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My #July4th schedule: 1. Make a bunch of plans. 🪁🍔🌞 2. Cancel them all because I know good and well I’m just going to rewatch #Hamilfilm. 🇺🇸We love looking at the Washington Monument and seeing it as a monument to Eliza's determination as well #hamiltonfilm #hamilfilm
Retweeted by Hamilton"'What can I do with this time?' ... The asking of that question and the bravery with which you answer it is what I…
Retweeted by HamiltonYes! We met playing theater games at an Illinois Theater Festival. And not only that, we went to Juillard together.…
Retweeted by HamiltonThese tweets are the best tweets. Welcome! #Hamilfilm you’re going bananas watching @HamiltonMusical PLEASE realize EVERY human who helped in creating and cultivating…
Retweeted by HamiltonBlow us all away. #Hamilfilm after post: Thank you to those who joined our twitter watch party last night. I am beyond thankful for all…
Retweeted by HamiltonSo... who’s fitting in one more viewing this morning before the BBQ begins? #Hamilfilm #FourthofJulyBest part of the #Hamilfilm watch party? You can ⏮ and watch again on @DisneyPlus! Weekend playlist. ✅ love and respect and gratitude to my Music Team who was with me at all the B'way rehearsals! Couldn't have…
Retweeted by HamiltonAnything you noticed in the film you didn't see in the live show? #hamilfilm
Retweeted by HamiltonMemorable moments, memorable family. Only a few. More to come. Tweeting fast y’all. #HamilFilm
Retweeted by HamiltonWho Lives, Who Dies, Who tells Your Story: Live these words! Grab hold of your hopes, give your life everything you…
Retweeted by HamiltonKeep watching and listening thru the credits until the very end so you can hear the Right Hand Band jam out on the Exit Music! #HamilFilm
Retweeted by HamiltonWell I’m gunna continue to cry in private... thank you all for loveing the play. Loving us, all of us🙏🏾 And now it…
Retweeted by HamiltonCheckin in: how are we doing, fam? #HamilfilmListen. I’ve never... Truly. Thass all I’ve got right now. Thanks for all this.
Retweeted by HamiltonWhat an incredible time in my life: I made lifelong friends and had some of the most incredible experiences. Thank…
Retweeted by HamiltonMy credits are starting and I hear @blackthought!!! Stick around... #hamiltonmusical
Retweeted by Hamilton👏👏👏 Give it up for the cast and crew of Hamilton! 👏👏👏 #Hamilfilm
Retweeted by HamiltonLegacy. What is a legacy? remember the 1st time in our rehearsal room heard @Phillipasoo sing the end of the show. We were all on the floor…
Retweeted by HamiltonIt is this moment that I hope you realize why the show is called Hamilton and not Alexander Hamilton. The show is a…
Retweeted by HamiltonRemembering the first time we heard... no beat, no melody... and crying. #hamilfilm
Retweeted by Hamilton"near the same spot your son died" getting to see @ARamosofficial for just a sec is so painful. #hamiltonmusical
Retweeted by Hamilton#Hamilfilm Thank you all for this night - such a beautiful thing to revisit. @HamiltonMusical @disneyplus
Retweeted by HamiltonThe ensemble lines!!!!! @ephsykes: Like you could grab a beer with him! #hamiltonmusical
Retweeted by HamiltonCan we get back to politics? Please 😢 #HamilfilmMy 2 year old is pointing at the screen saying "He's sad. He's sad!" This just got really tough. #QuietUptown #Hamilfilm
Retweeted by HamiltonI cant help but think of the tens of thousands of people who are walking in their own uptowns, learning to live wit…
Retweeted by HamiltonIt’s quiet uptown. #HamilfilmWould Hamilton be a true New Yorker if he didn't take a dig at New Jersey? #Hamilfilm
Retweeted by Hamilton“God you’re a fox” #hamilfim #oneline
Retweeted by HamiltonPippa breaks my heart in Burn. I watched it from the wings. #hamilfilm
Retweeted by HamiltonEliza. Angelica’s true love.
