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I was planning to watch every minute of the trial, but why bother? THE FIX IS IN. This is now just a televised… the trial begins I must beat a retreat, while all other activities take a backseat. If the "Prez" is unseated or… aren’t rules for a real trial at all, much less a fair one. They’re rules for a rigged outcome, with…
Retweeted by Mark HamillJust when you feel broken by the headlines & are contemplating opening your veins in a warm tub, along comes the mu… @Manu_Pan86 @popculturequest We were cancelled! @maka_gh Great guy & now my friend. @maka_gh @Manu_Pan86 @rianjohnson @LauraMacDB @Jaydy2007 @EmilyJanemh @ItsMarkHamill @1Flukeskywalker @Strickalator @TheJLew @tarastrong @bader_diedrich @RachelKimsey @GreyDeLisle @Alyssa_Milano @kathygriffin @BionicDance @antooniverse I never negotiate- that's what agents are for!
I already ordered my copy of this #1 best-seller. You sure make a GREAT book salesman! and every one of these younglings have courage, are determined and know that their limb difference is their ve… we all be infinitely hopeful that #TheDividedStatesOfAmerica can begin to heal. #MartinLutherKingDay2020 @KirinArnold @1Flukeskywalker @Hamillskywalkr_ @Wembley138 @Torkins88 @maka_gh @HamillsHobbit @Jedi_Archivist
Koalas need our help 🐨❤️
Retweeted by Mark HamillIt's not just Koalas that need our help. Over ONE BILLION animals have been lost in Australia's catastrophic fires!… Highly Anticipated Book by two Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post reporters, has already proven to be a… @KatieHill4CA Tragic. So sorry for your loss.You're welcome. That's a real collector's item, as it features one of the rare times I absentmindedly misspelled my… @Vicari_music yes @Cthulhu4Prez Unintended. I love Dave & he knows that. @RynOstate @TravisRichter People can disagree & still be friends. @ABAOProductions 🤣 @Nyo_archives @TropicScapesArt Please tell me you're kidding.
Although the House rules say it must use its managers, the House managers would be well-advised to avail themselves… I was more than stoked seeing his reaction! 😍 #SaturdayMade @TropicScapesArt Sorry, that's FAKE.Han wore it better. #MayTheSpaceForceBeWithYou @Bishop4House EVERY experience in front of an audience, no matter how large or small the role, is important. Grab e… @richardmarx @TitusNation Please thank them for their continued support. Much appreciated! @ThunderLevin So may conflicting opinions were sent to me, it's difficult to know what's correct. Any English schol… @openbionics No, YOU'RE the best. Thanks for all you do. ♥️- mh @anne_theriault I hereby wish your 9yo a Happy Birthday (technically).
#LifeImitatesArt Birthday, Dad. Thank you for a lifetime of superb performances! @jamesearljones #NationalTreasure Force is VERY strong with this one! Seeing someone so young facing adversity with such courage is positively aw… @jpereznavarro a shout out for the ‘Big 5-1’: @Kevin_Hitt Kevin! @RandyRainbow @pattonoswalt Lev and Let Die? @polaur2! (Comma should have been within the quotation mark) 🙄 @Clutchhhh I DO like you!
@BoredOverlord Not petty at all. Thanks for educating me. @ponygal1986 @maka_gh @MaraRanger @darth_swlove03 @EByzio @1Flukeskywalker @pheltzcomics @hoopen_mark @Only_OnMyOwn It's never easy, but you will heal. 💔 @groundwalker_ Miss Piggy's eyes are bluer than mine!IF IT WAS SO "PERFECT", WHY ARE YOU BLOCKING WITNESSES? (AND WHY ARE YOU YELLING?) #IMPOTUS a word: @MsAFitzsimmons Not only did I like this, but my wife Marilou (a former dental hygienist) LOVED it! @giovana_gaspari Awful! Glad you weren't fooled. @AdrianEdmondson I loved working there. What a history it has! All those classic Guinness comedies, plus it's the o… @fusionwk LOVE this... many thanks! 😍 @LUKESKYWLKEER @JoeBullis @Guvnor1140 For Ben Martin: @DessiShack Gorgeous! 😍 @davedavieskinks @EricIdle @NeilInnes @YouTube One of my all-time faves! The soundtrack has some of the best music The Beatles never made.
IwastryingtoconveyasenseofurgencyandthedangersofinactionwhenwewererescuingtheprincesswhilestillfollowingGeorge'sfav… appreciate all you #Hamsters bringing attention to fake accounts. Remember: there is only one genuine…
Only as punishment. @peebasaur For Quincy: that we all have had a good laugh at my expense for mistaking a TEENY-TINY flag of Malaysia for a TEENY-TINY Ol…
@bearmccreary 🤣!!! (PS: You deserved a nom)You misspelled "Pocahontas", but I'm sure you know how to spell "racist". #DividerInChief are the chances I would get THIS guy? Never tell me the odds..... (#ItActuallyTookMeMoreThan20Tries) @Facebook 🇺🇸>💰 @larainenewman Robert Smigel's podcast w/ Triumph the Insult Comic dog if you looking for something highbrow & soph… @TalbertSwan For gorgeous Roxie:
2020 disappointed that #MarkZuckerberg values profit more than truthfulness that I've decided to delete my @Facebook @BuryLikeFury @mepeters1979 @realbdw 😍+ #YUM! @JonLionFineArt @JColeNC Time lapse...? Or are you, in fact, The Flash? #FastestArtistAlive ⚡️ @kenobiolaلطفاً از این واقعیت غافل شوید که من یک ممنوعیت مسافرت برای شما ایجاد کردم و تهدید کرده ام که سایت های فرهنگی شما را…
HUGS make everything better. This is a FACT, not an opinion. #HamillNeedsAHug unexpected & positively surreal. It was nice to get it back, but even more impressive that @bookmansflag wo… @StarbeamNight @kevinjondavies Everything, unfortunately. @Manu_Pan86 @themicaelaworld LOVE that #PadawanPup! 😍🐶👍 @kinkajouj @susanjmcintire I DO respect him. I'm just jealous I didn't think of something as creative as that. @corriedaines urban legend @biancaaddison yes @alliebrx @kai_SW501st The "normal" Ahch-To outfit. It felt like I was in a Robin Hood movie. @HamlllsJackets @kevinjondavies I thought a British child wouldn't know what a "cantina" was.Whhhaaaat?!!!! I think Daniel owes me at least 10%. #DagobahDanielStrikesGold 💰'll never forget meeting young Daniel & having a picnic on the #EmpireStrikesBack set, but I'd never seen it... un… @GrapeApeJapes Awesome #JuniorJedi !!! @starkurama 😍!!! @natirebolledo 🤮 @themicaelaworld Good girl!!! 🐶 @dogaIina Would love to visit someday, but they mailed it to me.VERY impressive. This makes those of us who just asked "Will you marry me?" feel like uninspired, thoughtless jerks… @ChelseaHamill When you told me you got "Dad", I though you meant ME, not Vader. @MeredthSalenger @Rotj__luke You're pretty forceful yourself, dear. @pattonoswalt Awesome poster! @JenniLynnHamill tells Fox that he would consider invoking executive privilege to block John Bolton’s testimony before the Sen… @Meehguy 👍 @HarryGG3 HARRY @Cystik1 For @Cystik1: never kiss & tell. 💋