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I'm really looking forward to this & thinking of the old adage: "Either you love the Irish... or you are wrong."☘️… @RealBradGarrett One of the greatest sitcoms of all-time. Period. @Frimpys One of my all-time favorites! @JRGStreet Congratulations! @kasskywaIker goodmorning @skywalkersqueen @panakingc Sorry, I'm quarantined. Have fun without me! @CrvgSamuka #KappaNoVasco 🇧🇷 @billburton @Merlyn30545337 @PaulBegala @donnabrazile @ananavarro @WajahatAli @finneyk 🤖for sure. @joniyazaki Vai Corinthians!! 🇧🇷 @HuffmanForNC You know North Carolina better than I do so, trust your instincts! All the best from your out-of-state supporter, mh
Hope you all can join me on August 8th to help send @harrisonjaime to the Senate. The Force is strong with this one… Kevin- There's nothing scarier than having a child facing medical challenges. If James is so committed to blowin… @unlikeable_luke I was unaware of this. I need to get educated on the subject. 🇿🇼 #ZimbabweanLivesMatter @ConnieSchultz ❤️you back! @joelockhart @PreetBharara @PaulBegala @tedlieu @ericswalwell @RepAdamSchiff @eliehonig @sam_vinograd to Sound Editor, VO Actor & #AudioWizardExtraordinaire @matthewood for his 3 decades at #SkywalkerSound! A… @PaulBegala @billburton @donnabrazile @ananavarro @WajahatAli @finneyk I knew I could count on you, Paul! #IBelieveTheChildrenAreOurFuture 🎶
@ConnieSchultz In there, you must hang, @ConnieSchultz! Also:, @PreetBharara. I've nagged my kids to nag their friends to nag THEIR friends to register to vote until they… be fair, he's working on it right this very minute... on the golf course. 🏌🏻‍♂️⛳️'s my question @ThatKevinSmith: Do you know what I call a 50 year-old? Answer: "KID" #HBD from your favorite Co… this answer your question @AmbassadorRice? #HeCantGetItUp Oh, and also extremely, EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: SAVE THE @USPS!!!, I've never been punched in the nose by Arnold. 👃🏻👊🏻 #LifeGoals wonder if one of the reasons tRump fired his campaign manager was for him not making sure they owned… only regret about this tweet is not referring to it as a GREAT twist-ending! #PresidentPelosi has a nice ring to…
@harrisonjaime For your gorgeous mom: ❤️😍 @Aaron34631556 Listen to Aaron, dad! @anthonycwalker Nice job Anthony. Insightful, funny AND scary! 🤔😂😩Who doesn't love a twist-ending? @I_am_AgiKerekes For Agnes & her groom: @t0msmith_ For Tom: @DarthHamill @1Flukeskywalker @ItsMarkHamill @maka_gh @samhorsley15 Hope a reply & this GIF will influence her decision! @Thegaminguysli2 @batnick44 @RealKevinConroy Glad to be of a part of whatever therapy helps you Nick- I'm wishing you all the best f…
This creature will be released back into the wild on November 3rd, 2020. #VoteBidenToSaveAmerica 🌊 it all makes sense! #EverythingYouThoughtYouKnewIsWrong @MarkHammill @smith_lateisha @DaleHostler @Candy99820241 @ASmellySmell1 @Winners786 @CraigDRealty @daryl_biggs @HaileyConroyYA For #AwesomeAbby: ❤️-mh @TheRickyDavila Awful news. Wishing him a fast & complete recovery. @NormOrnstein @MarkMeadows @blakehounshell Awful, AND a birther.
