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tw!tter reply guy! @handi_craaft wearing a god damn mask

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@FrickenMia fart as loud as you can @FrickenMia i love thiswhy isnt everyone streaming run it up run it up run it up @LillieJacob @Zari_Wari I love canada i have canadian family i know that one of my canadian relatives has a cottage… @ItsDanSheehan absolutely agree. Not a word was out of place. @M1LKM4N64 tht cross is fuhcking blinding @Zari_Wari @LillieJacob can we go here instead of aldi @shainuhs damn can you want something a little bit better, like the $2 BK bundle @kalliep2018 I wouldve considered pushing him out of a moving vehicle @josh_got_jokes ☹️ @josh_got_jokes :( @josh_got_jokes how are things with susan im hearing you rap abt ‘tearing into her vaginal flesh’ @kalliep2018 tell them to mind they damn business if they aint the one payin for it 💯"If you increase the minimum wage the cost of living will go up!"
Retweeted by tw!tter reply guy! run it up runit up run it upI meant WOOD pt 2 my bad @H0RR0RG1RL what is the plan for the new priscus collab. WOODS was great but what is on the horizon @josh_got_jokes What i meant was to say during a pandabydesiigner but im sure you still catch my drift @draculatwink pics or it@didnt happen @azaleaglacier i was going through my old photos i had backed up in google photos but there is just too much pain a… frans twitter but credit to fran, the message is still incredibly valid @azaleaglacier onmg imma do dis @Df8DyHSzjwUEctW W @livingwthghost ❤️This includes while hes sleeping too thats so sick Bezos made $4,475,885 per hour in 2018 and they have us at each other’s throats for $15 an hour
Retweeted by tw!tter reply guy!yall when yall when fast Jeff Bezos food workers makes $13 get paid a billion dol…
Retweeted by tw!tter reply guy! @MsAttira @MsAttira kick her right in the pussits really been almost a year since the covid19 pandabydesiigner begab @livingwthghost me too! i respect all my fellow human beings. but landlords are not human beings @livingwthghost can we just put all landlords on deathrowafter trying to survive in America for a year during a porridge, i thought that people would be all for raising the… son passed away from Covid yesterday afternoon he was 26.
Retweeted by tw!tter reply guy!if you disagree just ✨ block me ✨ unfollow me ✨ and do not use the services that ✨ unskilled laborers provide ✨
Retweeted by tw!tter reply guy!I never hear concerns about how the McDonald’s CEO making $18,012,549 per year might drive up the price of a Big Mac.
Retweeted by tw!tter reply guy! @vacuumclimbing im in the car headed home now :) an hour earlier than the last 2 nights @vacuumclimbing we still here too @vacuumclimbing Thqnks for coming thru :)
Retweeted by tw!tter reply guy! @talisaxrose There is plenty of winter left lolWhen your position is both “People who can’t afford to go to college shouldn’t take out loans to do it” and “People…
Retweeted by tw!tter reply guy!?? cancellable every “burger flipper” $25/hour and a gun
Retweeted by tw!tter reply guy! @SpazzMuffins @azaleaglacier exactly! like this whack-o they done tweeted it out for the world to see, and when the… not she**she said the n-word 4 times AND hit a child with her car 😭 @EnochKaira @deadcityskies @YxshiCity but WHAT at ALL has been logical about this pandemic????? when the government… @EnochKaira @YxshiCity okay but its 2021 now and we are STILL in pandemic and things are WORSE than when it startedweird how quick "essential worker" and "hero" went back to "burgerflipper"
Retweeted by tw!tter reply guy! @livingwthghost Was it that old guy caught distributing on an elementary school @CupcakKe_rapper paypal/ cashtag/ $brokenleggNew year . New giveaway RT then reply with yo PayPal or cashapp
Retweeted by tw!tter reply guy! @H0RR0RG1RL Thank mlk @H0RR0RG1RL relative math is still math, delete the tweet or reset that clock b!tchYour daily reminder that cancelling ALL student debt would shrink the racial wealth gap by more than half. 🙃
Retweeted by tw!tter reply guy!Slavery was probably a MILLION times worse than what we think it was
Retweeted by tw!tter reply guy! @H0RR0RG1RL @livingwthghost is slacking on my reading , can i do a less intense reading for half price @swoonberry @M1LKM4N64 but pink is. Elite @Df8DyHSzjwUEctW one of the many upsides @livingwthghost 🥱 i clocked out like 5 minutes ago im sitting outside waiting for my ride
@livingwthghost theygorl** @livingwthghost if you@need to call out gorl call out you are NOT a slave @MICKIIDA1 @_Niittaa @_donniiiii Facts all day. And the kicker is aint NONE OF US winning like that out here. Just…
Retweeted by tw!tter reply guy!They be like minimum wage jobs are for high schoolers and it’s like who’s serving you that Big Mac at noon if that’s true
Retweeted by tw!tter reply guy! @lobbyxboy hoping that song is released before any more trauma is incrued @M1LKM4N64 I hope you swept back there too @H0RR0RG1RL but them bodegas will be 👌🏾 👌🏾 @H0RR0RG1RL you runnin away againcovid-19 is killing 1 person every 6 minutes in LA county and the malls are open
Retweeted by tw!tter reply guy!Anyone that’s ever even just handed me a mcchicken deserves an hourly wage of $1000000000000000000 let’s get that straight.
Retweeted by tw!tter reply guy!why do y'all want the people who handle YOUR FOOD to be underpaid?!!!
Retweeted by tw!tter reply guy!packing boxes is skilled??¿ lost my dad to covid and they had no where to put him so they put his body in the bathroom. i dont know how ma…
Retweeted by tw!tter reply guy!The death penalty is fundamentally a poor person’s issue. Over nearly 40 years of visiting death row facilities acr…
Retweeted by tw!tter reply guy! @livingwthghost do one for me do one for me. i want to ask the cards ‘what do i need to let go of in order to move forward’i want them. i want them to arrive en masse @JumboDS64 @M_T_N_V @pleasuresystems okay then think harder“Ppl don’t deserve a $15 minimum wage bc then my $21.55/hr won’t seem as cool.” - Y’all
Retweeted by tw!tter reply guy! @Lilacluisa @M_T_N_V @pleasuresystems ya she was carrying a BRICK of coke out in the open he was like ‘girl put that thing outta sight’ @JumboDS64 @M_T_N_V @pleasuresystems It was probably the blue one woth the pics of all the assorted sugar cookies, you know that one @livingwthghost @missmarneydoyle @HawCowboy Mitski @H0RR0RG1RL this is why we yang @H0RR0RG1RL yang gang all day baby @bees_chorger @gangsthick hows melania holding up @vacuumclimbing i approve of wendys @vacuumclimbing do you eat wendys or have cystic acne @vacuumclimbing sounds like cystic acne @vacuumclimbing i just wish i had a nice summer salad with freshly cracked black pepper & a wee pinch of salt, then… @vacuumclimbing just food from work :( @vacuumclimbing im eating dinner
@livingwthghost relateableegg yolks for breakfast
Retweeted by tw!tter reply guy! @Df8DyHSzjwUEctW priscus moneyMy “roaring 20s” ain’t making no type of noise chile. It’s crickets
Retweeted by tw!tter reply guy! @H0RR0RG1RL 10 minutes good to goHow does Mario feel knowing Trump has been in Peach twice
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