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🔪Hanna🔪 @hannathenarc Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

🇧🇷 // 26 // freelance illustrator and monster enthusiast // she/her // 📬

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@veraosatanico amg eu to assim @atxnolasco nossa SIM odeioooooo se eu quiser putaria bem escrita eu leio fanfic caraio @Jokeb0i that’s literally all i crave :,)
@atxnolasco intrusivo nível tenho CERTEZA que é ilegal???? @MonochromeMocha you’re too sweet, thank you! :,) @Sony_Shock oh same!! i miss the asks and reading the cute lil fun tags ppl would reblog my stuff with :(( @wintts_ i still do a lot of fanart, and i really enjoyed interacting with the fandom was probably my favorite thing about it @tired_tiefling_ yeah same! i was so surprised to find daily reblogs on old stuff i like several aspects of twitte… @tired_tiefling_ hold on- they WHAT have i been tagging my stuff here like a FOOLi’d probably have to start a new blog since mine’s probably still shadowbanned... idk if my art would even get any traction nowadaysre-downloaded tumblr app for the 1st time since they purged my blog into oblivion and felt so nostalgic is it....s… losers, time to float 🤡🎈 #ITChapter2
Retweeted by 🔪Hanna🔪ah shit here we go again #octane
Retweeted by 🔪Hanna🔪baby’s first TF2 fanart! 💦 (Pyro is a woman in her 40s and y’all can pry that from my cold dead hands)
Retweeted by 🔪Hanna🔪 @atxnolasco caralho?????whats up #Latinescreate / #LatinxsCreate !!! I'm a NB, biracial mexican-american 🇲🇽🇺🇸 originally from L.A. and cur…
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@JaymamonJ van helsing’s look cool imo but they’re far from creepy, i love the gangly, wrong-looking take too
@imzeferino HEHEH @julhasimas @imzeferino HAHAH porém a verdadeira arma de destruição em massa tá ali no bolso @franklinboards FRANKLINNNN 🥺✨ @Jyagantz you can BET i listened to the whole thing 12 minutes of unhinged babbling and straight up screaming @imzeferino secret weapon @Jyagantz youtube algorithms really do recognize rat stans........ @Jyagantz AHAJDKAKDKF WHATTTT @1mz3f3r1n0 is she....yknow.... @imzeferino puts the 2nd one in my pocket for safekeeping @ShanBlackRX @imzeferino AAAHAHHwanna change my profile pic but it’s been literal YEARS will you guys even recognize mePessoal brasileiro e sem dinheiro pra PC caro, tudo que vc vê no meu portifólio antes do elfo com os chifres de our…
Retweeted by 🔪Hanna🔪 @jhonatanlechar oie, sou raemi, tenho 19 anos e sou do rj. sou ilustradora e várias outras coisas 💛…
Retweeted by 🔪Hanna🔪 @eleussaj oxi 19 anos manda muitoooo 🔥🔥🔥 @holiventrae helderrrr PARABÉNS 🎉💛✨ @TheMightyUnicat literally my 2 favorite songs!! i have a major voice crush (?) on him...... @amberbladejones omggg she’s literally a glimpse into our generation’s future @TheMightyUnicat oh not basic at all! the broadway take is really charming yet still very grimy >:) @BradBradleyArt yeah i can see that, i’ve bumped into some pretty nasty stuff around @PijamaLlama FINALMENTE @julhasimas ah julia como assimmmmmSeus bonecos parecem mais duros do que rapadura velha?? As poses tão mais paradas que suas chances com o crush?? S…
Retweeted by 🔪Hanna🔪 @Bro_Squashy this is so specific, can’t wait to see what comes from it @dosanjosgabriel eu tenho um gosto muito refinado vocês não entenderiamthank you monsterfucker (ghostfucker?) twitter for the validation @marinemollusc both!!! also the musical @momorsa eu gosto muito da VOZ dele pra falar a real (as musicas são mt mt boas) @momorsa o bichin tá até mais limpin @momorsa você viu o cara do musical? :,,,) @momorsa amiga UAJFMANF fiquei genuinamente surpresa que ninguém se manifestou...... @SillyScrunchles i’m still processing it..... @imzeferino @my2k 🔥👁👁🔥 @fuckphobe no, i love them!!! we just have different tastes in undead entities @my2k @imzeferino we’re watching the musical together and she’s gonna have to look me in the eye and say she feels nothing @PaitynArt HAHAHH you know what headless dude can also GET IT @imzeferino betrayal!!!me: he’s a creepy old shapeshifting zombie-ghost bi dude with worms in his mouth!!! my friends: @LOVEWORMZ absolutely wild @PhantomKitsune i understand the sentiment but literally every single version works for me, he’s a hot concept!! @dosanjosgabriel ah não gabriel VOCÊ TAMBÉM??so apparently not a single one of my close friends think Beetlejuice is hot what is HAPPENING
