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Cooper Hill fan account, aspiring wife to Tom Holland, venmo: Hanna-Cantrell tiktok: tomhollandlvr69

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just remembered that my boss sent me a video this morning and i didn’t want her to think i was a lazy piece of shit… @SusanLacey7 we’re closed for 2 weeks anyways now haha my pup has had me all to himselfjust punched my dog in the face trying to learn a tiktok dance. i hate myself. i am nothing. a loser. the worst per…
ok gamers know how to cope with it LIKE I ALREADY DOWNLOADED CLASH ROYALE PLEASE DONT MAKE ME TURN INTO A GAMER JUS… just wanna go see my family and my boyfriend damn it. social distancing is hard for everyone. stop being selfish.… thought i could get so upset after seeing a snapchat of my friends hanging out without the reason being that i wasn’t invited
@thatoneleafgirl @meeesh_elle YASSSSSSSSending positive vibes to everyone during this time of uncertainty. Except Trump supporters. I’ll leave it at that.
Retweeted by hanny styles @Witty__Moniker @ItsLumberzack true but unsanitary and idk where my mouth has been @ItsLumberzack hold the fucking applausejust took the fucking batteries out of my fucking vibrator so i could put them in my fucking toothbrush if anyone w…
@badboychadhoy okay i liked it at 113 i got u bb @Eduardo80408041 i think it’s just lack of schedule @Eduardo80408041 25?how did i used to work 8 hours a day then do things after work? now i vacuum one room or go for a quick walk and i’… @chill720 i’ll send you some only fans links i got u buddy @userjaymes ok ur right but sometimes i like to boomerang my mimosa to prove that i actually woke up early enough o… @badboychadhoy it’s at 96 now and i still just don’t feel right about it ya know. pemdasYou know who has never been accused of sexual assault? Bernie Sanders
Retweeted by hanny styles @badboychadhoy i want to like this but it has 69 likes and i’m not about to mess that up @odds_n_evans i’ll stick to using boomerang the right way. clanking drinks with my friendsi don’t understand the obsession with posting a bommerang of poking your fork into an egg yolk
what did i say?i have never wanted to be david dobriks best friend more than i want to be his best friend than i do right now
FYI if you are in an abusive relationship and your partner tracks your every move - even online, The Warehouse has…
Retweeted by hanny stylesplease share for anyone who may need extra support in this time❤️
Retweeted by hanny styles @Mbirch360 i must’ve forgot to tag you @KikiStarfire @aubviouslynot he’s a pitbull rottweiler mix @Mbirch360 i got nominated for the push-up challenge and the beer bong challenge
@ItsLumberzack @PPVinest gg bitch @ItsLumberzack @PPVinest @ItsLumberzack @PPVinest i’m gonna win @PPVinest yes @PPVinest i have so many texts with 8ball and cup pong requests @chill720 k then i wont cough on you @badboychadhoy don’t even try me on this one cuz i got the facts @chill720 tag me? in the challenge? i literally just said that @badboychadhoy literally i’m about to block u this isn’t even in the same category have you had a pineapple truly?… @chill720 i’ll cough on the person that nominates melisten i don’t care if pineapple trulys are the last alcoholic drinks left in the world i will choose to be sober b…
the silence from @zane since i posted this is deafeningi’m sorry @Harry_Styles but i’m removing you as my hall pass and i’m officially subbing in @zane. after watching ma… no one: “what’s the move tonight” literally everyone: “can somebody please give suggestions of good tv shows!!!” @aubviouslynot’m a hairstylist and i do NOT condone coloring your hair at home. i know what i’m doing and i’m using professional… @dillonborton_ mix in a water bbtoday is my first full day officially in quarantine and i’ve colored my hair twice at this rate i will be bald by day 7 @thatoneleafgirl can’t i’m practicing social distancing @thatoneleafgirl i hate you for giving me this idea @thatoneleafgirl yes @hairygayby ok
@ramboscruff thank you, i will. stay healthy ❤️ @ramboscruff hanging with my family and irl friendswhat i learned after deleting twitter for a week: -my 12 year old nephew is funnier than 97% of the people on her…
@rudy_mustang kill them both, steal their money, pay someone to rig the election in favor of bernie sanders. i pay… @joeygllghr harry styles looking cutie assfuck zach someone make this a dubstep song
@_ogbecky_ also i do not condone using black box color as it is my own personal enemy @_ogbecky_ you need a filler color or the parts that have been lightened are going to look hollow and muddy. so lik… my hot girls for bernie shirt in indiana: fucken commie lover wearing my hot girls for bernie shirt in ill…
@AlwaysAButt @chill720 okay dope and my curtains match my drapes @chill720 @AlwaysAButt you came up to me and said “do you want a concussion” and i said “what” because it was loud… @AlwaysAButt @chill720 only if he apologizes for nearly giving me a concussion. also that’s three red heads now @AlwaysAButt ok same thing and ok deal @AlwaysAButt ok so who’s gonna be the dobrik @AlwaysAButt PUHLEASE @AlwaysAButt i want this so bad
@ChaseFrom808 it’ll be a little over 300 miles there and back @ChaseFrom808 well shit im doing that for sure @danielbutler33 don’t we all :’) @danielbutler33 lmao he just says that for e v e r y t h i n g @danielbutler33 ok evanmy car battery died this morning and i’m supposed to drive to go see my boyfriend today so rather than stay home an… @Shay_Mariee13 LMAOOOOOOO @Ceeedee4 Fwd:Lutheran Hospital of Allen county has confirmed a case of coronavirus within the Hospital. Check upda… my dad called me tonight and told me he opened this in a work meeting and read it to his coworkers before… free to dress slutty at my funeral it’s what i would have wanted
Retweeted by hanny styles @Keefler_Elf i got one for my bf and he never takes it off
@cwaldt04 a dog bed for myself. so smart @BigTucsonDad can’t believe i get to be facebook friends with her 😍 @Accacartfart i’m trying this tonight omg i can’t believe you made me a graph you are too pure @chrismcd78 lmao i also have a small bar. on second thought, maybe it’s just the 120 lb dog @chrismcd78 ok this actually helpslistening to this song 1 (one!!) time gave me the strength to get out of bed and change my sheets and make my bed b… @cottoncandaddy this has my vote @TallReplyGuy shelters are over populated as it is because irresponsible owners don’t get their animals fixed or su… @badboychadhoy wuv u ❤️ @TallReplyGuy good @badboychadhoy how dare you be so caring and self aware. get back to the jokes, joke boy 😡sorry for being super political lately I just think it’s fucked up that poor people die essentially because they ca…
Retweeted by hanny stylesDamn right we are.
Retweeted by hanny styles @chesspeaceface absolutely @slizshady i’m so proud of you queen @kickeep you’re literally the most beautiful person @chesspeaceface he would probably love that actually. he’s oddly affectionate and loves to be hugged which i’ve never seen in a big dog @thatoneleafgirl my best friend refuses to say bye to people and instead says “i’ll see you soon” or just says “i l… @hannaemilyy ok but this is facts @TallReplyGuy this is not a bad idea @TallReplyGuy i don’t want them on the floor in case i decide to use them one day.