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(she/her) April Stevens in Teenage Bounty Hunters. I’m just here to read your horny tweets.

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@bluepoisonfrogs @astevenswesley Me too.
@yourelessblinky thank you
Weird substitute for a stimulus check but I’ll take it
Retweeted by Devon HalesThe TV Shows That Keep Getting Canceled Fall Into a Disturbing Trend
Retweeted by Devon HalesAfter the GLOW cancellation, a reader of mine did a quick analysis of the 23 shows that have been cancelled by Netf…
Retweeted by Devon HalesThe California Republican Party admitted to planting fake ballot boxes, and refuses to remove them.
Retweeted by Devon Hales @nytimesarts thank you @margeinchargeWhat are you in the mood to watch this weekend? How about the light drama "The Trouble With Maggie Cole" or "Teenag…
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@yaytothegay oh I would LOVE to take a meeting. Send me in. @PuckNerdHockey Summer, 2018. The musical 110 in the Shade. The show that got me my Equity card!#SomethingSourPatch @astevenswesley I know! @astevenswesley thats correct. I get super overwhelmed by the twitter so i cant be on here every day. but then I try to play catch upwow @themaddiep I had no idea how much I needed this thread @KeuCassie AHAHAHAHAGOT EM THIS WOMAN AN EMMY @Great_Katzby @ParrotAnalytics @netflix BRANDON! always comin thru with the cold hard FACTZbeep boop bop beep BOOP. thats the sound of me minding my own business. am overwhelmed. Completely. Fuck. Yes.
@judyapplellini @OnStageSerenbe Oh no no. They were a breeding ground. @LindBethanyAnne @OnStageSerenbe MhmmmmmmmmOr does it look... the same?????In Marietta, GA., people are having to stand in line for 5 hrs in order to cast their vote. This is what voter sup…
Retweeted by Devon HalesMan, @OnStageSerenbe looks different than I remember... @patrickrmyers @tyleroakley I second this. @tyleroakley @playbill Or maybe you @AmericanTheatre? @tyleroakley @playbill is this the man you’re looking for?
@renew_TBH Holy hell 😱🙌🏼When I was 15 I fell in love for the first time. In a christian community, with a girl. Ten years later I see this…
Retweeted by Devon HalesGEORGIA VOTERS: Today, 10/12, is the first day to vote early in person! Go to to find a loc…
Retweeted by Devon HalesThank you @OurCultureOC. This is killer.'ve always had an interest in drawing, but I've rarely put it into practice and thanks to actresses as wonderful a…
Retweeted by Devon Halesin a few months (hopefully) i'll be graduating with a bachelor of fine arts and for my final project i knew i had t…
Retweeted by Devon Hales @acasanvers You betta GET THAT BFA. 🙌🏼💛 thank you. This is amazing.
🌈 I love you more than words. Here to honor your timeline. Your unique journey. Here to honor you. We’ll be right h… want every member of the LGBTQ+ community to know you are loved and accepted just as you are — whether you've com…
Retweeted by Devon Hales @GaytieKT @themaddiep 💛💛 @hales_devon this is what i think when i see people asking you about your skincare routine
Retweeted by Devon Halesrescue tbh so @FelliniAnjelica and @hales_devon can take photos together
Retweeted by Devon HalesSame April same RESCUE TBH
Retweeted by Devon HalesEven though 16 feels like a decade ago for me, a part of me still felt represented in the identities of the fantast…
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@TBH_geek @netflix I absolutely love the show. Smart, funny and goes in unexpected directions. It's not what you th…
Retweeted by Devon Hales틴바헌 #TeenageBountyHunters #Stepril #SaveTeenageBountyHunters
Retweeted by Devon Halessketching stepril kisses #SaveTeenageBountyHunters @themaddiep @hales_devon
Retweeted by Devon Hales @themaddiep 😩 @FelliniAnjelica Thank you wowStill mourning the loss of additional seasons of Teenage Bounty Hunters. For a female-run, queer forward, funny and…
Retweeted by Devon HalesBrb crying. Look. At. Her. Face. 🙌🏼🦋😍
When broadway returns Fall 202? give the ppl what they REALLY want. A Legally Blonde revival.
