🤷🏼‍♀️ @HookEm_JeffH It’s a magical lifestyle. So peaceful at night. @HookEm_JeffH Not working helps. 🤷🏼‍♀️. But. I’m a night owl. @HookEm_JeffH Ha ha. Thanks. There wasn’t a lot to do. Just surface cleaning. But the worst is the bathtub. Not easy to do right now. @HookEm_JeffH I’m usually up til at least 3am! @HookEm_JeffH I cleaned today and did laundry. That’s a lot for a one armed woman. Maybe that’s why I’m tired 🤷🏼‍♀️It’s 9:45 pm and I’m in bed. Something has to be wrong w me.
Started a hero, now a champion. Good thing we made another commercial.
Retweeted by Amy B✂I’m embarrassed to say I broke down and turned on my heater.
Denton County- Accident I-35E SB at Hickory Creek. #DFWTraffic @nbcdfw
Retweeted by Amy B✂My ❤️
@1locochaz Brown gravy is always better
Hahaha. This dude just came up to the bar and asked if the bar skipped this song. Because since I played my song, s… @Aztec_Pyramid @godsmack Meh. I’m high. Not whisky drunkThe operation that killed ISIS leader was named after Kayla Mueller, an American hostage who was captured by ISIS,…
Retweeted by Amy B✂Someone played 6 Radiohead songs in a row on the jukebox. I just royally pissed them off by playing @godsmack @yatiekates_free @tacobueno I’ve paid $6 for it to be delivered at 3 am 💁🏼‍♀️. Does that count? @MPMiddleton12 I quit mine over a year ago and it bruh texted me last week asking me to come back. 🤷🏼‍♀️ @MPMiddleton12 Yeah. But. It’ll pass the day after your last day. I promise.absolutely epic
Retweeted by Amy B✂ @MPMiddleton12 It’s called etiquette. And empathy. I felt the same when I quit a job I absolutely loathed last year…