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Simply the best. #RIPSeanConnery THREE. MORE. DAYS... ... until I can try to go back to posting dumb, apolitical videos like this one: (wa… HAMILLWEEN™️ 🎃🧛‍♀️👻🧙‍♀️🧟💀👽👺🤡😱🕸 @MarkHammill Just wondering if you ever get my mail by mistake. @kelmasnat717 😍!!! @Maggie @kat_blaque Lovely Vader! 😍 @JessicaDwyer Go to @MichiganDems. I think they plan to rebroadcast it. @orphans_music Because of the extremely low budget, I'm confident they were NOT designed exclusively for us. @JessicaRandle07 Great job, Jessica! This was not only fun to watch, but has a crucial message for voters in the mo… @almightypascal There's a new one? @superjd76 Nice job & MUCH better than I could've done, Jonathan! 👍🎃 @Marilyn62008564 @JohnELTenney @SunnyAnderson @CoyoteChrisS @UncleCreepy @MrsMoore1003 @SharlaHardin @RealTomHolland @rosariodawson @BenMackenzie Thank YOU for writing such a wonderful script! #WordsMatter 🧛‍♂️🦇 @zHappyPillz @aishatyler @sebroche @mishacollins @WhoseRyanStiles @colinmochrie @StephenAmell @Mark_Sheppard @PhilArballo2020 Already donated to your campaign, but there's no reason I can't give again. I'll ask my accountant, who is also my wife. @GlennRubenstein Thanks Glenn. I've never seen it & now's my chance!Getting rid of Devin would be heaven! Please vote for @PhilArballo2020 , a man actually focused on issues that mat…
Danke schoen, Germany. 🇩🇪 #Dump_tRUMP_MakeAmericaGreatAgain #VOTE“We are the spark, that will light the fire, that will burn the tRUMP administration down."- The American Resistanc… @TheChrisSuprun Be my guest, Christopher! 👍 @AnnaForFlorida @wideanglefocus @ida_v_e Exactly! (Also, Han Solo never looked this good) 😍EXACTLY. FOUR. MORE. DAYS... ... until I can try to go back to posting dumb, apolitical tweets like this:       "… (just in time for Halloween🎃😱) It's the #FrightNight Reunion. This Fanboy is BEYOND excited to join the ori… I'm tired or losing my mind, but I forgot to add the hashtag! #PachydermPadawan 🐘 @BillTouspille 👍Lucky me!!! @susaneisenberg1 I KNOW!!! @thealexrossart ROCKS!!!😍 @trelltastic67 @wlsalyers @B_Rabbit843 @rejectedjokes @tarastrong @GreyDeLisle @DorothyFahn @Seitz_Unseen lightsaber @TateForkel @darrenhayes @TaronEgerton @TomHolland1996 @RahulKohli13 @dog_rates The most casual game of Fetch I've seen! 🤣 @vi_rod92 Love your little doggie, Victoria! 😍🐶 (Millie's twin) @jkdamighty Cuteness overload!!! 😍 That is one gorgeous #JuniorJedi. Please give her a hug for me! @bloom_writing @TaraPMoo @joshgad @mmpadellan @ChrisisSingin @perlmutations @GeorgeTakei @TimOBrien @Women4Biden @lem0nsbro @TaraPMoo @joshgad @mmpadellan @ChrisisSingin @perlmutations @GeorgeTakei @TimOBrien @Women4Biden @mradamscott @RedHourBen @evilhag @jaketapper @DamonLindeIof @PhizLair @ElizabethBanks @DavidKHarbour I knew I coul… @DarkoneOfDamned @KierstenWarren @kirkacevedo @xanderberkeley @robertpatrickT2 @YourDadLikedIt @IAmJohnAles @TaraPMoo @joshgad @mmpadellan @ChrisisSingin @perlmutations @GeorgeTakei @TimOBrien @Women4Biden @mjfree @sarahcpr @WeAreLuckySoul Hi Jacob! My eldest son Nathan was born in London, so we all have a special place in our heart for… @MarkRuffalo @RedHourBen @BradleyWhitford @GeorgeTakei @kumailn @mradamscott Thanks for caring, pal! #MaskUpIndeed 😷👍 @ryanwaniata Millie says "Hi Sydney, you are GORGEOUS!" 😍Watch Jon @ossoff masterfully demand accountability from his opponent. What say you, David Perdue? BREAKING NEWS:…
Whoops! @mradamscott is SO nice we challenged him twice. I'm wondering if I could ask @ArianaGrande to #MaskUp to s… accepted @RedHourBen! I #MaskUp to stay healthy & to protect others. Don't want to bother @MarkRuffalo @tarastrong @PromAtThePolls 👍 @hamlet3k @GreyDeLisle @nolan_north @TheJohnDiMaggio @tarastrong @MAURICELAMARCHE @yakkopinky @TroyBakerVA"Once Upon A Time" is enough, America won't survive the sequel. #VoteHimOut2020 🗳️ FIVE. MORE. DAYS... ... until I can try to go back to posting dumb, apolitical tweets like this:… do! I do! Hope to see you all TODAY as I "virtually" visit IOWA! I am ALL IN but need your help to elect…
