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@sachidiserafino Idk but he got pistol whipped it was dope. Blunt force trauma @sachidiserafino Come over abhi just passed away @sachidiserafino can’t dislike him @JakeCaramanno Last night I got high as your expectations @DumbFuckingDuck Who would eat a pound of salmon?
@onlyat12 I am high @yeahytk He’s been around for a minute but he’s from florida he’s really good @IHateYouNiggas @superskrong slim peter @postedinthecrib Na what is it @postedinthecrib it’s the best thing that dropped today
slim peter @JakeCaramanno @wizkhalifa “leave it to me” @adda_boi @richbrian You looked the best in it tbh @JakeCaramanno @wizkhalifa It’s coming @SickStory_ I’m better @CarterMcMullin @JakeCaramanno lol @freakmommy his name is carter anderson that’s crazy @chainsawgutsfck wym @freakmommy it’s probably best to just never make a top ten list of artists on the internet @JakeCaramanno nav top five though. They get it @JakeCaramanno my fucking jaw dropped when i saw that hit the screen bc i was watching with no sound @fxckjuice Not sure when I’ll be at the crib again but next time I am yes I’ll hit you @stillweavin Pretty much @SickStory_ One sec @deadsadie Valorant!!!!! @ryanb______ @MichaelGunEmoji How much did you drop on yours @canihavesometop I don’t have much pain tbh @MichaelGunEmoji Yea it seems worth it but also it’s sort of a bitch doing all of this because everyone you ask has…
@lunch_enjoyer Good lord @whotfisclark Purevolume @whotfisclark with one app to blame .. @alextumay That used to be the case but now it’s turned into von Dutch hat stockx dunk guy @whotfisclark Maybe it’ll get better. Could just be a weird time @Q1Hunnid @alextumay Yeah that’s true I feel like it pretty much sucked any fun thing about music out of it for me @zackvillere Watched this earlier so sick @alextumay Music industry is just dudes competing on who can wear the worst sweatpants n air forces combo @OJtheboy I hate music @cornh8ers Yea I’m trying to @axijj It’s mind numbing @SickStory_ Wait til I build this fucking power house just to play halo 3 for a solid three weeks with washed up pl… @SickStory_ That looks like shit @jeremymullings the rarest urge
@DumbFuckingDuck Stupendous. @DumbFuckingDuck 🔥🔥 @DumbFuckingDuck It’s quite pedantic huh @VicodinWestwood @juulboof Yea idk ab all that im just sayin shit @camelcigboy Tried dry shampoo not really a fan tbh @adda_boi @shamana Remember when we were supposed to play showdown on stream the other day and you never came back @shamana Was just about to text you this🔥Dropping #SlimPeter soon. Rt this and hashtag.
Retweeted by alex @notjordanburg Idk I went out of town for a day last week and wanna be safe
@carlocavaluzzi Yea I think so I’ll let u know once I actually get served @da_drought_3 Godspeed @JakeCaramanno Cut me off @mattmiggz Doc just told me I have that silky throat lol @da_drought_3 Had to drive like 30 mins outside of LA and now I’m just sitting here this shit suckss @nawstymike Thenks bruvSitting in line for a covid test
@SickStory_ are we playing this shit again @louisviuttondon hey dania @ryanb______ Isn’t very charming but I’m prob still gonna play it @SickStory_ I’m not home I’m at the spotify headquarters trying to figure this dr disrespect shit out @postedinthecrib Prob get back on after we iron out the partnership details on the new dr disrespect app @JakeCaramanno 😒 @postedinthecrib that Silver 2 meal
@lewisjamesgrant @100gecs @dylanbrady @xxlaura_lesxx @mikeyjoyce Adrien deserves the world and I won’t settle til it’s his @superskrong Ghost of you video goes so crazy too I watched it the other day for the first time in years @superskrong Not a single bad song on the album @leegunwoo98 @SickStory_ @ExemplifyJL another tweet of us talking to our teammates in unrated as I go 4-13 @lilaaron911 @maxschramp Trust me I’ve seen the burgers you cook up @lilaaron911 @maxschramp You wouldn’t believe the shit we grill up at the crib.. @SickStory_ @ExemplifyJL Crazy how no one wanted to@clip the 4k with the Marshall but i get it @nocontextmsgs @SickStory_ @ExemplifyJL us on valorant
@SickStory_ Wanna play valorant in a bit I swear I can frag out @sickofthebullsh I’m dropping a trance ep soon @ReptilianHybrid Thinking about transitioning into the swole theater kid @JakeCaramanno Na youre cool I saw one earlier that blew me away lol
@milkshapes I’m in this bitch bronze 2 walling off my teammates with the bomb
Retweeted by alex
@_guendouzivert Best gift I’ve ever received @79hfg3n3948rhf0 Samuel @notjordanburg *has his phone number but never really talks to him* yeaa that’s the bro lol @judgebeats Music industry panel @Dan_Curtin @prisonhaircut @adda_boi Our son does have that game
@notjordanburg you did your thing with this cover art @JakeCaramanno Barbed wire>>>> @hillaryonlyfans I went from silver 1 to bronze 1 yesterday because of frame drops and almost uninstalled the shit.… @hillaryonlyfans Pretty sure that game is making my hairline recede
@DumbFuckingDuck Ight @DumbFuckingDuck would you be down for this lol @DumbFuckingDuck Parked car conversations that are lowkey therapy sessions> @DumbFuckingDuck Yes! @notjordanburg Me too twin❤️ @urvillageidiot @shamana Check insta dm
@IHateYouNiggas @LordQtip that man gave me a bitcoin crash course last time n almost turned my life around @Glock__Lesnar @broazay He’s long overdue for some sort of gap check @fuckranch My mom only knows elton john n lil nas x @postedinthecrib Just got off I played like 6 games. I’ll hit you when I’m on again