@WodensSkadi ooohh this is very yummy thank you >:))are you guys secretly hive-minding a very dramatic junkrat playlist here cause i think that’s cool @maxbanshees I STILL LISTEN TO IT NONSTOP also no problem dude, your stuff is very endorphin-inducing :)) @maxbanshees (you know this song because i’ve met it through you usjfnsnfns but like both the song itself and the c… @maxbanshees i feel like yours falls into some funky kinda techno range but also i know so little about that genre… @maxbanshees wowowow max LOVE THISSS it’s fun but also dingy and kinda dark love this energyyyy @pyndragynn i do have a junkrat one 👅 @WodensSkadi mmMM i like the “i’m gonna stab you in a back alley and you’re gonna like it” vibes @pyndragynn OH i love this one, it’s on my imaginary roadhog playlistoh i like this one hit meeee @COCONUTMILKYWAY as always perpetually in love with your shapes and expressions, these are so good dude aaAAAASOME JUNKRATS AND 1 ROADRAT DOODLES. shh they r asleep they need their beauty rest
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@franklinboards é o do fantasma? :((( @CharlyBirb ooooohh dude this so much, i love them!! @CharlyBirb oh hard same?? also: like how everyone kinda collectively agreed that tim curry’s the tired chainsmoker uncle while bill skarsgard is… @ufobri @tesssica @SrutisJay oh my god this is itcurrently obsessed with this pic of tim curry’s pennywise “eat kids? *drags cigar for 27 years* i guess. yeah wha… @momorsa eu!!! deixei cair!!! o parafuso!!!! na lata de atum!!!!No matter how quiet we are when we ask you to empathize with us, we're too fucking loud for you. When we're yelling…
Retweeted by 🔪Hanna🔪how to improve at art: get incredibly obessed with a specific character of a series and develop the persistent ache…
Retweeted by 🔪Hanna🔪 @RioSculptures @NaomiRomeroArt AH these shapes are so fun!! loving this lil guy........ @griefgoose ugh i love your poses so much!! makes me wanna get more creative with my stuff also these colors are 👌👌 @1mz3f3r1n0 @jnickoj cara socorro eu ri tanto sozinha aqui que perdi o sono @jnickoj @1mz3f3r1n0 AAAHAJAKDKAKF @maxbanshees it really does!!! it’s so cool to see how your style evolved and how you can convey such delicate idea… @maxbanshees dude these are so good???? the 2nd one specially speaks to me..... @1mz3f3r1n0 AGAGSHAHSSFHA 2 moods
nesses segundos de tela azul eu concluí que as chances dele realmente estar falando comigo eram 50/50 porque isso a… de ter uma das experiências mais cariocas da minha vida onde eu abro a porta pra receber o entregador e ele…
@TheDamnThinGuy @fitsfito maior vantagem de se ter alguma audiência é poder chegar no twitter e mandar um ALGUÉM QU… @wachtelspinat saskia that means so much, thank you...... @wachtelspinat you’ve made my favorite junker art ever, seeing you draw them again fills me with so much serotonin… i‘m finally drawing again? And look who brought me back 🤙
Retweeted by 🔪Hanna🔪 @wachtelspinat OH OH DUDE I HAVE THE BIGGEST GRIN RIGHT NOWI’m begging you.
Retweeted by 🔪Hanna🔪 @drunkenfix IMPECCABLE taste
Retweeted by 🔪Hanna🔪 @AbbyHoward oh my god this is AMAZING i can’t wait to see more!!!
also my physiotherapist is so sweet and always explains extensively what she’s doing and why every session feels like an anatomy lesson!physiotherapy taking a big chunk of my savings but damn if it’s not been worth every. cent. my neck feels SO much…