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Mollie Goodfellow @hansmollman

a writer for many things. cute and precariously employed. it’s probably a joke. she/her.

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I would have a panic attack @JonnElledge I love him @poornabell Happy birthday legend xThis year simply won't end, it is relentlessme wasn’t meant to work in December. We were meant to hide from wolves, drink, and pray our autumn harvest wi…
Retweeted by Mollie Goodfellowwhy are you, as a blanket, falling off the bed while I’m sleeping
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@HannaFlint I adore herSo it turns out Barnacles are terrifying.
Retweeted by Mollie Goodfellow @furquan 😍😍😍why do I have to like my body anyway, why can’t me and my body be mortal enemies#Cormorant swimming in thousands of bubbles
Retweeted by Mollie Goodfellow @hattiesoykan If anything I fancy him more @BinAnimals Sorry but the butler would have to be so much bigger than him, this is preposterous @JonnyGabriel I knew itAlso the T.Rex is not even wearing a maskThat time of year folks
Retweeted by Mollie GoodfellowSorry but a T.rex absolutely does not have the arm span to either put on or remove a jumper, this makes a mockery o… Sheen feels like the kind of guy who instinctively knows how to walk down the street at night behind a woman in a reassuring wayRespectfully @StigAbell This is what my team of lawyers is for @Flosephine You do aerobics but on an individual trampolineDid I forget to bring my inhaler to the trampoline aerobics class? Yes. But did I forget to bring my individually w… don’t know what I will be saying but I will surely be saying something!! I’m driving to my trampoline aerobics class @OteghaUwagba Toasty!!! @rocknrolga grown men need to be stopped @stillicides 😤😤😤 shall I delete it @stillicides A little treat!When it’s Winter I like to pop my can of deodorant in the microwave for 20-30 seconds to warm it up before putting it on 😌 @sundayfireworks That’s also true, a strong year for meI am also extremely hot??? Which I was not expecting to happen this year but I’m handling it well @jo_bromilow 👼🏻I’m a full uk driving license having, bafta nominated, woodworking poetry binch @cinemashoebox here he islet me say now, before this gets out of hand: if you don't enjoy croissants/can't eat them, i simply do not have th… you ever think about how one day someone was just mucking about and they ended up inventing the croissant like t… I showing off my boobs or do I just wear clothes… and have boobs?
Retweeted by Mollie Goodfellow @nerachel1 No, but you absolutely should!! @PublicStilli this seems correct thank u @bencsmoke literally first i'm hearing of them today, very oddalright, i'll bite: what the heck are drugsthe politics of sending out christmas cards is too greatI simply adore to give out optimistic and confident advice that I would never follow myself
Retweeted by Mollie GoodfellowIs everyone lining up their Christmas smooches, tell me about your Christmas crushes, my DMs are open as alwaysnormalise sending a big hamper of treats to my houseit's super fucked up that you have to learn everything by your second rodeo
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@CuriouslyEmily @nickinmasham Oh, thank you x @lygd love u x @Stephanjames500 Don’t want ghosts to get in via my mouth holealso I just want to say this year has been so good to me with new and beautiful friends and the freedom to be able… I know I have been spamming you with pictures but just a last one because I want to show you my green corduro…, IKEA’s shark character, was sitting around in the Shibuya IKEA today. He gave me a business card.
Retweeted by Mollie Goodfellow @stepheniscowboy thank u bb @TorbsTalks thank you!!! @stepheniscowboy pls[mysterious old lady flips tarot card revealing a dude who looks exactly like me flying a hot air balloon into power lines] Me: is that good
Retweeted by Mollie Goodfellowsorry I can’t hang out tomorrow I have to play this new song I like on repeat until I hate it and myselffree him x McCartney’s Mull of Kintyre aesthetic was 10/10
Retweeted by Mollie Goodfellow @spacegirlgail Thank u!! @haylsbb 🥰❤️ @greenmiranda Yes x
Retweeted by Mollie Goodfellow @mattsuede uncannySorry but this is exactly how you play pool and I will not be taking any questions problem with having driven for four hours+ is that to keep my energy up I like to sing along to my music so not… is what I am drinking water from and am very concerned that to others it looks like I’m bombing it down the mo… @louisejonesetc Love u @stillicides 🥺🥺🥺 love u @hansmollman My apologies
Retweeted by Mollie Goodfellow @BigDirtyFry Yaaaaay❤️ @BigDirtyFry Cannot believe ITV would spell my own name wrongseason two she has been reassigned to collect every single pony in the new forest @MarianKeyes I would have to write you in somehow, the exuberant chief of police xFor some reason when I was younger there was a miscommunication between my dad and me and I spent years thinking Ki… a cat get rescued from a burning building and look absolutely pissed about it today.
Retweeted by Mollie Goodfellowhere is the promo shot for my ITV drama about a detective who moves to a small seaside town with big secrets @CigaretteCalpol ❤️ @CigaretteCalpol You deserve it!!!I like when I stay somewhere that has a double bed all for myself and I can stack all the pillows up to sleep on like some sort of duchess @hellosophie 🥰
@Beardynoise 🥺❤️ @Okwonga 🥺here is me looking adorable at the beach @TonyTuckshop @sarahlostctrl thank u palI am on holiday with @hansmollman and her hat
Retweeted by Mollie Goodfellowscraps Price and an armload of cats.
Retweeted by Mollie Goodfellowyou: so at lunchtime, right, i ate this massive orange me, cutting you off: that's cope. i'm sorry but you know that's just cope
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Crow on a Willow Branch, by Seikō, circa 1890 #woodblockprint
Retweeted by Mollie GoodfellowLook at that little guy in the basket. He is *delighted*. He's never being a nice boy ever again.
Retweeted by Mollie Goodfelloweveryone screamed at me at this point @PhilAtCreamCow I’ll take it @LicklePuma Great nameThe look is: I’ve been driving for like, six hours and I don’t remember who I am anymore