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@david_j_roth Looking at Jerome Corsi’s official author photograph on his publisher’s website and smiling serenely Argento and the band Goblin
Retweeted by hambone @jbouie Motherfucker, you’re going to have a heart attack any day now, start planning for the hospital instead of Iowa @jbouie It’s incredible the wide range of losers who think they can somehow fill Trump’s shoes in the next Republic…
@willmenaker There’s something weird with the pause option, sometimes just wont work @kept_simple He looks especially handsome here @kept_simple @kept_simple That this motherfucker really hated stairs @saintknives I’m pretty sure we *all* remember this, all of his awkward staged photos are unforgettable: Trump with… only white boy you know who did it ... period! @HelloCullen They would have to cut out so many rambling speeches @jessehawken He looks good
@kthorjensen He was just looking for any excuse, having your whole shtick be “MAGA guy but in Malaysia” in 2021 wou… @AlexBerenson @yashar Better idea, go to the Covid ward and let everyone there spit in your mouth
@Tribe_XX Monday got me like ...
@BrianBLevinson The part about wanting to beat up Beck and Marilyn Manson was weird then and has not aged well since thenlove this scene from L’ECLISSE
Retweeted by hambone @JoaquimCampa You boutta die, sorry dudeThose days when you entered a gay club and you knew you were in a different world. That drink, the smell of Polo an…
Retweeted by hambone
@Reformed_Laur Women never get super obsessed with media that’s all about men wearing period clothes and tricorn hats, never happens @sarCCastro @RuckCohlchez Big Butt Book goddamit @sarCCastro @RuckCohlchez This is actually a diss on the Big Book of Butts @NickPinkerton Underrated as a singles band, decades of absolute bangers @esthermirirose Elizabeth Smart on the Masked Dancer @grinchposting @mugrimm Don’t forget when they would just pass off songs written Charles Manson as their own @shdwbxng So pleased that the final scene of the episode is a dramatic version of this
@ryanaboyd @charles_kinbote Him and Philip K Dick if only for the one scene where the guy argues with a door about… @JaneOst_ The difference between posing with the gun and actually shooting it at someone @JaneOst_ I was thinking, seeing a lot of prominent conservatives trying to do stale “epic” tweets in the past week… @ursulakleguin @allahliker @USPS Philip K Dick next
@jbouie The difference between the old GOP and the new GOP is the difference between Dennis Reynolds talking about… @jonbernhardt I think his appeal is that he is one of the worst guys you can imagine but would still be better than… @Bro_Pair Not as good as other media centered on screenwriters, a profession no one cares about: Adaptation, Barton… @leslieleeiii Gaspar Noe. It would be awful but better than any other option @cushbomb Gaspar Noe. Or Abel Ferrara @cd_hooks If he really wanted to salvage his reputation he would do a deep dive on Tony Bobulinski, I’m sure he’s a…
@lib_crusher Just straight up Witch era thinking. “Antifa looked at me funny and I was compelled to grab that cop’s gun.” @lib_crusher Antifa basically have the powers of gremlins in their imaginations at this point @thomas_violence What about soccer hooligans @ShutUpAndrosky It would be useful if they had some sort of profile of who might have a gun, then they could only search those guys @ConnorSouthard 95% chance she takes that thing out and immediately points at someone if she’s asked if she is actually carrying @SAMOYEDCORE “Sorry y’all had to shut this account down. The stress of barking racism and then barking at myself fo… @SAMOYEDCORE Racist Dog, the dog that barks when he seems himself being racist @mechapoetic @mugrimm The Kamala Vogue cover, Matt Christman saying something he has said ten times before ... slow news week! @PatBlanchfield People are expecting things to go according to the old rules of politics but this more a Mad Max than a West Wing situation @PatBlanchfield She’s also QAnon so actually not an unreasonable fear!
