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Ajahn - He/Him - 20 - I have delusions of being a streamer - Diamond AD Main - Twitch Affiliate - PFP by @Makar00n

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@heyeunhae SORRY I JUST WANNA SAY I WENT TO THE PAGE AND THE VOD STARTED PLAYING, ABSOLUTE BANGER I HAVEN'T HEARD IN YEARS THANK YOU EUNHAE @vyviiie THIS IS SO FUCKING GOOD HOLY FUCK @valkmyrie LITERALLY SO PRETTY WHAT @_Onics i love @_Onics WAIT IS THAT BABY L @gowonmode Stan Tzuyu please @niocide @Freltyyy @Taskdotcom @atoastedtaco @yvvngtilla @JorderickP @teayaeh @peachy4tune @Razz32895072 @afan2639 🥺🥺🥺🥺 @ebunnerkinz HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVONNE @lewdgf hey Kim you're really cute ily aha @gowonmode fr cheer up dance with this song banger @heyeunhae hi i just wanna say YOU'RE SO PRETTY and i miss set 1 @LanguageAlt yo @aphrdtly i love this so very much @heyeunhae 🥺🥺🥺
@itsurdreamgirl thank you for blessing my tl @Makar00n I literally love your art??today I decided to draw @WilburSoot ! I couldn't resist drawing those curls I just love his hair <3 also thanks for…
Retweeted by AjahnI would legit kill to be able to talk to Mish 🥺 Like bro I'm literally down to listen to you for a week straight @yoursaba hey ily and I'm always down to talk or listen 🥺I like how I made myself have a dogshit Thanksgiving for no reason :) I want execution @handstomyself LISA THIS LOOK KINDA SMURFING THOUGH @_Onics Wait wtf unfollowed @jadeyanh ily @jadeyanh 1 wanna be friends aha @Guessers12 thank you ilysm 🥺🥺🥺 @yenrinie would you trade a Ps5 for 1 (one) date? @dorkmagician I think you gotta remove some forehead @ebunnerkinz mb
@BbMitsuki uhh if America gets worse can you help me or nah @Dubsuu D: damb we're on onyxia @Dubsuu oh shit no, what server you on? @Dubsuu also join guild? @Dubsuu BRO, I CAN'T LEVEL WHILE EXPLORING @Dubsuu oh shit mb, I'll reach 70 today @lilsashawty YOU'RE LITERALLY SO PRETTY?? LIKE WHAT @emms00000 Yeah, it didn't even taste good anywayIt's so hard to not beat myself up over the fact that I'm sad. It's so very hard to tell myself that you don't nee… @Yordyni shit is beyond addictive @Yordyni DO IT, YOU CAN PLAY UP TO LVL 20 FOR FREE TO SEE IF YOU LIKE IT @_Onics still one of the best clips out there
Retweeted by Ajahn @syrrmaa OH SHIT LET'S GO @sadlando Because I'm sad as fuck constantly and WoW helps it so i wake up and play until i sleep :)ay finally
@BbMitsuki MITSU YOU'RE SO PRETTY HOW 🥺🥺 @notNCHx @niocide she talked about it on stream, honestly Fed is still scum @HFWITHHERLOL I STILL THINK YOU SHOULD, LET THE PEOPLE WHO CARE CELEBRATE IT WITH YOU @Charwizard_ I'm so sorry, but it's like ripping a bandaid off @Spookback banger @notNCHx Yes 🥺 @Souvie Wait really?? I had no idea people could get motion sickness from it LMFAO but that's obviously using a han… @Saware7 WAIT OH SHIT? I legit had no idea it got leaked mb @NCH__12 Dumb @Saware7 I was just so confused how someone else was coincidentally looking back at that, on the same day Ya feel? @NCH__12 Look it up man @RosaChaTV 🥺🥺🥺 @Saware7 Wtf, I was just refreshing my info on it earlier today, any reason you decided to tweet this now or nah in a rough spot lads anything helps even just a retweet ❤️
Retweeted by AjahnIt's 2:40 am, his smile lighting the whole world up got me thinking it's 1 pm @skymuzai FLORA YOU'RE REALLY REALLY PRETTY 🥺🥺 @kacperr_lol Nah it's fine I'll def not just d*e myself @TheRealWeb_Ley I love you too 🥺🥺 @thesupertesta Yeye, but just knowing the video itself is @TheRealWeb_Ley Webs you're legit so incredible. I know exactly how you feel, but I can say that you're so very be… @DangPlebs I'm so sorryMy life has been downhill after I had found out Leeroy Jenkins was scripted @TeriyakiTrash YO LET'S FUCKING GO @_Onics yo sleep well royce ily @TheRealWeb_Ley YEP LMAO @Theri0n_ idk gel ones do that to me everytime @Souvie yeah I don't have sensitive skin? idk but yeah i'm getting new one LMAOso like is deodorant supposed to burn your skin or nah @_SaraMooon yo accidentally follow me aha that sure would suck @thesupertesta @lolponyoo please get hit by a bus in game @dorkmagician I love her
@heyeunhae Please don't apologize 🥺 sometimes it's necessary, just getting stuff like that out. @atoastedtaco Nick you got this, I'm behind you 100% 🥺 @knywrld DO IT DO IT DO IT @Souvie HOLY FUCKING SHIT SOUVIE LET'S FUCKING GO I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU?? PLANT MOM ACTUALLY DESERVES THE WORLD @sophiabottt yo aha @WIFICUTlE sleep well friend ily 🥺🥺 @mercenarykat HEADPHONES HAIR POSE I LOVE THE SKETCH WHAT NOT SHIT @mercenarykat WAS I NOT SUPPOSED TO SAY @mercenarykat WAIT IS THIS POKI?? @applesauceuwu YOU'RE SO PRETTY FRIEND 🥺🥺 @mercenarykat @emiliacosplay KAT KAT KAT THIS IS SO FUCKING GOOD holy fuckHey at least I went most of the day without wanting to die so dub @lightskintrash BRANDON LITERALLY SMURFING ON THE TL?? WHATI don't care she's an actual baddie @kacperr_lol it looks like a 2012 JUST GIRLY THINGS post @kacperr_lol the picture makes even me wanna bully you @kacperr_lol chief you might wanna get rid of this one @sushiscum 🥺🥺 @kaiacos I'm diamond ay @Fikuwu YOU'LL ACTUALLY GET SUCKED IN @Fikuwu stay in and play WoW :) @GenG #SamsungMysteryGamer James charles 100% i guarantee it I'm smurfing
a few people on @thesupertesta BRO IT'S SO SICKI actually fell in love with Slyvanas' voice