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@pseudonymjones thank YOU @thebigbadsad a dozen different people have tweeted me this today and i feel incredibly accomplishedLentil for @pseudonymjones
@pseudonymjones SCREAMJack (@HannahTempler’s jock jackalope)
Retweeted by Han✨ @ECCC I-10I think lesbians fencing in mechs is going to be the new thing Classical style fencing, with big mech swords
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Retweeted by Han✨ @ECCC I-10 @brinsonmarie wha!! thank you @MollyOstertag haha :3c @Akitron just seeing this makes my mouth water @i_am_furia lmaooooooooo#KickstarterUnited has now been certified by the NLRB: 🤝🌟We Are A Union!!!🌟🤝
Retweeted by Han✨ @ECCC I-10This is a masterclass in composition @heyshanmurphy LMAOheres another lil bb drawing of jack i dont think i posted early @Hannah_illo hmmmm bad @ashantifortson you are so talented it blows my mind @ashantifortson WOAHFinished my first embroidery painting! No sketch or reference, just freely embroidering. Excited to keep exploring…
Retweeted by Han✨ @ECCC I-10 @no_ellawillett lmao relatable @THEofficeghey characters for something i've got on the backburner 👀 @nicodelort :3ctheyre lesbians. thank you @GaySpaceshipGms nice @mybluehoodie yahoo
@thebadbucket oh i love snake lady
thinkin' about one of my favorite pages from Cosmoknights
Retweeted by Han✨ @ECCC I-10 @brrwqueen aw this is so sweet! thank you! @Blyz5 energy' about one of my favorite pages from Cosmoknights two is going to be subtitled “pan get a haircut”
Retweeted by Han✨ @ECCC I-10 @superfastmar she knows of her stink crimes!!!!i started filling the tub and she sat down in the water. defeatis there anything sadder than thistle at bath time
if you want to bookmark it in advance, the page currently exists as a tip jar!'ll have more info in a couple weeks! sit tight and keep an eye out :3hello..... i'm going to launch a patreon in march.... if you're curious about cosmoknights book II this may be of interest to you 👀 @extrablakon unfortunately I will not be at C2E2! But if you're keen on any of these they are always available in m…
Retweeted by Han✨ @ECCC I-10some of the prints i’ll have at ECCC!
Retweeted by Han✨ @ECCC I-10 @hrtbrokentweets AHHHthere are actually like a dozen more different prints in these stacks i just didnt want to unwrap em lolsome of the prints i’ll have at ECCC!
@emmyhamham haha thank you!!Roses are red. The pod bay doors are shut. Cosmoknights is a great read... (
Retweeted by Han✨ @ECCC I-10 @Knightly_Rox extremely blessedArcade Kids
Retweeted by Han✨ @ECCC I-10 @Aluhnim hmmi don't know very much about pokemon but i guess there are a lot of them huhpart 2: threatening aura @ProfChestnut @ditto_electrode ahhhhhhhhHHHHHHH @giseletheweaver :)adlkgjdlkg am absolutely losing itdiscovered a great new way to instantly cheer myself up: search ditto plush on ebay
Out this week, GLOW vs. the Babyface #4 was insightful, fun, and will leave most readers wanting more miscellaneous…
Retweeted by Han✨ @ECCC I-10 @Prof_Cabbage haha thank you! I do have a print shop!
@MadJaymilton awesome!
We're on the front page of @SYFYWIRE!!! Read all about our writer @TonyWeaverJr and the truly epic story of how we…
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@GregoryEllner also thisim pretty close to the beginning so please no spoilers but im a fan of the bounty of lesbians in this gameouter worlds tweet: let me romance my spaceship. cowardsperplexing......can't stop thinking about this drawing of baby Pan i did a while ago
this was 1000000% my shit lolBIRDS OF PREY WAS SO GOOD!!!!! OH MY GOD @rattusRose you def should!!!the reason i remembered this is i had a really vivid dream about a rabbit last night haha @Kate_Farina leah is so goodit's on my arm! a bun for luckidr if i ever shared the tattoo i got last year from leah samuels at Baby in LA but here it is! i love he
@Snarlbear cute!Opening a small test round of Animal Crossing-inspired ink and watercolor commissions this weekend! 4 slots, reply…
Retweeted by Han✨ @ECCC I-10I LOVE CATS (2019)
Retweeted by Han✨ @ECCC I-10 @GaySpaceshipGms @sunmiflowers i think of it very visually in terms of acting but not framing. i have no idea what the page/composit… in paintings + domesticity
Retweeted by Han✨ @ECCC I-10 @Alyssa_Savvy aw thanks! they were so fun to work on @Harrarke thank you~!
@SleepySaph just going to work.. lalalareally productive eveningbzzz
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@Jared_Cullum wah! thank you jared! @whitneyarner @kendrawcandraw what a twist @ColouredBraids i just got a lap desk for when i'm not working at a solid surface and it's helpful ! @meyrude omg... same brainlarge brainlast night i was thinking about how the existence of himbo implies the existence of hermboMy Wacom drawing tablet asked me to accept a privacy policy. Why does a device that is essentially a mouse need a p…
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@THEofficeghey I'm planning on bringing some prints! if you have a specific one in mind let me know and I'll be sure to bring some @_twothirty it knocked me on my ass @THEofficeghey yes of course!I am super excited! I will have books?
Retweeted by Han✨ @ECCC I-10 @NobleSpencer yes absolutely! of course! @Peter_Wartman me too!! honk!!!