@bad_takes Did Fox News do any actual reporting on Jim Jordan’s wrestling team or is that one other thing you would… @bad_takes The other night they interviewed him and Jim Jordan in the same program and how can you see those two in… @EWErickson You saw on Wednesday what the dumb fantasies of armed insurrection that you’ve been peddling for years… @EWErickson Maybe you can shoot up your computer screen if you don’t like what you see @ScottWAtlas You guys haven’t figured out how monstrous it sounds when you complain about this huh @jesseltaylor Looks like Trump is still on the phone with Hannity if nothing else
@ByronYork It was a victim of its own success. It advertised itself as a place where you could do anything and be y… @Bro_Pair Don Rickles in casino has to be top five @ldrinkh20 It’s an okay title but the cover looks like an Instagram photo captioned “We can’t help that we are bad bitches!” @RuckCohlchez For all the talk of ideological bubbles as universal, conservatives actually are the ones in truly in… @katienotopoulos Ok well at least he was on the right side of history with that @AthertonKD This is how they can pose as the sophisticated adults in the room while talking about people who would… @AthertonKD At the NYT they’d rather be “nuanced” about Nazis than call them what they are @NextOnTCM I look to this account for the latest movies on TCM, not smutBrian Sicknick, the police officer who died while defending the capitol, had a Parler account which followed severa…
Retweeted by hambone @Hermit_Thrush The real poll is if she’s done it in the last ten years, the last twenty years, the last thirty years, etc @FOXBaltimore That was quick @ParkerMolloy They love to invoke the Holocaust and slavery as metaphors because they have been fantasizing about b… @peterdaou Multiple politicians just destroyed their immediate electoral chances. Like many failed politicians they… @peterdaou I fully expect an individual politician to face consequences. The real issue is that the white supremaci… @mtracey “The right wing mob that killed a cop wouldn’t have stopped at killing a congresswoman that they hate” is…
Trumpers breach the Capitol ARMIE HAMMER CANNIBAL We didn’t start the fire
Retweeted by hambone @nickusen @saintknives An under appreciated aspect of the early Chandler books is they were just unrelated stories… @lib_crusher Ah you got that covered @lib_crusher Time to change your screen name to “Ann Coulter’s pussy is so dusty a mummy wouldn’t even fuck her” or some shit @PackBenPack @coopercooperco @PackBenPack @coopercooperco The artistry of Korn @DavidLimbaugh Are you guys going to try to storm the capital again? This time you’re going to have to set off some… @cjane87 @DavidAstinWalsh What about if the mustache was shaved off @cjane87 @DavidAstinWalsh He looks good imo @Timcast Who was backed into a corner recently. Trump supporters or the people they were trying to kill @tedcruz Do a coup about itever y movie ever made before 1950s is named like "the Gal with the $100 Pussy"
Retweeted by hambone @dril The Gal Whose Pussy Popped Severely @samthielman A pardon? @karengeier @Chinchillazllla Deplatforming Donald Trump from golf would be so fucking funny @BobbyBigWheel @benschwartz_ Because they are a nihilistic death cult?
@JenniferJJacobs @RepKenBuck Political blackmail. Throw the letter in the trash can @RuckCohlchez It’s a hack point but if anybody other than a MAGA weirdo had a part in anything that killed a police… @lettucewrangler It cannot be stressed enough that Dolly Parton was both incredibly hot and an absolute god level songwriter @lettucewrangler Not quite sure Cardi B wrote her “Jolene” or “Down From Dover” yet @atensnut @Ashli_Babbitt Bigger than your goiter @BrandyLJensen @charles_kinbote A lot of the nutty stuff that’s going to happen in the next few days really needs t… @BrandyLJensen @charles_kinbote They. Do. Not. Want. A. Lawsuit @EvelKneidel @seraph76 It’s because they admire these creeps ... they wish they could have broke into the Capitol t… @eeesssjjj @OchamsRazr A big lever labeled “Foucault” in the back room @megynkelly You’re probably too old for them @megynkelly Is OAN hiring @ParkerMolloy If you’re white you’re just refreshing the tree of Liberty, no big deal @ParkerMolloy Because they agree with openly plotting terrorist attacks @ByYourLogic Playing the long game @ByYourLogic Trump won this one @esthermirirose Their sacrifice was not in vain
@jacob_posts The golden era of political humor was when Bugs Bunny told you to buy war bonds or else you were a no…