Retweeted by Devon Halesthe simple answer is no ❤️
Retweeted by Devon Hales @GoodHumorGrl 🦩for christ’s sake save teenage bounty hunters
Retweeted by Devon Hales @ShaneKosakowski Oh damn 😂😭
@steprils This makes me the opposite of sad. Only love.
Hard not to shake the idea that Netflix sees more of a future in consumers hate-watching Emily In Paris (which was…
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Imagine being so dead inside as a woman you attack empathy by comparing it to a woman.
Retweeted by Devon HalesNetflix sucker punches G.L.O.W and Teenage Bounty Hunters into cancellation and we are upset!…
Retweeted by Devon HalesNetflix users furious with streaming service for cancelling 'funniest' show
Retweeted by Devon Halesplease for the love of god #SaveTeenageBountyHunters
Retweeted by Devon Hales @efolds @AndySwift Bless you @efolds Oh I’m so pleased to hear thisAn exaggeration (?) but why do I feel like more people are going to hear about Teenage Bounty Hunters in the next 2… know that #GLOW's surprise cancellation is getting all the attention right now, but I'm pouring one out for *this…
Retweeted by Devon Hales @acasanvers @netflix 🙃 @themaddiep Dude wtf I just started binging. Guess I have to square up with @netflix - YO this is the only show I’v…
Retweeted by Devon HalesHard to say much. I feel how I feel. So I'll leave it at the TBH ❤ will keep on flowing regardless. We created some…
Retweeted by Devon HalesThe support and love has been BEAUTIFUL!!!! Truly a family, just wanted to come on here to say, in the midst of you…
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@TheFienPrint Their lack of critical judgment is astounding. TBH had all the ingredients of a cult classic.
Retweeted by Devon Hales @sterlesbic @FelliniAnjelica I can’t. I’m too sad.This is QUITE LITERALLY homophobic. The way I felt entitled to WAY MORE Sterling and April. @hales_devon talk to yo…
Retweeted by Devon HalesPeople not letting Covid dominate their life is the primary reason we still have Covid
Retweeted by Devon HalesAND NOW THIS??? @NETFLIX SQUARE UP, COWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Devon Halesnetflix cancelling teenage bounty hunters AND glow!??? can someone check on netflix. it might have covid.
Retweeted by Devon Hales"don't be afraid of covid" is like "do not become addicted to water" except it's way, way dumber
Retweeted by Devon HalesHeartbroken. I fucking LOVED this. tweet wrecked me. Super hot Anjelica-in-training @FelliniAnjelica she said @chaseparis Mhmmm. Giant booWHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING found out on Friday. We love you all so much. I’m so sorry. We’re devastated. Family Forever 💛 on, you’ve earned a lazy day binge-watching a teen show on Netflix after this hellish week. Start with our recom…
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Retweeted by Devon Halesplease renew teenage bounty hunters. I am asking nicely @netflix 😉
Retweeted by Devon HalesNot my friends tweeting about this extraordinary show 😩😭 finished watching #TeenageBountyHunters (2x) and it’s just so funny and brilliant and heartbreaking. Can we ge…
Retweeted by Devon Hales @mkayharkin MEG 😭😭 @kpwritesit @netflix @themaddiep 😍😍Garry Trudeau, in today’s @DoonesburyComic, accurately singles out current Georgia Governor & former SOS Brian Kemp…
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@lgbtstepril @charityfaith THANK YOUMy screen time report this week just said “no it’s cool we get it”
Retweeted by Devon Hales @charityfaith And now I’ll never stop 🦩ing @Rowe_Hayden Wow extraordinaryI’m screaming🦩 @BilkoLitterbox @charityfaith