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@XanthoTheSergal are they even gonna get any screen time tho 😩😩i’m so conflicted about this and yet the amount of chemicals my brain released just now is embarrassing✨✨this little rat is moving to the BIG CITY!!! ✨✨ gonna be in between jobs for a bit, so every penny helps! go ahe…
Retweeted by 🔪Hanna🔪 Comms open!!i SAID rawr xd
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@Jyagantz holy crap just finished reading the pdf i had no idea it’d gotten this BAD @Jyagantz wait it didn’t go forward?? i had to drop out before the final deadline, i never saw what happened to it
@KRedous that scout is 😭👌🏻✨ @slinger_apen aaaaaah i love these 💛uh oh here we go again 🥴💦 antywayz a vday gift for a certain big head of mine irl. wanted to practice some lightin…
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@drunkenfix where can i sign the adoption papers @Cate_P ahajdkg he looks so dumb with the augmented eye in the 1st panel i love it 💛💦 @Jyagantz jya thank you for relentlessly showering us with good content @griefgoose *gives them a teaspoon of sugar water*happy valentines day. good luck finding ur dream girl(s)
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@Herutastic i’d love to someday!! looks like such a beautiful country, it’s definitely on my list 👌🏻✨ @Ekzonzz equally inclined on ending him instead @ShadowOfZombies hahah that’s very specific but i’m afraid no, despite drawing lots of dogs i’ve never cared much a… @BigRamennope exposed bone? VERY cool @MademoiselleKNH oh i hear ya, i usually dislike sport anime and sports in general usjfsnf BUT! haikyuu has this m… @imzeferino o TUCANINHO! Aone last art a treat.. @MademoiselleKNH DO consider watching the anime’s the most feel-good piece of media.... @MademoiselleKNH AAAAA KISUU 😩😩💛✨ @Boy_Squashy OH i wanna punch him but like, with love @DoiDuhFlower the height difference here is so funny @OkamiWolven AAA THANK YOU!! 😭😭 half of my pleasure from drawing comes from dumb expressions @joninhas_foda 🙏🏻💰💰 @Boy_Squashy shower myself in rats once a day to keep my skin glowing @griefgoose the elusive northern cryptid also known as 7 elves in a trench coat @joninhas_foda aahahahah eu falo muito inglês nas ~redes sociais porque meus clientes são tudo gringo 😔 @alvarezcomz a mesma energia @nARTizilda HAHAH exatamente acho que o corpo em si eu ainda consigo, mas o rosto eu fico tipo....que....a couple of days drawing furry commissions and suddenly it’s like i’ve never seen a human in my life this is NOT ho…
uno ☝🏻 spot left! @vatterju ohhh i didn’t know english was an oficial language in Kenya! @griefgoose padda i know you live in santa’s village you don’t fool me @KEBBUH oh cool!! i don’t see many folks from africa here @drrtyrabbit oh now i have to look this up hajfjajd @holiventrae CHIQUE DEMAISSSjust for clarification, this is more of a question to know what’s you native language!out of curiosity, where are you guys from? (ugh i wish this gave me more options) @ShanBlackRX SHAN!! 😩😩💛💦💦 metas 2020.........🔥Sketch commissions are open!!🔥 These are meant to be finished fairly quickly! Now with both grayscale and color o…
Retweeted by 🔪Hanna🔪 Comms open!! @LOVEWORMZ holy crap i had no idea they laid like this?? @griefgoose i really like how loose and stylized your lines are while still keeping volume very clear! @julhasimas nossa sim, aí você percebe que seus pais são tipo você com 12 anos só que pagando imposto e preocupados com aposentadoria @corvidmonster AAA i’m so happy you like it!! 💛 your ocs have this chaotic energy that i absolutely ADORE thank yo…🔥Sketch commissions are open!!🔥 These are meant to be finished fairly quickly! Now with both grayscale and color o… @TheDamnThinGuy oh no @corvidmonster gaaah hope i got him right!! (ugh i love every single one of your ocs), got it! it was...very hard to choose... thanks guys :)
