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Mark Benzie @hantsarchitect Winchester, Hampshire, UK

Err.... architect in Hampshire. Also a Dad, Husband, Son and sometime cyclist

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@Stacker98759021 @ThePollitt “Bond checked his Omega Speedmaster. The time displayed was 1.30am which meant the tim… @ThePollitt At least they work. This is my ‘daily’ as 3 watches need a service, the most expensive of which doesn’t… @ThePollitt I’ve just donated £20 to cancel out the arsehole @mattwoose @Douglas4Moray @RishiSunak Another, ‘if you don’t like our version of Scotland, then leave’. No differe… @holyhobnobs To whom are you referring? @ben_bwood @Talesautomotive Which is the whole point of getting a MX5! @BarryD1965 I could take the bounce back loan for an electric company car but 2 tanks a month on a £10k 1.0 Golf ju… @Talesautomotive Question, does having an LSD make much difference? It certainly makes them more expensive if you l…
@LostArcNZ Line of Duty is great, but the plot has so many holes in it. You just haven’t noticed because of where it’s set @davelomax Drive club on PS4 is brilliant. Dunn if they do a Xbox version @JamesHannaway1 @PompeyCyclist Howdens trade prices are 40% of the retail price. Ikea or Wickes are best for a cheap kitchen @GlennThompsonBP But we’ve got all the bargaining power? @BarristerSecret Clearly, it’s appalling that some people abuse the system by selling these massively expensive foo… @JackWills could you update your google listing. My son just got soaked looking up and down for a store that closed… @ArchitectsJrnal Finchy still trying to get a job with the Daily Mail or TalkRadio? What does he expect to happen t… @thealso It’s the setting up, so maybe need to restore the factory settings @mrsmop68 @GrantTucker @Sparklecake69 Define “essential” @EsqHumbug @tomfenn8 @GrantTucker Just as well nobody cares what you know @trina1982t @ormondroyd @shaftoflame Would you share with Ben and pay half? @thealso We bought a new telly in Italy and set up it in English and found a whole load of dubbed shows now came in… @Talesautomotive It doesn’t have to be pretty, a cheap weld an hammerite job?When you make wild false claims And backtrack with no shame You’re Ben Bradley When a school calls you out And you…
Retweeted by Mark Benzie @TheDynaslow He should try that with speeding cars
@Stokesy1966 It was a long time ago. I’m not mad. 10 degrees warmer here. No wonder the Scottish ran the Empire @Stokesy1966 Try working near Inverness in December. Daylight is 9.02 to 3.30! @Satwinder_Samra 7 years plus in Architecture is a good start! @inspospaces @Life_Disrupted I did. In that Parish Councils are sometimes formed from the least informed and able people of the Parish @inspospaces @Life_Disrupted To say that HMG have all the ability of a Parish Council is insulting to Parish Councils @TheRodSaN @Talesautomotive Weighs nothing is why! @TheRodSaN @Talesautomotive The mk4 gti wasn’t even a gti @grayheath56 @Talesautomotive My mate turned his nose up at a 100k one I found him. I laughed. My old MK4 oil burne… @SurreyRoadCops This is how you do it! @CllrWarrenWhyte It might have played better but for appalling statements in HoC such as “nationalising children”,… @BBradley_Mans You should’ve already been sacked for this 👇
Retweeted by Mark Benzie @CllrWarrenWhyte But we aren’t trying to deal with the root cause, just in the middle of a pandemic making sure kid… @davidbarrett @rough_justice76 @BarristerSecret Does he need to be impartial or informed? He’s doing his job, not y… @Satwinder_Samra He has to have a PR genius and SM team working with him. If he hasn’t, it just goes to show how we… called it even before the oncoming car appeared. Full white line, blind bend ahead, passing a VRU. Forces car to…
Retweeted by Mark Benzie @ArchTesta @mo_mj That’s a big house @TimMcKenna5 TBF I think they now realise Boris is useless and corrupt but, like Republicans, just have to hold the… @RoyParsons7 @LTDAForum @willnorman I live on a main rd but not in London. So you think, because some people are di… @scottstemp Peak for an MP @RoyParsons7 @LTDAForum @willnorman Really? You’re using that. I’m guessing you’re a cabby. But wouldn’t it be bett… today: Architect of the Year Awards
Retweeted by Mark Benzie @stew_sims @Talesautomotive A mate who just scrapped a knackered old car, turned his nose up at a 100k mile Golf GT…
