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@Itskhadijaluv NICKI WEEK @RatiodByCam ?? @hottesthopayola @jnkgaIIery Add @blueberry_hgc AddRETWEET PAYOLA GC IS RECRUITING NEW MEMBERS ‣ retweet and reply to be added ‣ 35 RETWEETS guaranteed ‣ DO NOT sb…
Retweeted by Harazoozoo @BLUESKYHGC Add @44promogc @jmnsdiors Add @assortedpromo @conamorepri Add @1300goat @NotHaraa Tony Noti @TheEliteBarbie NICKI EVE @treywtff We already know how you look @ZexGrimes_ They all are!!! 😍 @Naledimalefane3 Omg i forgot to crop it 😭😭. But I know right 😩. She looks good all the time!!It’s giving beauty and booty😩❤️ rap girls are always fine. for a special animation 👀💙 (UK + US) #brandedlikes @n1kkyb1kky Hiii @leahhhnotfound Thx ❤️Im going to 9th grade this year, any advice? @leahhhnotfound 9th I’m so nervous @HYPEX @Naledimalefane3 On God @Naledimalefane3 @FuckEdii You are going to hellWhy are people saying free R Kelly? @treywtff I know right 😩My Bf is so fine 😭Why is he sleep so early??
@notjtbtw Thx 💙Sometimes I wish I had someone to talk to about all my problems… 🙁 @iamheelz @NATEMARAJJ What happened?At this point what do I even do. @1300goat @leahhhnotfound Keep being weird @1300goat ??? @1300goat Never happened @1300goat Nigga you just said you hate me 😭I could finally gts 😭 @coi_leray Are you performing with Nicki??
@TheBarBey Anyways, your right 😭 and I deleted the tweet 💀 @TheBarBey Wig? @TheBarBey I’m just responding to you ❤️. Your fault I’m in your mentions 🙂 @TheBarBey Fake Stan?? LMAO 😭 ok bud. @TheBarBey Thx ❤️ I love it!!! @TheBarBey 😭😭😭 @TheBarBey @Harajukkuuu @TheBarBey I would actually love this 😭😭 @TheBarBey Dwhap? @GoatjamesLal ? @FuckEdii Oh 😭I low key can get to #1 tonight 😭 ruined this song and it wasn’t Future 🤷🏽‍♀️ get so bored without Fortnite 😭Yall are getting distracted #NickiWeek @NATEMARAJJ AddNICKI WEEK IS THIS WEEK
@FaZeSway @NATEMARAJJ No dwhap?? @NATEMARAJJ Who chose those 💀 @1300goat @FuckEdii Nicki week Just say itNICKI WEEK @BarbRoom NICKI WEEKAn Icon ❣️🖤
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Retweeted by Harazoozoo @hated_papi NICKI WEEK @BarbRoom NICKI WEEK @treywtff Gm Trey @NagaOats Wym? @FuckEdii Is today the console cash cup?
He’s a 10 but he doesn’t like Nicki., what do I do? @treywtff 2000 2006 (me) 2007 @tanyaatwts 15 @DOJAONIKA Oh- @oniikaabae I thought it was real this whole time, but then I just thought to myself I never seen this pic before 💀Is this a real picture?? @triptotokyo Real @1300goat I didn’t tell you that today actually… @1300goat 😭😭 @NICKI_GEMM @notjtbtw NICKI IS COMING @1300goat Hmm… what would you do exactly? 🤭 @coi_leray Who do you think is running the rap game right now? @coi_leray What were your thoughts when you first came into the music industry?? @coi_leray Would you ever like to work with rod wave?BARBZ FOLLOW TRAIN🎀 - like/rt this tweet - comment “NICKI IS COMING” and follow everyone who likes your comment. -…
Retweeted by Harazoozoo @GoatjamesLal NICKI IS COMING @QCWorldwide @Snshores NICKI IS COMING @kalibalix0 @liltjay ?? @mads_promo @Zenreus Why is there so many rules?? 😭 but add me 💀 @mads_promo @Zenreus Add
@1300goat Spotifyyyy ofc @KEEMSTAR Let women do what they want. @1300goat And your slow, you can transfer Spotify playlists to Apple Music 😭 @1300goat Who asked?? @1300goat You can transfer @1300goat @treywtff No one missed you
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