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Hannah Fearn @hannahfearn South East London

Comment editor of @independent (on maternity leave, for @IndyVoices contact @C_Stevenson). Social policy nerd. Toddler wrangler. #neverthelessshepersisted

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@KatharineSJ We did but it took 4 days (negative, of course).... hope yours comes back more quickly!News of French and German lockdowns a good reminder that the UK is far from the only country where things are getti…
Retweeted by Hannah Fearn @lizzyandersonuk Ooh thanks! Good to have a follow up. @EmmaBurnell_ Hope you get your results quickly
@Emm_McG Totally agree. Was just calculating whether it’s something I can manage on mat leave pay... but you’re rig… @Emm_McG Wow! They’re lovely but you weren’t joking on the £££. One to ask Father Christmas about @Philippa_Perry She’s definitely very snuggly - and much calmer than my firstborn which is a nice surpriseI missed the lockdown luxe trend the first time round in April as was carrying a baby around inside my person. Now… @JaneMinter Loved another. May revisit it this autumn @chellagee Yes! Negative so toddler back at nursery.... hence the ability to binge The Bridge while snuggling the newborn @hkeebs1 All on iplayer @LizByrnes14 @fliceverett That’s not even a word. Definite no. @fliceverett Agreed... but “trousered” is a brilliant tabloid word. Possibly my favourite. @YeatesJM Yes that’s the one. Good news! @rcolvile I’m going for stay-up-breastfeeding-all-night @jester 🤦🏻‍♀️ @greg_jenner @FionaSturges I enjoyed the pace. Made a nice change from the pack-in-the-twists Mercurio style plotting @FionaSturges I will continue with caution @anicegreenleaf A window on my world (on nursery days)...Phenomenally late to the party but I’ve just finished the first series of The Bridge. Loved it. Do the remaining se… @anthonyzach @yngvlgrn Perfect analogy. Bang on @rachelkennedy84 Good luck with whatever comes next! X
@AlexValk @jessbrammar Count me in if we do find a garden with outdoor heaters @jessbrammar It’s totally blind luck. First was bonkers from day 1. Don’t know if I’d have coped in these isolated… @lkreitzman Any news on your result? We got ours late this afternoon @richardgw Just got it through now. Negative of course. Phew @marthie For me it’s the meals - in particular thinking about the meals. Makes me furious and fills me with ennui in equal measure @marthie yes @rhiannonlucyc Aggressive delete @richardgw Nope! So pleased for you but beyond infuriated about the delays here.... @EmmaBurnell_ Me too.
@lkreitzman Ugh this is so grim. How many days isolation are we supposed to do now? I might pay for a private test @lkreitzman Ours was Croydon drive thru @jester We will. She’s better already. Just a routine bloody cough. My whole maternity leave is going to be like this... @Rhiannoney Even in testing centres? @lkreitzman Eurgh shit. What centre did you use? @FionaSturges A small window into my life. Any day that isn’t pasta or fish fingers @mmdotcox @jessicabateman Ok I’m postnatal-emotional anyway, but I just read this and it had me in tears. And then… no test result. I fear this is going to be the pattern of my maternity leave @AlexValk Still no result so I’m going out for a walk with the newborn tomorrow to source a magazine or two @richardgw Exactly, it’s the weirdest shift in perspective isn’t it! @foodallergyuk Hospital provisos is shocking for anyone with dietary requirements. Pregnant women with gestational… @hansmollman Not as good as chocolate sponge with pink custard @Emm_McG This is really interesting because I knew a lot of people who had it (or suspected but never tested) first… @Emm_McG I have somewhere... need to dig it out and give it another go. Prob is 3yo attention span for any activity @richardgw Good luck! The cough started Friday here, test Saturday morning but no result yet. She’s obviously fine,… @Richard_Carr There has been a lot of TV. Yesterday afternoon we had a grufflo, the gruffalo’s child, Stick man AND zog binge @alibendertv Ps: hope you’re feeling well and recovering ok @alibendertv I’m actually not that worried about covid - toddler just has a garden variety nursery cough but obviou… @susiemesure It’s only a bloody nursery cough, nothing even worth remarking on in normal times. But the baby is sti… @LornaBranton Pigeon Street! @LornaBranton Ha ha! How odd. Might try it later though. She likes Bake Off but we’re already up to date... @vmrampulla Low in patience and high in anxiety with a newborn being coughed over in a small flat. The government s… @thatkat Oh THAT’S a good idea. Feels much less mindless than bloody Bing @therealjhutch42 It’s a distraction, and a lame one, to say that pasta and eggs and porridge are cheap. There are f…
