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@KatWray1 @TaikaWaititi Brilliant work there, Kat! 😍👍 @DrewStruzan I was shaking holding that cinematic history in my hands! @HistoryMuppet We became friends when I did the Muppet Show & it lasted from then on. He had a larger-than-life per…
We all miss Jim Henson, but my family had a special relationship with the brilliant Richard Hunt. We all loved him… the record, it is much more than a mere "magic show."Experience the emotionally moving, indescribable show that no less than @pennjillette called "The best magic show I…'s EVERYWHERE. @billprady It really bugs me when they can't get the "your/you're" thing right! 😩Do you have a favorite @starwars/@BernieSanders meme? (I'm really loving #BactaTankBernie!) 👍😂 many @starwars/@BernieSanders memes... Thanks to everyone who sent them! 🤣 @reverendmatty @KeithOlbermann @TonyAtamanuik @rmayemsinger @LouiseMensch @jules_su @20committee @jfreewright
@oliviareckley @starwars Granted! 👍 @Lowecat No. You're much too good looking! @RTwo006 @JimCordaro @ChrisEvans @MarkRuffalo @RobertDowneyJr @JeremyRenner @chrishemsworth This tweet is a good start! 👍 @Ant_Writer @MarcuscollinsUK @EmmaOsman_ @matthaig1 @AnneMarie @Gemma_Lavender @ChrisMaloney77 @angelaeagle recently I actually met @KamalaHarris & being a fan of inspirational, groundbreaking women, I became a little…
Feels like we went from black & white to color. you still have until 12 noon today before you're legally required to get out of the WH, you really should fir… @susaneisenberg1 💔🐶
His 30,000+ lies won't end when he leaves. His #BigLie that the election was stolen caused the violent insurrection… to 12 noon tomorrow, when Republicans suddenly start caring about the deficit again. didn't think @RandyRainbow would post another genius video without me retweeting it, did you? ❤️🌈 (Bonus: that… only 1 day left in this Administration, is it too late for him to attempt to rehabilitate his reputation?* *(… @mikepriceinla Awful news... a terrible loss. 💔As you honor my father today, please honor my mother, as well. She was the architect of the King Legacy and founder…
Retweeted by Mark HamillHow it started: "I cannot tell a lie."- George Washington Where we are now: I cannot tell a lie from reality-DJT a Lago is due for some eagle droppings in 3-2-1... @Melissassmile For Melissa: ❤️-mh
It's hard to imagine times more challenging or controversial. #MLKDay2021 2 L-O-N-G days before he vacates the Oval Office, he could make a last-minute bid to buy Greenland! 🇬🇱💰💱🇺🇸…
As a lifelong fan of both James Earl Jones AND Sgt. Bilko, how did I not know this? #HBD_Dad 🎂 listen to this WAKE UP CALL by @thematthewcooke 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 3 days left in this Administration, there's still plenty of time to build a border wall in Colorado: "a beauti… @JerasIkehorn @morgfairSunday, January 17, 2021 President tRump will seethe with anger from early in the morning until late in the evening… @RobAnderson2018
Dear @MrPeytonReed, I am so grateful to have been given the unexpected opportunity to revisit my character when h… McEnany... Dancing With The Stars is on line one. only 4 days left in this Administration, there's still plenty of time for him to rekindle his romance with the…, January 16, 2021 President tRump will watch TV from early in the morning until late in the evening. He wi… little disappointed I got no condemnation for reading his tweets in my Joker voice. ☹️🃏
#ThoughtsAndPrayers only 5 days left in this Administration, it's not too late for NASA to STOP talking about the Moon-They did th… @nolan_north @north_cooper Please tell him happy birthday for me, Nolan. He inherited both your good looks AND you…
Soon to be displayed in the lobby at Mar a Lago... #LetTheLootingBegin all fairness, as soon as they got the violent insurrection they all wanted, they immediately called for "unity." #FreeRealityWinner #EnoughIsEnough🤣😂🤣😂 #Wahhh only 6 days left in this Administration, they better hurry up with that "beautiful Healthcare plan... that's t… (again) those of you with zero interest in impeachment... can I interest you in a barking bird?
When one impeachment won't suffice, Damn his new crimes- impeach him twice! #DarnOldDonald ONE. WEEK. #A_New_Hope 393 days since our last Impeachment. 🇺🇸 @TalbertSwan Saluting Roxie on her special day: ❤️🎂 @doublesunplays 👍 @TommyLuginbill If you don't count the hate-tweets I get from the MAGA crowd! @GreasyWater51 @peebasaur @baltaacervantes Señor Hamill te ama Mexico @DrColocho And I LOVE Mexico! ❤️🇲🇽👍 @thomzahler @christyblanch @porksmith Love it! ❤️🦇 @peebasaur Saluting the great Quincy on his big day...🎂 ❤️🐶 #GoodBoy 8 days left in this administration, it's not too late to get Mexico pay for his wall. 🇲🇽💰 @Atomicstrength @Melissassmile But not as adorable... ❤️ @BoogieBot5_ @PaulMcCartney @coldplay @radiohead @thomyorke @whoisMGMT @midnightoilband @Sethrogen @hasanthehun @KTonarella For Kyle:
I couldn't find Luke Skywalker dressed as The Joker anywhere, so how about The Joker dressed as Luke Skywalker inst…"If you read my speech...people thought that what I said was totally appropriate."-DJT Appropriate?! READ. EVERY. W… @alexdelbarrio The episodes are nearly ready, but I'm not sure when @netflix plans to air them exactly. Sometime later this year I'm told.
@Acosta @CNN Thanks for your unwavering strength reporting in a hostile environment the last 4 years & congratulations Mr. Anchorman!Did he wear his horns in court? it IS too late for Infrastructure Week.And how is YOUR day going?'s not too late for Infrastructure Week. @rocketdebruin I miss that show, Kevin."It all started with lies & lies & lies...Patriotism means standing by the country, not standing by the President."…
ALL my tweets should be read in the Joker's voice. 🃏 @eJoelWatts I had one the day after he posted that. It pointed out the fact that it didn't end well for the Death Star. @MorganStrebler @CobraKaiSeries @netflix Not yet, but I've heard it's really good. @TheFirstOkiro Thank you Okiro. To think that something I did was so meaningful that it helped you deal with challe…“Our incredible journey is just beginning.”-DJT. Don’t let him make good on thi… too. @jediknerd @darth_hera Thanks. I have way too much time on my hands. @darth_hera I have no idea. I even Googled "Chanel boots" & I'm still not sure! @Torkins88 Everybody's somebody, Torkins... Hang in there!Seen anything this good on TV lately? 📺 to plotz as the brilliant musical boychik skewers the #MeshuggenuhInChief! One day this account will be not…
.@Twitter to @realDonaldTrump-YOU'RE FIRED! Upside: Curbs his ability to encourage sedition & promote violent coup… @MichaelCohen212 Thank you for speaking truth to power, Michael!UPDATE: Somebody's day just got a whole lot WORSE. #SAD 😂 for laughs after surviving 2020, an armed insurrection & an attempted coup? Look no further than this offer… @charlie_adler It's always beyond sad to lose a beloved member of the family. You'll never stop grieving, but the m… case you missed the tweet from his now suspended account (or even if you saw it & don't miss it) here it is: To…
And how is YOUR day going?, it conflicts with a previously scheduled pity party. Presidential Quotes: "When you do a thing, act as if the whole world were watching."- Thomas Jeffers… stay silent is to be complicit in his madness. #BanTrumpSaveDemocracy
Oh PLEASE! Those who violently besieged our capitol are EVERYTHING this administration stands for. Promoted on his…