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Hallea @HalleaJones Toronto, Ontario

Eden Hawkins on Netflix Locke & Key 🗝 Canadian ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏻🌈 💖💜💙

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Absolutely ideal - I will not settle for any less
You can tell a lot about a guy by the way he talks about his mother and his exesThe One Bottle isn't just for water. Use it to store anything from iced coffee to hot cocoa. It'll keep your drinks…
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Just posted a photo made this apple pie for the one and only @AOC.
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@epixxfish It’s my favourite playlist I don’t even listen to anything else which isn’t good cause I need to discove… Progression @HalleaJones
Retweeted by Halleaouuufff sharing music with people is a bit anxiety inducing holy shitmy dream is to have Bad Guy play in one of Edens Locke&Key scenes this season plz im begging uthis was on purpose 💓
Retweeted by Halleaokay so I think I just watched that @billieeilish livestream completely revolutionize the music industry... very cu…
nope ya no i cant watch this ill be back for the twitter updates goodnightthis is really mentally exhausting and i'm not even americancan they stop talking about bullshit "he says, she says" and just focus on WHAT THEY WOULD DO TO LEAD AMERICA INTO… almost certain Trump lies out his ass cause he knows that people will believe him regardless of anything anyone…
Bro I want everyone to know if this sinks the ENTIRE Caribbean region inna problem. The damage will be permanent an…
Retweeted by HalleaIndianna wishes you a smiley Wednesday!
#edenseasontwo note: Always bring a book to set. I thought “oh it’s fine most of the cast is here & the green room’s always… @Sethrogen PLEASE DO ITTL cleanse for u
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Rise and shine. @lockekeynetflix #season2
Retweeted by Halleathe only dangerous minority is the rich
Retweeted by HalleaHappy birthday to Kevin Alves, Javi on Netflix's #LockeAndKey!
Retweeted by Halleayou gotta say “this edible aint shit” to activate it
Retweeted by Halleait’s so funny to me that like samsung is creating these amazing phones that do really cool stuff and people are jus…
Retweeted by Hallea*spends all week not drinking coffee or red wine for whitening my teeth* Night before filming.. CURRY AND RED WINE YES
I just got my first pay cheque as a professional screenwriter (for an upcoming Netflix series). Here’s how it happe…
Retweeted by Hallea>>> never remembering ur iTunes password>>> the sound iTunes makes when u put in the wrong passwordJust posted a photo
this is why donating directly to ppl who need it (gofundme, venmo, etc) is the best way to go
Retweeted by Hallea“my ex gf is crazy” yeah what did you do to her
Retweeted by HalleaThey spent hundreds of thousands of pounds for Madeline (which I’m pretty sure they’re still funding) but they don’…
Retweeted by Halleajaden smith initiated a healthier vegan foodtruck to feed the homeless on skid row & created a nonprofit that helps…
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“Life is short tempered like Joe Peschi” - Chance The RapperJust posted a photo @bratzmuniii Fragile masculinity @Aptermus @orlagartland this is brilliant i love it @bigdogXVI Yes, that was precisely what established this conversation“Why is corona virus a Miss?” “I just think she has boss bitch energy. I don’t think a man could’ve accomplished that much so quickly”“Billie Eilish is literally the biggest celebrity in the world” “No. Miss Corona is the biggest celebrity in the world”“You take the gay out of glitter, you got litter.. SCANDAL”“Ughhh I need to find myself a hot girlfriend” “You need to find yourself Jesus”“I’m the words of Britney Speare’s ~ you say I’m crazy? I got you crazy”ehhh I'm being made into a comic book character! and look! she's got the rack I've always wanted!
*looks directly at camera*
Retweeted by HalleaThese people are so good at skirting around questions.. what class did they all take to get this good at it? She ev…
@bigdogXVI A young woman in the midst of learning how to take care of a home and I would say.. I’m doin OKAY.HOW TO VOTE FOR @lockekeynetflix FOR PCAs ON TWITTER! #lockeandkey #laysladeoliveira @laysladeo @darbysofficial
Retweeted by HalleaEhhhh remember to vote for Locke&Key for the People’s Choice Awards!! YOU CAN VOTE EVERY DAY!!
happy national coming out day
Retweeted by Hallea @becckayy Oh the days
someone told me my voice is half Angel half Alien😂 I actually dig that ....
