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A journey to the Forgotten Realms with funny people > self harm by presidential debate @spampinato_erin @ElectricLit Thanks for sharing! It's going to be a good time. @Casey_CAC Were you at my breakfast table this morning? @quamzibo @benasam Probably time I watched Waterworld so I can understand your essay @benasam Apparently @quamzibo wrote his SAT II essay about Waterworld and got a near perfect score
@tedodson I read that in Joe Strummer voice @angrymobdc totally counts! @higley_alex @tedodson What a gold mine. I've only seen Double Jeopardy from this list. @melissafebos So much comfort to be had! @matthewspecktor @Lance_Cleland Oh that looks good!We just rewatched The Game starting Michael Douglas. I'd forgotten the ending 🤯I'm finding comfort in 90s thriller/action movies. What your faves? @SarahNumber4 @julietescoria Report back! @SarahNumber4 @julietescoria NoooooooooTurns out, not only can you watch @mountain_goats, @oureric, @byleahjohnson, @ambernoelle, and @daniel_m_lavery pla…
Retweeted by Halimah Marcus @julietescoria @SarahNumber4 I think we were and a sleepover and thought, this looks like a harmless old movie! @julietescoria @SarahNumber4 Oh god, I saw that when I was way too young and haven't been able to bring myself to e…
Starting in 10 minutes! of my favorite literary events of the year is @ElectricLit's fundraising gala, the Masque of the Red Death. BUT…
Retweeted by Halimah MarcusHi loves. I got free tickets to @ElectricLit's virtual salon series to the first ten people who want one... the fir…
Retweeted by Halimah MarcusTONIGHT! @blgtylr and @rossfeeler talk about Feeler's @ElectricLit story "Parisian Honeymoon," Taylor's REAL LIFE,…
@spampinato_erin @stephanieadele_ Ha! @spampinato_erin @stephanieadele_ 100% AGREETOMORROW: join @ElectricLit for an editorial conversation between Recommended Reading senior editor @blgtylr and…
Retweeted by Halimah MarcusHave you gotten your tickets for @ElectricLit's virtual salons yet? The series kicks off tomorrow with Writing Whit…
@JasonTougaw unfortunately I am watching all of themI would be so pissed is some lady took nine hours to tell this story at my weddingEvery episode of The Haunting of Bly Manor is worse than the last, except the one about Hannah, which is the best.
@RalucaTweets Yay! Congrats! @stephopitz It's on Netflix!Wow, The Witches is the true precursor to Ratatouille. The back half of the movie is all about a rodent in the kitchen. @jbakernyc @PenguinTeen @JenFerrariAdler @PWKidsBookshelf So wonderful! A thousand congratulations!
Just a reminder that you should come watch me and five other nonfiction writers (@jeannakadlec, @chengela,…
Retweeted by Halimah MarcusOn October 28, @ElectricLit's Virtual Salon series will challenge you to spot the fake memoir in a game of Two Trut…
Retweeted by Halimah MarcusI would rank The Witch Elm above Broken Harbor, but otherwise this is a solid list from @emilyhughes!
Our local radio station WJFF, has new t-shirts designed by artists in the area. The station has been such a life li…, was Edmund "Bunny" Corcoran, heir to The Corcoran Group real estate fortune??I am excited to welcome @ElectricLit's current/former intern @_preetysidhu as our new marketing and communications assistant!Join us on October 26 for a live editorial discussion on Magical Feminism, featuring @HalimahMarcus moderating…
Retweeted by Halimah MarcusWatching The Haunting of Bly Manor and yelling GET THERAPY at the screen.
@libbytheflores 🥰On #PrimeDay, let's not forget. During the pandemic, Jeff Bezos became $97 billion richer by increasing prices by u…
Retweeted by Halimah Marcus @chikitlinski 😘 @elliottholt 😊 @melissafebos 💙 @celtadri Thank you! He was so great. I ended up with more than one!Thank you to Bryan Derballa for the new photo! I highly recommend him for all your author photo needs.…
I am relieved and anxious (yes both) to report that you can now preorder Women and Other Monsters, my book about my…
Retweeted by Halimah Marcus @j_zimms 🚨 Cover reveal! 🚨The crossword puzzle in our local paper is inexplicably Richard Gere themed, and my husband is very frustrated that… still remember the sex scenes from The Horse Whisperer, which I read when I about eleven.
