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Safety is the priority. I wish things were different. I love you. Dreaming of seeing your faces again.… I don’t run outta ideas!What does that mean For Me!’s v cool to me that I can do the country music awards, have a verse after Future, and learn how to scream on a t… about how last year we did country, nu metal, post punk, hip hop, electronic, pop punk, pop, folk, and ton…
This was honestly a good choice... Nudist Judas and creature are the best and they look great together too lol
I’m just really busy with the future 🥲🥺
Retweeted by hOhhhh I just love you
My favorite thing I did during the manic era was this massive painting of the album cover. It took me almost 8 hour… this album cycle didn’t go the way I planned. The world had other things in mind. But you guys made it s…
!!!!!!! oh oh oh! I have a special thing on the way to you! It’s goofy and a small thing but I hope it makes you sm… is healing this time!! hahaha days or so! got so much new stuff on my mind!!!! I’m sorry 😩 has a double ear infection 😔 he resting am I being quizzed rn or what? Lmao!!!! like you guys pick on me so I gotta have an answer for everythinggggggg was talking about wiping the palette off my hand!!!!! double cleanse! I was just saying this product in particular comes off in the first wash :) me it’s always a mess come right off with my face wash! But I’m sure it doesn’t hurt to have a makeup remover bc they are long wear.…’s a hugeee veladora / prayer candle 😂 built it! Because I only need one bedroom lol. So I made one into a makeup room so I can get ready for award show… whole room was built for makeup 😬 just noticed this for the first time today omg
Should I go live on IG and do a makeup look? @sza You just walkin around lookin like this? on God?Depends where you’re from I think! We say herb like “urb” in the states! mean I sincerely retire from the internet’s an HERB! 😩😩😩 sauce, swapped out for penne! Jersey Italian heart is shattering into pieces every time someone calls penne vodka or spicy rigatoni “tik tok pasta” I will dieI did! In my hot ones episode! Lmao what in the goddamn hell is wrong wit u to think I seriously considered ordering out before I made this... with this face !!!!! ✨ thank you for being a part of it and thank you for the amazing interview you gave fo…
Love it was just about giving a shit. and working with other amazing people who care about what matters, as wel…! It’s a world of opportunity. About face, about you, about us, about fun, about imperfections, about confidence… don’t even know the half of it!!!! Trustttttt me ;) idk how much more i could tell you that you guys wouldn’t already know about me! are unbelievable wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg first thing I’m gonna do as soon as your products arrive and you guys start uploading looks!!!! favorite makeup looks I’ve done myself in videos are either the You Should Be Sad black tears look, the glam loo… the (short lived and well loved) manic tour, seeing everyone with their “black eyes” in the crowd everything… would loooove to as soon as it’s safe. @aboutfacebeauty and I have big plans loved getting makeup samples in magazines when I was little and wanted to recreate that nostalgia 🥺 she was so nervous she hates having her picture taken love to hear it 🥺🥺 featured milly cause I love milly! And she’s an amazing makeup artist herself, you can see on her Instagram! light lock fluid and the shadowsticks! Very beginner friendly., paper romance, and an unreleased one called little-little !!!! loveeee acidic. But creature is my favorite!😬😬😬😬 I meaaaaaan’s like word association! I look at the colors and just spit out things they remind me of. Haha. Shade naming is… big manic vibes! But also the AF campaign felt like a mini album in a way! doing all the visuals and pho… years? it took a lot of time to get the formulas and packaging right! what are your questions :) #aboutfaceGoing to do a Q&A tomorrow! Sorryyyy I been feeling shitty lately took a 3 day nap. Tomorrow is the day!!!!
more @aboutfacebeauty behind the scenes ✨ @Trolli_USA how much for a pack of sour crawlers with only strawberry + blue grapes in it @wishuponaLAUR omg memory unlocked ?! @philorphilip Is this about me? I know this is about me :/
listen, I know and love my audience so it’s actually just two little dots of the White Noise fluid eye paint but people always think they are gems! and 2002 in inner corner!
that’s not mascara in the last pic!!! Sooooooooo you read between the lines of that speech it says “doing this so I can pardon myself and my family and then run…
This is the image I can’t forget. I’ve walked this hall 100s maybe 1000s of times w/pride & sense of duty around…
Retweeted by hWhen is enough enough? Impeach him. We are long past the luxury of making it a conversation...
about_____friends and family @aboutfacebeauty’ve been up since 5 am cause I’m so excited and it’s just announcement lmao. I’m gonna stop blabbering on. Maybe w… promise you will see yourself in here. There’s so much more to come and it’s all for you. For every single unique… zine and e-campaign have white models, asian models, south East Asian models, darkskin models, lightskin models… people just choose to see whatever they want to see honestly @ellieliima 😬😬😬😬😬
about-face was a baby of my own conception. And it’s special to me bc I’m not just the face of some company. I’m th… I did all the models for the whole zine and all my campaign photos! ☺️ COOL AS FUCK @aboutfacebeauty 📷: @_camhicks you for this awesome article @byrdiebeauty 🤍 sincerely, former emo kid here to give you the cool makeup I wis…’ve been building this for 2 or 3 years!’ve been doing makeup for myself for most of my career (even as far as SFX!) I am a student and a lover and every… of you know ive done my own makeup for a long time. i believe makeup is about feeling cool, not looking perfec… gluten allergy + a near obsessive love for triscuits. enemies to lovers, slow burn.
@colorsonfilm I sent out TEN THOUSAND of them!!!!!!Margot Robbie / LuckyChap have cemented an unbelievable signature style and flair for their films. Promising Young…
there are 10,000 zines going out. shhh I haven’t even made a formal announcement yet! this is our secret 🤫
I only didn’t want to post your face without your permission babe 💚💚💚💚💚💚 of everyone who has been fighting the fight to legalize abortion in Argentina for YEARS. Congratulations on y… answer is: barely’m LITERALLY a cancer moon have 9 water placements in my chart moon is a BITCH