@SarahJ_Berry A jacket with a big cam symbol on the back so I don’t get close passes @SarahJ_Berry The size on the label being the size of the clothes would be a good start! @velobetty I’ll take your word for it there is a bike there @PlanningShit Why’s everyone so down on someone making some housing? Funny how it’s so profitable nobody thinks of… @DaiVinci74 These can handle 17 stone @RupertCook I go better than that, I’ve bought books I already have in my pile as I’ve forgotten I’ve bought them @Dondalan @CameronMcNeish @scotgov @indyref2 Plenty of ppl in England feel like they’ve been taken hostage too! @scyrene Maybe should just have to put your real name! That’s why, despite an anonymous @, I have my name @scyrene Yeah, they have to be nice for a while to pick up followers before they’re able to start with their nasty nonsense! @Dondalan @CameronMcNeish @scotgov @indyref2 How was your round the coast adventure? You’d sailed past me before I saw it @Dondalan @CameronMcNeish @scotgov @indyref2 We have strong family links to Italy but kids maybe denied their right… @Dondalan @CameronMcNeish @scotgov @indyref2 Not in Aberdeen though if my fam anything to go by. TBH Indy would me… @rorymeakin On the one hand Tories, in normal times, extended FSM to ppl that didn’t need it (me) and in the middle… @Dondalan @CameronMcNeish @scotgov @indyref2 Donald, I’m a lot more optimistic. Despite trials and tribulations and… @Dondalan @CameronMcNeish @scotgov @indyref2 Sssshhhhhh @Dondalan @CameronMcNeish @scotgov @indyref2 You know, these things don’t get picked up down here! @jessphillips “Mother” in UK from south to north Mum Mom Mam Ma Mither @Dondalan @CameronMcNeish @scotgov @indyref2 But, at the start of the thread, why would Indyref have anything to do… @Dondalan @CameronMcNeish @scotgov @indyref2 I don’t disagree on principle. Indeed, I think well off pensioners sh… OUT: If you have been given a large lockdown fine (breaking isolation, hosting a party or protest, not closing…
Retweeted by Mark Benzie @Dondalan @CameronMcNeish @scotgov @indyref2 I pay £1.50 a week for regular meds. I can afford it. I prefer to targ… @CameronMcNeish @Dondalan @scotgov @indyref2 Are you one of the pensioner households that is, on average, better of… @4ChordsNoNet It’s going to get dirty in places that will upset you @4ChordsNoNet Will your indoor bike cope in the cold and wet? ;-) @girlonabrompton @krishgm @MarcusRashford @FareShareUK @Conservatives First of all, we should be supporting the poo… @RupertCook Yeah, like you’ll have time to read books. Best of luck with the new venture! @SCynic1 @jack I see it’s been defaced so is void Happy Birthday @rorymeakin Wow, I see in this thread that A) we don’t like the rich to campaign for good B) we would like them to…
@rorymeakin I think they can have fun, but in smaller groups?nana nana nana nana SNACK BAG
Retweeted by Mark Benzie @bikesandbabies Accelerating @Talesautomotive I’m assuming this is with a motor dealer, but either way, best of luck @J2onyabike Pizza @pauldmorgan @MaxBrokman @stephanosio Aaaah, I did wonder why 2 signs saying same thing @MaxBrokman @stephanosio Serious question, why don’t they use ‘no entry’ signs as they are much clearer @Talesautomotive Looks alright that does @Satwinder_Samra Be nice. People buy from people. That was the mantra of my wife’s old boss. He built a legal prac… @Satwinder_Samra Providing good service and getting repeat work and referrals is better than a strong portfolio of… @Satwinder_Samra Why? I suppose nobody would ever promote this prickly character. Advice? Enjoy the small stuff and…
@Talesautomotive X type @willjennings80 Another vote for ao. They’ll take away the old one too (if you pay) @alishamorenike @BlackFemArc I didn’t have a huge number of connections when I started. Get out there, get known a… @Arch_Consult @DavidAyre_ACG I doubt there was anyone who even knows an architect was involved @DavidAyre_ACG Look, there’s a QS with sketch up really proud of it @WelshGasDoc Shot in the arse running away @alishamorenike @BlackFemArc Architects are better paid than a lot of graduates. Not compared to law or medicine bu… @TimMcKenna5 @UKCycleChat @NorthRoadCycles Oooo, looking forward to a report @gregoryshannon @SassyCanadianCk What you NOT done. Or are you that pure? @willjennings80 It’s got a very good fall arrest system on its roof @alishamorenike @BlackFemArc I hear you re: when newly qualified but it compares well to average and goes up, espec… @mcgibbond The state of it. So they meant an ‘offer’. A deal is only a deal when agreed @megaspel @GeorgeAylett @Tolinky HOUSEHOLD incomeEveryone, please remember:
Retweeted by Mark Benzie @iAmScott_86 I have to say that cabbie Twitter is a very entertaining corner of it, almost as if the necessary brai… @Birdman196007 @theeyecollector I bike commuted 25 years ago for speed but could still drive into City in eve to pi…