Happy #nationalcomingoutday to my biological great-grandmother Flo, born in 1899, who I just learned about. (Her da… @blgtylr THAT ROBE @SamSamAllingham French Exit through Lincoln Center! @blgtylr Renting it and add it to the agenda ;)
Electric Lit usually has a “Masquerade of the Red Death” fundraiser around this time, we obviously canceled this ye…
Retweeted by Halimah Marcuscontributed an essay to this forthcoming anthology “horse girls” abt growing up on the rez, spending summers w my q…
Retweeted by Halimah Marcus @leighnew Yes, of course it would be you!I don't know who needs to hear this, but don't drink two glasses of wine and then eat four pickles.When I wrote this story, I had no idea we'd be living through plague by the time it found a home. My heartfelt than…
Retweeted by Halimah Marcus @ian_crowther @jostehlin I kind of talked myself out of my own theory. @ian_crowther @jostehlin Though by that rubric you'd end up choosing Jeremiah Johnson which is a hard no from me @ian_crowther @jostehlin It's probably objectively one of the best films he has been in, but I believe the best Rob… @jostehlin @ian_crowther You do love your three bridges @ian_crowther I rewatched it this week and it's still not my fave. Controversial, I know. @matthewspecktor @TheTimBurgess I think I'll go with The Candidate for tonight. @theotherdanryan I've seen it! What kind of fan do you think I am!
Mine might be All Is Lost @NooriMarcus 🤣 @TaraIsonWriter For that beard alone @teresaktraverse Bill Gates loves Spy Games @mattkeeley Haven’t heard of that one! @TaraIsonWriter going to go for the uncredited voiceover in A River Runs Through It?? @maryann_aita Against the rules! @matthewspecktor I’ve had my eye on Downhill Racer @robspillman Three Days of Condor. is Redford’s rapiest. Also adapted from Six Days of Condor. What happened to the… @blgtylr I still haven’t seen it! But not for long. @Lance_Cleland Watched it two nights ago on DVD!What is your favorite Robert Redford movie? I’ve watched six in the last two months. @alexmlwrites @RalucaTweets @mhbertino ‼️Gaslighting people by sending work emails while my vacation responder is upCame on here to see if anyone was talking about Louise Gluck winning the Nobel Prize but nope, only flies
The only problem with having such amazing contributors for Horse Girls is none of them can blurb it.
@JasonTougaw I am celebrating right now by looking at 500 photos of my silly mugFirst time handing in a manuscript to a publisher 🥂
@spampinato_erin ❤️ 🐎 @alexmlwrites @tkiramadden @CMorganBabst @carmenmmachado @cmaum @RosebudBenOni @HarperPerennial I actually tear up every time I read itAnd Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all.
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THRILLED to have a new essay, “Hungry & Carefree,” in this @halimaarcus anthology, alongside @tkiramadden
Retweeted by Halimah MarcusGrateful to @HalimahMarcus for including my essay about *that* Icelandic horse I knew for less than a week but fell…
Retweeted by Halimah MarcusI am SO excited (but at a low volume so I don’t scare the horses) that my essay “Turn Out”—about tail sets, racking…
Retweeted by Halimah MarcusSo, so grateful to be included here. Mine’s called “I Don’t Love Horses” (lol) and it’s about Wild Hearts Can’t Be…
Retweeted by Halimah Marcus @laurajoyhub @janechuffman I hadn't! Thanks! @MattSumell fair pointI know these essays very well by now, they are my best (only?) friends. @samkbloch @randomhouse @Molly_Turpin This is awesome! Congrats!
@rhymeswithbee I would love if you have room for Electric Lit's virtual salon series. We have four events coming up… up, racist clown.