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I found my voice, and I will no longer be silent • INFJ • she/her • pan 🏳️‍🌈 • poetry & weight lifting • enchanted agnostic • ex-christian •

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@coldshowersonly @InsiderFood Imagine thinking people are only rich by how hard they have worked for it. @openmy3rdeyee Yep. Something has 100% felt off, and this is definitely me claiming this. I’m not crazy.🔮Leo, Cancer, Taurus, Gemini if something feels off, it is.
Retweeted by hanIf a Taurus, Pisces, Capricorn, Gemini, Aquarius, Virgo, or Scorpio willingly shares with you they must really care…
Retweeted by hanVirgo placements really are like, “don’t compliment me until I reach or exceed my own standards”
Retweeted by hanIf you don’t believe in astrology just look into your Chiron placement and then get back to me...
Retweeted by han @EnnnDeee Definitely. 👌 @FixieUpper I hate to celebrate most holidays already.I’m also allowed to sleep in the same room with my partner at any of his family get togethers 😲My partner’s family doesn’t talk shit or gossip about me. So imma stick with that family for holidays going forward…
Retweeted by hanSleep not even sleep anymore. It’s just a trip to see your guides and ancestors.
Retweeted by han @LouisatheLast @gender_is_fake @Remember_Sarah I have abs and I wanna be a queer thirst trap 😫“After all I’ve done for you” you mean providing basic care a parent is obligated to give their child?
Retweeted by han @LocalAntitheist Weed the people!
Retweeted by hangive me marijuana or give me death
Retweeted by hanIt hurts worse when you find out your own family is talking shit about you vs when your friends are talking shit about you. 💀
Retweeted by han[inside washing machine] duvet cover: climb in my brothers every single piece of clothing: we shall build a new life in the big sock
Retweeted by hanDo not take deadly pandemic advice from people who don’t care if your children are gunned down in their classrooms.
Retweeted by hanMessage | Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces Whew...this is some powerful energy. I see a vision of a goddess/god energy walk…
Retweeted by hanWho else is just considering wearing a mask everywhere for the rest of their lives, no matter the weather, season, or occasion?
Retweeted by hanYou’d think the Evangelicals would be used to wearing masks.
Retweeted by hanGood luck out smoking an earth sign 🥴 especially Taurus/Virgo
Retweeted by hanSomeone told me directly they refuse to wear a mask on public spaces Wow
@chironxpluto @sagistarbb Oh, yes and I always felt like I had to take responsibility for things that weren’t my bu… NICKNAMED MY DAUGHTER AFTER THE LOCH NESS MONSTER??
Retweeted by han(10) Teaching kids that self-denial, self-sacrifice, and selflessness is the hallmark of true discipleship and matu…
Retweeted by han(9) Causing traumatic and disturbing feelings inside kids by telling them that lost loved ones, friends and other s…
Retweeted by han(7) Teaching kids that sexual thoughts and desires are bad and should be repressed, and that sexuality is a violati…
Retweeted by han(5) Teaching kids that the rejection, hatred or diminishment of unbelieving or different-believing human beings is…
Retweeted by han(3) Telling kids that their most natural inclinations are deceitful, and that they should not trust their thoughts…
Retweeted by han10 ways toxic religion damages kids: (1) Telling kids they are born into this world intrinsically bad, absent of in…
Retweeted by hanIt’s not a religion, it’s a toxic relationship.
Retweeted by han @sagistarbb Libra 2h with moon and Jupiter. A lot of emotional manipulation, emotionally led discipline, long conve… @DeconvertedCal1 Me with my parents @RCReed40 This is based off who I think I could handle being, not who I am like. At all. @RCReed40 @RCReed40 Probably Thor @Shannon88259511 This is a very arrogant assumption.Interestingly enough, apparently being a bitter, hateful person gives you long life. I mean, that seems to happen in my family. 🤷‍♀️Must be really hard for everyone to see division from the sidelines. Must be really hard to see someone else standi… is ending it’s retrograde this weekend in cancer, answers become more clear and you will definitely know wh…
Retweeted by han @WeAre__Warriors @narcfreepeace There’s a difference between not sharing upfront and not answering someone’s questi… don’t think it’s okay to lie, but it’s okay to not share personal information or history if you don’t feel comfor… @AmyTanBeach @gatoratanu @kylegriffin1 Let’s hope it continues @AmyTanBeach @gatoratanu @kylegriffin1 It has a lot to do with lawful people holding this BS accountable!!Well, well, well, this should make for a lovely election year development
Retweeted by hanWE ARE GONNA REVEAL YOUR LIES YOU PIECE OF SHIT “cancel” with criticism.Just replace references to “cancel” with “criticise” and the power dynamic becomes clear. “I can’t speak out now b…
Retweeted by hanNearly everybody I see not wearing a mask is wearing hunting camo of some sort. Don’t they realize we can still see them?