This is so unfair! No matter how divided or polarized we have become, that's still no excuse for insulting Beavis &… @martinbateman @NickyDanino @DroidbuildersUK @YouTube @rebellegion @ukgarrison @501stLegion @theCALMzone 🤣 @ezsparky74 Sorry to hear this. 💔 @kryptonian0 You should be PROUD! @davidestophie Awesome work from #JediJoel!!! 👍🏻 @jeffreyhasheart @Mark_Sheppard @taylorswift13 @GeorgeDunham @tweetgrubes @colinmochrie @TroyAikman @gordonkeith @eddieperezTX For Mina: Nice job there!!! ❤️- mh @scotch_trooper I am looking forward to your complete recovery, pal. Go kick cancer's ass!!! ❤️to you & your entire family, Mar🐫 @HuffmanForNC @votevets Scott, I'm the son of a #NavyVeteran & am wishing you all the very best. I hope you really… @gclaywhittaker @scotch_trooper @gofundme For @scotch_trooper:"There are those in power who are doing their darnedest to discourage people from voting..attacking our voting righ… @danjlevy @DanMilano So well-deserved! #InstantClassic
I needed this today. 😍🐶 #DailyDoggieDiversion @rickerthewriter @RealKevinConroy For Rick: @xboxonejedi @JoonasSuotamo @StarWarsUK 😍!!! @atomtheartist Are you the artist who did this? If so, many thanks for a GREAT job! 👍🏻#NuffSaid as if your very life depends on it, because this time it literally does. me beyond frightened... #TotallyTerrified love it too @RealKevinConroy! I only wish I knew who the artist was so I could give them the credit they deserve.…
#PresidentialPriorities adding music to his vulgarity & lies make it any easier to stomach this clown? 🤡… @pattonoswalt @NetflixIsAJoke @sethmeyers @mulaney @Hannahgadsby @lisacorrao #Congratulations @RandyRainbow @DevinCow @TelevisionAcad @jimmykimmel @latelateshow @iamsambee @galifianakisz #Congratulations here. @HARVEYGUILLEN @TelevisionAcad @theshadowsfx 👍🏻🧛🏻‍♂️🦇 to Stefani Robinson for your well-deserved nomination! 🧛🏻‍♂️ #WhatTheyDoAtTheEmmys 🦇 @KLWalpole14 @JohnELTenney "I could die" Please don't. @MrMadMarcus @elizadushku Agreed. It IS an absolute disgrace & hard to watch. @DanielNewman @mmpadellan Sickening. 🤮 @Barbara74048755 For your mom: @Barbara74048755 @Ookidj For your mom: @Hamillskywalkr_ But why are you doing that w/ your ear? The mask was so tight it was making my ear stick out. I am holding it in! 😜 @Holiday1326 @Sethrogen @VancityReynolds @WilliamShatner @GeorgeTakei But @HamillHimself WILL send you a GIF! @finerscalereal @KirinArnold @LitaNeumann @1Flukeskywalker @Wembley138 @ItsMarkHamill @maka_gh It was a gift, so I'… @tpwkpilots Great cast & crew. I had so much fun being bad! @skysolofan @Ookidj Haven't had fast food in ages, but when I did I liked Shake Shack, 5 Guys & In-n-Out. (I heard… @IanSeggie Will the days get brighter? OF COURSE they will. No where to go but up, Ian! @Hamillskywalkr_ The mask was making my ear stick out, so I was holding it flat & trying to strike a "thinking" pose. @djslater3 @starwars @LindseySlaterTV @JohnBoyega LOVE seeing this very special father-daughter bonding! 😍Clearly an inspiration for Chucky in "Child's Play", I first saw this when I was around 10 yrs-old & have never for… @KirinArnold @LitaNeumann @1Flukeskywalker @Wembley138 @ItsMarkHamill @maka_gh Not photoshopped. @Ookidj 😋!!!
You are not alone. #TheLaughterEndsNovember3rd @bigmikeeeee27 @RichardGarriott Too horrifying to contemplate... 😩SHOUT OUT to @ChelseaHamill for no particular reason other than being a swell kid, a sweet soul & my very favorite… deleted this footage that went with my Mother ("I'll huff & I'll puff & I'll blow your POS wall down!") Nat…
So Mother Nature doesn't want to Make America Great Again? Maybe Mexico will pay to repair this if we catch them in… @JoshuaKhane @starwars A new #JuniorJedi is always welcome!Since the 2016 Election, the #1 new activity for historical figures is: "Spinning In Their Graves." @cloudmaccchiato @RetireB4IDie @AngelaBelcamino @SirPatStew Why not both? @SithVJedi @por_mientras 🤣Out on the links, I'm not only closely monitoring the Hurricane, I'm also strategizing against the Kung-Flu🇨🇳Workin…