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🏳️‍🌈 lesbian | she/her | cartoonist | working on sequel to COSMOKNIGHTS | + unannounced book | | agent: @comicsispeople

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@crosberg yeahdo u agreewhen dogs woof in their sleep
I will be listing 20 more bees at 8 pm Eastern Standard Time! They will ship Wednesday morning. 🥰
Retweeted by Han @Peter_Wartman ya lol i built a bunch of interior sets for both of the books i am working on. and i am NEVER GOING BACKmy friends have heard me talk about this a lot haha but every time i have to compose an exterior shot i just import… @localSunDeity well to be fair the first book had very few exterior scenes but this one has SO MANY loli can rotate and move a model to get the best dynamic panel compositions during space scenes rather than redrawing… had my wonderful talented friend @carriesloane create 3D models of the main spaceships in cosmoknights for refere… @AgentPaloma @Einstein_Lit @Grahamophones paloma yes!!!!!!Hi everyone! Fun lil makeover because... I'm officially joining the team over at @Einstein_Lit as an Associate Agen…
Retweeted by Hansomething new on the ol' patreon 👀
Retweeted by Hanholy shit the link is down because too many of you are going to it. that's awesome. i mean, not entirely, because,…
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Retweeted by Hanwho else is just sitting here waiting for demi's videoalso!! just a reminder that my patreon has a ton of exclusive cosmoknights stuff!!! right now 45 posts and almost 1… eyes emoji at this onesomething new on the ol' patreon 👀
@toastasaurus happy bday!!Bees have taken flight in my etsy!!!! I will be listing them in waves so I don't become overwhelmed with orders.
Retweeted by Han @SleepySaph that is her FRIENDtreat may be gross but its still THISTLE'S gross treatdilemmai got thistle some treats she doesnt really like... she doesnt really eat them but she still lies next to treat bec… @TheScarletDerby @MaxUlichney 's watercolor brushes!
here are some babie kate doodles from last night
Retweeted by Han @ssbcpunk @ElSub @joshpm lmao incredible @itscalramsey @kristinetuna WOW NERDS~!!!!!!!!! AMAZINGIn episode 86 of the LGO #podcast, @LiseMactague and @andimarquette get totes stoked about Book 1 of the comic Cosm…
Retweeted by HanI dreamed that I had this tattooed on my arm :(
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Retweeted by Hanmuttering to myself every five minutes while drawing book 2... pan is so stupid... i love heryou can tell she is babie because of how optimistic she looks lol @SleepySaph samehere are some babie kate doodles from last night @SleepySaph correct vibei think i might post a few of my favorite panels secretly on patreon next weekidr if i've already posted this thumbnail but i'm posting it anyway because every time i look at it i JUST 😭
@lauraillustrate omgtype it in... it workscosmoknights dot gay
How many gay people are there?
Retweeted by Hanalso yelling because this is technically the first piece of book 2 fanartLOOK AT THIS cosmoknights fanart!!!! (its on instagram) i am yelling
@ArtsyPabster @MingjueChen WHA @queencaitt both simultaneously imo @LochNessLives @topshelfcomix @wwacomics awesome! thank you @reedicule lmaooooo @DirtiestUrchin kiri...(cont.) AHHAKSFJHAFAHAHAHHHHHHHHHHMRAWAWHAAAAHHHHas soon as i get out of bed in the morning dog: oh, hello, could i, um, bother you for some food, you see, my bowl… @RadiantG_ LMAO @HannahTempler There she is. The queen of lesbians. Women want her. Fish want her.
Retweeted by Han @superfastmar it's true. just prop up a box with a stick and put a scary lady under it and capture me instantly @superfastmar listen,this is it this is all my undertale fanartundertale birthday? undertale birthday @heymolls you guys i can't wait for book 2 to start........ 👀👀just a thumbnail but ... the himbo energy is unmistakeablethis sketch of cass
New Cosmoknights Book 2 concept art for $5 patrons.... 👀👀👀 i spy... a new city
Retweeted by Han @reedicule @AlyssaJennette @ChrisMakesBooks yes!!!!So at last I can talk about this! I'm going to be making some books! Thanks to my incredible agent @AlyssaJennette
Retweeted by HanJKR is at it again so I'm sharing this old comic and saying: You can and should of course criticize people like her…
Retweeted by Han @Akitron LMAO THE KISS FROM DADDY SHOW....... also yeah i couldn't do more than the first season... too painful @Akitron hewwo=👀 stay tuned Cosmoknights Book 2 concept art for $5 patrons.... 👀👀👀 i spy... a new city Princesses Meet Mecha in Cosmoknights
Retweeted by Han.@mashazart trekked to space to review @HannahTempler's Cosmoknights, an Ignatz-nominated tale of princesses and b…
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now i have to flat these. mistakeI get so tired of diversity panels in art spaces. Time and time again you get a room full of these amazing spectacu…
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Retweeted by Han @riibrego @hirosemaryhello yepmy power was out so I didn't actually get to watch @hirosemaryhello's ignatz win but I think I get the gist of it
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Retweeted by Han @hirosemaryhello honestly legendarycongratulations everyone! every nomination so amazing ! such an honor love u all ❤️I don't know what to say. Thank you everyone so much. I wrote these statements in a fugue state at 1 am last night…
Retweeted by Han @cousineggplant so SO well deserved. congratulations ariel!!! @GraceGThomas lolol i enjoyed it
I’m Derick, I make comics about the silliest things I can think of. #drawingwhileblack I’m the illustrator of Bri…
Retweeted by HanHello if you are an Ignatz nominee and have not yet received an email from Francesca about how to participate in to…
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⭐️WACOM ONE CONTEST/GRANT APPS ARE OPEN!⭐️ If you're a black artist in need of a @wacom one tablet please fill out…
Retweeted by Han[RTs are appeicated] #drawingwhileblack/#AfroLatinxsCreate is happening this weekend with some exciting events tha…
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More Rey! Now with more natural hair. and some flair.
Retweeted by Han @giseletheweaver bless the last image
@_twothirty im sorry sam! what a lovely cat 💕Super excited to share this – cover artwork for @mountain_caller 's new album! This was a joy to work on, and El R…
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@evantickles thanks evan! @SleepySaph premium cat hole well done @lauraillustrate yesecret house for catcould not find cat for a long time today. until i located her in cat hole @thebadbucket ty!!also just put up a process post on patreon for that album cover w/ sketches and other cool extra stuff 👀…
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