Retweeted by hanNot a single damn shall be given today by #Cancer. #AstrologyFacts
Retweeted by han @DCnumerology Umm add virgo in there2020 is a shitty year collectively but 2019 was a shitty year individually if that makes sense.
Retweeted by hanSetting boundaries can feel so uncomfortable when you aren’t used to sticking up for yourself. So it helps to enc…
Retweeted by hanThe venn diagram of people who think the government should control women's bodies but not mask usage is a circle.
Retweeted by hangirls will say “it’s fine” then sleep all day to avoid their feelings
Retweeted by hanunfortunately we will not cover the medicine that keeps you from throwing up from pain every month. but we have a g…
Retweeted by han“Speaking the truth in love” is code for “I am personally absolving myself of the responsibility to adhere to any u…
Retweeted by hanNORMALISE SPEAKING BACK TO ADULTS WHO ARE REPEATEDLY DISRESPECTFUL TO YOU. just cause you’re an older i must take disrespect????????????????
Retweeted by hanVirgo placements will have you questioning why you didn’t meet them earlier in life. They are actual goddesses.
Retweeted by hanIs it "for fucks sake," or "for fuck's sake"? It's for a work email so it needs to look professional.
Retweeted by hanWhy are jobs that require 4 year degrees paying $11.00 an hour?
Retweeted by haninteresting how when u squeeze most fruits u get fruit juice but when u squeeze a banana u just get. mashy banana.…
Retweeted by han @caafroom can’t believe I missed ya @teciabaldy @SmilingJack2x @natdanaewilson shout out to my Caps ✌️ just stumbled upon these articles and quite honestly, the distinction between real and performative faith could n…
Retweeted by hanKanye’s announcement is a great reminder that men look at job descriptions and think—“hey, I’m not remotely qualifi…
Retweeted by hanhow do you communicate something you have no language for.
Retweeted by hanNOTE TO PARENTS: Donald Trump and Mike Pence did nothing to protect your children from being killed at school by gu…
Retweeted by han18. you haven't petted nearly enough dogs or cats yet!
Retweeted by hanThe entire US needs to go on lockdown now. Pass it on
Retweeted by hanNarcissist can turn love off just as easily as they turn it on because showing love is a tool they use to con people.
Retweeted by han💌Pisces, Aquarius, Libra placements. There's ascension. A connection which had been iffy will begin to show hints o…
Retweeted by hanI am having an absolute meltdown
Retweeted by hanForgiveness is overrated.
Retweeted by hanDoes it feel like everything you want is on hold rn for some reason? I can’t explain it.
Retweeted by hanAnxiety can lead to chasing things that clarity will show you how to manifest.
Retweeted by hanThere are many reasons why women use birth control and every single one of them is none of your gotdamn business.
Retweeted by hanStop being neutral.
“There are things we can have But can’t keep.” #linkinparkHaving Christians critique my views is not a new experience. They critique, demean, & sometimes belittle me now b…
Retweeted by hanJust finished reading the Gospel of Matthew. SPOILER ALERT He dies at the end.
Retweeted by hanSide with the teachers. Fuck Trump and the GOP. @NiggaAtheist Yes, I know. I was raised Christian.Congratulations, evangelicals. You can discriminate against people you hate. Ginsburg notes in her dissent, today's decision means that between 70,500 and 126,400 women will "immediately lo…
Retweeted by hanWill the U.S. become a ‘Dictocracy’ (Theocracy cum Dictatorship under Trump) ?
Retweeted by hanWhen an entire generation of people who sang lyrics like “break my heart for what breaks yours” Sunday after Sunday…
Retweeted by hanSection Ok then realized I may need to clarify nowadays that I mean SHEET facial masks 🙃Buying face masks, bath bombs, and new gym gear makes me happy when I’m sad 🙋‍♀️ somehow Satan of the Bible is so evil. Christians are more often than not the ones doing the persecuting. That’s it. That’s the tweet.
Retweeted by hanSatan: I think I’ll put a coded message on a logo, just to remind people how evil I am.
Retweeted by hanadulthood is really discovering half ur family is mentally ill
Retweeted by hanSo Virgos I see we’re stuck on somebody who isn’t available to us...
Retweeted by han @WyrdOfWard Holy shit. Should I do 23andme.... 😟Could really use some good news tbh
@TuckerCarlson You’re pushing this lie.