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Trap-music expert Taylor Swift unleashed some major wobbles at London’s Soho House.

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fishermen who catch gay fish @yarbycece @ImgivingupMama My cousin @pinkmattur @ImgivingupMama YOO😂 @pinkmattur Under their beds cowering. @pinkmattur Ryan the children are crying we all miss you please come home
@slug_on_fire just saw it... i want everyone to feel what i feelthreatening to tweet the ellen sex scene @AMYP0EHL3R YASSS HAPPY BIRTHDAYme when someone asks what kind of wire they put on fences so people don’t climb them
Retweeted by alex @keyIimegreendog @ImJakeJohnston that’s mei don’t like that falling feels like flying till the bone crush @ImJakeJohnston "She would've made such a lovely bride What a shame she's fucked in her head, " they said But you'l… @ImJakeJohnston past me, i wanna tell you not to get lost in these petty things @ImJakeJohnston And I fell from the pedestal Right down the rabbit hole Long story short, it was a bad time Pushed… @cage468 YEAH... whats up with that??? who said i wanna see that???need to delete the appopening snapchat stories is always a jumpscare
@keyIimegreendog have you tried a large hot pee @lnfinitygirI yoooo @chumbawambruh Im old @lnfinitygirI Tell. Me. Everything.royals saw jamie lee curtis today
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@1MY30J1N @iamkatesbush and your last
welcome to new york! #NewProfilePic @ImgivingupMama 😒
Retweeted by alex @ImgivingupMama where’s mine.cause all of my tweets they will fade like the roses and all of the oomfs will change it will all come aroundkind of worried that i’m not generating the state enough revenue :(salt air
Retweeted by alex @ladybturd not just bugs... watch out... stay wokemy lawyer just told me that he sued the gregorian calendar and now it is going to be august forever! #SaltAir @casswiftiie @colindotcom oomf is in jail @colindotcom @casswiftiie meanwhile this is the the lawyer defending salt airs case. good luck. i hope you look goo… @ladybturd @fakeggot life changing @ladybturd @fakeggot just copy the link and search it3:09 of august... if you know you know Air. @cowboyadrianuh @1MY30J1N
i have a feeling this has something to do with the nearing spongebob special anniversary @casswiftiie @fkaabez 😭 @casswiftiie @fkaabez i tapped on your window on your darkest night @fkaabez @casswiftiie thanks for trying unlike some people @casswiftiie @fkaabez 😭😭😭 @casswiftiie @fkaabez U dirty mfker @casswiftiie @fkaabez please i neee help @casswiftiie @fkaabez 😭😭😭 @fkaabez @casswiftiie can you guys help me finish this opening evermore with a song that repeats “that’s my man” after releasing folklore @casswiftiie the particles in the universe 20 days before the big bang:
insane people tweets POP
Retweeted by alex @fkaabez @dykeazoid 😭😭😭 @fkaabez @dykeazoid why mad @fkaabez @dykeazoid please 😭😭😭 fudge pop @fakeggot same he couldn’t hold it in @pinkmattur allegations? @dykeazoid 😭😭😭😭😭the way these are still in my freezer untouched mosquitoes are so ugly the mosquito queen: You we’re saying? Me: Oh my God
Retweeted by alex @keyIimegreendog reallybonjour telamon i just got back from paris i’m waiting on a wire transfer so if you guys could please send me cash…
Retweeted by alex @sweetestconn what’s ur venmo??? @thiccwilly shhh
we can’t let the locals find out about taylor swift @fkaabez @vitriolkiss hey hey A R C H I E heyyy @fkaabez @vitriolkiss they’re talking about us living in sin @catgirlhyuna i have that too kinda @a24bitch yes @a24bitch no but i have a book that smells like old people @ttitanicrising make sure to use #spongebobspecial for your free bikini bottom drink from @Starbucks
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Retweeted by alex @keyIimegreendog TOTES, bring blobby @keyIimegreendog HOW COULD I FORGET!!! i loved that pool so much! you were so drunk! @keyIimegreendog 🙌🙌🙌🙌
2021 @casswiftiie woah mama @lnfinitygirI Ur gonna do what?
@ladybturd shoulda never smoked that shit now i’m listening to taylor swift for 488 hours and 52 minutes @bxsel hiii
@jennalee_stack the way he looks 33 @kidcuisine98 het spijt me ik ben gek @kidcuisine98 im so sorry @kidcuisine98 😭😭hskdjfkfkfkf @kidcuisine98 😭😭😭 @kidcuisine98 im gonna be honest i lied and i don’t speak dutch. this sounds really confusing and i hope you figure it out @kidcuisine98 yes! @ladybturd spring @keyIimegreendog are you okay?