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@m_j_whitehouse Collect the cards! @m_j_whitehouse People say any old shit to get attention
I can't wait to get my claws on @RavenLeilani's Luster, whyyyyyyy can't i have it NOW :(David Bowie on a lesson he learned while filming the iconic 'Ashes to Ashes' video
Retweeted by hanna hanra @leoniemaycooper a girl i went to school with once said, "was John Lennon in AC/DC?"I actually just realised I am five years older than I thought I was, Jesus Christ thank god it’s the weekend.Wait BABE is 25?! How old does that make me!? What the fuck??? weekend's @NYTmag cover story: a fascinating account of the collapse of the fashion industry by @IrinaAleksndr
Retweeted by hanna hanra @kegrand It is great but not surprising
@bubblesgilmour it's truly the worst people in the world, on a boat, on screen @mushenska Sweeeeettttt so thrilled it worked out for Judy! I have a spaniel schnauzer who snores like an asthmatic pensioner.I feel like i need therapy after every episode of Below Deck I watch. And yet, like a fool, I keep going back for more. @mushenska lovely Judy! <3Iggy Pop and Debbie Harry, 1990
Retweeted by hanna hanra @chris_mandle WhereAgain, think of all the crap you spend money on and consider sending some in the direction of Lebanese charities in…
Retweeted by hanna hanraThis is so lovely. Congrats Kae! putting this out there... Does anybody know of a recently vacated production kitchen space looking for new ten…
Retweeted by hanna hanraI love how dogs go on standby like the telly, until you rustle a crisp packet or go to the loo.Glad to see beavers are trending. @chris_mandle bistrotec!! They are doing an out door dining situ! @MrAJennings Well. @MrAJennings I'm surprised your choice of footwear doesn't keep them at bay!?The assault weapons, propped up next to a half-open hot tub, in the home of an Instagram Influencer, are truly a si… @SamDiss the filth is unbearableTeacher: “Eve has been superb at maths this year. Her strongest subject. An “A” student all the way.” SQA: “Eve can…
Retweeted by hanna hanraBlimey, he's setting off early this year.
Retweeted by hanna hanraSo this stinks.... Ministers spent £150m+ buying masks from family-run investment firm. The masks could not be use…
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I sat here and deeped this for way too long. We are fucked.
Retweeted by hanna hanraVery kind of the person I just interviewed on zoom not to comment on the collection of post-its stuck to the wall b… @treytylor can you send me the piece that this is in?
I will never be over how Aurora Police Officers and Medics killed #ELIJAHMCCLAIN and nor should you! 🗣 WE WANT JUST…
Retweeted by hanna hanra @whatsamadder I think you will appreciate @bubblesgilmour @bonillacortne Just a perfect muttGrew a courgette the size of my dog. created an esoteric dinner beginning with jellied consomme in champagne glasses, an elegant compote of sliced pea…
Retweeted by hanna hanra @chrissteinplays i think it's fair to say that there is more people who would make a better president than there ar… this is a photo of harry styles?? i thought this was dacre montgomery this whole time lolll
Retweeted by hanna hanrarihanna would be a great roommate
Retweeted by hanna hanraFukinhell. The Southbank is one of London's cultural jewels. I've lost count of the number of incredible musicians… @soops_ no!Helllllp, last night I saw a book on twitter that someone had released with a black and pinky/purple cover about ho…'s that interview in its entirety. ***Warning*** it is depressing. this English woman felt £1.50 was too much to pay for a cup of tea. Wonder if she tries to bargain at Starbucks.
Retweeted by hanna hanraAn interview with the President
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2020 we are then.
Retweeted by hanna hanraWe would love to be a part of the “Eat Out Help Out” scheme. Unfortunately, we are a single family-run business wit…
Retweeted by hanna hanra @frynaomifry It’s the only way @frynaomifry Billowing or diaphanous?Get Out II looks terrifying
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A young Debbie Harry. Photo by a member of her family.
