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Proto Goop invented the phrase 'booze balm' and honestly my work is done.This fake ass show won an Emmy over Beyoncé’s HOMECOMING Sksksksksksk
Retweeted by hanna hanra @BenTheEpicure better the devil you grow!Omg I also have a fake person!? with my exact twitter pic from 10 years ago!? lolHi mate, @sophwilkinson, is this you? but also is it not you? @winniecode Her careers never recovered tbh #smotewhy watch the two popes when you can remember back to when katy perry gave a nun a heart attack over real estate
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Moaning Minnies A Short, Sharp Shock Hanging’s Too Good For ‘em Getting Glassed In A Nightclub The Smell Of Their C…
Retweeted by hanna hanra @emmaggarland You should watch Scent of A Woman don't know how I turned into this person, but I somehow own four sofas.Anybody want to help save a community open space protected playing field? 1.3Ha green grass to be replaced by 3000m…
Retweeted by hanna hanra @Raven__Smith Warwickshire 🤠 (but happy to bring to london next time I'm there prbs this weekend)Does anyone want a small - 24" - tv? for free but you have to collect. @BhopalHouse Can't wait to read this!My sisters dogs aren’t allowed on the bed so when they sneak on they freeze and pretend they aren’t there 😂
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@MarinaOLoughlin @bellamackie - it’s not what you put in though, eh? @bellamackie I interviewed her recently and let’s just say, well.
@MarinaOLoughlin I felt like I had been reborn after I was switched with birch twigs in the sauna and dunked in an… @MarinaOLoughlin DO IT (I did it with a colossal New Year's hangover and honestly it was fucking amazing). @MarinaOLoughlin Banya #1, the Russian spa & restaurant, where you drink vodka, have a massage, eat pierogis and th… @emmahopeall Is it because I’m here right now @jounwin Got the oxo one for Christmas and, I must say, it’s bloody brilliant. My leaves have never been so crisp and dry.Lovely story from the local newspaper: popular Hackney dogwalker honoured with ‘100 dog salute’
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@luisortegag lol maybeThe cost of trains in the UK blows my mind. £40 for one way from Leamington Spa to Milton Keynes: an hours journey.Andy Warhol’s last ride. on his way to the hospital for a ‘routine’ operation. he never came home…
Retweeted by hanna hanraEllo, I'd like to speak to a queer person under the age of 25 – anyone know anyone? #journorequest @rosielanners Is Ireland OK? @luisortegag Prisoners?
**CASTING CALL** Please share - thank you!
Retweeted by hanna hanra @kellyrose @guardianweekend Thanks! @jacojustice @MarinaOLoughlin Colour is also traditional (ish) of the areaMined my personal life once more and wrote about my parents and their joke shop, and other joke shops for… @MarinaOLoughlin 😘😘😘😘😘 @jacojustice @MarinaOLoughlin Well. As it happens three dimensional signs are historically accurate in Edinburgh! T…
Those aren't nice names to call The Queen, Prince Philip and Prince Charles.“Putting a line into my son’s nylon thread of a vein”. From ‘Grace’, a stunning, heart-kick of a poem by…
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@bubblesgilmour no but i can pop back?Just about to walk past the goop store; should I ask about the fanny candle or @christopheslade In more ways that one, tbf.Who do I need to write into to replace Sandi Tosvig? I've even had this hair cut. And got that blouse. @BhopalHouse thank you! and well, yes eventually! @BhopalHouse I have a great story of MD cruising across the Atlantic to go to the 1936 Olympic games, and befriendi… @ItsAlisonWard @scouserachel balls o-u-tThis crowd cheering as Trump makes up a promise that he’s giving people better dishwashers so they don’t have to wa…
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forever and ever, it doesn't go away. it just gets farther and farther until suddenly you see thing standing in Pre…
Wait is this what you send with the fanny candle? @emilynussbaum @martinoxon @KateAurthur This is the cross all English people have to bear.People are freezing to death sleeping on the streets, families are using food banks, but yeah let's raise half a m…
Retweeted by hanna hanraCan’t believe my friend got fined £95 for tossing a fag end on the ground in hackney, a borough where I once found… anyone else had trouble with beats headphones holding their charge? Mine last a whopping 17 minutes - so just o… @jenny_stevens @AnnaWalnycki a friend of mine, years ago, caught her flatmate steaming her vagina. then she apparen… @jenny_stevens “This Ambre Solare is great on my minge”This times a zillion. @laurasnapes I speak on behalf of all of my fellow Scotspeople when I say, no you freak! Yuck!!! @jenny_stevens Honestly, no one, and I mean no one, wants a dull, dry, sun scorched labia. Like a Gobi Dessert in an M&S tanga.being an american writer 60-70 years ago must have ruled. esquire pays you for five months to explore a small town…
Retweeted by hanna hanra @bubblesgilmour Better than a Schlong Joss-stick, that's for sure.