eyoo i decided to offer colored sketches too and need some fresh examples! puts some refs of your ocs bellow and i’… icon commission for the lovely @drlazuli They gave me a lot of artistic freedom and Im so happy with the re…
Retweeted by 🔪Hanna🔪 Comms open!! @TaintedSMeats your painting style is delicious👌🏻💦some recent sketch comms! thank you for all the teeth 👌🏻✨ @griefgoose lazy natural deer....i think....sketch commissions reopen tonight! i’ll be adjusting prices a bit (happy people are liking these!) i may also offe… gals
Retweeted by 🔪Hanna🔪 Comms open!!guys i’ve found my fursona it’s the noble star nosed mole
some gals @mimscosara nossa to revivendo aqui com seus fanarts de DX 😔🙏🏻 @sofillustration yeah, from what i saw living in LA is pretty hard for ppl with medium to low income! i’m aware the… @yuuumehi amiga esse é o seu MOMENTO @julhasimas a única coisa que me matou nesse oscar foi toy story 4 ter ganho, fui dormir na base da raiva @julhasimas sim total!! eu fico muito emotiva com o lance da reabilitação de pitbulls, mas hair love é muito mais n… @griefgoose oh my god @julhasimas nossa eu amei muito kitbull mas hair love foi merecido dimaissit’s such a trip to explain that to american friends if you make 3k a month as an animation employee in the USA a… it is so wild to me that that are places where you can actually buy art supplies for a reasonable price and the…'m eternally grateful that I could draw original art and it was positively received by everyone, but a lot of peop…
Retweeted by 🔪Hanna🔪 Comms open!!This might not be relatable? To Americans but creatives like me who come from third world countries where creative…
Retweeted by 🔪Hanna🔪 Comms open!! @griefgoose “I (24/M) just had the best time with this chick (25/F) but things are getting a bit weird” *fast forw…
@gabomender love those big long paws!!taking it easy @griefgoose !!!! @mininumatheus @tesssica amiga......
procreate has made me forget about the fear of not saving files constantly and i wonder when that’s gonna come bite me in the ass @nicodelort I have that too! Spent years thinking everybody was like that or that maybe I was just easily distracte… amo!! este pássaro!!! @Boy_Squashy we hug a lot here in brazil! @LOVEWORMZ just recently i discovered there are like 3 more movies??? damn @cabelodecuia eu acho tão mais divertido que o primeiro??? @fckyouleandro @imzeferino MAS GENTE esse filme de destrói e depois te remonta toda! É FEEL GOOD SIM @alex_caloen yess i’m so amazed by how the cgi still holds up! @ServantMonkey oh i highly recommend it!! it’s gonna make you ugly-cry but it’s also a very peaceful and feel good movie @Dragonfireny yes!! Draco is such a cool character and his friendship with Bowen is just so good!i haven’t seen Dragonheart in a while but it’s probably the chicken soup movie of my lifennngh these were very hard to pick @vaughnpinpin @trisketched gahhh so excited for this!!! @Boy_Squashy 👁👁 @tessamag woah they look so high quality!!! @BigRamennope the things this fandom makes us do...... @BigRamennope AAHAH LISTEN torb is a family man he fucks for a higher purpose rat would fuck a bowl of potato salad for sport @BigRamennope rat is THE horniest overwatch character he doesn’t even need my help on that @bruxavelha_ aahahah eu até tenho uma conta nsfw mas eu postei tipo....3 vezes lá..... @ZiggyZagz ziggy i’m both EXTREMELY happy to see that i got a follow from you and terribly embarrassed that i found… @griefgoose aaahahsjfks i lack their CONFIDENCE @dosanjosgabriel gabriel por favor desveja esse tweeti’m aware my art as a whole has this sorta horny energy but i cannot draw actual porn to save my life and it’s MADDENING @sugarnziles HAH ok but listen i have no power to judge no one, i liked Venom unironically