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Sven Haiges @hansamann Munich, Bavaria

Making and sharing stuff. Loves LEDs. WS2812 for life. #maker #podcaster #dad | Work: SAP CX Labs | My podcast about STEAM education:

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Looking forward to recording with @BrandonSatrom - author of two story books about electronics. The books include… the latest news about the BBC micro:bit in this #kidslabpodcast episode. The BBC micro:bit with Giles Booth… forward to recording with @ericrosenbizzle soon - about @scratch and other cool projects. See his projects…
Swift Playgrounds now came to Mac OS - definitely worth a try. #kidslabpodcast is a great video showing Susan Ettenheim using Turtlestitch for combining Arts, Coding and Mathematics. CS4AL…
Great article about #blockscad - and soon recording with Sol, Founder & CEO of this visual 3d modelling tool.…, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify, you can now also listen to #kidslabpodcast via @Stitcher - ne… #STEAM robotics, I recoomend these podcast episodes: Kamibot Pi, Smartibot…
Here's the electronics & making podcast track for the weekend - three in a row: #1 Squishy Circuits… education for @deafkidscode - watch this video with Shireen Hafeez on Youtube The e…'s Friday & therefore soon time for some hacking and making over the weekend! In this episode I interview Maker… got acquired by Sonos - good match! Chirp | Send data with sound
Upcoming episodes updated - now reaching end of June for confirmed and scheduled recordings. Now includes…'ve #3dprinted a #kidslabpodcast QR code - swapped the filament for the higher layers to make the code stand out.… had a go at making an embroidered analog cracklebox synth using copper thread, two capacitors and an LM386 chip.…
Retweeted by Sven HaigesThe @CalliopeMini and the #Australian #kookaberry are two more educational boards inspired by the @microbit_edu - c…
I just backed Momentix Make/100: Chain Reactions for kids 7+ on @Kickstarter @kodesmartDK @helenleigh Then I guess one of the next episodes about @turtlestitch will definitely also be for you :-)My favorite replacement is node-fetch - just like fetch in the browser. Scratch Link, you can now combine @scratch with the @microbit_edu (see here Find ou… list of ideas kids are able to realise with the @microbit_edu is amazing - from rain collectors controlled by s…, a microbot... Of course #micro:bitMy recent interviewee @helenleigh said it: "everybody should have a micro:bot" - so now there are two episodes to l…
Just finished recording with Andrea from @turtlestitch - this is such a creative project that is fille with learnin… ready to record tonight with @zencastr - fingers crossed :-)The BBC micro:bit really has big impact on #STEAM education globally. Besides giving a good overall intro, we're al… live! The BBC micro:bit with Giles Booth - this is an episode I waited for a long time,… :-) #Kidslabpodcast is place 17 out of 100 for educational podcasts in Germany! 🥇‹ Die besten Podcasts für K…
Thx for making the intro! spoke to Sven about the BBC #microbit's place in global technology education, #MakeCode, #Python and our upcoming…
Retweeted by Sven Haiges @blogmywiki @Magda_Wood @microbit_edu Well, I guess the RSS feed is updated. Happy listening! It was fun & thx so much!The BBC micro:bit with Giles Booth even further into the future - we're discussing how #STEAM education is creating a level playing field for… #kidslabpodcast about the BBC micro:bit @microbit_edu with Giles Booth @blogmywiki is coming up - finally! I am v…
Today we count 10 000 GitHub Stars! It's great that so many people are using MicroPython.