Retweeted by HalleaI wish more older and younger women had friendships. I think there’s so much value in what they could teach each other about life.
Retweeted by HalleaIn honor of Indigenous Peoples’ Day I wanted to provide a thread of acclaimed shows and films that feature Indigeno…
Retweeted by Halleawatching a movie or tv show that is "set in new york city"
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hi! it costs $0 to retweet a small black artist’s spooky jewelry 🦇
Retweeted by HalleaAunt: “okay! He’s a happy turkey!” Me: “no he’s not! He’s dead!”
@bigdogXVI I love the crew!!! They’re actually the sweetest humans to work with & so freakin good at what they do so I’m happi happi @bigdogXVI for sure! and it helps with people meeting other professionals who they have't worked with yet and also… found this article but I'm worried that they'll just create the studio space but no central community zone.. discussing with a L&K crew member last night how Toronto needs a film studio lot like the Warner Bros lot in LA…
@bigdogXVI My life in 4 picsAbsolutely having the time of my life filming S2 of @lockeandkey 🥰 feeling incredibly grateful to call this work an…
Virtual Reality: Follower Edition™️ @ Elora, Ontario, man. [🎥 @badluck_jones]
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@jvargas5215 Well the scary thing is.. what if it’s a publicity stunt to literally make the American people believe… @HalleaJones Wouldn’t it be lovely if the news presented a factual broadcast based around informing public opinion as opposed to just crap
Retweeted by HalleaWhat if they just boycotted Trumps trash and dove into the details of other aspects of what’s happening in the coun… if the news just.. stopped reporting on things like ~waiting on trump to walk a few stairs~ and started report…
My friend Bobby just casually said “if art is how we decorate space, music is how we decorate time” and I was like…
Retweeted by Hallea @holy_schnitt @CaucasianJames @bigdogXVI They say it was an “oversight” but I have a hard time believing such thingsI’m the one who introduced my family to iMessage chat groups & I just found out they have a family chat that I’M NOT IN
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“So I’m guessing if they’re Amish they don’t have wifi..”
“I feel like I’m getting to the age where I understand why people bird watch”YOU CAN VOTE EVERY DAY !! up from a dream about forgetting to put the garbage out on the curb realizing the garbage truck was driving pa… @epixxfish“It’s spooky season” & “heartbreak always hurts the worst the first time” are both looping in my head at nauseam and idk how to make it stop
A teenage TikTok-er pointed out that there were no ASL interpreters at the debate last night, which means ~600,000…
Retweeted by HalleaAnd just like that, my faith in "people" is renewed!
Retweeted by HalleaJust posted a photo @ Peoples Choice Awards’ve never shipped two people as hard as I ship @holy_schnitt and @CaucasianJames @CaucasianJames @holy_schnitt This needs to happen already ok
Aaron Ashmore, Brendan Hines, and Hallea Jones Cast as Series Regulars on 'Locke & Key' @AaronRAshmore @HalleaJones
Retweeted by Hallea#LockeandKey Season 2 Promotes Two, Adds #TheTick's #BrendanHines #LockeandKeyNetflix #Netflix @AaronRAshmore
Retweeted by HalleaI denounce white supremacy! See that was so easy
Retweeted by Hallea @davidsSon85 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 @SkeltonCrew @joe_hill So COOL!The last few days have been so exciting but I catch myself saying “gotta keep it up, gotta focus on building, blah… cleanser.
Retweeted by Hallea“No I’m sorry, you go ahead.” “No please you.” “No I cut you off.” “No I cut YOU off!” “Okay if you insist...”…
Retweeted by Hallea @mereschmere 😈😈😈😈😈Key developments! 🔐 🙌 #lockeandkey
Retweeted by HalleaIf you’re like me and wanted more ⁦@HalleaJones⁩ as Eden Hawkins and more Aaron Ashmore as Duncan Locke, you’re in…
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