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Mollie Goodfellow @hansmollman

a writer for tv things. get that lamb outta here. she/her.

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I always forget Dave Chappelle is in You’ve Got Mail???I am going to get something like this on my ribcage we all gonna get a commemorative 2020 tattoo or whatdid someone say 3 Saturdays until Christmas?? xoxo
Retweeted by Mollie Goodfellow @quantick Beer Comes The Suds
Retweeted by Mollie Goodfellow @fratonic @onepeloton awfulhow do I get in the pocket of Big @onepeloton @thwphipps I remember when I first saw this and I spent so long agonising trying to work out what the joke was and… out last night our cat goes to the kebab shop down the road every day & they give him lamb mince. there's a picture of him on the wall
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Retweeted by Mollie Goodfellowexcited for the pandemic to be over so I can stop washing my hands every day!!!My substantial meal ruining the vibe
Retweeted by Mollie Goodfellowneed a weighted blanket so heavy that it crushes my bones and I disintegrate into mere dust, settling back into the earth from whence i came
Retweeted by Mollie GoodfellowI’ve got the electric blanket on and the window open, that’s right folks - I’m a manic pixie dream girl @annawaits It is a curseme
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@EddieRobson They have told me to say no comment but yes @rossmcgovern of course it is!!! @roisincaird omg @hurricane_ros I love it and also finding out people’s favourite orders from particular takeawaysmy lawyers have asked me to clarify that it can be all three at once @CharlotteBHC @SaimaFerdows That’s flirting @SaimaFerdows Agreed @ethanharv oh snap @nathan_foad 😍 @nathan_foad Nathan are you tall??? @EwaSR something to think about!!!is he actually attractive or is he just tall and has made you laugh out loud @youngvulgarian well that’s interesting cos I remember inviting you to an envelope opening and you didn’t even RSVPDid Kim Cattrall write this.
Retweeted by Mollie Goodfellow @jounwin This is the year to do it @ashleyfryer inappropriate for a children’s film to have a sex melody @AmyCMason Wild!!! @Remember_Sarah Bartok’s dad @looceefur as it should by the sounds of it? @twcuddleston And he can say it to my face 👀Right, I’m reading the plot and the Child Catcher is employed by the local aristocracy????It is only 15 minutes shorter than The Irishman??? And this is a children’s film??? It’s not for me @JoGoyderWilson It is 145 minutes long??? @SaimaFerdows I hope it does!! People need to know the risks!!! @SaimaFerdows couple of scary farts this week I’m not gonna lie SaimaChitty Chitty Bang Bang? A musical with a character called The Child Catcher? Who catches children in a big cage on… @andrewr124xx I know I love it
Retweeted by Mollie Goodfellowdo you think Jurgen Klopp whispers "klipp klopp" to himself when he shuts clip lock tupperware
Retweeted by Mollie GoodfellowBig 2020 energy
Retweeted by Mollie Goodfellow @actualjack omg screaming at the wales partthe monolith’s pr deciding where to put one in the uk
Retweeted by Mollie Goodfellowi’m at the mcmonolith, y’all want anything?
Retweeted by Mollie Goodfellow @tom_usher_ what is the shandy version of a substantial meal if a scotch egg counts as a substantial mealNaw im fuckin crying
Retweeted by Mollie Goodfellow @katybeale I imagine it's been edited but I don't know about shopped? @joshbythesea but lettuce is savoury lettuce @MissAHaddow @DavidNWriter It is so unrelenting miserable @SaimaFerdows what has happened to the brows @joshbythesea profiteroles are just sweet ravioli @MissAHaddow @DavidNWriter A Little LifeBig "It Has Pockets" Energy @nickw84 @yngvlgrn I am so stressed about the browsOne-third of all Americans killed by strangers are killed by police.
Retweeted by Mollie Goodfellowhas there ever been a scientific explanation for why so many soccer players are handsome
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Retweeted by Mollie GoodfellowMy nemesis can have my bowels - not part of the transplant thing, they can just get a big ol' bag for life full of… the various levels, like okay this person can have my plasma or corneas but they absolutely under no circumstan… to my mutuals only thanks!!imagine being on the organ donor list, so you're up for giving your organs away if you die, but you're allowed to p… FOCKIN wrote this 😡
Retweeted by Mollie Goodfellow @mlothianmclean it’s me x @RachaelKrishna so am I buddy!!!FARMER: hey you! get out of my fields! ST MARTIN: make me
Retweeted by Mollie Goodfellow @laurenpattison happy birthday!! xxx @CigaretteCalpol pls rt x @fgoodway Frankie, good morning @joshspero 🤠 @joshspero it medo they call it the birth canal cos it’ll feel like someone’s dumped a trolley in there afterwardsi don’t even want to go back to normal anymore. i don’t even want to go to a rave or have fun. this year has been s…
Retweeted by Mollie Goodfellow @bencsmoke is your house saltysnow in December is a bit on the nose @FUERTESKNIGHT big mood @SamWhyte number four is just a mouth speculum @MilesKlee sorry my friend they already made Cats (2020)!!!me and a random note from my phone
Retweeted by Mollie Goodfellow @LloydGriffith help me get the tick and I’ll stopimagine being verified on Instagram, how good looking do you have to be @BeeBabs
@BeeBabs I watched S1 and I feel like Kombucha girl cos on the one hand it is what it is but on the other hand she… to all who I've misled. I am not a "beauty blogger." I thought that meant a beautiful person who blogs, which is what I am
Retweeted by Mollie Goodfellow @BeeBabs I’m on episode three and I respect TV production so much rn @BeeBabs what’s for breakfast sluts @BeeBabs See you in several days!!! @BeeBabs I am reading this and I just am so confused @amateuradam (and of course, congratulations to you!!!!!!!!) @amateuradam this is the best day of my life @amateuradam my whole life has been heading towards pretending to be a corpse @amateuradam can I have a cameo @Ceilidhann I watched the director’s cut of Nymphomaniac 2 by mistake and I’m traumatised @EdGambleComedy have you set aside to December to just watch every film