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Tune into @hardball tonight at 7pm. I’m talking to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the leading professional in the U.S. governme…
.@ewarren on Michael Bloomberg: "He thinks he can buy this election. I think he would be the worst nominee of the Democrats.".@PeteButtigieg said he’s the alternative for voters looking for someone besides Bernie Sanders. That he's the only… on the importance of South Carolina and Super Tuesday: "I think we are at the moment where people ha… told me he’s “terrified if the Democratic Party goes with a Socialist or a Republican. I’m asking Democ… into @MSNBC for post debate analysis. love it. @JoeBiden just paused and said "Why am I stopping. No one else stops. Catholic school training."Good for Sanders for focusing on what Democrats need to do to beat Trump: "We need a campaign of energy and excitem… is @JoeBiden's strongest night. Good answer on the Coronavirus. “What I would do immediately is restore the fu… is first to mention the Coronavirus: "This is a very serious thing, the stock market is falling a p… candidates are focused on going after Sanders. .@MikeBloomberg: “The debt is $20 trillion. We cannot afford som… & @PeteButtigieg both went after Sanders for “Medicare For All." Klobuchar: “The American people are… started the debate going after Sanders: “I would make a better president than Bernie because getting a pr…
Saturday on @MSNBC: The race for the Democratic nomination continues with the South Carolina Primary. Brian Willia…
Retweeted by Chris MatthewsTONIGHT: @MSNBC will provide live post-debate analysis anchored by Brian Williams joined by @Lawrence.…
Retweeted by Chris MatthewsIn Episode 6 of “So You Wanna Be President?” I talk to @mitchellreports and @murphymike about negative campaigning,…
Tune in now to @MSNBC for live coverage of the Nevada Caucus. We’ll break down the incoming results throughout the…
.@PeteButtigieg will be on @hardball tonight. He was smart and impressive in this week's debate. Let's find out whe…
It’s clear that Warren came in to restore her place in the top tier… And she’s done it by going on the attack on al… Mike Bloomberg be animated and congenial enough for this kind of stage performance? #DemDebate
Tonight is big casino in Vegas. It’s Bloomberg’s debut on the debate stage, and the current leader in the polls, Be…'m heading to Las Vegas for tonight's Democratic debate hosted by @NBCNews & @MSNBC. Be sure to tune in at 7 PM Ea…
Tune in now to @MSNBC, I'm coming up on @DeadlineWH. We'll talk about Trump's decision this afternoon to help a for…
I talk to @DonnaFEdwards and @jmeacham in Episode 5 of “So You Wanna Be President “ about winning campaigns that ma…
As @HardballChris just noted, Sanders' win is the closest in NH since Pat Buchanan's '96 GOP primary victory. Back…
Retweeted by Chris MatthewsThere's a big question out there & I don’t know the answer. Has the Democratic vote shifted ideologically from the… his victory speech tonight, Sanders took a direct hit at Buttigieg saying "this is a movement from coast to coas… just gave a speech that was very reminiscent of Barack Obama in 2008. It had the same rhythm and hope. @amyklobuchar .@amyklobuchar is the big story tonight. She is leading the category of who can win the election and…'s clear tonight @amyklobuchar is battling for the moderate lane: “In a democracy it is not about the loudest voi… Joe Biden's strongest performance in the campaign was just now in South Carolina. He said "the fight to end… was a good candidate - he did everything right except win. Fortunately for Colorado and the country… just said “the bottom line here is Joe Biden did not do well here.” The question is - is this abo… it looks to be a three-way race, & a battle for the moderate lane between Pete and Amy based on her perform… in New Hampshire close at 8pm Eastern. Tune into @MSNBC for results.
Bernie should win at least 30% tonight in New Hampshire. Buttigieg looks like the best bet for second. Klobuchar co… with @juliemason. Tune in now. voters want is a designated driver right now. They don’t want a revolution, they just want someone who is sobe… up on @Morning_Joe. Tune in.
.@hardball is live tonight from Manchester, New Hampshire. Come be part of our audience!, the hard-charging challenger to Bernie Sanders comes on @hardball tonight. It couldn’t be a bigger… Episode 4 of “So You Wanna Be President?” I talk to @bfouhy & @DelPercioS about candidates who knew how to play… is live tomorrow night from Manchester, New Hampshire. Come be a part of our audience!