EXCITING NEWS! I'll be taking part in the #FrightNight reunion benefiting the @michigandems THIS FRIDAY! Donate any… of us who thought him unfit for the office could only speculate. Senior staff members of his own administrati… #VOTE so I never have to watch clips of him again. #VoteBidenHarrisToEndThisNightmare SIX. MORE. DAYS... ... until I can try to go back to posting dumb, apolitical tweets like this: Just ch… @bader_diedrich Apology accepted, pal.I hate when that happens. @funder #TuesdaySenateBlueWave 🌊
Just when you thought 2020 couldn't get any more bizarre, tRUMP expands his closing argument to include picking a… ONE. MORE. WEEK... ... until I can try to go back to posting dumb, apolitical tweets like this: BEH… #VOTE
Thank YOU for your lifelong service @GenMhayden! For speaking truth to power, putting country over party & for cont… @jennifermuro Wishing you a #HBD, Jennifer! @Marmel @jennifermuro Done! @PAYOLETTER @anotherjtm @SenSanders @BernieSanders I sent you a #HBD, so why aren't you following me? @PAYOLETTER @anotherjtm @SenSanders @BernieSanders #HBD!!! was FUNDAY! My entire socially-distanced family watched a Double Feature: BORAT SUBSEQUENT MOVIE FILM starri… @RedHourBen @MarkMeadows The last time @MarkMeadows ran for office, he promised to send Obama "back to Kenya or whe… @YNB ✋!!!To quote the great @peeweeherman: "So funny I forgot to laugh!" I like Presidents who don't emulate 3rd-rate lounge…
.@JoeBiden tweeted this exactly ONE YEAR AGO. told these two that this year, Halloween has been cancelled. #Sad @campitz Please do! 🇨🇱 #PlebiscitoChile"They are so well taken care of... they're in facilities that are so clean!"- DJT #PleaseSaveTheseChildren 💔
Matt's "No" vote is a disgrace! It makes me wish I lived in Florida's 1st district... just so I could vote for… had forgotten how relevant this scene is to the 2020 Election. #MayTheVoteBeWithYou @Grobabbio 🤣!!! @anthonycwalker Nice work Anthony, but you're going to need many, many, MANY more videos to even begin detailing al… @ShellyCFineArt I'm VERY proud... Nice job! 👍 @kingthonszn Have a great one! cat is all of us who care about the future of this country. 😾🇺🇸😩 #VoteBidenHarrisToSaveAmerica 🗳️! RVAT's GOING LIVE @ 7PM EST SATURDAY Welcome to Gotham City! Join us for a special edition livestream feat… am the Democrat running against Republican Kevin McCarthy. I am a United States Air Force Veteran, Democrat and a…
Retweeted by Mark Happy Hamillween#TheFraudIsStongWithThisOne
Ask your wife what I should have for dinner tonight. at how young I look in my profile pic! is what he chooses as his closing argument: Want to lose your healthcare doing a pandemic? Vote for me!!! 🤢… @AnnaForFlorida LOVE it!!! 👍Well said. For Human Rights said it reaches the U.N. definition of "Torture"- American Academy of Pediatrics called…
2020 ya gonna believe... HIM or your lyin' eyes?🙄 #SnowflakeInChief to imagine @JoeBiden's opponent doing anything as remotely human as this. Remember: Humanity is on the ballot.… @QuentinYoumans Your great aunt really IS great & an inspiration to us all! ❤️ #vote#HOPE
Happy Birthday Carrie Frances Fisher.🎂 the world will never stop missing you..... 💔 @MingNa I feel your pain, Ming-Na. Insomnia always seems to strike when you have to work the next day. Maddening! 😩💤 @kurtbardella You too, Kurt. SO grateful for @ProjectLincoln! All the best, mhI already knew that was the perfect one-stop site for ALL vital election info, but leave to… do this! Your strategy attacking the media is perfection! CNN-"Dumb Bastards" Chris Wallace-"Terrible" Savan…
Wishing #StarWars fan & future Vice President of the United States of America the Happiest of Birthdays!!!!!!!!🎂🥳🎉🎈…'m counting the days until this election is over so I can try to ignore politics & go back to tweeting show-biz tr… am beyond grateful for each & every Republican who have chosen to put country above party.…