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real life sorayama femmebot.. us / jpn

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@Thomberry socal! @imnotgarbage the fact that you knew who it was before you asked really says something @elijahdsuarez TBH I DONT WANNA BE EITHER ONE- norcal or socal HAHA @aoiishere ok aoi not too aggressive LOLOLgoodnight to everyone except this imbecile @aoiishere idk if i have the courage to @khxxlil i... i wish i can tell you.. LOL
@rosytealeaf YES YES!! exactly!! @IvesTejada RIGHT SHE COULDVE CHOSE SILENCE BUT NOOOOOOOOi cant believe an old hs friend messaged me just to catch up and say “hanna, i’m so jealous of you.. you look so lo… @rosytealeaf omgggg i feel this, i did the same thing to a classmate last sem and she said “omg your explanation so…
@Mpoint oh wow!! that’s a lot faster than how i imagined it to be! any advice that you wish you knew when you first started? @baeinanna that’s you!! and omg hi you followed back i’m so honored ✨ @Mpoint omg hi! how long does it take for the scolby to multiply from one into two? and what kind of environment sh… @heynael @Mpoint you’re the sweetest!! thank you! 💗💗 @Thomberry i am!! this isn’t my first time, i just took a break but i decided to go back into it!! thank you for your concern 🥺💗so i decided to start fasting one day a week and my goodness, i never been this ecstatic to eat a boiled egg and yogurt tmr morning ^-^does anyone make homemade kombucha? im putting together a kombucha kit for my mama hehemy friends always send me uplifting texts and messages when i need them the most :,-) i love my friends so much
they give us everything except an evangelion 4.0 LMAOOO @IvesTejada YESSIRRR MANIPESTINGif i pass portfolio review, i will bleach my hair and dye it like how i always wanted— i’m ✨manifesting✨
@elijahdsuarez @aoiishere make a groupchat LOLi confronted him about it and we just rebuilt it together, now it looks BITCHIN asf @elijahdsuarez i’m sure he knows a bit of english, in japan they start learning english really early @elijahdsuarez dm him!! i think he feels the samejust remembered my friends making fun of my creative glass house in minecraft and now i’m sad @Thomberry HAHAHA glad to hear, now go save themyooo bioshock scary, my tummy hurty playing this game
@Thomberry you look like you’re gonna save a damsel in distress while riding a harley @Thomberry did you get a haircut? it looks so nice!!
@LILIAVANART HHHAHAHAHA LILIA YOU CRACK ME UP i can tell you’re the cool mom HAHA also thank you 💗💗💗he went on an adventure today 🥺
Retweeted by hannai remember he was like “hey stupid i got this for you so you can buy your printer toy and print me anime shit” GUYS… MY BROTHER GOT ME A SWITCH AHHHHHHHH HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET A BOYFRIEND WHEN MY BROTHER RAISES THE DAMN BAR…
Retweeted by hannaI FINALLY BOUGHT MY FIRST 3D PRINTER!! thank you keiju for buying me the switch 😭💗 im now able to have the luxury o… cant wait to name my daughter sonoshee and her middle name mclaren
@aoiishere WHAT TEASE ITS JUST MY GRILLED BODY @IvesTejada it’s been that long..wait i look like johnny bravo here plz just focus on sunburnit’s been six months since this day and my sunburn is still very much visible
@torreth hope im not late but happy birthday!! @jake_j_jung that’s so cute!! idk if you went for for the jet program but that’s how my parents met!! so so wholesome
psyquiさん, if you’re reading this i am free on this weekend. if you would like to hang out i am free on this weekend… fact that pysqui listens to lido brings me so so much joy @marykteee so so cute you guys 🥺 @Thomberry OOOOOO when you watch it lmk how you like it!! @Spookygioooo all his movies? yeah!! :))ᵇᵃᵇʸ, ⁱ ʷᵃⁿᵗ ᵘ𝐴𝑅𝑂𝑈𝑁𝑁𝑁𝐷𝐷𝐷𝐷𝐷𝐷 ᵇᵃᵇʸ, ⁱ ʷᵃⁿᵗ ᵘ𝐴𝑅𝑂𝑈𝑁𝑁𝑁𝐷𝐷𝐷𝐷𝐷𝐷
