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@SundayBrunchC4 @BeckyHill @timlovejoy I don’t like coriander or celery, but I do like goat’s cheese
@soult Sainsbury’s and Morrisons never had one way systems and I’m glad as they are confusing, and if you forget so…
@RyanRileyy @jayrayner1 Love eggs on a pizza, fiorentina is one of my favourites @soult @putney_bid @HighStreetsTF I used to live in Putney! @FenwickStores I’m sure it won’t be long, can’t stay away from my favourite shop 🥰Just had a lovely trip to the toon, first since pre-lockdown. Went to @FenwickStores and enjoyed walking around the…
@fredsirieix1 Mass testing with the antibody test would be most beneficial as we could discover a lot more people h… @londonmissives I unfollowed him some time agoYet more evidence on the importance of T cells is emerging. It's significant. This isn't just one rogue study now,…
Retweeted by Jennifer Mullan @RuxanaNargol @soult I can imagine. I’m planning my first trip to the city centre tomorrow since before lockdown. I… @soult I’m just so glad the Newcastle one is safe! Love John Lewis
@riverislandhelp It’s okay, just had notification that it will be delivered today, only a day late! Thanks @riverislandhelp I placed an order and paid for next day delivery on Monday and my order still hasn’t arrived. Can…
@JoeKirwin That is awful, what’s wrong with people!? I despair 😩 @AndyLynes @rileysfishshack in Tynemouth is right on the beach 🏖The 7 day rolling average for cases is now below 600, just 352 cases were recorded yesterday. It continues to fall…
Retweeted by Jennifer MullanNewcastle doing the city proud as bars and restaurants are re opened 👏 Thanks to all who came in, and to those wh…
Retweeted by Jennifer Mullan @soult I love Pret 😢
Can I change my mind? I thought the cycle lane changes to the coast at #WhitleyBay was a good idea, then I didn’t w… @perrigame There’s a lot of weirdness on here right now, I keep logging out then coming back, only to see negative…
Being kind and polite won’t make every thing right. But it’s a good place to start.
Retweeted by Jennifer MullanJust walked past @MySpanishCity and felt very emotional, lovely seeing things opening up again 😍
@RebeccaRideal I prefer hour long programmes but loved Normal People, and I just watched two in a rowYou could read our new safety measures... OR, you could sing them (if you can guess the tune) 😉
Retweeted by Jennifer Mullan @sainsburys when are you opening up the fresh fish and meat counters in the Whitley Bay store? Other supermarkets h…
@fredsirieix1 @BBCTwo Do you know when the rest of series 2 episodes will be on?
@soult @CannyInsights @PrinceBishops @IndieDurhamCity I loved this last year 😍☂️Proud moment alert! We're now the highest placed UK university in the latest @timeshighered Young University Rankin…
Retweeted by Jennifer Mullan @My_Metro It could cause very busy trains in the late evening if they are only every 30 mins so worth reviewing @timlovejoy It’s refreshing to hear your comments, I think so many people are really struggling, I was okay at firs… @My_Metro Will metro be returning to a normal service in the evenings to reflect bars and restaurants reopening?
Twitter has become a hotbed for negativity and nastiness. As a positive person this upsets me. I’m logging off for…
@anthonyshock I’ve never been but currently it’s New Zealand, they’ve handled the crisis so well and the PM is grea…
@soult Sounds good. I weirdly quite like the organised shopping experience, definitely should keep it! Haven’t trie…
@My_Metro That’s really thoughtful and a good idea @timspector Great to hear some positive news for a change, and data we can trust! Keep up the good work @timspector @Join_ZOE @KingsCollegeLon I agree, it’s a great app and great research, I always report every day without fail
@Shaggers999 Totally agreeVery sad to see Liz go on #GreatBritishSewingBee her flapper dress was stunning, perhaps I’m biased as I have an in…
@StephenMcGann Such lovely and wise words @MySpanishCity We love you! Looking forward to my fish and chips al fresco this week 😘Just been shopping in the #NewNormal #WhitleyBay was quiet, no crazy queues, shops are opening up slowly and carefu…
@MartinSLewis I’m currently a don’t know, would like to say yes but worried it’s not going to be safe or work properly, and open to hoaxing @NTCouncilTeam @SustransNorth This sounds great, there is a bit of an issue with pedestrians and cyclists sharing t…
@ourwhitleybay is there any way of finding out which local shops will open next week? I really want to support our…
@My_Metro That’s reassuring, especially as I’m considering starting to use metro again soon @RichardCarter Are you sure it isn’t a rat?! 🤣Strict new quarantine rules finally come into effect, as Priti Patel prepares for huge surge in tourists flocking t…
Retweeted by Jennifer Mullan @anthonyshock Is it quiet on the metro? I’m thinking of taking a trip soon, first time since lockdownGreat news, but very envious of NZ right now😀
@soult The first shops I’ll be visiting are in Whitley Bay, as it doesn’t involve travelling too far, I hope it’s a… @RebeccaRideal @StephenMcGann It’s also prompted me to buy Stephen’s book! Been meaning to for a while @RebeccaRideal @StephenMcGann Really interesting, I didn’t know a lot about the potato famine, I’m also interested… Coastwatch is now running in North Tyneside. @Northumbriapol working with partners to tackle disorder and…
Retweeted by Jennifer Mullan @My_Metro @northumbriapol That’s good to hear. I’m fed up of it in Cullercoats and Whitley Bay, virtually no social distancing last weekend @BBCScotlandNews @BBCNews It’s a shame there isn’t more news about the positives, I think the public would apprecia… @ChronicleLive Shame, I love the store. You can only order from US on website and orders just get cancelled, rubbish service @MySpanishCity I see there’s scaffolding up on one of the pillars, is this due to the wind damage recently? It look…
I much prefer the coast when the weather’s not so great, nice and quiet #WhitleyBay 😍 @BBCBreakfast I’ve been having loads of Covid related dreams, mainly where I’m trying to social distance at crowded parties!