Biden also went after Pete saying, “I do believe we are a party at risk if we nominate someone whose never held a h… attacks Sanders saying if Sanders is the nominee, every Democrat running for office in the country “will have… Sanders' campaign manager said on @hardball tonight, the reason Sanders is attacking Buttigieg is because he's c… is what Senator Klobuchar was talking about tonight. In 2016, I asked Trump what the law should be on abortion… has threatened 7:2 on the supreme court twice this week: his State of the Union address and his East Room speech . #DemDebateThe Buttigieg challenge is that the other candidates, especially Amy Klobuchar, are competing with him for the same… on Trump: "He should be pinning a medal on Vindman and not Rush Limbaugh." #DemDebateButtigieg responds: “If we want to beat this president then we have to move on from the playbook we’ve used in the… Klobuchar goes after Buttigieg: "We have a newcomer in the White House and look where it got us." #DemDebateSenator Klobuchar had a good response to Sanders' "Medicare for all." She said two-thirds of the Democrats in the S… did neither Buttigieg or Biden respond to the question of whether they would be concerned to run on a Democrati… @ConnieSchultz Thank you, ConnieThank you @JoyAnnReid and @chrislhayes for joining me on @hardball tonight. news out of Washington and New Hampshire. Tune into @hardball now.
@SenSanders My question before tonight’s debate is whether Biden will take some shots, and more importantly follow… politics & eggs with @SenSanders. Said he was “proud of the great victory we won in Iowa.” Went after Butt… have never heard an American President, or any figure in our country, declare his anger at so many.
President Trump is taking the politics of personal grievance into new territory. I'll explain why tonight on… campaign events while I’m in New Hampshire. @PeteButtigieg: “I’m humbled by the fact New Hampshire is New… now in the East Room Trump thanked Mitch McConnell for 191 federal judges and two supreme court judges. Beware… National Prayer Breakfast today showed a president not on the road to recovery or change—none of the calls for… Douglas ended the Hollywood blacklist when he publicly hired Dalton Trumbo to write the screenplay for "Sparta… takes no courage to hide in a pack, to speak in unison with those around you. What takes bravery, what merits re… @hardball My cold open tonight: Proceed, Governor. That was Barack Obama's taunt at Mitt Romney in their 2012 pre…
.@hardball is live tonight from Manchester, New Hampshire. Tune in.Senator Romney’s position is a profile in courage. “I will tell my children, their children that I did my duty to the best of my ability.”Big win for former NAACP leader Kweisi Mfume in Baltimore. Looks like he’s coming back to Congress.Trump just said he has confirmed a record number of judges, including two new supreme court justices, adding “and… the country is entering the 4th quarter of the Trump reign. He’s citing numbers. What he’s not citing is hi…
Tonight on @hardball we'll focus on the impact of the fall out from Iowa. Which candidate will take the most advant… IDP communications director on Iowa results data: "We found inconsistencies in the reporting of three set…
Retweeted by Chris MatthewsBest case for Bloomberg now blooming —he’s made billions off of communicating numbers effectively #IowaCaucusesTonight’s a big night. Historically there are two winners out of Iowa: the winner & the slingshot — the candidate t…
.@JoyAnnReid and I will be at @Javajoescoffee starting at 5pm CT. Come by and watch @MSNBC’s special coverage of the Iowa Caucuses.Tonight starting at 6pm ET, 5pm CT I'm live from @Javajoescoffee in Des Moines, Iowa on @MSNBC. Win Iowa and it's… all know in politics there are rules. One of them plays time & time again for presidential candidates: the count…’m coming up on @Morning_Joe from Des Moines. Tune in.On Episode 3 of “So You Wanna Be President?” I talk to @SusanPage and @BeschlossDC about candidates who forgot an i…
51 Republican Senators denied the American public & their colleagues the opportunity to hear first-hand witnesses o… majority of Americans wanted to hear from witnesses. This vote does not look good for the Senate, Republicans, or American history.Tune into @MSNBC, I'm anchoring now on what *could* be the last day of the impeachment trial of President Trump - t…
I've watched many candidates run for their party's nomination, but only a few knew how to get it. Check out my podc…
New Monmouth Iowa poll Biden 23% Sanders 21% Buttigieg 16% Warren 15% Klobuchar 10% Steyer 4% Yang 3%
Retweeted by Chris MatthewsThe Iowa caucuses are days away. Winning there means you get America's attention - you stand out for voters as the…
.@hardball is live tonight 7pm ET. You don’t want to miss it.TONIGHT: @SenSchumer plays #Hardball. Tune in at 7 PM ET.
Retweeted by Chris MatthewsTune into @hardball tonight 7pm ET. A quote that has been on my mind this week: “Character, in the long run, is the…
Episode 2: See Something, Say Something. Without fail, campaign politics force unscripted moments on candidates.… 1: Win Iowa. 1 week until the Iowa caucuses & it's nearly a lock that if you win you'll get your party's… first two episodes of my new podcast, "So You Wanna Be President," is out now. Download them wherever you get…
On “So You Wanna Be President?” we’ll take a look at winning presidential campaigns. Listen to the trailer & subscr…
My podcast “So You Wanna Be President?” will have 6 episodes covering 6 timeless themes that separate the winners f…, Democrats argued the facts. Today, they argue the constitution.Today marks day two of House Democrats' open arguments against President Trump in the Senate impeachment trial. I'm… reason the White House lawyers are challenging abuse of power as impeachable is because it allows them to ignor… just made a great point - Republicans don’t want any witness, including Hunter Biden, because they want…