@ItsTheBiggJohn @DRIVETRIBE @thegrandtour @KyleSaints_ love you john 😤❤️i love 5cm per second (it’s my fav shinkai makoto movie) but it really makes me feel pretty dark after 😔A Relationship should be 50/50 I create Hunter x Hunter & She creates Sailor Moon ❤️
Retweeted by hannadon’t mess w me & my daughter 💓
@aoiishere one of my proudest achievements is putting my ego aside & reaching out to old friends! i always wait for… @aoiishere haha all good! i’m curious what your followers or friends want to say :) it always makes my heart full r… @jcblln YESSS!! your business is growing and getting the recognition it deserves! its really cool to witness you th… who needs to hear this but something to be proud of is just getting here ❤️
Retweeted by hanna @senseimarq ARE YOU KIDDING?? that’s big news!! proud of you, marq :) and always have been @IvesTejada one step at a time :) and i’m here with you every step of the way!! proud of you and always will be!! @Thomberry thomas that’s awesome!! that takes real determination too! proud of you :) @JayKayEl_ @RafuShimpo WHAT THE HECK THATS AMAZING!! that’s really really cool, jason!! i love projects like these-… @hannnog My team and I made it into the @RafuShimpo for raising money for little Tokyo’s firefighters after the exp…
Retweeted by hanna @BussyWagon THAT IS SUCH A FLEX TOO!! so so proud of you and everything you’ve done!! cant wait to see what you achieve next!!what are you guys most proud of this year? (everyone deserves to brag about their cool achievements hehe) @Based0takuGod another killer edit, munkee 😤So I made a Genshin Impact Anime Opening
Retweeted by hannaAYOOOOOO WAIT TILL THE END😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by hanna
@Thomberry me from now on @imnotgarbage @bdanthai thank you 😔 i’ll get over it.. someday said i’m like a sister to him,,, i cant breathe 💔 @elijahdsuarez STOPPPP YOURE LYING YOURE COMIN DOWN??
head empty. iphone. i started caring about my appearance more, the guys that gave me a "rate: 3/10" in middle school slid into my… @sevennahfuchsia @byrook1e :00we both posed like this and begged our mom to take it AND WE DIDNT KNOW WE DID THE SAME POSE TILL WE LOOKED AT THE…
the ignorance of some armys really disgusts me, real fucking low
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Retweeted by hannatoday i blasted ESTA's boiler room set during class FUCK @knjtr can i pls have that picture @jcblln RIGHT?? def one of my favs rnplease play pale machine album at my funerali love bo en @aoiishere @elijahdsuarez love this 🥺 @khxxlil omg meet up
@bdanthai can we not talk about thisyo @n_uthhh said 100 retweets for a date so can I get at least 5 so I said i tried 🤝
Retweeted by hanna @XUANAMII @zephanijong THATS SO SWEET 🥺💗 i love u!! @hannnog ur so ethereal idk why u remind me if @zephanijong
Retweeted by hanna @Thomberry omg i hope i don’t come off intimidating, but thank you 🥺🤍i asked my dad to call me to test my phone & he told siri to “call barf kid” and i was laughing at his joke until m…
@Thomberry acid green !! @ItsTheBiggJohn you should check him out!! it’ll make your heart swell @luvvivv omg right!! it actually does something to my nonexistent heartlink to his acc if you guys wanna look at more!! through @ sum_art90 on ig just to feel something :,) artist: @ sum_art90 on instagram !! @smellygoob omg claudia for the longest time i thought your pfp was an image of cabbageok i really need to get a new phone ahh i’m not receiving any calls or text messages and it shuts off every hour so…
@ItsTheBiggJohn HI JOHN I MITH U$25 and i’ll continue for a week