Please no panic buying of Ibuprofen 🤦‍♀️
@BBCHolbyCity I was in tears the whole episode 😢😢😢Clara Amfo is just one of our finest and smartest broadcasters. An absolute superstar. Here she speaks to the Radio…
Retweeted by Jennifer MullanAmidst a day of grim sights, this... silliness... is a tiny delight.
Retweeted by Jennifer MullanI’m going to feel lost without #NormalPeople so I’m going to download the series and watch it all over again every Monday ❤️I can’t say I understand what it feels like, being white, but I personally don’t see colour as a division and belie… @MartinSLewis I care for my mum so this isn’t possible for me but I’m being very careful otherwise because of her
@ChronicleLive It’s awful, I loved my coastal walks during the early lockdown but feel like I have to avoid it latelyRacism is an abomination. There can be no peace for any of us while the filth of it is permitted to thrive. #BlackLivesMatterUK
Retweeted by Jennifer Mullan
@NTCouncilTeam Virtually no social distancing at the coast this evening, I might have to give my beloved beaches a miss for a while @northumbriapol Especially as pedestrians have to walk on the road to avoid other pedestrians and cyclists hogging the pavement
@soult Do you deliver to Whitley Bay? @soult @BarlugaGreySt I love a fish finger sarnie 😘 @10DowningStreet It’s a shame there are a few very selfish people who won’t move out of the way or go single file t… @SaturdayKitchen Quarter pounders
@NTCouncilTeam I can’t believe how much rubbish people leave, it’s shocking! You’re doing a great job 👍 @BrendanCole Beautiful hairUnfortunately we’ve lost quite a few followers today because we condemned Dominic Cumming’s actions. But for us, t…
Retweeted by Jennifer Mullan
@BBCNews Surely it makes sense to test people who’ve been told to self isolate so they don’t have to stay in for 14 days?! @genehuntdci @BBCBreakfast I suppose this means I’ll just have to stay away from people as much as possible, which I’m doing anyway @NHSuk Not all of us can isolate for 14 days when we have care responsibilities and no one else to help @BBCBreakfast I care for my mum and if I’m told to self isolate there’s no one to help her for 14 days, am very concerned about this
@DocMoschos I hope this means the end to hot desking in Pandon! @NTCouncilTeam They are discussing opening public toilets on @BBCBreakfast nowThanks to @mrdanwalker and @louiseminchin on @BBCBreakfast for being refreshingly normal throughout this time and t…
@durhamcathedral @soult I miss the cathedral 😢 @ShappiKhorsandi I’m not sure why I feel the need to wave at everyone, would not do this in person!Have you seen the new dance craze that's taking the nation by storm? It's the #SociallyDistantShuffle! If you decid…
Retweeted by Jennifer Mullan @10DowningStreet @GOVUK @BBCBreakfast why are we still following the 2m rule when WHO and other countries are sayin… @raymond_blanc @GNev2 @Caterertweets The WHO says 1 metre is enough, think it’s time the UK followed this
@ourwhitleybay I haven’t seen them yet! @reyloise Can we have her to sort out the UK?! @StephenMcGann Wise wordsI LOVE #JacindaArdern she’s great!Whitley Bay, Tyneside
@RomeshRanga @BBCTwo @robbeckettcomic Looking forward to it!
@NTCouncilTeam @MySpanishCity Thanks for letting me know, hope the ladies stay safe! It’s very windy, I nearly blew away too! @NTCouncilTeam @MySpanishCity Oh is that why, I thought it was closed for good. That’s okay then, I totally understand @MySpanishCity really sad that the area around Spanish City has been closed off. It’s now harder to social distance…
I just apologised to a mannequin for getting too close @sainsburys #plasticpeople #SocialDistancing 😂