@ladyhaja I’ve had this and as they were shoving dildocam in, the lady said, “oh you’re very familiar - have I done… kind of want to know what that fanny candle smells like though.I’m not complaining, I’m just looking forward to having the option of more than three pairs of knickers and one pair of socksI actually don’t get back to my house for another four days, sigh.I haven’t been home since December 10. And now, desperate to lie in my own bed, I came to the airport four hours before check in opened.Compare These 20 Headlines To See How Differently Royal Reporters Treated Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle:
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The same street in Homs, Syria, in 2011 and now.
Retweeted by hanna hanraClimate crisis victims. Beautiful Lara my horse who died after collapsing in smoke and heat on New Year's Day. Now…
Retweeted by hanna hanra @BenTheEpicure Ha ha I have the same pic of me! So majorCc @BenTheEpicure
@heavier_things RatatouilleIncredible statistic: the economic cost of Brexit now exceeds what we’ve net paid-in to the EU over 47 years.
Retweeted by hanna hanraSpot the difference between the ⁦@DailyMailUK⁩ treatment of Kate and her “baby bump” and their attack on Meghan on…
Retweeted by hanna hanraSeeing as Eamonn fucking Holmes is in the news, a reminder of the best ever comment on him.
Retweeted by hanna hanraIt seems that @SiemensDE have the power to stop, delay or at least interrupt the building of the huge Adani coal mi…
Retweeted by hanna hanra @heawood If it’s any reassurance, reena went missing and was found living with someone else, 12 weeks later.If anyone in Sheffield can help, my disabled friend has lost her cat who had just had surgery at the vets and was f…
Retweeted by hanna hanra @KishWidyaratna God I can’t wait to get my paws on this
Crazy Chick by Charlotte Church, because he's an ally.
Retweeted by hanna hanra @BhopalHouse Breddos tacos? St John? hix?
"Of Australia’s 250,000 insects, only one-third have even been named."
Retweeted by hanna hanra @NouraShann Why is it so expensive there? @daisythejones They’ve got fancy since I left @MarinaOLoughlin CSM xI'm seeing a lot of #Megxit but no #Harryverderci
Retweeted by hanna hanraPlot twist: turns out if Meghan Markle was actually the dashing prince saving the princess trapped in the tower
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He's such a pervert that he had to stop on the way into court and wank off a bannister.
Retweeted by hanna hanra @m_j_whitehouse @TheFaceMagazine I’m right here god sake
@choafhoffman Susan Clarke, Abigail “Ab” Richardson, Big Minty and Ste the Greek. @bear_kp Hmmmm right shape but wrong guy. I think he had straw like hair???Can anyone remind me (or find me) - a 70s/80s kids cartoon. One of the protagonists was a wonky wizards hat a bit l…
@jounwin ...... I’ve never heard him speak..... which seems weird?
The most depressing part of LITTLE WOMEN (1869) is not when Beth dies but when Jo's short story wins a prize of $10…
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for those of you that don’t know, i’m not accepted by my parents for being gay. i have struggled for five years wit…
Retweeted by hanna hanra @bellamackie Omg h e a v e nNot everyone is having a great holiday season, if you're one then reach out (UK numbers below) ☎️Childline 0800111…
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This has been sitting on my desktop awhile now. There somehow never seems like a good time to post it. But perhaps…
Retweeted by hanna hanra @scouserachel I hope she's eating it in the correct manner, ie, gnawing the choccy off first
Happy Christmas to the two people only who found my website from searching 'exhausted icon'.