Retweeted by Hannah FearnStill no test result as we head into a fourth day of toddler plus newborn plus isolation... send me play/distractio… @KatyaTaylor @marinab52 @Terribleman Oh I’m one up if it’s just black pudding (yum) @CREWcazz @KatyaTaylor I know, I wondered about that! @Terribleman @KatyaTaylor Can I add puffer fish and camel? @KatyaTaylor 23
@evemadeleine Eurgh sorry to hear that @flamingnora HAHA NO basic, this. Political reporters report politics @ellajglover Send @tomstoodley Good to hear! And hi 👋🏻 nice to see you here @McKinven Wow. So you have no choice but to isolate for 14 days? Or 7 days since symptoms start? Lost track now... @McKinven Oh god, I’m sorry. That’s rubbish. What did the helpline say when you called to chase? @lucyfives Eep, that’s a long waitLots of 36 hours coming back, so hopefully that might mean we scrape in tomorrow. Fingers crossed! @millihill Not exactly, but they did ask permission (if that makes sense) - but also I didn’t attempt to object so… @lkreitzman Oh dear... we are south LondonOh look. There’s a shock. I’ll pencil in ‘row about northern circuit break funding’ for three weeks’ time
Retweeted by Hannah FearnAnyone had a London Covid test result back within 48 hours recently...? Assessing chances of having nursery care tomorrow at this stage. @millihill I think so. I had FIVE during my inductionHas anyone used the Croydon Covid test centre recently? How long did it take to get a result? @ByRobDavies I see your trump card and I raise you sick 3yo with fever who barely slept plus 12 day old baby #passthecoffee @AlexValk @NatashaC Thanks that’s useful @janemerrick23 SEVEN YEAR COUNT DOWN... @AlexValk @NatashaC Did your baby get sick? Toddler had the test yesterday... still waiting on results and sure it… @youngvulgarian Depends on the level of your anxiety. If a negative test would definitely put an end to it, totally… days into coronavirus isolation and had a few thoughts about the process... We (luckily) started with mild…
Retweeted by Hannah Fearn @robpowellnews Oh, Lord. Unlike the rest of parenting this bit only gets worse in the coming years...
Rishi Sunak is making it up as he goes along – and is therefore likely to become PM. My Sunday article for…
Retweeted by Hannah Fearn @MatthewG_685 @tomemurtha @jester Oh god that’s depressing. Business newspeak @johncardillo Fathers should kiss their sons so that their sons grow up to be men who don't see compassion as a cha…
Retweeted by Hannah Fearn @KayWorboys Nooo!!!! My parents always taught me it comes from a different source (the cistern?) I don’t know if that’s true @olyduff @tompeck The basil ones have a delightful tang. Like inhaling tomato and basil air @OliviaAlabaster I just used google to find the details of a soft play on an industrial park. In Croydon.
@elliemaeohagan @jessbrammar I’m the same. It’s tricky. I’m using the baby as an excuse...Lynn is real!!!!!
Retweeted by Hannah Fearn @harriet1marsden @FionaSturges Hurrah! @FionaSturges The baby is a delight tbh; the 3yo is obviously pushing boundaries and has now developed a cough ... 🙄 @FionaSturges Needed this today 👍🏻 @mancunianmedic Wonderful! Congratulations xVery good thread
@FrankiCookney 🤣🤣 I’ve been waiting for you to tweet on this! @KayWorboys @HornseyCupcake The film is shit; definitely skip that @KayWorboys @HornseyCupcake Everyone disses Eat Pray Love because the core subject matter - finding oneself! - is f… baffled by the Tories’ logic on feeding kids (1) We know it can be done because they’ve done it before (…
Retweeted by Hannah Fearn @KayWorboys @HornseyCupcake Ooh I love Elizabeth Gilbert. Ordered! Thanks for the tip off