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simon @hanjosi England, United Kingdom

Hey I'm Simon! I'm interested in all things #Rainbow6, #Valorant and #HyperScape. I'm a Ubi19 Star Player, streamer & #1 Valk Stan 📧

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@wizarpipe If it counts for anything I really love your art 👀❤️ @KYUNGSOOPRINT Mate me tooo...... People really be like 'lectures are online but seminars will be in person' like..… @teriiyakiart Bih show me @KYUNGSOOPRINT Same, as much as I miss going to spoons with the mates, I cannot stand this fr @FalconzGT WHYYYYYYYYYYPubs opened today, huh 🤦‍♀️ friendos! Sorry I've been pretty MIA with art but just made a new tiktok teaching you how to make an AI colour…
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@Cyarine A qt @SkrishT123 IKR!! Its dope as heck @sillypati omg these are turning out so nice @BikiniBodhi ♥️Gonna be finishing off the last few comms and then taking a LONG break, (unless I need money ofc then I'll open slo…, sorry for the people who are on the waitlist, future clients and current people on the commissions list, I'v… @starsleeps There are SOOO many options in this app its crazy good @renderific NOT SPONSORED IN ANY WAY BTW buttheyshouldtotallysponsormebecauseialwaysadvocateforthem uwu @6jjonaks I can only recommend it! It's really awesome, been my go-to art program for years now !!Hey friendos! Sorry I've been pretty MIA with art but just made a new tiktok teaching you how to make an AI colour… @feyspeaker Man I get that sooo much, the trendy fanart. Since I've stopped drawing r6 for a while, my interactions… @KDamon1 It is hard, I'm glad you're keeping to a schedule; consistency is key! But sometimes a break is good too I… @maya_seiren I get that, and I'm sorry to hear it :( Hopefully you can still find enjoyment in the work a little bit <3 @CptDreadbeard I get that.... Maybe we both need a break 😓 @sojyoo Yoon 🥺 I've been loving the art you put out recently, It's really really refreshing to see! And thank you,… @olafurw Thank you for your kind words! 🥰 Remember that yourself too, you are more than enough! ♥️ @olafurw You might be right.... I might've been comparing to many hundreds unconsciously....Any artist ever get overwhelmingly frustrated about not being able to produce art consistently? I don't understand… to try out Ubisoft's new battle royale, Hyper Scape
Retweeted by simon @BienCarloDes yes @toffee_bit I play as Takeshi!! He's my fav, Ill draw fanart of him soon owo though I was realy torn between noor a… @OjiiSan01 I love this so much LOLOLMind if I repost this old stuff? Accidentally found it poped on tumblr again and don't know what i was thinking whe…
Retweeted by simonRussian Fashion #RainbowSixSiege #rainbowsix
Retweeted by simon @mentitato 👀 @Clieramel How do you draw hands so well :eyes: @malekawt Check out this fanart! I think you'll like it :D @toffee_bit @olafurw @GoodMorniiing @LovelyIrishAlan 👀❤️ @toffee_bit SHE BABY!!!!! @toffee_bit YOU ARE PERFECTdid a quick messy sketchdump of Noor from Hyper Scape. 🥰
Retweeted by simon @toffee_bit YES @casskhaw @prinxeling @shomatweets @jscoble 👀❤️Valk x Rose 😔♥️ @Roneyclan @AdmiralBahroo Cheers thank you for the plug! Hi Bahroo, if you're interested, please send me an email o… @khudeejuh @ilyana_ms YOUR ART = 😳🥰💕👏🔥❣️💘💝💟♥️❤️💕💙💓💗😍💖💞The new Haze mode in Hyper Scape is sooo weird to me because you can't see >_> I know that's the point but welp @Kizeliii I had a flip phone which had a qwerty keyboard on it lmao, and also a drawing pen @Kizeliii Lmao I remember using some of those 🤔Always wanted to be a badass? Start by wearing a mask. 😷
Retweeted by simon @DarahanBC You too bro @iiBlueWings 😀😀😀 @sojyoo YES @thatboiCHICKEN @GooseChanka @renderific Yea this guy also automatically got me to follow him so I unfollowed him recently tooUbisoft has announced that Ubisoft Forward will take place on July 12th at 9pm CET on! And…
Retweeted by simon @Sirhaian Woahhb @wizarpipe Ayyyyy have a lovely day @DemonToRemember Valid. @DemonToRemember SleeeeeeeepMorning! First time I m up before 12 during covid19. How are yalls @BienCarloDes @DownshiftGears Gl boiAll set for tomorrow's 4H of Silverstone with @DownshiftGears carrying my ass. Running the #26 WGR Mclaren 650S GT…
Retweeted by simon @Jae_Day6 @alixekatharixe_ @KuroNinji 👀Quickly made some @HyperScapeGame fanart! Hope you all who got a key has been enjoying the game so far :P…
Retweeted by simonWhy is it that a single deeply cutting negative comment, has the power to override thousands and thousands of suppo…
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@sojyoo YOU LOOK SO GOOD @Dawood562 @MicrowaveGaming LMAOUp on artstation now too :) @Assassinwoof @TheChowderhead I'll dm you my steam acc!!! @SternabR6 me tooAnother day another person using my art for their youtube thumbnail without permission -_- @YViliam @TheChowderhead Its the same guns as apex right? I should be fine hopefully >_> if it is @YViliam @TheChowderhead AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! @ShiroAF2 @TheChowderhead ONCE I LEARN I SHALL LET U KNOW😳 So @TheChowderhead got me titanfall 2 AHHHHHHHHH downloading it now im excited ill play it tomorrow I WILL BE SPEED @SAU_SIEGE @Rainbow6Game 😎👉👉 @jenna_yay @KuroNinji CUTE @AlfieBanks14 icecrem @AlfieBanks14 i would like to eat it @AlfieBanks14 why is the rice round @charlestan LMAOOOOO this is so big brain thoughMore Twitch Drops are being delivered now! Watch this video to see how to get drops, download, and get to playing!
Retweeted by simonNormalise men crying. Normalise men talking about their feelings. Normalise men's mental health.
Retweeted by simon @Detaleader @zironicdk @NZXT Could ask @ArtifexWarden He got one too @Phoenix_Astral valk @notamutemain Valky @sweetheartlliar 😘❤️ @SAU_SIEGE @Rainbow6Game wherd u get that pic of me? @Dem_KTA My schedule is so bad rn xDThe countdown to #UbiForward is on! Get a sneak peek at what's coming and join the celebration live on July 12
Retweeted by simon @GoodMorniiing YOU ARE QUEEN @SayaelNu i have risen @TheChowderhead we stan @DawnOfShadow 😳 yo?man i love pasta @TheChowderhead UM CUTE TELL ME MORE @TheChowderhead its ok u can @ me @Robbyreload @HyperScapeGame @HyperR6S NOOOOOOOOO @CandorR6 butwhy @shuppie_ Hi shuppie!! Have a lovely day you deserve one @Gooders008 I just woke up LMAO @StayFrosty243 ok :( @annaisdancing WOW