Retweeted by Sven HaigesThis is how #blockly began - it's really interesting to see. 2013!!! Intro by Neil Fraser, creator or Blockly. B…
#citizenscience - so important to these days. Measure it yourself, teach it to your kids. The Public Lab Communit… it's time to catch up on some #kidslabpodcast episodes, isn't it? Look at my trashy logo, the content is hope… the base for all this is... Mathematics! So this episode is super interesting, find out how to increase fun in…
And of course there is #BlocksCAD3D - a visual editor for #openscad, which is super cool to use. Soon recording for… more interested in coding geometric shapes - and there's tons of options out there - @turtlestitch for embr…
Works - face trained and recognized. #huskylens one will be fun... Trying out soon.@dfrobotcn latest #labstalk episode is live - all about low code with @retgits @knolleary and @n8n_io #nodered #n8n #flogo projects in @helenleigh's book use conductive thread and copper wire to build easy circuits. These are easy to…
A great listen about craft-based electronics and physical computing for children. And as @helenleigh says, 'everyon…
Retweeted by Sven HaigesBeetle Blocks uses block-based programming for creating #3dprinting models, looks interesting! Power to the blocks… episode live! Sound is a very important part of @helenleigh's creations - it can be seen in projects such as th… presenting my blue miles and more card from @lufthansa, documenting that I fly way less compared to years a… @streckenagent_M, erneut sind alle Entwerter in Puchheim Richtung München ausser Betrieb oder fehlen... Ich h…'s of fun with @DroneBlocks & the tello drone #kidslabpodcast
Excellent recording with John Phillips from the AustSTEM foundation about the #kookaberry - #Australia's future STE… @zencastr - recording was all fine! If it works, it's perfect! :-)A recording with John Philipps from AustSTEM Foundation in #Australia is coming up. Really hoping for my recording… @zencastr OMG, checked the last tweets and really scared of recording tonight. Seems to happen every week, around M… this episode, we also discuss the social aspects of making and how important it is to work in a groups & teams.… course a propeller guard already broke for my drone, the tello from ryzerobotics with dji/Intel tech. Luckily fo… @streckenagent_M, alle Entwerter and der Station Puchheim in Richtung München waren heute morgen kaputt oder nicht Mal befüllt...A new #kidslabpodcast episode is now live! I am talking to @helenleigh about her book 'The Crafty Kid's Guide' - an…
The Crafty Kid's Guide with Helen Leigh just completed the intro and advanced @DroneBlocks courses and this is really amazing. Starts super simple, but e… Nozzle Cannon by drcameron #kidslabpodcast this interview with Neil Fraser, a key #blockly developer and contributor. It's amazing to see how much resea… :-) Google Maps 'hack' creates virtual traffic jams [Video] - 9to5Google
Just designed hexagon (120 deg inner angle) connectors with #openscad for 6mm wooden sticks for some @DroneBlocks c… in seinem KIDSLAB-Podcast, der sich an Pädagogen und Eltern richtet, spricht @hansamann mit Pro…
Retweeted by Sven HaigesHere's an excellent quick overview of how works, in a real US classroom setting. More soon… just prepped my show doc for the recording with Pen Holland @Anaspene and Sarah Wyse @SarahTheWyse next month. To…
What a horrible project that will hopefully never get funded. Cheap and screen free are the only two positive thing… a drone with @DroneBlocks is super fun. Plus I am thrilled about the tello drone, super smooth...… Drones to Engage Students in STEM Education #kidslabpodcast #rpa tool reminds me of selenium automated testing a lot. TagUI/ at master · kelaberetiv/TagUI
ML on the edge @thethingsntwrk thingsconference 2020, live stream/recording here. Plus: sheep on stage, yeah!… Stream of @thethingsntwrk conference 2020 - right now about AI / ML classifiers."What will happen is that instead of transferring this work to remote regions [outsourcing], companies will employ… @jadga_h Which embroidery machine are you using? @moenig @turtlestitch @openSAP @jadga_h This is so much on my list. Upcoming recording mit Andrea from… @derberq @AsyncAPISpec @fmvilas @e_morcillo Hey man, sad to see you leave but all the best - hope to cu again some time!Just published a post about visual lambda functions for #kyma. It's a block-based (Blockly) editor that generates l… @scratch website had 20+ million unique visitors last month - WOW. Quite lot's of kids/people building stories… office today, not really "because of" but makes sense with the #coronavirus around the corner. Sauna in the ev… links to the blog posts with shownotes for all #kidslabpodcast episodes - hope that helps exploring the…
Shireen from @deafkidscode - watch the youtube video here and soon listen (and read, full transcript on the blog) v… is a JavaScript library for building visual programming editors - and pretty much the basis for lot's of vi…“Together they have written the book Math Renaissance which originally got successfully kickstarted a few years bac…
Soon also talking to Helen Leigh about The Crafty Kids Guide to DIY Electronics - excellent book, highly recommend!… can be fun again! Math Renaissance with Rodi and Rachel Steinig @RachelSteinig share some of the concerns about #visualcoding outlined in this post, but I am pretty con…
Robotic Process Automation #rpa reminds me a lot of the gitlab remote runner concept. I just hope the remote autom… coming up is an episode of #Kidslabpodcast with John Philips - Director at the AUSTstem foundation. They are b… Renaissance - Natural Math - a book by Rachel and Rodi Steinig: - we're discussing Mat… Renaissance with Rodi and Rachel Steinig - listen now to find out about Math Circles!'s an interview with me in the new issue of HackSpace magazine. And I'm on the cover! :)…
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Nice, Spotify now supports links in the episode descriptions. Victory. Soon updating all #kidslabpodcast episodes finished recording with Shireen Hafeez @deafkidscode for #kidslabpodcast - It was awesome, so happy for havi… Renaissance with Rodi and Rachel Steinig the @tinycircuits #wirelings and the examples work nicely. Included RGB sensor, TOF distance sensor. Hoping f… with Shireen Hafeez tonight - founder of @deafkidscode #kidslabpodcast - curious to find out more!… society to understand that a diagnosis is NOT the limitation, it's the mindset of society that actual…
Retweeted by Sven HaigesVideo explaining machine learning for kids - tried it out a few weeks back and it's really amazing. #kidslabpodcast