Retweeted by hanna hanraThis is from a friend of mine in Edinburgh: “Looking for either Alice or Norman who got married 5.8.61. May be from…
Retweeted by hanna hanraThis is what a sheepdog looks like if you shave just its head (RT @Harlot_Bronte)
Retweeted by hanna hanralife imitates art
Retweeted by hanna hanra @Liamgloit @NHSuk Yes but my point was the aesthetic valueThe Price Of Potatoes And The Value Of Compassion.
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Do I know anyone currently living in Margate? Need some last minute advice/help regarding a bit of work & would be very grateful for it
Retweeted by hanna hanra @Jigglypuff2344 @NHSuk It depends how much you eat and how much you excercise. You could eat salad and get fat depending on what's in it. @Jigglypuff2344 @NHSuk Congrats on losing three stone, but I think putting it down to eating pasta once a week migh…
@Roddy_Campbell But to be fair, it doesn’t look like it has any historical importance nowMy first piece for the BBC! And it's about Mudlarking! Thanks so much to @liz_lizanderson, @stuartlondonmud
Retweeted by hanna hanra @Roddy_Campbell @dpksmith @ruth_mottram @AlandasSeafood Also V close to the former seat of the Hanra clan. @Roddy_Campbell Battle of Preston Pans!?! The start of the 1745 Jacobite uprising?!? When Bonnie Prince Charlie tri… @chaninicholas I remember you telling me a few years ago that 2020 was going to be INSANE @chris_mandle Yesterday they delivered a parcel of mine to ...the pub which is on a totally different street. And m… @orbyn Oh so I’ve heard @orbyn or gay. I've been told off for not using contraception many many times. @AliPlumb lovely 🦫I simply want to be dead.
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@NHSuk is that a plate of pasta with chicken breast morphing into a stir-fry? Why not show like a salad or a Mars B… @isssssy oh no that's sad @jodieharsh oh god no! I'm so sorry xoPeople, who are some local 'characters' to your area? Like, the guy with a fox on a leash etc #itsforathingIsn't this a song by the Strokes? @joe_bish yesSeveral decades younger than what? is so beautiful. Sometimes music just hits the spot. @BhopalHouse Save yourself and just buy 4. I think I drank the last one I had. @BhopalHouse It is so good with eggs. this is also amazing and addictive @BhopalHouse literally just fried an egg in this.The ongoing archaeological dig at Constitution Street well worth a visit today. Those 14th century pearly whites pu…
Retweeted by hanna hanra @MatthewSchneier You know Celia “not on Twitter” elleberg and I met in the pleats please factory! And then had lunc… @emma_a_paterson @HogarthBooks @HarvillSecker @AitkenAlexander that is a banging cover.'It's Othering' – British-Japanese Artist Rina Sawayama Can’t Enter British Awards
Retweeted by hanna hanrathis is so scary
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I won’t comment on the Virgil lecture I just attended through my school but I will post this. Do with it as you ple…
Retweeted by hanna hanrajust thought all of you posting these "black and white" challenges should see how tone deaf they actually are xx
Retweeted by hanna hanraSo constantly dehydrated at the moment it’s like I’m being haunted by every flake of Maldon’s I’ve ever eatenwhat country girl seduces your wits wearing a country dress not knowing how to pull the cloth to her ankles?
Retweeted by hanna hanra @henryholland I’m on season one. Last night some guy with fillers and a shaped beard said “I’m an experienced player” and I vomitedThis is the saddest thing i've ever read
Retweeted by hanna hanra @FancyEliza Q impressedHow can the Met Police possibly justify arresting a 12 year old at gunpoint, handcuffing him & putting him in a pol…
Retweeted by hanna hanraBut what, though, of the men?
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What's incredible about Below Deck is that they have managed to cast an entire show with the absolute worst people! @annavanpraagh yes they both seem... so charmless. What it needs is like, a loveable yet firm PA or nanny or drug mule or something. @annavanpraagh It’s getting Q repetitive isn’t it