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Xbox has games something pony's don't like

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Retweeted by Hamster @StillFizz @Lacezbun @Bladebutowski @VodkYuri77 @thegameawards Yes one review out of 5015 @Lacezbun @samuel_HPL @Bladebutowski @VodkYuri77 @thegameawards What makes you think I haven’t played it? @Lacezbun @samuel_HPL @Bladebutowski @VodkYuri77 @thegameawards The fact that you think I hate thlou2 just because of 2 lesbians 🤦‍♂️ @KeyBladeHeroIII @Griggity So what is this? @Lacezbun @samuel_HPL @Bladebutowski @VodkYuri77 @thegameawards @demonresides @Lacezbun @Bladebutowski @VodkYuri77 @thegameawards I love how you’re stilupid ass can’t see the 44% negative 🤦‍♂️🤡 @DukPredator @yodriqz Wow!! I legit can’t tell if that’s real or the game @danreyesw @Lacezbun @Bladebutowski @VodkYuri77 @thegameawards It’s pretty obvious that Sony paid to take down reviews @Lacezbun @samuel_HPL @Bladebutowski @VodkYuri77 @thegameawards Ironic that a pony is calling me a fanboy lol @Lacezbun @VodkYuri77 @Bladebutowski @thegameawards @TemproLineart @GameHero235 @Matthew75912479 @DukPredator Well as you can see It runs better in one mode @danreyesw @Lacezbun @Bladebutowski @VodkYuri77 @thegameawards Sony is going to delete critic reviews That would g… @VodkYuri77 @Lacezbun @Bladebutowski @thegameawards Ghost of thusima deserves it not thlou2 @Lacezbun @Bladebutowski @VodkYuri77 @thegameawards I’m using 5 month older because Sony payed to remove reviews lo… @ChicknNWafflez @CStomp101 @aarongreenberg @ChicknNWafflez @oskool_g Try again @Lacezbun @Bladebutowski @VodkYuri77 @thegameawards @GFunplay @XBoisss @Ricardofpd @AlexandreCL64 @tomwarren What’s wrong with that lmao It’s his preferred platform… is the PS5 outperforming the Xbox Series X in games? I've been speaking to devs, and Microsoft has issued a sta…
Retweeted by HamsterStatus Update From Phil Spencer on Halo Infinite! Phil recently talked about the game and what the status/vision f…
Retweeted by Hamster @_SAM_IS_HERE_ Ass?Play Skyrim in 60fps with this Xbox Series X mod
Retweeted by Hamster @man_compute @StarboyHsp We hate the pony’s @NathanLeese2 @IlyaTheFool @deathloop They can’t yet the deal isn’t 100% down so they can’t do anything yet @MyNamesCable @bdx28 @BIackNo1r @thegameawards Sure but people still didn’t like it @7ryhard_ @Matthew75912479 @0w0_Dozer Weird @DartFeld8 @StarboyHsp @GamesRadar Was Spider-Man PS4 first party No it wasn’t
@oskool_g Meanwhile hypes up rac and sack boy @Bladebutowski @_Aoshad @bindda 👀Although I don't like the format of the event, but let's keep an eye on the game's awards, when the Xbox bosses are…
Retweeted by Hamster @natetg @CheechieOwens @XSkimaskxGamerX @_NotoriousDRE You don’t buy Bethesda to own some of the biggest franchises… @JustAnLED @Xbox stop gold focus on gamepass @firstadopter @XboxP3 What’s this he’s not sucking off Sony and blindly hating on Xbox I must be dreaming @bdx28 @BIackNo1r @thegameawards People don’t like the game stop getting butthurt over it @CStomp101 @regice554 @xuuepa @firstadopter Ok this comment is just retarded @bdx28 @BIackNo1r @thegameawards Nobody would hate on the game if it was good You just have bad taste @ChicknNWafflez @oskool_g @bdx28 @BIackNo1r @thegameawards Ohhhhhhhh no no no 🤡🤡🤡 fact: Phil had Todd sitting on his bookshelf back on July 1 and nobody noticed. 😏
Retweeted by Hamster @natetg @CheechieOwens @XSkimaskxGamerX @_NotoriousDRE I doubt they wouldn’t make it exclusive @CheechieOwens @natetg @XSkimaskxGamerX @_NotoriousDRE @SeamusBlackley @Colteastwood PlayStation stans @TemproLineart @GameHero235 @Matthew75912479 @DukPredator 😂😂😂 @JONEZZEEonMMA @marceldekerpel @nomura115 @CyberpunkGame Every multiplat @TFfanboyYT Oh oops I thought it said they blocked you lol @TFfanboyYT What you do?It's good to have a favorite! It's good to share what you love! It's good to cheer on and enjoy your platform of ch…
Retweeted by Hamster @TFfanboyYT @thegameawards Lol did people fall for it? @TheNewMe077 @XcloudTimdog We have plenty of next gen games to do play anyway like ac, watch dogs, and soon cyberpunk @TheNewMe077 @XcloudTimdog I agree to an extent Yes launching without exclusive games to show the capabilities of… me i think the wording is clear here.
