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SHOUT OUT to Frank Oz (@TheFrankOzJam) for no particular reason other than his unparalleled artistry, a lifetime of… @c7five Looks like stuntman Bob Anderson. @tarastrong SO great!!! @eschwartzberg Congratulations Nathaniel! @DavidChancellor @acard29 For @DavidChancellor: we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Thank you for your service. #MemorialDay2020 The 25th 1977 Be The Day #StarWars Was Released Without A Poster In Just 32 Theaters Nationwide And On That Sam… @MiaFarrow 💔Sorry for your loss.I hate when people delete the original tweet I responded to. Here it is in case you need context for my answer.
The Flush ⚡️ the going gets tough, the tough tweet mean-girl insults, debunked murder conspiracies, & accusations of racism… cast & crew first learned of it when they saw the finished film. When we shot it, Vader's line was "You don't k… @ItsaFilmPodcast @MAURICELAMARCHE I don't know, but it would be nice. I share those great memories with you! @bags @YoYo_Ma I had not... thanks for posting!Truth is stranger than fiction, but definitely not as funny. #FawltyMemories The 24 Be My Age When We Had To Reshoot The Imprisoned Princess Scene In #StarWars Because The First Time We Fi… @headgeek666 A book is being written about the film & I just agreed to an interview with the author. #Patience @Fantomblu @JVTATEM @TheKateMulgrew @SirPatStew @BrentSpiner @akaWorf @Marina_Sirtis @jonathansfrakes @levarburton @KimMangone Already donated & looking forward to your victory!
The 3 other guys in this image should put you on their shows ASAP! ❤️from your fan, Mar🐫 made... Promises Ignored. #DonTheCon Raider for your approval... @ReedReed6 Never seen these before. Always love seeing new photos of "the boys"- Thanks! @sylvia_tanguma @nur_pep No need for jealousy, Sylvia. @maka_gh real @RunningPhilBell @HACWDoN It's an honor just to be nominated! @kmagius @ItsMeAdrianL I was referring to the number of wounds he received. @neeratanden Awful news. Hope you have a speedy recovery.May The 23rd Be, If You Hadn't Heard, The Final Stab Wound Julius Caesar Incurred and the Yeast NEWS- Everyone's favorite undead roommates will live on for a 3rd Season!!! Thank you @FXNetworks. 🧛🦇…
He was more than "Pink Shorts Boom Guy"-His son Terence was right when he said "He was certainly a very big, loved… @nur_pep Had to retire from birthday wishes due to overwhelming demand. Sending you these instead: @akdacus For you & your dad: @akdacus For your dad: The 22nd 2015 Be The Day Netflix Announces The Olsen Twins Will Not Appear In The "Full House" Revival And Much… @redstateupdate What can I say? I'm a deeply devoted fan of Jackie & Dunlap & @redstateupdate! @HARVEYGUILLEN @actordougjones @b4theshadows How long did it take Mr. Jones in Wardrobe/Hair & Make-Up to be camera ready each day?The Beagles @ponygal1986 @pheltzcomics @LeeLeeskeewee @Hellboy919 @starwars @darth_swlove03 @skywalker_saber @MaraRanger @MagicWhiskey Too many to choose just one. I liked them all for different reasons. @Selkathyyy #SaveBelParaMeninas 🇧🇷 @finerscalereal I never fell, so hard to know. @LUIS_ELC21 For Ted: @TinyTechs_ For your wife: @IlySkywalker Jane Lynch Skywalker @ni_goose #Thanks, but... @AaronMilligan78 Both Miss Piggy AND Kermit the Frog visited the Dagobah set and the entire crew couldn't have been happier! @JakesTakes Looks like I'm R2-D2, @JakesTakes! #BeepBoop
I'm overwhelmed by the messages you all have sent me in support of this movie. The most physically challenging of t… so we can make this quote reusable on Nov. 3rd. The 21st Also Be The 40th Anniversary Of The Moment That Ruined Luke's Father's Day #HBDESB @dannybenair 🤣!!!May The 21st Amendment Be What Ended Prohibition By Repealing The 18th Amendment Which Banned The Manufacture, Sale… @AJemaineClement We need the uncensored option on the DVD extras. #MoreTrollDongPlease @RadioGuyChris @carlosalazraqui Wonderful news! Glad to hear Jim is feeling better.
@drewb998 For your dad: @NickWel90521298 Love them all for different reasons!When it came to marketing a movie no one was interested in, his out-of-the-box ideas showed everyone how it could b… @MAURICELAMARCHE And what day is it?To be clear- this is Part 2 of my appearance on @b4theshadows with @HARVEYGUILLEN & NOT a rerun. There IS a rerun o… @jellybaby192 Wise beyond her years! ❤️ @bts0ulmate @BTS_twt yesMay The 20th 1873 Be The Day Levi Strauss & Jacob Davis Received The Patent For Blue Jeans Emma Nems one of the graduates?
@bader_diedrich @pamelaadlon @alyankovic To quote @bader_diedrich: "I'm in this." @MaurerKen For Alex: @Mcfly781 For your wife: @dracarysrings @Jorginho9913 #AdiaEnem 🇧🇷 @songbird2202 Nice job, Andrew. Congratulations! @thatDoughboy I'm told they are still working on it, but determined for it to be released next year. Fingers crossed! @Jorginho9913 #AdiaEnem 🇧🇷Except for those 19,000+ times he lied or made misleading statements. #TrueStory (👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏@RandyRainbow) @joshua02086598 Sorry about your grandpa- nothing funny about that. @gpinheiroc #adiaenem @Hamillskywalkr_ @IR0N_STRANGE For Shannon: The 19th Be The Last Of Your Recurring Nervous Breakdowns @ddunnboysen For Aubrie: @DanLeach971 @WilliamShatner I salute you Dan... @gorrisalison For Toledo: words: "Morbidly obese" #PresidentTweety meltdown in 3...2...1... #StandbyForTwitterTirade he said it sarcastically.
“Watch the ones that I’m in and then you can do what you want.” 🤣 #ClassicCarrie @TimDrakeMagic @Stan_And_Ollie Big time!!! @TheDaveJolliffe @TomWilsonUSA You're not so bad yourself, David. 👍May The 18th 1927 Be The Day Grauman's Chinese Theater Opened In Hollywood And Where, A Half-Century Later, Three A… @ChelseaHamill @NathanHamill She likes Laurel & Hardy better. @Bluegirl2007 I welcome all Junior Jedis, including your son. #NeverTooManyLukes @joshscampbell 💔🐕😩 #RIPWilshire @NathanHamill Never gets old. @ChelseaHamill @NathanHamill CLASSIC Marx Bros.- you have excellent taste!FUN FACT: Reagan's campaign slogan was "Make America Great Again", later "appropriated" by a certain someone in 201…
#PuppyPinwheel haven't left my house since February 29th & as this quarantine drags on (& on)-I now think I kinda know what reti… is one of the funniest people on the planet. 🤣 That's it. That's the tweet. @AustinCable1224 back