Retweeted by HamiltonA favorite moment was when @cmbettiol drops the parchment on the desk. She would charge that parchment with so much. #Hamilfilm
Retweeted by HamiltonHave you read this? #HamilfilmHamilton's hardest bars. Courted/ecorted/corner/extorted etc
Retweeted by HamiltonKing George is like "This I gotta see..." #Hamilfilm
Retweeted by HamiltonWelcome back, King George. #Hamilfilm“I wanna sit under my own vine and fig tree...” ugh it was new for Broadway. Chills the first time @ChrisisSingin sang it #hamilfilm
Retweeted by HamiltonRevolution is messy, but now is the time to stand.✊🏾 #HamilfilmSeriously... seeing this and all of these beautiful humans?!?! I miss y’all soooooo much!!!! #HamilFilm #HamFam
Retweeted by HamiltonCLICK.💥 BOOM. #HamilfilmI arranged the menu, the venue, the seating. #HamilfilmROOM WHERE IT HAPPENS. MY. FAVE. #HAMILFILM. @leslieodomjr
Retweeted by HamiltonGuys @JasCephasJones never, EVER marked that high note. Off-Broadway I was all, “is someone gonna tell her she can…
Retweeted by HamiltonIf you’re enjoying tonight as much as I am😍🤓 please consider making a donation to the @TheActorsFund. They are help…
Retweeted by HamiltonCan we talk about the skill of @ARamosofficial’s performance? He plays a grown man, and then a child, and then that…
Retweeted by HamiltonWatching @Lin_Manuel and @DaveedDiggs battle it out every night was too fun! And to see them switch up the physical…
Retweeted by HamiltonWhat did I miss? a lot JEFFERSON!! geez you’re late to the party @Lin_Manuel @HamiltonMusical @DaveedDiggs #Hamilton #HamiltonFilm
Retweeted by HamiltonIt's worth repeating...@DaveedDiggs is a national treasure #rewind....#hamilfilm
Retweeted by HamiltonJefferson gets the #hamilkids going! #hamilfilm
Retweeted by HamiltonWe...back! Act two! #HamiltonFilm
Retweeted by HamiltonOH WAIT WE'RE HOLDING TIL 8:30PM ET!! Thank you @HamiltonMusical and @Lin_Manuel because now I can refill snacks an…
Retweeted by HamiltonYeees. Start Act two at 8:30
Retweeted by HamiltonNevermind! See you back at 8:30 ET! #Hamilfilm out to associate choreographer @Steph_Klem - she taught me everything I know. #hamilfilm
Retweeted by HamiltonIt's intermission! You have one minute to grab a snack and refill your drink before Act II! #HamilfilmAlways loved @IAMSethStewart and @ephsykes grooving on both sides of that table during Non-Stop. Swag. #HAMILFILM
Retweeted by HamiltonI used to sing Dear Theodosia to Sebastian every night for bedtime. I would imagine that @Lin_Manuel was singing it…
Retweeted by HamiltonTo all future generations: Blow Us All Away. #Hamilfilm
Retweeted by HamiltonIf we lay a strong enough foundation, we’ll pass it on to you, we’ll give the world to you, and you'll blow us all away. #Hamilfilm"you missed the fourth kiss," reports Sebastian. He's counting. Thanks, kid.
Retweeted by HamiltonPlease give it up for the PHENOMENAL orchestra, the Right Hand Band! Such a magical group of players and I can't i…
Retweeted by HamiltonThe way Hercules Mulligan comes in like a badass tailor TO SAVE THE DAY IS ICONIC 👏🏼🔥 #HamiltonFilm @Lin_Manuel
Retweeted by HamiltonThat has always been one of my favorite lines of Hamilton. We are a nation of immigrants, we get the job done. #Hamilfilm
Retweeted by Hamilton
IMMIGRANTS, WE GET THE JOB DONE!!! #Hamilfilm doing Lafeyette's rap: I'm takin' this horsfdjakslfjdslakjadlskfjlasdjfl #Hamilfilm
Retweeted by HamiltonThe lighting, the spinning stage, background choreography... SO. MANY. DETAILS. #Hamilfilm
Retweeted by HamiltonInstrumental to the revolution. else think of this song every 👏🏽 single 👏🏽 time you count to 10 now? #HamilfilmThe #HamiltonFilm ensemble is a force!!! So proud to have been in this company among the fiercest performers in thi…
Retweeted by HamiltonWe couldn’t WAIT to see @LeslieOdomJr perform this anthem 🙌 #Hamilfilm
Retweeted by HamiltonTHANK YOU. An all time great honor of my life.
Retweeted by Hamilton“Raise a glass to freedom, no matter what they tell you” #HamiltonFilm @HamiltonMusical
Retweeted by HamiltonGoosebumps on top of goosebumps, @ReneeGoldsberry #Hamilfilm
Retweeted by HamiltonRewind. #Hamilfilm love seeing their faces close up, it's insane how much emotion is shown on their faces #Hamilfilm
Retweeted by HamiltonApologies to everyone I flirted with in the 4th row for that year and a half. #HamiltonFilm
Retweeted by HamiltonI’m so thankful for the gift that is this movie. Being able to experience this cast is a joy I never thaught I’d ha…
Retweeted by HamiltonCome on Howell Binkley’s lighting on that back wall is 🔥#Hamilfilm
Retweeted by HamiltonThe moment you've been waiting comes the General! #Hamilfilm get your raincoats, #Groffsauce is here! #HamiltonFilm
Retweeted by Hamilton @thaynejasperson is the only OG in the cast :) his joints must be made of gold. #samuelseabury #hamilfilm
Retweeted by HamiltonNobody: Not a single person: Peggy: AND PEGGY! #HamilfilmLook at that stage. A great moment to remind y’all that #blacklivesmatter #hamilfilm
Retweeted by HamiltonThe Schuyler Sisters hit the stage like they was Destiny Child 😂😂#Hamilfilm
Retweeted by HamiltonWORK! #Hamilfilm is singing LIVE, y'all. While dancing that hard. And sounding as good as THAT. Bravo to the amazing pe…
Retweeted by HamiltonThe unsung heroes of #Hamilfilm! when our children tell our story, they’ll tell the story of tonight. #HamilfilmShoutout to @paulgtazewell for the stunning costumes we got to wear 8x a week!!!!!! #hamilfilm
Retweeted by HamiltonThe background choreo at the beginning of My Shot is some of my favorite. #hamilfilm @HamiltonMusical
Retweeted by HamiltonIf you were cast in #Hamilton, who would you play?
Retweeted by HamiltonThe day I realized those lamps light up when the ensemble guys touch them. 🤯 @HamiltonMusical @disneyplus #hamilfilm
Retweeted by HamiltonWhat time is it?! Showtime! #HamilFilm
Retweeted by HamiltonThe fireworks over the Disney logo? Kail's idea. #Hamilfilm
Retweeted by Hamilton