Retweeted by Hamster @RonDrift28_3 @JayDubcity16 I’ve played the game lmao it was very mediocre @CheechieOwens @natetg @XSkimaskxGamerX @_NotoriousDRE Do you need a brain check @rajhiemwilliam_ @PatientGamer2 @tyger169 @Diego70884986 @digitalfoundry @cataferal @dark1x 2 other games which hav… is what happens to these four delusional dickswallower Sonyboys for rushing and claiming victory too soon 🤣🤣🤣🤣…
Retweeted by HamsterWaaaa waaaa Xbox has more power? Waaaaa waaaa @sie4_life @oskool_g @PatientGamer2 @LiveWirezGaming @KirkRooster That’s literally what you did with this sceneDF got the ponies looking like👀👀👀at that PS5 raytracing when trying to hit 60fps on CoD. Uh oh
Retweeted by HamsterIf Xbox Series can play PS1 and PSP games via emulation, what's Sony's excuse? 🤔
Retweeted by HamsterBecause the media favours Sony for some reason @Lion2160p @AidenMux It’s just a fucking boot up no one gives a shit 🤦‍♂️ @xbonerzzz @AidenMux @Lion2160p Pony’s did the exact same thing @CynicalCoffee0 @paulmck86 @GameSpot Still fucking badSomeone finally measured the #PS5 temperatures while gaming! 💚
Retweeted by HamsterMassive drops on PS5 with Ray Tracing on, it's chugging on demanding set pieces. While XSX is rock solid. Every o…
Retweeted by Hamster @EnriqueCruz29 @JayDubcity16 You dedicated your entire account just to shit on Xbox How sad is your pony ass life @ilyktat_rav99 @thegameawards And then it started againTold everyone it was gonna be just like the One X and PS4 pro comparisons. Some games will run better on one and so…
Retweeted by Hamster @rajhiemwilliam_ @PatientGamer2 @tyger169 @Diego70884986 @digitalfoundry @cataferal @dark1x Did you watch the video… @vampireboy37 @PS_Inquisitor @Malkimhmd1 @xuuepa @SteveJ_Elstone @firstadopter Now you’re talking about stuff relevant to Microsoft not Xbox @EnriqueCruz29 @JayDubcity16 Bruh you’re pfp is a clown just like your pony ass @thegameawards Must finish the fight
Retweeted by Hamster @thegameawards Must finish the fight @rorolala97 @soulslovek @thegameawards @ELDENRING And your not going to say the same for howLet me guess because it’s Xbox These pony’s are getting tiresome's your most anticipated game? - Elden Ring - Halo Infinite - Horizon Forbidden West - God of War Sequel - Res…
Retweeted by Hamster @rajhiemwilliam_ @PatientGamer2 @tyger169 @Diego70884986 @digitalfoundry @cataferal @dark1x @XSkimaskxGamerX @ubelt56 @_NotoriousDRE Oh never mind found him and yeah he’s bad but jay is so much worse this as… @XSkimaskxGamerX @ubelt56 @_NotoriousDRE Who is asstranx? @ubelt56 @XSkimaskxGamerX @_NotoriousDRE Nah jaydub is the pinnacle of fanboys @OrangeJuice2007 Idk what this says about me @oskool_g Lol you were right 😂😂😂 @ubelt56 @XSkimaskxGamerX @_NotoriousDRE Jaydub, crapgamer
Nice one scene Jaydub is a pathetic pony ass pony’s wrong again as per usual @duk_foo @JayDubcity16 @EmilKostovic @firstadopter @_NotoriousDRE @XSkimaskxGamerX @_NotoriousDRE I think pony’s are just more stupid for example @CloudySkies_98 @xuuepa @firstadopter Well no ones asking you @JayDubcity16 The medium is a new ip Is double A And experiments with new ideas Not full price You pony’s are embarrassing 🤦‍♂️ @JayDubcity16 “But miles has new powers” Yes he dose and it dose change the gameplay a little But he has like 2 di… @JayDubcity16 “But the side missions “ The side missions are just copy paste go here beat these guys up and go ther… @JayDubcity16 Huh it took me 6 to 7 hours to beat MM tho Medium ain’t full price and it’s longer These pony’s ne…
Retweeted by Hamster @JayDubcity16 Huh it took me 6 to 7 hours to beat MM tho Medium ain’t full price and it’s longer These pony’s ne… @Sherwin75644853 @pausemode @JayDubcity16 Wow 50 for a dlc? 20$ lower big difference @XSkimaskxGamerX @_NotoriousDRE Yeah sure both are toxic but pony’s take it to a whole nother level @_NotoriousDRE It’s hard to when all of its fan base attacks Xbox for every little thing